At the end of Part One (Southern Farm Boys Cousins' Caught Having Gay Sex"), Billie agreed to keep their gay sex secret if they met his demands. They put on their clothes and left the barn with Billie. They went to a local restaurant for dinner and to learn about what they would have to do.

Billie said: "Well, brother Mickey and cousin Hank here is my proposal or demands to keep your secret. I work with this neat stud at the supermarket by the name of Butch. He is 32-years-of-age, a former semi-pro ice hockey player and a great guy. He is a huge tough son-of-a-bitch standing 6-feet and 4-inches, weighs a rock hard 220 pounds with a weight lifters jetted body. He is a hot blond with deep blue eyes. He has become a good friend and has recently told me of his ultimate fantasy. You are going to help him with that fantasy."

"Billie, what is his fantasy?" I asked.

"Hank, he has shared with me that his girlfriend refuses to give him head, rim his ass, does not let him touch her ass and the only way they fuck is in the missionary position with her on the bottom.

A few days ago he said to me: 'Billie, I know we both are red-blooded heterosexuals but I'm so frustrated with my puritan girlfriend as to sex. Don't get me wrong I do love her; but recently I saw a xxx adult gay porno with the hottest guys sucking each other's huge cock, rimming big pink assholes and fucking the hell out of their partners ass. Man, I can't get it out of my mind how hot that was watching them suck cock, rim ass and fuck one another. What would it feel like to get my cock sucked and drive my 10-inch cock up a tight man's asshole? And especially putting my eager cock inside a young 18 or 19-year-old tight fresh meat. Buddy, do you know any young gay stud that would let me fuck their young pink ass? I am so turned on thinking about it.'

Of course until today, I had no idea who to suggest as a hot young fucking homosexual for Butch. But look now, here are two great subjects in you two. Butch has covered my shift at the store several times and I owe him big time. So you know what you have got to do if I do not tell your secret to our parents."

"Billie, hell yea, this sounds great. I love your demand," I said.

Mickey smiled and agreed.

I felt my cock stiffen as I looked at Mickey sitting by me in the booth. He had a huge tent in his pants. We were ready for Butch.

Two days later at school during the lunch hour, Billie approached me and said: "Cousin Hank, Billie has arranged our date with Butch this Friday evening at 7 PM over at his apartment. We are to bring lube and get ready to be fucked."

When we arrived at 7 PM, Butch answered the door dressed only in a pair of bright red shorts. WOW, he had a body laced with muscles; a huge bulging chest; rock hard flat stomach; log sized legs; large arms with huge biceps; and what appeared to be a huge package in those red shorts.

"Hello, I'm Butch. Thanks for coming over. I'm so nervous but anxious to satisfy my fantasy with you two hot young studs. Man, has Billie ever come through with you two."

"Hi Butch, I'm Hank and this is Billie's brother Mickey. We're delighted to accept the promise we made to Billie. You are a hunk. But you must keep our secret."

"Hey, dudes, you can count on me. My girlfriend must never know about this night. Agreed?"

We had a couple of beers to relax and then we went to Butch's bedroom each sprouting a huge tent in our pants.

Butch looked at me and said: "Hank, I want you to take off Mickey's shoes, unzip his pants, take them off, lower his briefs and start sucking his big throbbing cock Then I want Mickey to do the same to you while I watch."

While we gave each other sloppy blowjobs, Butch became horny as hell, took off his now stained shorts and began to wildly jack off his incredible big tool. Man was it ever impressive.


"To you readers: Lube up, grab that raging hard boner, wank it hard and get ready to blast off."

"Ok Mickey and Hank let me satisfy my fantasy. I want you to give me my first blowjob and rim my ass. Then I want my first experience plunging my 10-inch thick cock inside your man pussy. I hear a young male ass is much tighter than my girlfriend's pussy."

I got up on the bed on my back, did an eagle spread of my legs, put a large pillow under my ass and gave the green light to the two young studs. Mickey got down between my now sweaty thighs and crotch as he buried his face in my asshole. I felt his warm lips and tongue sliding over my ass entrance. He rotated between kissing, licking and sucking my pulsating ass. His oozing saliva soon had my ass dripping wet as he probed my ass with his tongue parting the tissue at my ass ring. I was on fire with lust for his rimming me.

