The Mountfords were one of the wealthiest plantation owners in all of South Carolina. Oliver Mountford was well known for his grand house and owning almost 120 slaves. In addition to this he had a stunning wife, Clarissa, and 3 much-admired children. Otto was the eldest at 24. He was a good-looking blonde with freckles, blue eyes and a face that looked almost cherubic. But everyone knew he had a vile temper and enjoyed hunting both animals and the slaves. Mary-Anne was 21, sweet natured, blonde and beautiful. And then there was James. James was probably the best-looking person in the whole of the Carolinas, or so said the overexcited females when they saw him riding through town. At 19, he was 6 foot tall with a slim, yet well-defined body and dark hair that came down to his shoulders. But he still had the same Mountford blue eyes that ran in the family. He looked a lot like his great-grandfather Clarissa would often remark.

James had spent the last few months with some friends in Chattanooga and had returned to the plantation to find a few new changes. His sister was pregnant with her first child, his brother's wife was pregnant with her second, and everyone wanted to know when he was going to get a girl and get married.

'When I find the right one, Pa,' he said, feigning exasperation whilst his father fondly patted him on the shoulder.

'Well, Lord knows you've got the pick of the state, son,' replied Oliver. 'Just don't spend too long choosing. It ain't natural to be alone at your age.'

Unnatural, thought James. That was exactly what everyone would say if they knew his real desires. Although he occasionally visited with the ladies in the brothels in Charleston and Columbia for appearances sake, his real cravings lay elsewhere. But he had never even dared to think about it for too long. In fact, during his trip in Kentucky, whilst camping with his friends in the hills, he had had to disguise his arousal when they were skinny-dipping in the Tennessee River. James had stayed in the water until he calmed down and spent the night quietly jacking-off so as not to wake his friends.

His thoughts were interrupted by a procession of slaves heading to their daily grind in the cotton fields. James noticed one that he hadn't seen before. This man was 6 foot 3, broad shouldered and had a deep-brown coloured skin. His curly hair was about an inch long and he had the muscular body that came from working outside all day. But the thing that most attracted James' attention was the man's face. It was the most beautiful face James had ever seen and he felt a surge of longing in his loins. At that point the slave looked up and saw James staring at him. The gaze was only brief, about 2 seconds, but it was intense before the slave averted his eyes and carried on talking to his workmates.

'Who's that new slave?' asked James, his voice hoarse.

'Hmmm?' Oliver had been in conversation with his overseer, 'Oh, the tall fella? Yes, we got him about 2 days after you went to Tennessee. His name's Hector. I got him quite cheap at the auction because he's educated.'

'What?' James was startled. Slaves were not supposed to know how to read or write.

'Yep, used to belong to that crazy old lady who lived up near Columbia. You know, she died a few months ago but before she passed away, she went crazy, and taught all her slaves how to read and write. Still, he's a good worker and I'm pleased with him.'

The conversation ended there as Clarissa called them all into dinner.

James stayed on the plantation the next few days, and did a lot of riding around, inspecting loose wires on the fences, the bales of cotton on the ferry loading dock, and the slave quarters ‘to make sure no repairs are needed' he said. In reality, he was always trying to catch a glimpse of Hector. He saw him on occasion, usually working in the field, his shirt off and muscles rippling as he dug the hard ground.

About a week later, in the middle of the night, James heard a strange mournful noise. It sounded a bit like a dog howling far off. He quietly got out of bed, put on his trousers and threw on a shirt and made his way outside. Everyone else was fast asleep. Once outside, the noise became slightly louder and sounded more musical. James followed it till he reached the loading dock on the river. He could just make out a figure sitting on the edge of the jetty, feet dangling in the water, singing softly to himself.

It was Hector.

'Hector?' James asked quietly,

Hector jumped up and spun round.

'Mister James, sir,' he said respectfully.

'What are you doing?' asked James.

'I was just singing, sir,' said Hector, staring at his feet. 'I sometimes comes here to sing to myself so I don't disturb my people, or you good folks.' Hector was clearly worried he was in trouble.

'Don't be frightened,' said James soothingly, 'Though it's probably best we don't mention this to Otto.'

'Yes sir, Mister James,' mumbled Hector. 'I guess I'll be heading back to my cabin now.'

'I'll walk with you,' said James impulsively.

Hector hesitated. It wasn't normally the done thing for a white man and a black man to walk together as equals, but it was late at night and no one else was around.

'OK, sir,' said Hector.

They walked slowly in silence towards the slave quarters. Looming up on their left was the large mill that housed the cotton in hundreds of bales, awaiting transport to the ferry and from there down the river to Charleston. From inside the building, came a muffled noise like something falling down.

'I'll go see what that is Mister James, sir,' said Hector as he swiftly headed for the door.

'I'm coming too,' insisted James. They both quietly entered the mill and turned on one of the lamps by the door. There on the ground, was a bale that had fallen from the roof-space above them. The culprit was staring down at them. It was a raccoon. It turned round and disappeared through the open window next to it. Hector and James both started giggling as the tension drained out of their bodies. The giggling became laughter and the laughed so hard they fell to the floor, clutching their sides.

Wiping the tears from his eyes, Hector said, 'I seen you looking at me a few times.'

