Chapter 1: First contact

My son’s best mate Trent had always been the kind of lad who had been relaxed with nudity, maybe it is a generational thing, but whatever it is he is just comfortable with his body, certainly more than I recall being at his age. He is 6ft 1 slender build naturally smooth and rather cute too, a nice bit of eye candy that I enjoy seeing around the house and certainly not the type of guy I go for. Usually I am more into blokes my age with a stocky hairy build.

Anyway I had always figured it was a look and don’t touch kind of arrangement, he knows I am bi, well actually more gay these days, but he has never had an issue with that and it has never made him feel the need to cover up or be embarrassed.

Not that long ago on a Saturday morning my son had gone out early for soccer practice leaving me and Trent alone in the house. I was already up and stood in the kitchen with my fresh brewed morning coffee wearing just my plain white Y fronts looking out the window into the garden. Troy walked in moments later without so much as a stitch, looking recently shaved around his groin and sporting a large lazy lob on that was standing out in a prominent fashion.

I offered him coffee and stole a few glances, as you do when it is all on display and looking rather plump and full, semi engorged as it swayed from side to side, the tight foreskin not quiet covering the darker coloured helmet making a small porthole opening which offers up a tantalising glimpse of his piss slit beneath, his smooth walnut sized balls hanging low in their silky smooth sack.

Truth is I have seen it all before, numerous times, but still I can’t help but take a further sneaky look at his impressive sized equipment. Maybe I have always been a little more fascinated than I should be with my son’s best mate, and a little curious about his overly relaxed attitude. I can’t help but wonder if he has purposefully fluffed himself before entering the kitchen, wanting me to witness his semi aroused state, to show off his striking asset at half mast.

As the thought filled my mind I felt a twitch beneath my underwear, the beginnings of my own growth in reaction to the glorious youthful site that was before me. We stood facing each other and I pondered on turning away to hide my growing predicament, but then decided to stand it out and see how things progressed, curious as to how he would react once he realised I was getting turned on by his display.

My twitches gave way to strong pulsations and rapid throbs as the thin fabric of my underwear began to strain and tent, tugging against my arousal as it threatened to burst free of the cotton clad enclosure and catching his eye.

I felt a saturated damp patch from my already drizzling pre cum and was in no doubt it was visible, a clear sticky fluid of honey like consistency filtering through the fabric and glistening as it dripped free.

Trent’s cock began to rise like a draw bridge, extending out as the shaft became rigid and the purple veins along his ever so straight length stood pronounced, the foreskin pulled tight against the swelling crimson gland and slowly retracted under the pressure.

He stood looking all casual as he held his coffee cup, not once acknowledging the fact that he had a full on erection as he sipped his coffee and looked me in the eyes, engaging in the most mundane of conversations in less than mundane circumstances.

I adjusted my aching cock through my underpants as the tightness of my Y fronts began to cause discomfort making me visibly grimace a little, my gaze still admiring the disproportionate sized thick schlong on such a lean built lad.

“You would be better off without them” Trent commented mid conversation

“What?” I asked before I looked into his eyes and then back down “Oh my underwear you mean, yeah probably” I responded as I saw a lengthy dew drop suspended on a silken thread hanging down from where the tip of my cock head pressed. He has seen me naked before so I am not sure why I ever bother wearing anything around him anymore, maybe more out of habit than anything, just instinctive to slip on something when I get out of bed in the mornings I suppose.

I wondered what would happen if I take the opportunity to take them off while fully erect, whilst where both fully boned. Would a natural primal urge to get our rocks off take over?

With my underwear quickly pulled down my cock popped up like it was spring loaded and I can’t help but smile at Trent’s reaction. I tell you now my cock had not felt that rock hard for ages.

“That is better” I said still grinning as I felt my cock jump with joy at being liberated and free

“Fuck you really are hard” Trent commented with an amazed on his face look that made my cock throb again as a fresh stream of pre cum was released.

