DISCLAIMER: The below story contains explicit gay sex scenes. The writer retains all rights to this story, meaning NO posting on other free or paysite websites/online groups without the writer's permission. If you really like this story, please write to me at [email protected] As the word 'Action' was yelled, the camera started to roll, capturing movement of an almost naked Thai male model. Water rained down on Jao's body as he started to soap it. Several crew surrounding the bathroom set watched the taking of the soap commercial. The cameraman tried to film Jao's lathered body to emphasize that the soap could produce lots of suds. The bubble suds were glistening on Jao's athletic figure, covering his body thoroughly. But they could not hide Jao's sexiness. Jao's bare skin was still visible, and so did his muscles. The 27-year-old model was indeed very proud of his physical appearance. That's why he was willing to take the offer as a soap model. Jao had a handsome rugged look. The soft stubble on his jaw only added to the aura of masculinity that he possessed. Regular physical exercises kept him in shape. It had been a few months still he started his career as a model. The muscular physique he had drew the attention of many ad makers, especially for products that needed to emphasize the masculinity side. Imagining that he was alone, Jao continued to rub his body with a bar of soap. The solid yet soft object brushed against his erected nipples, sending waves of pleasure. Soft gasp slipped through his lips. The waves apparently reached Jao's lower area, stirring up the cock. That meat did expand, but only a little. Yet, a noticeable bulge started to appear inside the drenched briefs he wore. Most guys would be embarrassed to have a hard-on in public, but Jao, on the contrary, did not care about that. Chai, the ad director, never took his eyes off Jao's growing bulge. A part of him was doing his job as a professional advertising director. But the other part was admiring the model's beautiful physique. That 43-year-old man tried hard to suppress the increasing lust in him. But it was not easy to fight an erection. Slowly a big tent formed in his tight jeans. The uncut cock cramped the jeans, leaving no space to move. The shirt that Chai wore was made from thin fabric. Thus, his two erect brown nipples were jutting through the thin material, looking as if they would tear it apart. Chai was a very horny man. Whenever his dick got hard, so would his nipples. His breath got heavier as lust started to fill his mind with dirty intention. He was fabricating a plan of how to get together with Jao. As a director, he had the right to call off the shoot just because he felt that something was not right. Again and again, Chai made up Jao's mistakes so that he had reasons to see that hunky guy soaped his almost naked body repeatedly. 'Jao, try to look relax as if you were alone in your bathroom,' Chai yelled, directing the handsome model. At other time, he would yell, 'Flex your muscles. Your body is the main attraction in this ad.' Chai's eyes followed every movement that Jao made. Absentmindedly, the director reached down for his bulge and gave it a hard squeeze. Gasping slightly, he could feel the front of his briefs had been dampened by precum. 'Don't hide your marvelous torso, Jao. Face the camera,' Chai yelled again. Jao was a good model. He seldom complained, always doing what he was told to. Following Chai's direction, the hunky Thai model faced the camera and let it capture his muscular wet chest. Proudly, he flexed his pectorals, making the torso look much bigger. A pair of brown nipples had been erected during the shoot. The nipples were very sensitive to the cold. As to the color, they contrasted with Jao's light brown skin. Water continued to spray upon Jao's body. The hunk, without complaining, was lathering his body in the open bathroom. It was especially made for the ad. Although Jao started to get cold, he tried not to show it. The briefs he wore to conceal his genitals were soaking wet. It was 2Am in the morning and Chai was still not satisfied with the ad. His eyes widened as Jao turned on the shower and let the water sprayed his body from above. Soap suds left his body, revealing an unobstructed view of masculinity. Jao's biceps certainly looked large. As the Thai model turned his body, he displayed the side of his muscular chest. The erect nipple seemed to be quite pointy, viewed from sideway. The horny director could only gulp down his saliva as he was determined to make Jao his. When he ran his hand on his own hest, Chai felt his heart beat fast. The erection in his trousers had made him uncomfortable because the cock kept pulling at his pubic hair owing to the cramped space. 