I sat in the plate glass window, staring glumly out at 11th avenue. The greasy smell of the burgers on the grill assaulted my nose as I toyed with the last of the fries on my tray. Cabs rattled past, busy people going to important places. Trucks filled with produce, furniture, and plumbing supplies roared through the intersection at 38th Street. Long black limos, occupied by who-knows-who shrouded in smoked glass were lining up to enter the Javits Center. I wondered who they all were, where they were headed. I had nothing to do, nowhere to go, and I envied these bastards for having a destination.

A stunning dark haired man walking downtown caught my eye. I couldn't help noticing his posture. He strode with precision, chin out, and shoulders back. His broad chest sat high on his torso, soft black curls on his chest spilling out of his open collar. His big bowling ball arms were barely contained in the sleeves of his cotton work shirt, the thin fabric stretched like rubber bands across his biceps. His excellent physical condition and muscular physique gave me the impression that he was military, or perhaps a weight trainer.

He passed the fast food joint and glanced through the decals for southern style Iced Tea and super-duper burgers. He missed a step, halting his march for a split second in front of my table. Was he looking at me? His eyes locked on mine. Azure, stone cold and piercing blue. He recovered his cadence and continued past the restaurant, turning the corner at Maggie Mae's bar.

Damn, what an incredible specimen! Thick wavy hair on top, buzzed down to nothing on the sides and neck. His angular face, cheeks darkened with a day's growth of beard...I sighed and rattled the ice in my cup, sucking up the last of the diet Coke. I guess I should get moving, but really, where did I have to go? My last college class was yesterday, I didn't have any summer session this year and didn't have to go back to Pennsylvania until next week.

What the hell? Was military guy walking back up the avenue? He looked agitated. Maybe he forgot something, angry with himself for having to double-back to retrieve it. He stared at me again as he passed the window. Our eyes locked and I felt the electricity make my scalp crawl. I glanced down at the remains of my lunch... I am certainly not shy, but somehow his intense stare was overwhelming, his dominant masculinity overpowering. Like a game of chicken, I had to look away. When I looked up again he was gone.

'This seat taken?'

He stood before me a few seconds later. Coffee in hand. The Incredible Hulk! He appeared huge and overwhelming this close-up. I felt panic, trapped in the corner seat by this exceptionally large man. I felt my face flush, my ears burning, as I looked directly into his crotch. He pointed at the chair on the other side of my little table.

'Mind if I sit here?' He said, a sly grin on his handsome face.

'No, no, um, yes, of course!' I stammered. The thick denim couldn't hide what lie just beneath the zipper. A homo dream, the stuff that one-handed fantasies are made of!

'My name is Harry. Do we know each other? I spotted you from the street, you look so fuckin' familiar to me...' his voice deep and resonant with a thick New York accent, Brooklyn or maybe the Bronx? He blew slowly across the steaming cup. I shuddered. 'You look a little like a kid I knew a couple years ago, lived around here someplace.'

'Im Jimmy, nice ta-meet-ya. I've only been in New York a few months, start of semester last year. I'm sure we never met, I would remember that for sure!' I replied, my voice shaky and a little shrill...Damn, Jimmy, compose yourself... you sound like a little girl!

'It was before Iraq, before I signed up for that living hell over there. Used to meet him a couple times a week, we always had a good time together, you know?' He asked, that devilish grin curling across his thick lips. 'Haven't seen him around, maybe he took off somewhere, maybe met someone. I dunno.'

He seemed so confident. I was mesmerized by his deep sonorous voice, those steely blue eyes boring into my head. He started to tell me the story. He had an apartment of his own back then, lived there with his girlfriend. They had a kid together, although he was never sure it was really his, the baby's blonde hair and red complexion had little to do with Harry. The sex after the baby became infrequent and boring. Finally it stopped altogether.

'So there was this kid I tole you about, well, he was always real friendly, if you catch my meaning.' He continued. 'One day I just let him have what he wanted, right over there behind that liquor store! Wasn't bad, in fact it was pretty fuckin' good!'

Harry had discovered that getting your cock sucked by a gay guy was better than trying to force the GF to put out every night. He started to meet his new buddy on a regular basis, and finally they took it to the kid's apartment where it could go to another level. Harry discovered he was a pretty damn good anal top, and the kid rolled over for him whenever he wanted. There was something about the boy, the way he moaned and squirmed, that turned Harry on almost as much as a woman!

One day he came home from a visit to his fuck buddy and found the girlfriend with her boss, screwing in his bed! Furious, he broke a chair over the man's head.

