The following chapter is an excerpt from my new book No Limits. The story features a struggle between the supernatural Amazons and Gargareans. Chace, a former soccer jock and now a Gargarean, has been captured by his nemesis Kyle and tricked into putting on a chastity cup. He is now forced to serve Kyle.


As Chace opened the door to his shared room with Kyle he ran a hand wearily through his hair. He was exhausted from a long morning of training. Every part of his body ached. He wished he could immerse himself in a hot tub and let the warm water soothe him. Check that, what he actually wanted was a hot chick. Nothing loosened tension like sex. Chace had not gotten any action for weeks at it was driving him insane. He wanted to rip the damned chastity cup off his body.

If only he could. Chace sighed and pushed the door open. He had only taken one step inside when a woman's voice said, "Well, well. Hubba, hubba. Is it two-for-the-price-of-one day?"

Chace looked over in surprise at Kyle's bed and saw a busty dark-haired girl in a bikini sprawled on it. His cock instantly became hard. It rubbed against the top of its cup-shaped prison painfully.

"I'm afraid not, Tatiana" Kyle said as he walked out of the bathroom. "My friend Chace has become something of a eunuch. He is unable to sexually satisfy a woman."

A look of deep disappointment crossed the woman's face. "Oh, how sad," she said. "He is gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as you, my love," she finished, turning her attention back to Kyle. Chace bit his lip in frustration. Clearly the only thing that interested Tatiana was what lay between a man's legs. She had dismissed Chace as soon as she had learned he was closed for business. He wished he could have proved his manhood to her by ramming his cock into her. The fact that he couldn't drove Chace nuts.

"Tatiana is a friend of the Gargareans," Kyle said. "We have something of an arrangement with her. She gets to have sex with her pick of males from our order and when she has a child we will pay all the child's expenses. In return, we get that child when he turns 18."

"I'm not the marrying type," Tatiana said as she rubber her hand between her legs. "I do want children, however, so the arrangement works fine for me. I love the boys here in the mansion. They're perfect; ridiculously hot and with no strings attached. I don't know what it is you all do here but I like it. I especially like my good friend Kyle here. His body is unparalleled and his penis, well, I haven't seen any more impressive. "

"Chace knows," Kyle said. He walked over and patted Chace on the head almost like he was petting a dog. It was all Chace could do not to round on Kyle and punch him. He could almost feel the cup vibrating warningly. "He spent last night getting intimately familiar with my family jewels. It's nice to see that the wrinkles my cock made on your face are gone," Kyle said as he touched Chace's face.

Tatiana raised her eyebrows. "Very interesting," she said. "Kyle dear, I didn't realize that you played for both teams."

"I don't," Kyle said. "I just like to show my servant who's in charge. Speaking of which, why don't you get Tatiana warmed up for me, Chace? It'll be something new. I like to watch. Once you've got her engine running, I'll step in and take over for the important part seeing as how you, well, can't perform."

Chace looked at Kyle in confusion. What exactly was he proposing? Tatiana seemed to grasp the plan immediately, however. She smiled and rested her head on a pillow. She lifted her legs up and slipped her bikini bottoms off. She spread her legs. "Come on, eunuch. Get started," she said.

No. No, they couldn't mean... Chace looked at Kyle in horror. Kyle was grinning. He did. Kyle expected Chace to go down on her. Chace had never gone down on a girl before. Girls went down on him, not other way around.

"I'm waiting, eunuch," Tatiana said.

Kyle patted Chace on the shoulder. "Get moving, buddy," he said. "I don't want to have to wait too long."

Chace walked up to the bed slowly. He glanced down at Tatiana's crotch. She was massaging her clit invitingly. He lowered himself to his knees and placed his face between her legs.

Tatiana grabbed Chace's hair and pushed his face down. "Let's see what you've got, pretty boy," she said.

Well, girls had given Chace head numerous times. How hard could it be? He stuck his tongue out, flattened it, and took a broad lick of Tatiana's vagina. It was wet and relatively tasteless, perhaps slightly tart. The smell wasn't too bad.

"It's not a popsicle," Kyle said. "Mix it up a bit. Come on, man. You've got to get good at this. It's all you've got now."

Chace licked Tatiana's clit again. He started alternating between quick and slow bursts of speed. Tatiania seemed to like that. Chace started trying different things, like trying to spell out the alphabet with his tongue. He took the way Tatiana thrust her hips and her moans as an indication of how well he was doing.

Chace ate Tatiana's pussy for what seemed like an eternity until she was gasping and Kyle said, "Alright kid, that's a great start. Well done. You're getting the hang of it. Now stand beside the bed in case we need you for anything."

Chace did as he was told. Kyle stripped off his tight tee-shirt, revealing a ripped upper body. He walked to the edge of the bed and smiled at Tatiana. Tatiana purred like a cat and sat up. She crawled over to Kyle, bit his waistband, and started lowering his pants with her mouth. Chace looked away but Kyle said, "No. I want you to watch everything."

Tatiania finished lowering Kyle's pants. He was wearing spandex underneath and displaying an impressive-sized bulge. Tatiania cupped it with her hands and then lowered the spandex. Chace watched with sick fascination as Kyle's massive cock sprang out. Tatiana put it in her mouth and began to suck it.