'Alright, everyone. Time to go home,' Chai said to the crew. But when Jao was getting ready to step out of the mini bathroom, Chai told him, 'Not you, Jao. We need to rehearse. I'll show you exactly how to be a good soap model.' As a good model, Jao did not want to say no. Soon, the studio was empty because everyone was dying to go home and rest. When Chai was absolutely sure that he was alone with Jao, he started to make his first move. Chai came up to Jao who was still half naked. Jao's body was still dampened by the water. 'Let me show you how to attract audience with your soap,' he said, fumbling with his jeans. Using that as an excuse, Chai started to undress himself. Actually Chai was not a bad-looking guy, although he had little body fat deposited under his skin. Being little in amount, the fat created an illusion as if Chai's body was slightly larger. His age was indeed much older than Jao's. But that man had not lost his sexual interest in men. The jeans fell onto the cold studio floor with a loud clink. Ignorantly, he shucked them off. Standing up, he showed no embarrassment at all as Jao laid his eyes on his briefs. A big tent was sticking out inside the briefs, adorned with a large wet stain at the front. It was a part of Chai's plan to hint that he wanted to have sex. Obviously, Jao was not a fool. He had seen through Chai's real intention. But he pretended not to realize it, as he wanted to see what Chai was going to do next. While watching Chai undress himself, Jao was sizing him up. His beautiful black eyes observed that director as that man unbuttoned his shirt. Chai's torso was not as athletic as Jao's. It was quite fleshy, comprising muscles and body fat. Two quarter-sized brown nipples stood erect. Thai's skin complexion was much lighter than Jao's. In a glance, Chai looked like a Chinese. That older man continued to strip himself until the only clothes he wore were only briefs. 'Here, let me show you,' Chai said, positioning himself next to Jao. As he was doing that, his heart was pounding fast. Sexual excitement possessed his mind. Jao was so close to him; he wanted so much to hug that hunky guy. The tent in his briefs grew larger as obscene fantasy filled his brain. Chai turned the shower on and water rained down on him. The water was rather cold, but Chai ignored it. His body was instantly drenched. Constant flow of water washed down his almost naked body. The briefs he wore were soaking wet. As the wet fabric clung to the skin, it revealed the outline of Chai's throbbing cock. Taking the soap, the older Thai man began to lather his own body. But the body language that he showed was quite erotic. Holding the soap, Chai ran it across his fleshy pectorals. Gently, he rotated it around one of his chest mounds, producing a lot of soap suds. Chai also moved his hips like a slut in heat. That horny man was ready for the next step. Pretending to be innocent, Chai brushed his body against Jao's. As his hips touched Jao's, a wave of joy shook his body. Then, Chai placed the soap on Jao's upper torso. Facing the hunk without any fear, Chai started to lather the muscular torso. Soft gasps escaped his lips as he felt how hard Jao's chest. More suds covered the handsome model's chest as Chai kept working on it. The other hand was used to hold Jao's waist, gently massaging it. Jao was looking straight into Chai's eyes as he reciprocated Chai's touch. His strong arm reached forward to grab Chai's waist. Lust was in the air. 'You're a homo, aren't you?' Jao asked suddenly. 'I've noticed that you kept looking at my body. Well, this is what you want, right?' Jao pulled down his own wet briefs, exposing his fully erected man rammer. 'You want my cock, I know it,' he whispered, bringing Chai's body closer to his. 'Touch it. I dare you.' The intonation was deep. As a hypersexual man, Jao did not care whether he fucked men or women, as long as they could get his rocks off. 'Come on, touch my dick,' he repeated his order, taking hold of Chai's hand. 'Yeah, my dick longs to have sex with your hand. Stroke it,' he added as he roughly pushed Chai's hand to his throbbing cock. Chai was of course more than glad to lay his hand on Jao's dick. 'Oh, your cock is so big and warm,' he commented, feeling up the prick. The dick head had been exposed as the foreskin was retracted down. A large mushroom-shaped glans greeted Chai. It was like a dream to be able to grope a handsome man's cock. Chai's lust was churning in him, desperately wanting to be vented out. His elongated meat was pulsing hard inside the wet briefs. The head throbbed as a globule of precum was oozed out. After throwing the soap to the floor, Chai rubbed Jao's athletic torso. Without being commanded, Chai got down on his knees. The delicious man meat leveled with his lips, tempting him to have a taste of it. 