I grasped my cock and admired it, aware that he was still watching as I gave it a slow gentle stroke and squeeze

“Looking pretty hard yourself” I stated as I stepped towards him a little, feeling anxious and uneasy but being driven by my stiff prick. Guess we have all been there right, when the balls are full the brains are empty.

We stood for what felt like a while just admiring each other, both stood handling and groping ourselves, slowly daring to edge closer together, our hand motions becoming more rhythmic and synchronised until we was both stood openly wanking our erections.

Fuck it felt so good wanking off in front of him and I would be lying to you if I said I had never thought about doing it before. I could tell by his facial expression and the occasional breathless whimper that he was enjoying the moment of male bonding too, making circling motions over the shiny glistening head of his exposed swollen gland with his thumb and finger. His cock is certainly longer and fatter than my own but I had been aware of that for a while.

The conversation had stopped, it was only our breathing and groans that broke the silence as we continued, and when he dropped his hand away and tensed his pelvic muscles to make his cock bounce I took the opportunity to reach out my hand. He did not back away, he just let out a long gasp as his knees buckled and my hand wrapped around his thick pulsating shaft.

“Feel OK?” I asked needing to verify that I had not over stepped our boundaries

“Yeah” he whimpered in response, his eyes closed as he allowed me to begin to stroke his rigid length, his hands moving behind his back in what can only be construed as a submissive pose.

My hand slowly motioned up and down, the copious amounts of pre cum lubricating the way and filling the air with a distinct musky odour. I don’t recall ever seeing a bloke ooze so much pre cum and thought I dribbled a lot, I swear he was producing it in a vast quantity. That is when the idea crossed my mind, the thought of his slimy emission sliding over my own manhood, our pre cum blending. I faced him and edged closer still until our stiff meat rods touched and our generous amount of juices turned into a fragrant froth as I stroked our members together, it was like beating an egg white into stiff peaks as it covered my palm and our erect pricks.

I continued squeezing and stroking our cocks together, our juices flowed and blended as we both throbbed and groaned with pleasure, our bodies quivering and shook until... His face suggested he was already closer than he would like to be, and certainly closer than I was. The over excitement at our actions more than he could tolerate, his eyes opened wide as did his mouth as he took a deep intake of air and then held his breath, his body shuddered and convulsed as I continued, my hand picked up pace as I looked at the expression on his face.

I knew I was not even close but could see Trent was going to spunk his load at any moment. He was unable to control it, the shallow panting, the shaking, and the stuttering as he pleaded me not to stop.
“I am going to cum” he cried several times, his words broken as he pleaded and begged.

I was only happy to oblige as I continued to speed up the strokes, keen to milk him and witness his eruption. I was not disappointed by the gush of thick white spunk that come shooting out with force, spraying up over my hairy chest and stomach as I continued to rub our cocks together. His groans were loud as further amounts were pumped out causing his whole body to quiver.

My motion slowed and my grip loosened until I let go completely, tempted to lick my hand free of his fresh salty load but then not doing so as I just looked at the glow upon his face. Then he did something I had not envisaged, he dropped to his knees and took my length eagerly in my mouth.

Within just a few moments I felt him coaxing my seed with his enthusiastic suction, I warned him I was getting close. My warning only seemed to encourage him as his mouth moved faster up and down my rigid shaft until my own load spewed out deep into his gullet.

Chapter 2: Restrained and drained 

There are times when I think about telling my son that I am having a fling with his best friend of so many years. Then there are times when I suspect he already knows. Like the times early in the morning when Trent has stayed over the night before and has just finished blowing me in the living room, my fresh batch of thick man batter still coating the back of his throat as I bask in the afterglow of post ejaculation.

It is risky engaging in those morning rendezvous when my son is still in the house I know, and yet it adds to the thrill and excitement of the moment, the thought of getting caught. That said I bet the reality would be far from exciting, catching his friend sucking off his old man.

