It was a cold January day, when a perfectly innocent shopping trip ended with a filthy but erotic encounter in a seedy Soho cinema. As I walked around London's busy Oxford Street, searching high and low for a pair of jeans that would show off my pert arse and muscular thighs to their full glory, I decided to take my search to Carnaby Street. I walked into a shop and began scanning the rails for the perfect pair, when a handsome young man came and asked me if I was okay.

This guy was of average height and build with spiky, cropped, brown hair and emerald-like green eyes. He had a fresh and innocent look about him, but was not obviously gay - which I love in a man. 'Can I help you sir?' he said to me as I flicked through the rails, 'just looking for a pair of jeans in my size' I replied, looking up and trying hard to conceal my delight as I admired his good looks. 'And what size would that be? I can give you a hand' the handsome stranger eagerly asked. '34' waist and 34' leg' I said and with that the young assistant whipped a pair off the rails and said 'try these'. He followed me to the changing rooms and stood outside while I entered the cubicle and purposely left a gap between the curtains so he could see me undress.

I took off my coat and then began to unbuckle my belt and remove my jeans. In seconds I was standing there in a black long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs. I love wearing these briefs, because they really do hold my cock and balls together and accentuate my package even more. I put my feet into the jeans and as I was still pulling them up past my cock, I opened the curtains and said 'what do you think?' The guy looked a little red and embarrassed and said 'very nice... perfect fit'. He couldn't help but glance down at my bulging briefs and this really turned me on but there was no way I could do anything there and then, in a busy shop with a guy I didn't even know was gay.

I paid for the jeans and left the shop but with that green-eyed stud on my mind, I couldn't concentrate on shopping any longer and I needed a release. I know London very well and knew that Soho, London's red light district, was just a short walk from Carnaby Street and decided that that was where I would head. There are several sex shops in Soho that have private booths downstairs or outback where you can go, watch a porn flick or a striptease and masturbate. I find the seediness of this a real turn on and you feel like you're doing something really perverted. After about five minutes, I was in the heart of the Red Light District and went into a sex shop that I had used in the past for its private booths. I walked down the stairs and noticed a sign for a cinema that I hadn't clocked before.

You have to sign a proof of age form before you are given the key to your booth and as I was signing the form I asked 'is the cinema new?' the guy said 'no, it's always been here - it shows straight porn only and it's £7 for however long you need - if you catch my meaning'. I laughed, signed the form and said 'I'll give it a go' the prospect of having a wank and being seen was making my heart pound in my chest. My cock was now fully erect and in this place, I didn't feel the need to hide it. I grabbed a handful of tissues from the counter and walked down the hall with my concrete rod proudly trying to burst through my jeans. I opened the red doors and walked through into the cinema.

As I stepped through the doors I was immediately surprised by the amount of people in there, I was expecting about five or six but there were about twenty guys dotted around, staring up at the screen. The film that was showing was an orgy of filthy anal fucking. There were two guys penetrating a girl one anally and the other vaginal. She was your typical blonde bombshell with a tiny waist and huge tits, but I was more drawn to the guys. They were both very alike, Hispanic and built like Greek gods. Both had huge shaven balls and as the guy on top was slamming his cock in and out of the babe's tight arsehole, his balls were swinging and slapping the other guy's thick, wet shaft. They were moaning with delight, whilst the girl was screaming in ecstasy.

I began to scan the cinema for somewhere to sit and spotted a place near the back, I walked quietly over and as I nudged my way down the aisle, I noticed a young guy in the row behind me. He was breathing heavily and although the light was dimmed, I got a glimpse of his face under his baseball cap; chiselled jaw, strong chin and a defined, straight nose. He looked dark haired and could have been of Italian or Spanish decent. As I looked closer and our eyes met, I noticed that this dark handsome stranger had his huge erect cock in his hand and he was stroking it slowly while watching the filthy threesome on the screen. We held each other's gaze as I rubbed my meat through my jeans and sat down on the row in front, about four seats along. I immediately opened my fly, pulled my CK briefs to the side and eased my thick, solid shaft through the fly hole.

As I stroked back and forth on my pulsating rod, the threesome onscreen was coming to a climax and the guy on top yelled as he came in the girls arse hole; he wailed, his body shuddered and you could see his balls twitch as they ejaculated bucket loads of hot, sticky cum inside her. It wasn't long before the jism began to spill out and trickle into her pussy and down the other guy's shaft and balls. This really got me going and as I stroked faster, precum began to ooze from my bell end. As I was watching the last moments of the remaining guy pumping his cum-soaked cock in and out of the screaming babe, the young guy from behind suddenly stood up and moved into my row. We now watched each other as we both rubbed ourselves hard and fast. The onscreen stallion yelled and dumped his load into the girl's cum-hungry mouth, he writhed with sheer pleasure and she stuck her tongue out to show him his load.

I was so turned on by the R-rated movie and by the advances that the handsome guy had made; I decided I wanted more than an overlooked wank. I stood up, with my cock hard, thick, long and pointing to the ceiling and sat in the seat next to the dark haired stud. His solid meat was huge and with his fly unbuttoned, I could see the mound of dark, curly pubic hair that surrounded it. We didn't look each other in the eye for the rest of our strange encounter; he picked up my hand and wrapped it around his cock, stroking up and down. His rod was warm, wet and sticky with his homemade lube and I could smell the raw sex emanating from his groin. The next scene came on the screen, but neither of us was particularly interested now. He grabbed my girth firmly, his hand barely reaching around it and started to jerk my meat ferociously. My briefs were restricting the freedom of movement for the skin on my uncut cock, so I undid my belt and pulled my jeans and underwear down to my knees. The dark hunk looked down at my massive prick and rolled my shaven balls between his fingers. We sat and jerked one another for ages, enjoying the feeling of each other's cocks in our hands and each other's hands on our cocks.

After about fifteen minutes, and with another scene coming to a close, the guy's breathes became shorter and louder. I yanked his cock even harder and before I knew it, he twitched and hot, gooey cum began to flow down my hand and onto my wrist like lava from a volcano. I wanted to lick it all off, but I didn't know this guy and wasn't sure what to do. Before I had time to properly contemplate it, he grabbed my hand and began to lick every drop of his creamy load from it. He moaned with pleasure like you would with the first bite of a much craved bar of chocolate as he swallowed every drop and continued to pump my length with all his might.

Within a few moments, I whispered 'Here I come' and without warning, the dark haired stranger lunged his head down towards my package and wrapped his warm, wet mouth around the first few inches of my dick. He continued to pump with his right hand as my body shuddered and the first of many eruptions of hot jizz burst from my bell end and into the stranger's mouth. He swallowed hard several times, collecting every drop without a single spillage and sat up satisfied and squeezed my cock and balls with his left hand and rubbed his own with his right.

I sat there, suddenly aware of all the other guys in this small cinema and wondered how many had known what was happening. It didn't take long for me to realise, that they were so engrossed in their own throbbing members; they probably wouldn't have cared anyway. As I pulled up my trousers and briefs, more than contented with my release, I turned for another look at my gorgeous helping hand but the dark haired stud with the huge cock had disappeared. This would usually disappoint me and initially it did, however, I now think it makes my Soho encounter even more dirty and mysterious. I plan to go back one day for another wank and hope that a similar filthy tale unfolds.


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