Joe was a bit small for a twenty one year

old and his size often bothered him. Most of the time he just

hung around at home and occasionally went up the local youth center. Joe often

fantasized what it would be like to be a 'big guy' with a rough and tough

stature. Lot's of times he dreamed of some of the bigger guys at the youth center

and what it would be like to really give it to them.

Joe had a few friends at the center, Jason

and Mark. Jason was a towering six foot two and had weighed well over two hundred

pounds. He was all muscle and had a perfect body, big and very powerful. Jason

had the deepest voice Joe had ever heard and it made him melt. On the other hand

Mark was big and burley, more like a biker. He had a really rough edge to him and

was what you would call a man's man. Most of the time the three friends would talk

about sports and other general life issues. Joe really became excited each time he

met with Jason and Mark, he continued to fantasy about what it would be like to control

them, be in charge in a sexual situation with some big rough guys.

One night at the center, Jason invited the

guys to his new apartment for some drinks. The place was small and dimly lit, and

the only thing in the refrigerator was beer. They all sat around the kitchen table

and started drinking and talking about the 'regular things.' Jason took

his shirt off and was only wearing a pair of shorts, he the guys to relax and make

themselves at home. The muscles on Jason's body were unbelievable, massive arms,

wide strong shoulders and smooth perfect skin. Because of the heat in the apartment

Mark removed his shirt also and sprawled out on the couch. Jason immediately said

'wow what a hot body' Mark responded 'yours is hotter baby,' Joe just

sat in amazement. Jason got behind Joe and grabbed his bulging cock that was

sticking out of his pants. The three of them stood up and walked over to the small bed

against the wall. Mark and Jason undressed Joe and started massaging his body.

Jason went to a drawer and took out a

couple pairs of handcuffs, he went over to Mark and cuffed his hands behind the bed frame.

Jason handed Joe the other set of cuffs and told him to cuff him to the other side

of the bed. Joe was so excited and was finally getting what he dreamed about, being

in control of some big tough guys! Joe cuffed Jason to the bed next to Mark and then

just stood there, viewing the feast that was about to take place. Joe looked around

the room, Mark asked him what he was doing and Joe just replied...'this is my

show.' Mark and Jason looked at each other realizing the Joe looked a little

different now, he looked confident even strong. Joe found some rope and quickly tied

the two slaves feet to the end of the bed. Joe's cock was swollen full of love blood

and the other guys were just as hard and eager for some relief. Joe got on to the

bed and started stroking both cocks with all his might, he then straddled Mark and made

him suck his rock rod. He then moved over to Jason and shoved his meaty love wand

into Jason's mouth.

Things were heating up and Joe kept

alternating between mouths, shoving it in Jason's then ramming it into Mark's muscular

mouth, Joe was in control and he was loving it. Joe put his legs over Mark and

shoved Mark's giant cock into his ass, Joe rode around like it was a brand new Mercedes.

Then Joe again switched back and forth between cocks, riding and pumping like mad.

Jason blew his salty love juice into Joe's ass and Mark shot it all over the three

of them. Joe uncuffed Jason and made him turn over on his belly before putting the

cuffs back on, he did the same to Mark. Now, Joe felt the power he wanted, he shoved

his cock into Jason's big ass and squirted his hot load all the was inside. This was what

he needed and he knew it, total control. Staying hard Joe jammed up Mark's love hole

and pumped his load all over Mark's anal walls. Jason was shaking Joe, 'wake up

Joey, wake up,' come on dude you gotta get out of here I have to get to work.

Joe wondered what the hell was going on! He looked around and asked 'where is

Mark?' Jason replied 'he left last night after you passed out,' ........

Jason told Joe what occurred, they all got to the apartment and started drinking and after

about four drinks Joe passed out on the couch, they just covered him and let him sleep it



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