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Chapter 2

Another warm day. Today, John, the coach, is determined to approach Steven again. During the last few soccer sessions, he decided to leave him alone, so he can process the experience they shared. But John can’t hold himself back any longer. Up until now, Steven did his best to ignore him, avoiding eye contact and conversation. The coach would not continue to accept this.

All the guys are gathered in the sports hall. The coach instructs them to start a match and stands at the sideline. He observes all these young, fit, male students in their short pants and tanktops. He listens as they shout, he watches as each of them starts to sweat, accumulating glistening drops on their foreheads. And he especially watches Steven. The coach is under the impression that Steven got more ripped during the last few weeks – and indeed, he remembers seeing Steven and his buddy Craig in the weightlifting room more than once. They must be going there regularly, the coach muses. The shoulders of 19-year old Steven have gotton broader, his upper arms more beefy. The same applies to Craig, the handsome blonde bully, although he’s been one shredded guy since quite some time, despite being only a few months older than Steven.

„Myers, you pussy!“, Craig – being the captain of his team – shouts in the direction of one of his team members „wake up man!“. Apparently the guy did not behave in a way Craig approves, and in such cases the blonde stud always calls his colleagues out, sometimes justified, sometimes not. At this point, Craig moved closer towards the coach, so John can see him clearly. Craig’s legs are quite hairy. Further, the guy’s neck and forehead is completely sweaty and he’s got a huge wet stain at the backside of his shirt. John tries to get even closer in order to sniff him, but Craig already starts running away to another position. „Damn“, the coach thinks.

Shortly before end of classes, the coach approaches Steven: „Meet me in the teacher’s room when this is finished!“

Steven, to John’s surprise, simply nods.

When they meet in the teacher’s room of the sports hall, they just awkwardly stand there in front of each other.

„Steven, I need you.“, the coach finally says.

Steven says nothing, just looks at him, then around the room, then down to the floor. His dark-brown hair is ruffled, sweat drops are rolling down his neck. He is pretty exhausted, but also sexy.

„I will not allow you to force me doing things!“, Steven tries to assert himself.

„Come on“, the coach smiles, „you enjoyed it as much as I did“.

„The things you did...“, Steven whispers, „man I can’t respect you anymore!“

„Then I’ll have to teach you some respect!“, the coach declares.

„What is it you want?“, Steven inquires.

„How about raising that arm of yours?“, John says, touching Steven’s right arm.

„Didn’t have enough of that shit?“, Steven utters.

„No, dude.“

Steven raises his arm. John approaches. His nose is one inch away from Steven’s hairy, sweaty armpit. His moist pit hair even touches John’s nose. The coach inhales. A strong, fresh yet naughty sweat smell fills John’s nose.

„Whoa, Steven!“, he simply says, and continues: „I can smell your pit funk!“.

„Sure you can. It’s been a warm day so far and I scored many times!“

„Yeah. Mmh let me sniff some more.... Phew it smells!“, the coach moans, not even realizing that Steven unpacks his dick and starts to jerk off. While John is happily sniffing his armpit, Steven suddenly lets out a big moan, demanding: „Tell me I stink!“

„What?“, asks the coach, surprised. Apparently Steven likes dirty-talking, and yes, Steven even likes what the coach is doing to him. Until now, John thought Steven doesn’t really care much. But of course – the boy is turned on by this as well, otherwise he wouldn’t have let it come to this again.

The coach smiles, takes in another breath: The raw, primal scent of a fit young man after lots of sports. Coach confirms: „You stink, Steven.“

Steven is silent for a moment, eyes closed, just jerking off. Then he says, with a trembling voice: „Damn right!“

„Yeah. Doesn’t your girlfriend complain about the smell when you fuck her?“

„She did once or twice, but then I just held a hand over her mouth and fucked her silly.“, Steven ponders, with a carefree expression on his face.

„So you rape her?“, the coach inquires.

„Well in the end she’s always happy.“

„Does she have an orgasm?“

„Don’t know.“, Steven says with a shrug of his shoulders.

The coach just rolls his eyes and takes in another sniff.

„Tell me how strong the smell is!“, Steven demands.

„Real strong, boy!“

„Don’t call me ‚boy’!“, Steven requests angrily, „I’m a man!“.

„Alright, man!“, John says, trying to hide his amusement.

Steven’s voice gets louder: „Sniff! I wanna hear you sniff my pit!“

The coach does what is demanded of him. Sniffing loudly, deeply. Overwhelmed by the teen’s underarm scent, he moans: „Woaaaaaahhhh“.