'Hey, I know I was messing around too, but it was with a guy, not another woman, and only because she forced me to! I mean, men have needs, you know?' he said conspiratorially. 'She coulda had sex any time she wanted, the bitch didn't need to look nowhere else! And to do it in my fuckin' bed yet!' His voice was raised in anger. I looked around to see who else might be listening.

Right after that Harry was enlisted and on his way to basic training. He had plenty of opportunities in Iraq to fuck around. The big handsome American with gifts and money could procure anything he wanted, from ladies of questionable breeding to tawny skinned boys with lean feminine bodies and soft velvet asses. After his first tour was up, he returned to find the girlfriend gone, the apartment occupied by a Hispanic couple from Guatemala. He had no one to turn to except his father, who encouraged him to sign on for a second tour of duty.

'So now I'm back again, and life pretty much sucks!' he said, 'I moved in with dad in his little rat-hole apartment over the machine shop on 36th.'

'And now you are sitting here with me, and I'm wondering what you are looking for.' I said, feeling a little confused but excited that this remarkably frank man is spilling his guts out on the table for me. He had no modesty, no shame. Just stating the facts, and that's all that mattered to him.

'I've seen a couple women since I'm back, but nobody special. I'm just so fuckin' bored, and lonely I guess...I was lookin' around for my buddy, but even that little prick seems to have moved on.' Harry replied, almost whispering, his body leaning into me. His scent was very musky but sweet, like tobacco and beer. 'I'm thinkin' that maybe you might like to try me out for size...if you think you could handle a man like me!' he laughed, his hand kneading the bulge in his lap.

I don't think I even spoke. My answer was instinctual and immediate. I pulled my jacket from the back of the chair and Harry led me out of the burger place. It wasn't cold that day, but I shivered with anticipation. He jumped in front of me to hold the door open.

'Such a gentleman!' I said, jokingly.

'Not so gentle, but definitely a man!' he replied, that silly sexy grin lighting up his face. A corny wisecrack, but I couldn't help laughing. It was remarkable how he had cheered up, knowing that I was a sure thing, and in a few minutes he was going to get laid.

We walked briskly the two blocks south to 36th, and climbed the steep flight of stairs to his dad's apartment. I felt Harry's hand grasp my ass as he followed me up, his fingers wiggling into the crack beneath my jeans. I felt a little like I was climbing up to the gallows, a feeling of doom mixed with overwhelming elation.

He wasn't exaggerating; it was definitely a rat hole. You could tell it was a guy's place, a pile of dishes dried and crusty in the sink, last night's pizza crusts strewn on the little snack table in front of the couch. Crushed Miller cans on the table were evidence of some forehead smashing, probably a contest between father and son. The place smelled vaguely of socks. I didn't care; I was intent on watching Harry peel off his shirt. He stood before me in a wifebeater that I guessed used to be white. His body was more incredible than I could have ever imagined. I tried to comprehend how many hours a week he used those weights in the corner of the living room to become this massive! It crossed my mind that he might be juicing.

'Look man, I want you to enjoy it too, but...' He murmured, his hands massaging his mighty pectorals as I started to undress. 'You know I don't get into the gay stuff... No kissin' or shit like that. I'm all top, oral and anal. So whatever you gotta do to get off is fine, I'm just not gonna be able to help you out much, got it?'

I understood. I was here to be his cum rag, to relieve him of his load. I was more than okay with that. It was exciting to be here just for his pleasure. I had talents that I was sure he would appreciate, and I was eager to show him.

'What you want to do first? Suck me off?' he said as I opened his waistband and his pants dropped around his knees. He was ready in case he found his buddy, no underwear and a thick chrome cock ring around his semi-erect dick and balls.

Harry was uncut. I fell to my knees and licked his hairy scrotum. I like natural men; I adore foreskins and certainly don't understand shaving the crotch. I slowly pulled back on his shaft to expose the mushroom cap under his foreskin. It was a bright, angry red. I felt it pressing against my lips, then across my tongue as he pushed it into my throat as far as it would go. Gagging, I pulled away, releasing his now rock-hard dick.

'That's okay baby. Practice makes perfect. You can do it, just relax!'

His hips were broad, and he had a big round butt you could bounce a quarter off! I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him to me again, this time taking his dick fully into me, my nose buried in the curly bush of hair at the base of his cock. He reached over to fish a little yellow bottle out of his pants pocket. Holding it to his nose, he inhaled. I felt his body shudder as he began rocking his hips into my face. Harry pinched my nose and held the bottle in front of my nostril. I took a deep breath between thrusts and felt my head swim.

