Now, being from the South has it's advantages and disadvantages, but the advantage of having all those beautiful Southern gents from every walk of life is just the icing on the cake.

I, being a native Georgian, have had the pleasure of spending most of my life in the company of such Southern Charm. The men have a laid-back serene and deeply passionate quality about them.

I guess as manners would suggest I should introduce myself. My name is Ranzie. I am now 41 years of age. 6'1' tall and fairly slim, with the beginnings of a belly that I plan to remedy with a work out routing starting as soon as possible. I am blonde all over and have kind of blue-grey eyes. I am by no means a very effeminate person but one can tell I am same-sexed oriented just by the way present myself. Charm seems to seep through my pores like sweat on a humid hot Georgia afternoon.

Now let's get down to business. On one of my spontaneous trips into yankee territory, namely New York. I was planning to spend some time shopping and enjoying some fine dining, not to mention some super hot fucking men, when things took a turn I wasn't expecting. I was waiting for a cab outside the hotel when suddenly their was a screech and a crash then a little pain as a cab and a bus collided and slid onto the curb. I was knocked a few feet and took a tumble against a newspaper stand requiring a few stitches just above my right eyebrow. Folks around the accident scene seemed not to even notice the event as if it happened all the time. As I sat there bleeding only one man approached me. He smiled his dazzling smile and placed a cloth of some kind over my cut to stop the bleeding. He introduced himself as Dr. Thomas Sawyer from Macon, Georgia. I thought maybe I had died and gone straight to Heaven. Dr. Sawyer was tall, blonde, blue eyes, red lips, body of a Roman statue. I am fairly certain I fell deeply in love at that very second. Tom as he was to be called, yeah Tom Sawyer, escorted me to the emergency room where I was given very special treatment. It only took about an hour and I was on my way back to the hotel, still accompanied by Tom.

I am from Milledgeville, Georgia, just a few short miles from Macon but I kept this information to myself so as not to put the cart before the horse so to speak.

As we entered the Ritz-Carlton on Fifth Ave. Tom was awkwardly about to take his leave but I was not having that. I had to get him into my room, my very life depended on it or so it felt. I asked him to please come up with me and have a drink and allow me to treat him to dinner. He accepted very quickly I thought. But Hey, that is what I wanted more than anything else right then.

We took the elevator up to the Club Floor, that is the floor that has it's own little lounge and bar and even restaurant on the floor. Only the guests with rooms on that floor and the penthouse floor have access to these areas. Tom was impressed as I explained that I live a very quiet live ordinarily but once every few months I venture into a city to look around and do a little shopping.

We got comfortable in the room and as requested a server came quickly with a bottle of very nice champagne and two glasses that were promptly delivered by a very cute and very courteous server. When he made his exit I made a mental note to leave him a special tip when I ended my stay, he was to be the only server for my room for my entire visit.

We sipped our champagne and toasted each others health and began to talk about ourselves a little. Tom has a practice in Macon, Georgia specializing in sports injury. He likes to travel and is here in the Big City for nothing more than to look around. When I asked him exactly what he was looking for his reply was, ' I will let you know when I find it.' I don't know if it was the blow to the head, the champagne or the electric energy that struck like lightning every time our eyes met, but I believe he just flirted with me. I could feel a slight stir in my trousers. Damn this was getting a little hot.

I explained that I was a personal chef, and that I worked for only a few clients at a time. Overcharging them as much as possible so that I could afford to take time off when I desired. I also have a massage therapy license and sometimes get clients for romantic evenings with a gourmet dinner and a couples massage. That has led to some interesting encounters but you really don't want that kind of reputation so you try to keep everything as above the table as possible. Tom looked a little flushed as I told him about that. He said he has a couple of massage therapists that come into his office but they were all women and had bigger muscles than most men. I thought that was funny and so did he.

As we talked I asked Tom what he would like to do for dinner. I happen to know the Chef here at the hotel and I know he would enjoy the food here. Tom said why don't you surprise me? This was my chance. I was going to keep him here for as long as it took to get him into my bed.

I called the kitchen and spoke with the Chef. I told him about the accident and the guest I had with me and told Fredrick, the chef that I wanted to make a really good impression on my new friend. He laughed and said to leave it up to him. He would see to it that I got everything I needed to make my guest feel right at home. That was the plan.

The suite had it's own kitchen area and a dining area with a private entrance to the hallway and within a few minutes I heard Jason our scrumptious server rattling around in the rooms. I walked through and he smiled and said Chef Fred told him what I requested and he was happy to make this evening unforgettable for me and my guest. I was so pleased, his tip just doubled.

Tom and I sat on the balcony for a while as we progressed to martinis and sat in a warm comfortable silence reserved only for intimate friends, words were simply not required as our breathing and stares did a great deal more talking than our mouths could have ever done.

I don't know how I gained the kind of courage it took to take this next step but I somehow managed to look Tom directly in the eye and spoke words I have never in my life spoken to another person. The words were, ' Tom, I know we have just met, and I don't want you to think I am a mental case, but I think I am falling in love with you.' Tom looked as if I had just spilled Iced tea down his neck and then he stood up and knelt down beside my chair and said, ' Ranzie, I think I have found what I was looking for.' He leaned over and kissed me deeply. I returned his kiss with hot passionate tongue driving kiss that made us both sway a little like a pine tree in the wind. I quickly stood to pull him closer. Or bodies melted to form one, our chests heaving and our cocks grinding together. Tom sighed so lightly I almost missed it. I asked him if he was alright. He smiled and said he was more than alright. He was finally happy. I knew instantly how he felt.