I do wonder though how he would respond to the revelation if I did decide to come clean. We are after all consenting adults. Besides I know when they were younger they fooled around a little, the usual youthful exploration, comparing their penises and mutual masturbation, I am sure you know the kind of stuff I mean.

Trent arrived at the house mid afternoon while my son was getting ready to go out. His fitted jeans indicated that he was wearing the wide chrome cock ring I had previously given him as a reminder of our sessions. It fitted tight and snug around the base of his cock and balls making his equipment push forward against the denim and offer up a clear silhouette.

Whilst my son is brushing his teeth in the bathroom I take the opportunity to grope Trent’s package, rubbing my palm over his bulge and following the outline of the goods beneath before undoing his zipper. I slide my hand within and feel that the bugger is already rock hard and moist, no doubt aroused before he had even arrived at the house with anticipation of the scene ahead.

I fondle and feel his bare pole, his hands already placed behind his back allowing me unrestricted access. I lean forward and whisper in his ear “Just you bloody wait” as I pull his cock free and stroke gently, retracting his foreskin slowly as he dribbles pre cum that sticks to my palm in a web like structure.

I hear my son moving around upstairs, some of the floorboards creaking and sounds of the doors opening and closing, unaware of what is happening beneath his feet as he continues to get ready, his mate already breathlessly groaning as I squeeze his shaft and rotate my finger over his frenulum.

Trent loves this daring game, the surrendering to my roaming hands and the feeling of exhibitionism. I have already performed this act in various places including whilst driving, pulling out his cock as he sits in the passenger seat beside me and tossing him off until he spills his load. But today I am not planning on allowing that instant rewarding release...

With my son finally out of the house and alone with Trent he is soon naked in the living room bent over the back of the leather couch, his wrists restrained with rope behind his back as I pull firmly downwards on his stiff erect cock with alternating hands between his spread legs, just like I am trying to milk a cow.

Because Trent had been so aroused from the moment of arriving a lattice work of sticky syrup like fluid already clings between his smooth trembling thighs, translucent threads anchored to his skin and bridging the space between his legs. My well oiled palms pull down one after the other, teetering on the sadistic as I build up slowly and within the first ten minutes allow him to feel the surge of the first orgasm, but not allowing him to follow through to the actual ejaculation as my hands pull away at the last moment leaving his member dancing away and throbbing uncontrollably.

I am pretty sure this is alien to him, usually his modus operates would have been to have shot his wad and be done in the first ten to fifteen minutes tops. Never prolonging the sensation, instead just a quick dash to the finish line, something I recall from my own impatient youth until I was taught by older more experienced hands in a not to dissimilar fashion. Restrained naked and bound tightly, having no means to control when I shot my load, the power taken away and in someone else’s hands leaving me feeling so amazingly aroused and turned on.

I hear it in Trent’s groans and urgent whimpers, that same feeling of being helpless and unable to ejaculate when he wants. The intense arousal that verges on being excruciating, the ever so fine line between pleasure and discomfort.

My hands begin to stroke again before I change my technique, rubbing the palms of my hands to and throw with his throbbing cock sandwiched firmly between. Like a scout master trying to start a fire with sticks I rub quickly, the friction building and the oil that coats my hands heating up to provide a sensual warmth igniting his inner flame.

He bucks hard against the back of the sofa as he whimpers pathetically, gasping and puffing, his breathing becoming erratic. I bet he can hardly believe the intensity of pleasure he feels right now, the erotic bliss from being worked so proficiently, a skill that comes with age and practice and not being in a rush to shoot that load.

It is about another fifteen minutes later of stopping and starting when I can feel that he is close again. I allow the sensation to build, increasing and making him dare to believe that this will be the moment that I allow him to ejaculate, the final crescendo. I pull my hands away and tug down on his balls, the one means at my disposal to help prevent him shooting that precious load before I want him too.