'That's it Jimmy! Take it like a fucking man! Oh yeah, do you feel the energy? You feel my manhood flowing into you like electricity?' he shouted, now pumping my head like a dog in heat.

It was electric; I felt the power coming from his potent body like a static charge. Was it just the poppers, or did he have a truly miraculous dick? I tasted the salty pre-cum oozing from him, his balls tightening up as he got close to orgasm. I knew he must be a big cummer, his balls were large and round, just bursting to be relieved.

The lock clicked. The door swung open and I felt Harry pull out of my throat. I felt suddenly empty, and so close to cumming myself that my dick hurt.

'You fucking faggot! Can't you figure out some other place to take your little pop-tart? I thought this shit was over when you enlisted!' his father sneered, as he opened the refrigerator and pulled out a Miller.

'Shut the fuck up, old man. What do you know about it? I ain't no fag, jus' like the occasional blowjob. Don't knock it till you try it, dad!' Harry shouted.

'That'll be the fucking day when I let a pussyboy suck my manhood outta me!' his father said with disgust. 'But hey, don't let me stop you girls! Have fun buggering each other, for all I care.' Dad popped open the can and chugged half of it down. He found the remote and settled down on the couch across the room from where I was cowering, naked and embarrassed.

'The hell with him, Jimmy. Never mind the old bastard. Let's get back to what we was doin' okay?' I couldn't believe what I was hearing; Harry wanted me to get busy again on his still rock hard boner. In front of his dad! I crawled across the grimy carpet to where he was standing, his big dick in his one hand, the other rubbing his massive pecs and rippling abs, thick meaty fingers running through the silky black hair that whorled across his chest like eddies in a stream.

He snorted on the yellow vial again, and handed it to me. I took a deep breath, inhaling the noxious fumes as Harry resumed his meticulous pumping. He was like a well-tuned machine; hard, rhythmic, his engine purring and pistons popping. I had gone completely soft, the shock of his father discovering me slobbering on his son's dick was more than my libido could handle. Still, it was still so fucking awesome to be sucking on this soldier man, and that he was about to explode his creamy load into my mouth!

The television droned on in the background. I glanced over at dad; he was watching some old porn, probably from the eighties. The fat hairy guy on the screen was face fucking this black chick, her head hung over the side of the bed. Her big boobs were jiggling as he pumped his pasty white cock into her mouth. I saw dad rubbing his crotch and glancing over at us, at his son getting blown.

'C'mon, dad. It's cool. He's a great piece of ass, you gotta admit! Look at his fuckin' butt, man! An asshole is an asshole, that's my take on this shit. Take advantage, old dude!'

'Fuck! Bring the bitch over here, where I can see the screen. Let's see what happens, I'll give it a try!' He grabbed a couple more beers from the fridge, then dropped his pants and peeled off his plaid boxers, unbuttoning his flannel shirt.

He was maybe 50, a good twenty five years older than his son, but you could see where Harry got his genes from. The man was not as big as his son but very muscular, his body lean and toned. He was dark haired, like Harry, and maybe even a bit fuzzier. His chest hair was black and dense, and continued from armpit to armpit, fading out towards his shoulders. He sported a full beard, and a moustache that covered his upper lip like a soup strainer. A true bear, down to the hard round belly! If you didn't focus on his old, wrinkled face you could mistake him for a thirty year old.

'Go show him what you can do, Jimmy! Do him just like you were doin' me! I'm gonna hit the john for a second, be right back!' Harry said, picking up my shirt from the floor and wiping the precum from his dick.

I was alone with the old guy. Harry's dad settled into the couch, intently watching the face fucking on the little television. He looked over at me and grinned. Same nasty grin his son had! I walked over and sat naked next to him as he pulled on his big dick. He was also uncut, much thicker but not as long as Harry's. His cock was several shades darker than his creamy white belly, and I was getting hard again thinking soon it would be inside me. He smelled of motor oil and gasoline. I leaned over his leg and positioned my face directly over his crotch. He moved a little to the side so he could see the porn, and grabbing the back of my neck pulled me down onto his erection. His dick was so substantial my jaw ached, but I took it all in and started whirling the head with my tongue. Dad moaned and pulled my head deeper into his crotch.

'Ain't half bad, faggot. What's your name? Jimmy? Jimmy, you like daddy's dick? You want me to shoot my load for ya?' he whispered, as if he didn't want his son to discover he was enjoying his blowjob. From the bathroom I could hear the sound of Harry pissing, the strong stream hitting the toilet bowl with force. Again, I imagined he would probably be a big cummer.