The sex was, frankly, amazing. Both Tatiana and Kyle were ravenous. Chace imagined himself in Kyle's position as Kyle thrust his cock into her. He saw Tatiana moaning and clawing at Kyle through Kyle's eyes. More disturbing, however, was the fact that Chace couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Kyle. The guy had an amazing body and his darker skin tone was somehow exotic. Chace stared at Kyle's smooth, tan, annoyingly perfect butt as Kyle made love to Tatiana again and again as Tatiana moaned and then began to squeal with pleasure.

Finally they were done. Kyle collapsed beside Tatiana and groped her breasts. She panted and caressed his body. Then she looked over at Chace. "You," she said. "I want you now."

"He can't," Kyle said. "I told you."

"That is not fair," Tatiana said. "No one should be left without sexual pleasure." Her eyes narrowed evilly. "There are many kinds of pleasure, you know. Take off your shirt, eunuch, and get in bed."

"No, I'm not..." Chace began.

"Do what she says," Kyle ordered. A smile played across his lips. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, at least when it comes to the actual act of sex. I promise. It's a rule here. Let's see how close we can get to that line, however. It'll be a fun game."

Chace reluctantly took his shirt off.

"Very nice," Tatiania said admiringly. "Now the pants."

"No..." Chace began.

"Do it," Kyle ordered.

Chace lowered his pants. Tatiana raised an eyebrow when she saw the cup but didn't say anything. "Now," she said, "get into bet and put your head between Kyle's legs."

Chace looked at Kyle imploringly but the boy nodded down at his own crotch. Chace got into bed on all fours and lowered his head between Kyle's legs. Kyle brought his legs up so that his inner thighs were nearly touching Chace's cheeks. Chace could feel the heat coming off the smooth, tan thighs. Kyle was still sweaty from his vigorous session with Tatiana.

"Good," Tatiana purred. "Now, I have brought something special for a moment just like this." Chace could hear her rustling around in a bag. A moment later, he felt something hard and cold slide between his butt cheeks.

"No!" he exclaimed.

"Relax, it's just a dildo," Tatiana said.

"I know that," Chace said. "I don't do that... kind of thing." He had tried giving anal sex to girls before but the idea of getting it done to him was absurd.

"Shhh," Tatiania said. "You'll like it. It might take a few minutes but it really is pleasurable. Once it hits your prostate you will be thanking me."

"Give it a try," Kyle said encouragingly. "You can't use your cock anymore so you might as well see if you can get off through some other means."

It was disgusting. It was wrong. Chace would never do it. And yet, with the two of them looking at him, waiting, and with Chace's pent up sexual frustration and with cloud of lust hanging over his head from what he had just witnessed, he became desperate. Slightly, almost imperceptibly, Chace nodded his head. He couldn't bring himself to voice the words.

"Excellent!" Tatiana crowed. "I love doing this. Every man should know how it feels to have a cock inside of him. Now, my darling, you will. Welcome to the club!"

With that, Tatiana rammed the dildo into Chace's virgin asshole.

Chace gasped in pain as pain surged through his body. His head sunk lower towards the Kyle's cock.

"Do you like that, sweetie?" Tatiana asked mockingly. "If so, you'll really like this." She flicked a switch and the dildo started to vibrate.

The reverberations sent shock waves through Chace's body. "Ah. Ahhhh!" he cried. So many conflicting sensations were wracking his body. His mind was clouded with confusion and the hum of the dildo.

"Now," Tatiana said excitedly. "Suck Kyle's massive cock."

No! Never. Chace tried to back away but Tatiana held the dildo firm so that he just impaled himself more. He wouldn't do it. It wasn't right. Just weeks ago he had been one of the most sexually desirable studs in his school. Girls would have paid to suck Chace's cock and guys would have died to be him. Chace pressed his lips firmly shut. He would never suck another guy's cock. He couldn't. He wasn't gay.

"Think about it," Tatiana said. "With every hole you fill you obtain more feelings and sensations. Anal sex is so much more pleasurable when you have a man's cock to suck on. As the taste fills your mouth and the smell overwhelms your nostrils, you tie the senses to the feeling of the dildo in your ass. It completes the experience."

Chace shook his head. That didn't make any sense. It couldn't be true.

"Look at Kyle," Tatiana urged. "Is he a man? Yes. He is not an old white hairy man, however. He is young. His skin is tan smooth, hairless, and exotic. See the way it shimmers across his rippling muscles with youth and vitality? Think of him not as a man but as a beautiful creature to worship."

Chace looked at Kyle's body. It wasn't like those of other guys he had seen in the locker room. It was exotic and, Chace supposed, beautiful in a way. Kyle was certainly very strong and yet there was also a certain cute femininity to the way he looked. Chace was just so horny. He desperately wanted to make love to a woman. Kyle wasn't a woman and yet he wasn't a manly man and he was right there in front of Chace. Chace had a deep, hard, disturbing urge to place his lips on Kyle's body. The urge grew. Chace wanted to taste Kyle's skin and make him crazy with passion just as Chace had done with so many girls.