'Yeah, you want my cock, don't you? Then what are you waiting for? Suck my dick, homo,' Jao demanded, grabbing his dick. Maneuvering the pecker, he rubbed the wet meat across Chai's face. The water still rained down upon them like an incessant rain. But it quickly stopped as Jao turned it off. Looking down, he saw the horny older man worship his throbbing big cock. For an Asian guy, Jao's 7-inch man rammer was quite big. A rush of pleasure wracked his naked body when Chai placed his eager tongue on his sensitive glans. 'Ah, fuck! Play my cock head with your tongue. Oh yeah, suck it well. Fuck yes!' Jao moaned, grabbing Chai's head with his other hand. 'Service my cock, slut,' he continued, throwing his head back. 'Ah, it feels so good.' Eagerly, Chai used his sucking technique on the model's throbbing man meat. The tongue rubbed itself against Jao's glistening dick head, relishing its musky taste. His nostrils were filled with Jao's crotch smell. As he was caressing that pecker, a globule of precum was exuded. Happily, Chai lapped it up. The liquid soon found itself sliding down Chai's throat. Somehow, his body was refreshed as it received a healthy dose of Jao's precum. Wanting more, Chai was swirling his tongue around Jao's dripping glans. Saliva was flowing down Chai's tongue and lubed Jao's dick. Mixed with precum, the liquid ran down the shaft. Apparently, Chai was an experienced cock sucker for he knew exactly about the location of the erogenous spots. Licking the meat up and down, the lusty older man gathered more precum in his mouth. 'Yes! Oh, you sure know how to make a cock happy, old man,' Jao grunted, shuddering. Never had his cock been sucked like that. It felt very good. The grip on Chai's head was tighter as Jao groaned out his desire. 'Oh yeah, keep using your tongue. Oh, fuck! I'm dripping more precum. Lick it all. I'm oozing for you. Oh yes!' The hunky model was groping Chai's dampened back, using his other hand. 'Worship my dick. I'm gonna cream in your mouth. I must warn you. I haven't had sex for a week. My cum is boiling in my ball sack. When I do cum, I can flood your mouth.' The hand continued to rub Chai's skin, stimulating the nerves. 'Yeah, you like being touched by a man, huh? What a pervert.' The hand slid downward, roaming Chai's fleshy torso. Two hard nipples were hanging down, desperately wanting to get pinched. It did not take long for Jao to find them. When he did, he gave hard pinches on both nipples in turns. At the same time, Chai groaned out in pain. 'Ah! Fuck!' He felt as if his nipples were burning. Yet, it only made him hornier. The licking became more intense as he bathed Jao's whole dick with a thick coat of saliva. 'Ah!' he groaned again as Jao twisted one of his nipples. That hunk knew how to control the older man. Opening his mouth wide, Chai brought Jao's dick into his hungry mouth. As the lips closed, Jao's dick rested comfortably inside the mouth. Warmth and wetness enveloped the meat. Inside, Chai's tongue was still working to lap up any remains of precum that the cock might have oozed out. 'Oh, your mouth is so warm,' Jao moaned, wriggling his body. As sexual pleasure coursed down his body, he applied more pressure to the director's nipples. 'Fuck yes! I'm pinching your nipples. You're just a slut. Oh!' Bucking, he was taken over by the ecstasy. 'Suck my cock, slut! Make it cum in your mouth, ah!' Bending his body over, Jao held onto Chai's back. The manly smell of Chai's naked body stimulated Jao's nostrils. Digging into the flesh with his blunt nails, Jao was expressing his pleasure as Chai continued to suck his dick. Loud slurping sound resounded through the empty studio as both men were drowned in their man-to-man lust. Chai was so turned on that his own dick was throbbing furiously. Reaching down, he lowered his briefs to expose his impatient drooling dick. A layer of slimy liquid covered the whole length of that meat. The head emerged as the foreskin was pulled down. Glistening with precum, the dick head throbbed in Chai's hand. That man started to milk his shaft as he was milking Jao's using his mouth. His naked body was tingling with excitement as he felt Jao's arms wrap around his waist. The faint fragrance of Jao's cologne hit his nose as Jao's pressed his rippled stomach against his face. The cologne acted like an aphrodisiac to Chai. It made that man sucked harder and more furiously. 