„Mhh yeah sniff that unwashed pit. Like how hairy it is?“

„Man please don’t shave it! I can smell your manstink.“, the coach confirms, secretly filled with joy that Steven cooperates.

„Sniffing armpits is fucking nasty. You know how old I am, right?“, Steven asks, already aware that John knows his age.

„You’re 19, man. All you guys are 18 or 19. And you’re all smelly young fuckers!“

And Steven goes on: „Tell me I stink more than the other guys!“

John complies: „Steven, the others merely smell. You stink!“

„Tell me my smell is stronger than Craig’s!“

The coach raises an eyebrow: „Wh... what?“

„Say it!“

„Your pit smell is way stronger than Craig’s!“

Steven moans... jerking off silently... then starts talking again: „That’s right. I’m a stinker. Sniff my hairy pit. It’s hairier than Craig’s.....Woah my pits are ripe.... Mhhhh I like people noticing my smell...“

„They can’t help but notice, Steven“ the coach affirms, still with his nose in Steven’s pit, though by now more fascinated by Steven’s behaviour than odour.

„Don’t call me Steven. Call me Walls!“ That’s Steven’s family name. Most of his friends and team members call him that way.

„Tell me I stink!“, Steven demands again, „And say my name!“.

„You stink, Walls!“, the coach says firmly.

„Again, louder!“

„You stink!!“, the coach says, louder than before, „your teenage pit odour is really offensive!“.

„Maybe one day I let you sniff my feet, that’s gonna knock you out!“, Steven teases.

„Yeah dude I’d love that!“, the coach says.

Steven increases the volume of his voice: „Fuck I’m gonna stink up the whole room with my manly pits! Tell me you adore that Walls stench! Tell my how bad it is!“, Steven requests, jerking off hard.

„Love the sweat stench, man! I smelled on many guys during sports classes, but you dirty bastard really are one of a kind!“

„Nastier than all the others! Come on, tell me how bad it is!“

The coach plays along... and says: „Man I’m soon gonna pass out because of your pit stench!“

„Fuck yes, I stink... My pit hair is stinky... It’s fucking disgusting! I can smell it myself. Phew... Tell me again, loud!“

„Man you stink! Your pits are rank!“

„Say I’m disgusting!“

„Walls, you are truly disgusting!“

„Fuck yeah! I’m a real stinker, a man!! Ahh.... my pits are so wet... fuck yessssss.....fuck, tell me!!!“

„YOU STINK!... I inhale your stink. It’s fucking bad, believe me. It’s fucking strong!!“, the coach shouts loudly. Coach is not lying - the smell really is intense.

„Armpit stink!“ Steven simply shouts, looking at the ceiling, pressing his pit closer against John.

The coach confirms: „Armpit stink, man! Woah... Dirty Walls armpit funk!“

„Armpit stink!!“, Steven shouts again, like a mantra.

„Yeah, stinking up the whole room!“, the coach cheers.

„Armpit stink!“, Steven keeps shouting, some drops of sweat running down his temples. The buff biceps of the arm with which he forcefully masturbates is tense, showing the vein.

„Your pit funk is making me dizzy!“, John howls.

„Armpit stink!! I got hairy armpits!!“

„Man you got a nasty, reeking jungle in there!“

„ARMPIT STINK!!!“, Steven yells without any inhibitions, so loud that coach worries somebody could hear them from outside the room.

- Then, Steven explodes: „Ahhhhhh fuuuuuckk... ahhhh I got hairy armpits....aahhh yessss.... so hairy... fuckkkk.... ahhh... Craig’s armpits!!... AHHHHHHH!!!!“

Steven shoots all over John’s trousers, breathing heavily. After an intense orgasm, he grabs a nearby chair and sits down, leaning back, eyes closed.

After some time, the coach asks: „Are you ok?“

Steven blinks at him, whispering: „Sure.“

The coach is curious: „Erm.... why did you mention Craig’s armpits when you came?“

„What? I didn’t do that!“

„Yes you did, right before you came!“

Steven looks down and starts to blush, saying nothing.

„Tell me!“, the coach demands.

„Don’t know. Since last time... Damn I don’t know. You did something with me! It’s like a spell or something!“

„Go on!“, the coach commands.

„You know, Craig’s got hairy pits too. I just imagined me checking whether they smell as mine do.“, Steven admits.

The coach asks with a smirk on his face: „You really imagined sniffing the armpit of your friend? The captain of your team?“

„No... I mean, yeah but I’d never do that! It’s gross. It was just.... I don’t know what it was. You manipulate me!“

„No I don’t, you little fucker. I just trigger what’s already inside you.“, the coach states calmly.