His whole body jolts and shakes as he mutters under his breath “bastard”
“Not yet” I say in a calm voice as I smile at my seemingly cruel actions. But I know the reward will be great when I finally grant permission, but for now he will have to wait as my attentions are drawn to other matters, the firm rounded arse cheeks before me as I remain crouched behind him.

Trent begins to whimper and whine like a bitch on heat as I spread his arse cheeks. I sniff and snout around between them, my nose pressed against his crack as I inhale his musk. A slight dampness clings to the trail of light blonde hair and my tongue darts out to lap it up like nectar.

 It is a fragrance I am familiar with, one that I had savoured previously on his discarded underwear, bringing about my solo gratification as I had pictured him naked and inhaled the intimate scent that was impregnated into every fibre. I am sure some of you will turn your nose up at such an activity (no pun intended), but it is a fetish that is common place amongst straight and gay men alike. A friend of mine when we was drunk and a little stoned admitted to sniffing his stepdad’s briefs in his youth on a regular basis.

So as I continue to explore his crack I suspect the tightly clamped ring that puts up resistance to my probing tongue piercing his hole has not seen much traffic in the opposite direction, maybe a curious soapy finger in the bath now and again but nothing more. Yet I feel him pushing back, welcoming the sensation of a hungry wet mouth at his sphincter, urging me to pass the barrier of muscle and break his seal.

Fuck I know he wants it bad. Every gasp tells me he is receptive to my advancement, and yet I want to make him work for it, beg for it. I want the fucker in an uncontrollable frenzy and gagging for penetration in that tight little hole.

With his cock still pulled down between his thighs my left hand grasps the base of his shaft and remains static as my right fist clasps his slippery engorged cock head and rotates from side to side, twisting in a motion as you would if squeezing a lemon of its juice. My face remains wedged in his butt as I slurp and lick his hole, feeling it quiver as his ring of muscle begins to relax and surrender to my persistence and persuasion.

A deep groan of approval signals my eventual entry and soon he is panting like an excited puppy as my tongue delves deeper.

Whilst it feels like just minutes have passed I suspect it is closer to an hour or more and I am aware of our time constraints. I begin to stroke down the length of his shaft, pulling my hand down and off the tip before quickly replacing it back at the base and repeating.

I pull my face away and admire his butt hole that is sodden with my saliva. Whilst I continue stroking down with my right hand I place the index finger of my left hand at his moist entrance, making small circles with my fingertip around the soft puckered flesh that twitches in response.

Fuck if I had another hour I would be splitting the bugger open and sliding my length in, damn I would enjoy getting my end away with him restrained and facing a full length mirror, seeing his facial expressions as he feels my knob fill his cavity.

Trent is close again and this time more verbal in his need to ejaculate
“Please may I cum?”

His tone is urgent and I am sure he is half expecting me to get him to the edge yet again and stop.
“Please, I want to cum for you”

I begin to stroke up and down his shaft in a quick fluid fashion, feeling his moist hole continue to twitch, beckoning my index finger to slip inside.

“Oh fucking hell!” he groans loudly, his thick prick pulsating rapidly as my finger is inserted fully.

I feel the tight clamping of his sphincter around my finger as I stroke him, the warm soft velvet like pouch that clasps my finger ever tighter the closer he gets to ejaculating. I stop stroking his cock and rotate my finger and hook it in search of that walnut sized object that will guarantee his instant release of juice. I locate it and gently rub and massage it and within moments his loud howls tell me he is going to cum with all his might.

A thick geyser of white seed erupts with force, load after load as he shakes and shudders, his hole clamping with force as I remain in contact with his prostate. His whimpers give ways to cries and I slowly and gently pull my finger free of his anal embrace and watch as his body collapses. Panting gasping and breathing heavy as I release his binds and help him to stand before wrapping my arms around him in a secure embrace, “good boy” I whisper in his ear as he holds me tight in response, his eyes filled with tears of intense pleasure.




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