"This is a safe place," Tatiana pressed. "Haven't you always wondered what a penis tasted like? Even a little? Why not try it now? It's such a beautiful penis. You just need to open your mouth and let it in."

Chace couldn't think straight with the dildo plunging into and out of his ass and the buzzing that seemed to make his entire body shake. More to just shut her up than anything else, Chace told himself, he opened his mouth and slowly lowered it onto Kyle's cock.

When Chace closed his lips around Kyle's cock something changed. For the first time life, he was not the sexual hunter conquering a beautiful female. He was the one being conquered. He had willingly put another guy's cock in his mouth. As the warm, salty taste of the cock seeped into Chace's mouth and consciousness, the full impact of how far he had fallen hit him.

Kyle laughed and Tatiana crowed triumphantly. "Good!" she said. "Now I want you to feel every contour of his penis. If you want, you can imagine that it and not this dildo is making love to you."

Tatiana plunged the dildo into and out of Chace's asshole harder and harder. Meanwhile, Chace's tongue seemed unable to leave Kyle's cock alone. It was as if it was intrigued by the foreign object. Chace's tongue slid over the head of Kyle's bulbous cock. Chace felt Kyle's piss slit and the smooth edges of the cut cock. Kyle's cock was so big that Chace's mouth was wide open. He could feel droplets of drool sliding down the sides of Kyle's cock and for some reason he felt a need to catch them. He took more of the cock into his mouth until it touched the back of his throat and made him want to gag.

Tatiana rested her upper body on Chace's back and hummed as she pulled the dildo in and out. Then she slid forward on Chace's back and whispered in his ear, "That's good, boy. How does a man's cock taste? It's good, isn't it? I've always thought that every straight man should taste it at least once to know what their girlfriends are tasting. You're taking it to a whole new level though, aren't you sweetie? You're sucking a cock that has just been inside of me. The taste of his cum is still on it."

"You know," Kyle said, speaking to Tatiana, "when I first saw this kid I couldn't help but be amazed by how he must have driven the ladies crazy with his clean cut, preppy look and his rock-hard body. I never imagined then that he would be sucking my cock."

"And how does it feel to have another man suck your cock?" Tatiana asked.

"Not bad," Kyle admitted. "I like the fact that it's Chace. I like knowing that I was the one who locked his balls up and turned him into a cock sucker. I like the challenge of breaking him down and conquering him. You know what? This is getting me excited. I think I may cum. I'd like him to drink it. I want him to know what my cum tastes like."

Chace wouldn't let that happen. He started to pull his head away. Kyle put his hand on Chace's head, however. Chace could feel Kyle's hand brushing Chace's hair.

"Relax and give into it," Kyle urged. "You are not a man anymore. Don't fight that. Embrace your new position and enjoy my cock. You'll be so much happier."

Not knowing what he should do, Chace just kept sucking. Soon Kyle started moaning. His balls tightened. Kyle grabbed Chace's head and held it in place. Then warm, sticky, salty fluid shot into the back of Chace's throat.

For a guy who had just had sex, Kyle seemed to have no shortage of cum to spare. Rope upon rope of the slippery stuff filled Chace's mouth so that he couldn't drink it all at once. Tatiana laughed with glee and ratcheted up the speed at which she was pillaging Chace's ass. At the last moment, Kyle pulled his cock out of Chace's mouth and rubbed his penis over Chace's face and in his hair so that Chace was covered with cum.

Kyle's chest heaved as he sucked in breath. He sighed in satisfaction. Tatiana ripped the dildo out of Chace's ass, causing Chace to cry out in pain. She tossed the dildo on the floor and jumped into bed beside Kyle. She rubbed his chest.

Chace stood up awkwardly. He still felt pain in his asshole. He turned around to walk to the bathroom to clean up.

"No," Kyle ordered. "I want you to let the cum dry on your face. You can leave it where it is until morning. For now, you know your place." He pointed between his legs.

Surely Kyle didn't expect Chace to sleep there again, not with Tatiana in the room. Kyle's face was resolute, however. Chace climbed back into bed and laid his face on Kyle's crotch. Kyle's legs were slick with sweat and it spread across Chace's cheeks. Kyle's cock, still wet with cum, smeared across Chace's face as well.

It was the most sexually active Chace had been in weeks and yet the episode had not satiated him. Not even close. If anything, he felt more sexually frustrated than ever. Tatiana and Kyle had riled him up into a sexual frenzy but had done nothing to give him a release. He had a case of blue balls for the record books.

"That's how it's going to be from now on," Kyle said suddenly as if reading Chace's thoughts. "You may play a part in sexual activity but you will never get to be the man. You will never cum inside a woman again. All that cum will just build up uselessly in your balls until you finally release it in a wet dream, not even able to appreciate how it feels in your unconscious state. And do you know why that is, Chacey-poo? Because I defeated you just like I promised I would. You're my bitch now and forever."

Rage boiled up within Chace but all he could do was fight to suppress it. He would find a way to get his revenge on Kyle. It might not be easy, but he would find a way. He promised himself that one day soon, he would even the score.





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