Harry came back into the living room, and pushed the snack tray to the side so he could mount me from behind. I didn't stop sucking, dad's rough calloused hand pushing me down on his penis in rhythm with the moans coming out of the TV set.

'Oh yeah, sweet little asshole! Nice tight rosy pucker to grab on to my dick!' Harry snarled, as he spread my ass cheeks and slid first one, then two fingers into my rectum. I was praying that he brought some lube back from the bathroom, but I kinda doubted it.

'Who said you was gonna fuck the bitch? I might want to feel an ass on my cock, it's been a damn long time!' dad said, as he released his grip on my head and I came up gasping for air.

'Hey, okay by me! Go for it, old man! Think you can get your shriveled old dick hard long enough to fuck Jimmy the way he deserves? I bet he likes it hard and deep, ain't that right, Jimmy?' Harry snickered.

Now I have to tell you, from my angle his dick was anything but shriveled! It rose from his groin like a fireplug, thick and swollen.

The couple on the screen had moved to the couch. They were joined by a tall Hispanic guy, skinny but hugely hung. The black chick was bouncing in the fat guy's lap, his cock buried deep in her ass. The Hispanic was standing in front of them as she swallowed his chocolate brown cock.

I took the cue. Turning away from dad, I lowered myself into his lap. He grabbed my waist with both hands as I reached around to guide his shaft to its target. I felt the fat uncut crown of his engorged dick press against my sphincter as it slowly forced itself into me, splitting me open. The pain was searing, like a hot poker shoved up my ass, but I was glad we hadn't used lube...the intensity was what I craved!

Meanwhile, Harry had put himself between his father's legs, his big salami swaying in front of my face. My lips burned, and my jaw still ached from the last assault he made on my face but I eagerly took him in, tasting the last drops of urine that he had not completely shaken off his cock. Dad opened another can of beer, and downed it as he stared at the flickering screen.

Harry went for the poppers again. He gave me a hit first, and I got swept away on the chemical wave and gobbled his massive meaty dick.

'Fuck, Harry, what's that shit you assholes are doin' there? To each their own, but I think I'm gonna stick with a good ole beer buzz!'

Dad was really a great fucker. Years of experience showed in his technique. I could feel him edging himself, slowing down when he was close, speeding up when he needed to. I also think he was trying to make it good for me (although he would probably not have admitted it), his cock hitting just the right spot, bending me at just the perfect angle to feel every inch of him as he massaged my asshole from the inside!

I was going to town on Harry! He was moaning and shouting, as I did my best Hoover impression. My saliva ran down his leg and dripped off his knees onto the filthy carpet. His balls tightened up again, just like before. I felt a huge load pumping up his shaft. I prepared myself for the flood.

'Oh Yessssssss...you goddamn cocksucker! Feel the power, feel my energy flowing into you, bitch! This is how you like it, dirty little boy? Choking on my mighty manhood, an' lettin' this old man screw your boi whore asshole?' Harry hissed.

His dad was clenching my shoulders, pulling me down onto his beercan dick in rhythm with Harry's thrusts into my mouth. It was synchronicity! Perfect timing, they bounced me back and forth like a shuttlecock!

They came at almost the same moment. I felt Harry's dad tense up, his thrusts shot deeper into me as he pulled me tightly down into his lap. I reached down in agony, instinctually trying to pull his fat cock out of my burning asshole. Too late, I felt the warm rush of his cum seeping from around his solid shaft, dribbling down my leg to mingle with my spit on the floor. The old man wrapped his arms around my waist and held me tight, not letting my aching ass release his slimy spent dick.

Harry snorted one more time from the bottle and a second later shot his load into my throat. I was right of course. His ejaculate was thick, sweetly bitter and just kept flowing out of him. I gulped down what I could, gagging, then swallowed some more. When I thought he was done, he placed his dick in my mouth one more time and shook off a last creamy load. I honestly have never seen such volume of fluid come out of a man! It was exhilarating to receive it.

We ordered a pizza, and watched some more porn on the couch. The collection was limited, but I can get off on straight porn if they show enough of the guy and don't concentrate on the girl too much. We all got a little horny, and I hadn't come yet. We decided we would switch things up this time, and I spent the next half hour sucking off Harry's dad. His dick was great, and he smelled a little garlicky from the pizza, which turned me on. By the time Harry got around to fucking me, I had cum twice.


Jimmy Gordon

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