'Ah, you suck so well,' Jao sighed, burying his face into Chai's back. The warmth of that back somehow soothed his mind. 'Keep sucking my fuck tool. Don't let it go. Milk it. Drink my man milk. Ah.' Reaching forward, both of his hands were grabbing Chai's ass cheeks. With all his might, he squeezed them. His blunt nails dug into the flesh. 'You like it, huh? And how about this?' All of a sudden, Jao brought his right hand to Chai's ass crack. Wiggling his middle finger, he sank it into Jao's ass. 'You like to get fucked, right? I'm fucking your ass with my thick finger. Feel it, homo,' he breathed, shoving his finger deeper. With a cock stuffed in his mouth, Chai could not talk at all. All he could produce were muffled moans. They were trapped inside his mouth, vibrating through Jao's throbbing man rammer. Pain started to wrack his body as Jao's finger dug deeper. Chai's face was wincing as he tried to endure the anal pain. The finger felt like a cock. Chai could imagine that if Jao really stuck his dick up to his ass, it would be more painful. Despite the pain, he still kept sucking. His cheek muscles contracted hard as he pursed his mouth and formed a tight ring. Whenever his cheek flexed, the ring-shaped lips would massage Jao's dick head up and down. Chai did not forget to utilize his tongue. Flicking the piss slit, he was coaxing more precum fluid to ooze out. Holding onto Chai's body, the model decided to take control of the game. 'Fuck you, slut. I'm very horny because of you. Damn! If I don't shoot soon, I'll go crazy. Ah!' Jao grunted, pulling out his finger from Chai's rectum. The ass lips were clutching at the finger, unwillingly to let it go. But with a hard jerk, the finger freed itself. The tight ass lips snapped back to their original position, still burning with sore pain. 'Yeah, you want my cock, I'll give you my cock. Here, take it,' Jao whimpered as he shoved his dick forward. That meat was poking Chai's sucking mouth, almost hitting the glottal stop. 'Yeah, I'm fucking your sluttish mouth. Suck my cock while I fuck your dirty mouth. Ah yes! Fuck you!' Jao took in air as he moved his hips haphazardly in and out of Chai's mouth. Still kneeling, Chai could not avoid the cock thrust. The thick meat forced its way in and out. There was hardly any space left in his mouth. The cheeks looked bulging as the cock filled his mouth. Chai's head rocked back and forth, following Jao's cock movement. Yet, he still tried to milk that cock using his lips and tongue. For several times, the older man gagged. A mixture of saliva and precum bathed the cock. Some of that liquid escaped Chai's mouth, flowing down Jao's cock length. Occasionally, muffled moans would still be heard as Chai struggled to service Jao's cock. Below, Chai's dick had dripped a pool of precum. The head was glistening. It looked as if it was going to burst. 'Ah, I can't take it. I must cum now. Oh yes!' Jao warned, squirming. The tell-tale signs of Jao's impending ejaculation were very obvious. His breathing became heavier as he needed more air. Then his body was shuddering more violently. The amount of his precum also increased. 'I'm gonna cum! Get ready for my cum, slut!' Jao grunted, not letting go of Chai's back. Jao's bent body seemed to be larger as the muscles began contracting. 'Oh! I can feel it rushing to my cock slit. Oh yes! I'm cumming!' With al his might, the horny model thrust his hips into Chai's stretched oral orifice. He did not care whether Chai could accommodate his dick or not. All he wanted was to um. And he did cum. His body flexing, Jao reached his climax with thundering groan. 'Fuck! Here I cum! Oh!' When orgasm found him, it wracked his body mercilessly. Every muscle he had contracted violently, bulging almost to the point of bursting. Pulsating, his dick head then spewed out spurts of man milk. Each spurt was powerful, hitting Chai's mouth. 'Yes! Oh yes! Drink that cum! Oh fuck! Yes!' Emitting incoherent noises, the athletic handsome stud emptied his cum loads. His hips kept thrusting, pumping Chai's mouth full with his creamy bitter cum. The grip on Chai's body became harder. Jao was barely able to stand as his legs were shuddering too hard. It was such a shattering orgasm and he loved it. 'Fuck! Oh, I'm cumming! Take my loads, old man! Yes!' The pleasure was too much to endure. Jao even had to bite Chai's back in his orgasmic frenzy. 