We broke our kiss when Jason our new server and best friend, came to the doorway and cleared his throat. He has a look of pure joy in his eyes as he told us dinner was ready and everything was taken care of. He told us both to have a wonderful night told us he was so happy to have been here to help make this night wonderful for both of us. We thanked him and he left grinning from ear to ear.

Dinner was spectacular. Every thing was wonderful from the tomato and basil with fresh mozzarella, to the filet mignon. But the best part was defiantly dessert. When dinner was finished I walked Tom into the comfortable sitting room I turned him and sat him on the sofa. I pulled his shirt from his waist and unbuttoned it. Gazing into his eyes the entire time. I removed his shirt and removed his shoes and socks. I kissed his feet and slid my hands up to his calves. I touched his knees and stroked down toward his feet again. I stood and pulled him back to a standing position while I was still on my knees. I could see his cock was hard and waiting. I unbuckled his pants and unfastened and unzipped them. I gently pulled them down around his ankles. I slid my hands over his bulging briefs his breathing was sharp and tense. I licked the fabric just over the head of his cock, surprised at how long it was, pressed against his left hip bone. I gently placed my thumbs into the waste band of his underwear and pulled them down over his raging hard-on. It jumped out seeming happy to be free. I stroked it drinking in with my eyes the sheer beauty of his thick cock and lovely balls.

I stood and began to unbutton my shirt. Tom started by placing his hands under my collar at the neck and pulled me closer to him. He kissed my lips, my nose, my eyes, my throat. He let his lips follow my shirt as it fell to the floor. He loosened my pants and with a swift move lowered them to the floor. He felt my cock through my boxer briefs and stroked gently. I was harder than I had been in years. My cock is almost ten inches and pretty thick, cut and the pubic hair is blonde and trimmed. His cock is very close to my size and his pubic hair is blonde also. His is a little more bushy than mine but you can tell he takes care of himself. He pulled down my briefs and sat me down on the sofa. He removed my shoes and socks and pants and underwear. He began to kiss my thighs and work up to my nuts. Tonguing his way around my sack and up my shaft. I was finding it hard to breath. He laid me down on the sofa and took my cock into his mouth. I have never really been one to pre-cum, but the force of this erection and the heat of this moment made a thin stream of clear fluid to leak from the tip dripping to my navel. Tom was quick to lap that up and lean up to share it with me in a kiss. I turned him around and he climbed up on his knees with his cock pointing at my mouth and my cock lodged in his. He lowered his hips sliding his pole down into the depths of my throat. I felt is groan as it vibrated my aching cock.

For a while we just feasted on each others cocks. I pulled my mouth free and tilted his hips forward a little and began to suck on those silky lobes. His balls were thick and smelled of sweat and heat and that unmistakable man sex. I was just where I knew I was meant to be. I licked the area between his balls and his puckered hole and then licked around his hole. The hair there was light and so soft. His ass had a scent, of pure passion, not really a smell more like a physical taste that I could taste even before I shoved my tongue into his pulsing hole. His head jerked up and his groan was of pure pleasure. He settled his hips lower onto my face as I ate his ass for every thing it was worth.

After only a few minutes of this action Tom was climbing the walls like he was trying to get away from a hungry lion when he suddenly rolled off the top of me and onto the floor pulling me on top of him. I turned to kiss him dive deep into his mouth. He pulls me tighter and runs his fingers against my hole. He pressed his finger a little inside and then a little more. He whispers in my ear. ' I want to fuck you so bad it hurts.' I smiled and stood, pulling him up to his feet and took him by the hand and led him to the bed. I fell back on the bed pulling him with me so that he is between my legs. Lying on top of me. Kissing me deeply and moaning for more. I reached over to the nightstand and took out the bottle of lube and opened the top. I lubed up his cock and then lubed up my ass hole. His fingers followed mine as he sank to his knuckle in my tight hole. I wanted him more than the breath I couldn't seem to catch. I lifted my legs and he held my ankles up. I guided his throbbing cock to the entrance and he moved forward. I yelped a little as it penetrated my little opening but held him tight so he would not pull out. He drove it further in. The pain subsided and soon he was fucking me with such hot abandonment that I could not take much more. I told him I was going to cum soon. He asked me if I wanted his cum. I told him yes give it to me deep inside so I could always have him with me. He and I came simultaneously . His hot lava sperm coating my insides and my thick juice spraying over his stomach and chest and mine too. He fell on top of me kissing me and both of us trying to catch our breath.

After a few minutes we both needed a shower and while the hot water was pouring onto us we made love again.

Tom spent the night with me that night and we both decided we had had enough of the city and decided to fly home together. I was going to go to his house for a few days then proceed to mine. Keep in mind he had no Idea where I lived. I kept it from him purposely . When we landed in Atlanta his car was parked in the long-term lot. We loaded our luggage and headed down I-75 toward Macon. We reached the exit and I suggested we stop by a place I know not too far from there and get something to eat. He said sure so instead of turning toward Macon, we turned toward Milledgeville, just a few miles away. He asked me how did I know about this place. I quickly told him it was a favorite place of my parents. We pulled into town and I directed him passed Georgia College. Then onto North Jefferson Street. Then a sharp right and into the driveway of an old two story brick house. He seemed a little confused. We got out of the car and headed to the front door. I took out a key and opened the door. I told him it was perfectly okay. I led him in and turned off the alarm system. He still looked confused. I grabbed him and Kissed him and said Tom welcome to my home. Tears welled up in his eyes and he cried softly. He said he was the happiest man alive at that moment. Tom and I have been together for a little more than 15 years now and still live in that old brick house. He still works in Macon and it takes him about 30 minutes to get to work every day.



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