Steven is silent, stands up and starts to move to the door.

„Wait, man. Now it’s my turn!“


„Haha, you really thought only you are gonna cum?“

„There’s nothing more I can do! Just jerk off, man!“

The coach smiles: „Oh, there’s more you can do.“

Steven rolls his eyes. He really wants to leave, but he also enjoys the interest of the coach, who, after all, is a person of authority and a fully grown man.

„Stand here! I’m gonna lick your chin.“, the coach instructs.

„My... my chin?“, Steven is puzzled.

„Yeah. Gonna lick that beard you have on your chin.“, the coach explains, meaning Steven’s thick, goatee-style beard which he wears since a few months, although without a moustache.

The coach goes on: „But first, let some spit drool down your chin, so it’s soaked up by the beard.“

Steven looks confused.

„Is there a question?“, the coach asks impatiently.

„No“, Steven responds, „but you really are a pervert.“

„Oh that’s nothing, trust me.“, the coach laughs.

Steven does as the coach commands, letting out some spit that’s flowing down his hairy chin.

„Good“ - the coach seems pleased. He starts opening up his big mouth, moves to Steven, and puts his mouth all over Steven’s chin, engulfing the whole of Steven’s chin beard.

If someone else stood in the room, the scene presented to that person could only be considered „weird“: Steven just stands there, and the coach’s mouth is pressed against his chin, like a fish that’s caught on a fishing rod.

In his mouth, John feels Steven’s thick, warm, hard facial hair. And he tastes the salty blend of sweat and Steven’s spit. He then starts sucking on the hair, jerking off at the same time.

The coach withdraws for a moment, commanding: „More spit! Let it flow!“.

And Steven pours out more spit, flowing down his chin, being sucked up by the coach who is sucking on his black chin beard like a madman.

After some time, the coach steps back again, saying: „Give me some pit funk!“, grabbing Steven’s right arm and pushing it up, diving into the exposed, hairy armpit. John licks Steven’s armpit sweat for a few seconds, and moans: „Ahhhhhhh!!“. Then he returns to his former position and again licks and sucks Steven’s beard.

Again, a minute or so passes, and the coach steps back, instructing Steven: „Raise both of your arms and keep them up! And keep that fucking spit flowing!“.

Steven raises his arms and whispers: „That’s what you like, right? Me stinking up the room!“

„Yeah, and feeling the roughness of your beard on my tongue!“

John continues jerking off with his mouth glued to Steven’s chin, licking up spit and digging in the facial hair of the 19 year-old.

Again, the coach pauses, moaning: „Time for some more pit stink!“ and dives into Steven’s left armpit, savouring the strong, intoxicating male teenage sweat smell and the vile tuft of wet armpit hair. He exclaims: „Holy shit! The stench has gotten even nastier! You should be ashamed!“

Steven giggles: „No dude. The nastier the better. Shows what a man I am!“

„You surely are a confident bastard!“, the coach declares and gets back to Steven’s chin, jerking off hard.

„Now while I’m jerking off and sucking your beard, I want you to call me names! Go on!“

Steven thinks for a moment, then starts:

„Asshole....“, the coach nods, Steven continues: „Motherfucker...“.

The coach moans: „Yeah, getting close, go on“. Then Steven shouts:

„You dirty prick whose licking up my spit! You who likes to suck on the stinky armpit hair of your students! Go fuck yourself! I’m here, stinking up the room for you with my nasty pit hair! You should thank me!“

The coach shouts: „Fuck yes!!...Sweat and spit...and stench!! Mhhh!! Teenage pit stink! Fuuuuckk... so stinky... give me that spit.... Wooaaaaahh!!!“.

While the coach is having an orgasm, Steven flat-out spits into the coach’s face, causing him to moan even louder: „Woaaaahhhhhhhh!!!“, shooting into his hand, with cum dropping down to the floor.

Steven just watches him. His coach. Now down by his knees, exhausted. At his mercy.

„Bye“, Steven says.

The coach tries to recover himself, uttering, while Steven is already at the door: „Walls, next time... it will involve Craig!“

„What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind?“, Steven asks, perplexed.

„It is what you want, I know it“, the coach calmly responds.

Steven shakes his head: „Sorry to disappoint you, but Craig would never ever do something like that, believe me!“.

„We’re gonna find a way“, the coach murmers, a little too sure for his own good.

„And Steven“, the coach insists.

„What the fuck else?“, Steven asks annoyed.

„For God’s sakes, go and take a shower!“.


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