We'd been together for 10 years, you'd think he'd know me by now. However, I found out to my considerable surprise, and frankly, irritation, that he was clueless. Completely clueless. He accused me of everything from lack of love to infidelity before he pitched a vase at my head and stalked out. I sat down heavily on the couch. I'd had the 27th shitty overtime day at work in a row, my lover had lost his mind, and there were shards of Baccarat crystal all over the floor. I pulled the brandy toward me and started to nurse.

He still hadn't come home by the time I had to leave for the airport for a business trip the next day. It pissed me off and scared me, but all I could do was write and tear up several notes, then finally leave him one that covered all the 'I'm scared/pissed/sorry/in love with your stupid ass' bases. I left for the airport, got stuck in traffic, barely made my flight, which was awful, checked into a shit hotel, went to a shit meeting, and came back to the hotel and dove into the bar for a drink. This was not 'Happy Hour' by any interpretation of the name. There was only one man at the bar, a very good looking guy nursing a beer. I slid onto the stool next to him and nodded at him. He nodded back and stuck out his hand. 'Kevin,' he said, his voice deep and rich. I shook the hand and said 'Lee.'

We sat in silence for a time, then Kevin turned to me and said 'would you like to get a booth?' I said sure, grabbed a bowl of peanuts and my drink and followed him back into the dark corner. We chatted about the news, sports, the weather, my shit job, all sorts of things. I kept watching him lick the foam off his lips. I also watched his pink tongue flick out for a peanut. I started to think about that soft mouth wrapped around my cock, sucking me, and soon that was all I could think about. The cute little boytoy waiter wiggled his way over and got us fresh drinks. Kevin looked him up and down and smiled slightly. Ah...I thought.

I turned in the booth, putting one knee up, so that I could look at him better...and he might look down and see the bulge in my pants. His smile traveled down my body and he saw. He also scooted over next to me and slid his right hand along my thigh up to my hard cock and gripped it. I just sat and looked at him as he stared down at his hand. He was intent on what he was doing, completely absorbed in the movement of his hand and the response of my body. It had been a long time, and I hurt. I was shaking rapidly, and tried to speak. Finally, I managed to say 'I'm going to cum' with as much dignity as I could manage. He looked up at me, his eyes glittering. 'Yes, you are,' he said softly. I slapped a hand over my mouth just in time. A half second later I was convulsing, cumming in my pants. He just smiled and drank his beer.

He paid the check, because I could barely walk. By the time we got to the elevator, I was revived a little. I had him half stripped during the ride up to my floor, putting him against the wall and taking his mouth with my tongue. I pulled him out when the door opened, and he walked down the hall clutching at his open pants, a constant and rather loud monoglogue flowing from him. 'I want you to suck my cock,' he said. 'I want to suck your cock. I want us to suck each other's cocks. I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to fuck it hard, hard and deep, until you flood me with your cum.' I managed to get the door unlocked and kick it open, just as Kevin stripped off every stictch of clothing he had one. I shoved my hot naked companion into the room as fast as I could.

He shoved me hard and I landed on my back on the bed. He climbed astride me, and grinned down at me. He started to stroke his cock, a wicked grin on his face. 'Want some?' he asked. I wanted some more than I'd ever wanted anything. He grinned, shook his head at my attempt to move, then climbed up me to put his cock in my mouth. I raised my hands to cradle his ass as he fucked my mouth. I raised my eeys to look at him. He crouched over my face, eyes closed, smiling, fucking my mouth hard. He was careful, but I still had to relax my throat to take him. He was goiing deep, and it was heaven. He fucked my face until I couldn't take anymore. Just when I thought I'd have to tell him to stop, he went rigid and started to spurt. He shot in my mouth with complete abandon...no warning, flooding me, taking for granted that I'd swallow his cum. He was right. I sucked it down.

I had some leftover wine, and I poured us some. He took it, toasted me, then walked out onto the balcony, still naked. I couldn't get over his complete immersion in his sexuallity. He was in 'fuck' mode, and he didn't give too much of a shit who knew. I needed a shower, and Kevin automatically got in with me. He pampered me, washing my hair, scrubbing my body, soaping my cock until I was hard again. The monologue atarted again as he soaped my cock. He wanted to suck me, he wanted me to slam my big cock up his ass, over and over again, pumping my cum into him until I flooded him. I was so hot and horny I was shaking. I managed to get us both rinsed off and one or two body parts dried and dragged him towards the bed. I got halfway, when he stopped, looked me straight in the eye and said 'get on your knees and service me, whore.'

The whore hit his knees. I sucked him so fucking hard, my hands planted on his ass, dragging his hips toward my hungry mouth. He called me every name he could thinkf of, starting with whore and going through bitch, slut and cunt, and ending up with creative combinations. My balls hurt and my cock oozed and I wanted to be his slave forever. His cock didn't want to wait a second longer. He demanded, in a voice that must have carried out the balcony and down to the pool 'Swallow it, you fucking bitch/whore/cunt/slave.' Uh...ok, I thought, and swallowed his gushing cum as fast as I could.

As I stood, my brain reeling, licking my lips, Kevin flipped the magic switch in his head and turned into my completely submissive love slave, going flat on the floor to lick and suck my toes, then licking his way up my body, avoiding my cock. He nipped and sucked at me as I stood with my hands at my side, getting one of those incredible 'I can do anything I want to you right now' head rushes. He fastened his mouth on my nipple and sucked, putting his hands behind his back. When he had both nipples painfully erect, he stood close to me, hands still behind his back, and put his mouth against my ear. He begged me to fuck his ass until he screamed for mercy. The room swam before my eyes for a few seconds.

Uh...somehow he ended up on his knees, shoulders down against the bed, hands still behind his back, luscious ass in the air...with my slippery index finger pounding in his tight hole. I mean 'pounding,' too. I took his asshole like it was my own little toy. And it was my own little toy. Two fingers, poking him relentlessly. Then I made him beg to be used. Shit.... He begged me to do things to him that were physically impossible and generally unwise. (Fucking his ass with the base of the table lamp was my favorite.) I teased him with the head of my cock until I couldn't stand it anymore myself...then thrust it in. He screamed like he'd just been mounted by a stallion.

Well, well, I thought to myself as I pounded my hips against his ass. I have the largest cock in the entire fucking world. The world's largest fucking cock, and I'm pounding it into a very small tight asshole. My sweet little fucktoy is taking every solid inch. I managed to keep my cum in for a few minutes of savaging his hot hole, then I started to gush. And gush...and gush. I flooded his ass, and I ended up being the one screaming for mercy.

I collapsed on him, pulled him close, and got one arm mobile enough to pull the blanket over us both. We lay together in silence for a time. 'I'm sorry I threw the vase,' he said finally, in a small quiet voice. I nuzzled him. 'It's just a damn vase, Kevin,' I said. 'Everything will be fine. Small price to pay for such an incredible fuck.' I nuzzled him again, and thought about how much I loved him.


Morgan Grayson

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