Suddenly the laughter stopped and there was fear in Hector's eyes. He had overstepped the bounds, lulled into a false sense of security by the shared laughter.

But Hector was to be pleasantly surprised.

James sat up and looked Hector straight in the eyes. 'I have been watching you,' he said huskily.

They were only inches apart. Hector stared at James for what seemed an eternity, and then slowly leaned forward and kissed him. James instantly became hard and kissed back. It started out gentle, and then became ferocious. Their tongues explored each other's mouths and their bodies became entwined.

James broke away first. He smiled at Hector, took his hand and led him up the ladder to the roof space, extinguishing the lamp before he did so. There was still enough moonlight for them to see what they were doing.

Hector quickly took off his tattered clothes exposing his glorious physique. His manhood reared upward and outward, appearing mystical in the moonlight. James was agog and realised he was so hard that he was threatening to rip his trousers in two. He quickly stripped and stood suddenly shy, before Hector. The slave slowly reached out and took James in his arms and kissed him tenderly. Then, James lay back whilst Hector gently explored his body with his lips and tongue. James moaned and arched his back as Hector's face moved down his chest, sucking on his nipples, over his firm abs and then reached his own juddering phallus. Then, Hector slowly took him into his mouth and began to caress him with his tongue. Only with supreme willpower did James stop himself from cumming there and then.

After a few minutes of this, James pulled away from Hector and returned the favour. His tongue slowly circling the massive velvety head. Hector gasped, 'Oh, Mister James, sir,' to which James mumbled a muffled 'I think you can call me James.'

They both laughed and Hector took James in his arms again and, whilst kissing him, gently ran his hands over his body. He started at the shoulders and ran his hands down James's back and over his perfect buttocks, each firm and well rounded. Then he reached his thighs and slowly came back up the front till he reached James' pulsating member. James was slowly spreading Hector's cheeks and gently probing his fingers at the dark knot there. Hector responded by pressing himself up against James so hard it was as if he was trying to absorb him.

At this point, James could take no more. Having felt Hector's own manhood pressed up against him and gently throbbing, he lay back and spread his legs with unmistakeable meaning.

'Please,' he whispered.

Hector knelt down and spat on his hands which he in turn rubbed on his glistening shaft. Then he gently pushed himself inside James until he was buried to the hilt. James gasped and uttered a small cry. He had never imagined this would feel so great. It got even better as Hector started thrusting his hips. At the same time, he grasped James firmly with his right hand and started pumping away with his fist furiously. Meanwhile his hop thrusts started off as gentle thrusts at first, and then faster and faster until he was riding James furiously with sweat pouring down both their bodies. With the moonlight streaming through the window, they looked exactly as the outside world perceived - black and white. But they were joined together in this rhythmic coupling, panting with intensity, trying to hold onto as much of each other as they could. James was relishing the fell of this weapon inside him, warm and vibrating. Hector gasped, 'Oh yeah, you're so tight,' which almost sent James over the edge.

Finally, it was too much for either of them. Hector came first, buried deep inside James he let out a guttural moan and his body juddered ferociously as he emptied himself. 3 seconds later James also came in huge spurts that hit both him and Hector, one hand furiously pumping his shaft, the other clasped onto Hector's muscular backside. Spent and exhausted, Hector collapsed onto James who wrapped his arms around him. They then kissed passionately and fell asleep in that position.

Over the next few months, they would meet regularly in the mill. There they would make love and talk long into the night about their hopes and dreams. Then they would make love again before returning to their respective quarters before anyone else was up. This continued until one night, after they finished making love, they fell asleep together, spooning contentedly. At that moment, they were woken by a roar and leapt up to see Otto peering at them over the top of the ladder.

Otto had been riding back after a late night of poker and prostitutes at a neighbouring plantation when he had noticed the light was on at the mill. He had barely registered this when the light went off. Curious, he approached the mill quietly on foot and had arrived in time to hear James and Hectors' moans and gasps as they came. He had then ascended the ladder to find them in their post-coital passionate embrace. James and Hector jumped up and Otto could see that they were both still hard. He went berserk.

'You you so ' Otto couldn't get the words out. Finally he said, 'Don't worry little brother, the nigger will hang for this. We can make something up and no-one need know you were here.'

'No way,' said James. 'I won't let you hurt him.'

Hector stood there, fearful.

'You don't have to be scared of him, I told you, I'll take care of him,' said Otto, a mad glint in his eyes.

'I'm not scared of him,' retorted James, 'I love him.'


'What?' asked Hector quietly.

'WHAT?!' yelled Otto.

James turned to Hector. 'I love you Hector.'

Hector smiled shyly and moved close to James 'I love you too James.'

They kissed passionately.

Otto watched with disgust etched into his face.

'This cannot stand,' he growled, a vein pulsating in his forehead. 'Because you're my brother, I'm gonna give you till dawn as a head start. Then we're gonna come looking for you. And you'd best hope I don't find you. Either one of you,' added Otto as he descended the ladder. He gave them one last venomous look and then disappeared.

'We don't have much time,' said Hector rapidly dressing. 'We have to leave. Find somewhere we'll be safe'

'I know,' replied James.

'Where do you want to go?' asked Hector.

'As long as I'm with you, I don't care,' said James.

The lovers kissed again and held each other close.




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