At the same time, Hank began performing fellatio on my cock as he lay to my left side. He had grabbed my stiff cock at the base and squeezed so hard that I began to leak pre-cum. He took a finger, placed it on the tip of my piss slit, lifted the pre-cum up into the air and then he sucked his finger tasting my nectar. Next he put his finger in my mouth as I tasted my own cum.

He drove me wild when I felt his lips firmly stretched around my gorged purple cock head. He pressed hard as he sucked more pre-cum out of my cock. I felt strong pulsating vibes in the veins of my cock. Soon he opened his lips and began to take my huge cock down his throat inch by inch while still gripping the root of my cock in his soft young hand.

Hank began to rapidly bob up and down on my stiff cock, as he would come almost all the way off and then deep throat my tool. He produced a flood of warm saliva that had my cock so slick for his hot mouth and lips. I was so aroused from experiencing my first blowjob and also Mickey's hot rimming of my ass that I began to feel faint from the awesome erotic arousal of ever nerve ending in my body.

I moaned, grunted and breathed hard with total ecstasy and begged: "Oh holy shit, oh fuck yea, Aaaaaaa, Mmmmmmmm, suck my cock, eat my ass, you fucking dudes, don't stop. Man, shit, this is the best sex ever."

My total lust so turned on Mickey that he got up on his knees, I felt him pour lube in my ass and oh shit he put his cock head at the entrance to my pulsating asshole. He ignored my plan to fuck him and Hank as he began to part my ass lips and he drove his big young cock all the way inside me. I felt his pubic hairs against my ass, as he battered my man pussy with his red-hot cock.

I was now being fucked by Mickey and at the same time Hank was continuing to suck my cock while he watched his cousin pound my ass.

"Yea, oh my god, holy fuck, yea fuck my ass and suck the creme out of my tool. Yea, that is it," I cried out.

The raw sex, smell of the young turks sweaty bodies, the feel of a cock up my ass and a mouth tight on my cock did me in. I felt the warm cum surge in my testicles as I approached orgasm. While I shot load after load of semen down Hank's soft throat, I simultaneously felt Mickey's cock head swell, his thrusts into my man pussy increased with speed and force, and soon he shot a series of hot cum blasts deep in my ass. Man the feel was so awesome.

When Mickey was spent, he pulled out of my ass and thrust his cum covered cock down my throat, as I sucked him dry. Then Hank took charge and dumped a mouth full of my cum all over my face and lips. He then licked it up and spit it in my mouth. I was drenched in cum. The taste was wonderful.

I started to get up when Hank said: "Not so quick you big whore. We are not finished."

WOW, Hank got down between my cum cover crotch, pushed my feet high in the air, Mickey held my legs together in the air and I felt Hank's big warm boner part my ass rings. He plunged his pulsating cock deep into my guts with one thrust and began to fuck me like a wild animal. His cock moved in and out so easily as my ass was lubed with all Mickey's seed. Hank was wild with lust from the feel of his cock being lubed with Mickey's cum.

Once again I was crazy with lust as I begged: "Yea, fuck my man pussy, give me your seed. Oh shit, you mother fucker, give me that big cock. Go ahead and shoot that load of yours deep inside me."

In less than 2 minutes, I felt a river of hot thick cum down my ass chute. When Hank was spent, he pulled out and Mickey took his cum covered cock in his mouth and sucked his cousin dry.

We lay there and embraced for at least an hour as we smelt and felt the cum on our bodies. I finally said: "I'm now sold on gay sex. Let's make another date and then let me fuck those two young man pussies. It is my turn to fuck you. I think I've just become a fucking gay whore."

We all agreed that this was the ultimate pleasure of guys sucking and fucking. Life had changed for the good.

The next Monday at work I told Billie ever detail of our three-way sex during lunch in the break room with no one else present. It so excited Billie that he locked the door. Hell I noticed Billie's crotch began to develop a tent. Shit he was getting turned on.

Then he shocked me when he came up and grabbed my crotch, unzipped my pants, thrust his hot hand inside my briefs, took hold of my growing cock and began to jack me off. This caused me to unzip his pants and reach inside his briefs and take hold of a monstrous cock. It was true that all the men in this family had huge cocks.

Hey readers, do you want to hear about the hot sex between Butch and Billie?


Naughty Eric


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