'Fucking yes! Oh! I love your mouth! Gulp down my cum, slut!' Chai frantically gulped down the flood of cum. The cream was thick and it tasted bitter. The Adam's apple was bobbing up and down as Chai drank the essence with much glee. Some of the creamy man juice seeped out Chai's lips. He tried to moan out his pleasure but his voice was drowned by the fierce thrust of Jao's cumming dick. Gladly, he let the handsome hunk used his mouth for sexual pleasure. The cock in his stroking hand still maintained its erection, dripping copious amount of slick precum. Chai, too, felt that he was going to ejaculate. The older man's body shivered, as it prepared to receive orgasmic explosion. But before he could cum, Jao had already pulled out his dick. Although Chai did not want to let that meat go, he had to see it slip out of his sucking mouth. A string of cum was pulled out, connecting Jao's dick head to Chai's battered cummy mouth. But the string was snapped off when Jao stood up. Heaving, the young man threw a lewd look at Chai. 'I enjoy your mouth, slut. It sucks my cock really well. I won't mind if you want to suck my dick every day after the shooting,' Jao sighed, trying to catch his breath. A sheen of sweat covered his beautifully sculpted nude body. Jao's body looked as if it had been made from marble. His strong arm reached over and swept the sweat in one single wipe. Jao's two brown pointy nipples were moving up and down, following the heaving movement of the torso. 'Yeah, slut, I'm gonna fuck your ass hole with my cummy cock. You want it, huh?' The model teasingly asked while grabbing his own limp pecker. The meat had not been hard yet, but it would soon be. 'Get up, slut. Face the wall. Let me screw your fucking faggot ass,' Jao commanded. His voice boomed in that empty studio. Slowly, the older Thai man got to his feet. A hard dripping cock hung on his crotch, waiting to be serviced. Watching Jao's naked body fueled up his desire. The horny director wanted s o much to have real man-to-man sex with that younger guy. Suddenly, Chai grabbed Jao's hands. That model was too shocked to realize what was going on. Rudely, Chai pushed Jao's back to the bathroom ceramic wall. The model of course did not accept the rude treatment. He tried to fight back but Chai quickly gained control of the situation. Although his arms were not as muscular as Jao's, he managed to subdue the stud. Pinning Jao's muscular body to the wall seemed like an easy task for Chai. Calmly, Chai whispered to Jao's ear. 'No, let me screw your ass.' The word 'me' was emphasized. All of sudden, Chai turned into a whole different man. He was not the timid bottom faggot. Instead, he was the top dominant man. 'Daddy's gonna punish you, son,' he added, licking Jao's ear lobe. Chai's hard dick was throbbing. As Chai brought it closer, he deliberately rubbed his pecker against Jao's shriveled wet dick. 'You haven't seen me fuck. Do you wanna feel my cock, huh?' Chai asked menacingly, giving Jao a cold mean look. Bewildered, the poor lad still did not know what happened. With shaking voice, he managed to shoot some sentences. 'What are you doing, old man? Let me go. I'm not queer you know. Don't fuck my ass, please.' The tide had changed. Jao was at the mercy of Chai who turned out to be a full-timer top man. Jao's muscular chest was heaving as he took in some air. His whole body started to exuded cold sweat. The thought of being fucked by that older gay man stirred his fear. Somehow, he knew that he would not escape from the ordeal. 'Yeah, I can see fear in your ass, boy,' Chai said. His voice was calm, yet threatening. 'I know what you are. You're just a pretty straight boy who was curious about faggot. You thought you could fuck one, huh? Well, guess again. You're gonna fucked by a faggot.' Chai's hand roamed the broad torso, feeling up the beefy contour. 'I pretended to be submissive to lure you coz I know you'll be curious about gay sex. I guess that my plan works. You're in my hand now,' the director hissed. The stud just stood there, afraid to move a muscle. 'You have nice chest. We, faggots, love muscular straight man like you,' Chai added, making a rotation around Jao's left nipple. 'I've made you cum. But I haven't, yet. I'm afraid you'll have to help me. I need your ass whether you like it or not.' Gripping Jao's arm, he forced the model to turn his body. 'Yeah, show me that sexy ass f yours. Daddy can't want to fuck your ass.' When fucking a younger man, Chai liked to identify himself as the daddy. Shuddering, Jao could not do anything as one of his hands was being pinned to his back. The coldness of the wet bathroom tiles seeped into his athletic body, bringing cold shiver. His athletic chest was pressed to the wall. Both of Jao's nipples went rigid, stimulated by the cold. In his desperation, that hunk groaned as his body was slowly aroused. 'Oh, I'm getting hard. No, this can't be happening,' he groaned, feeling betrayed. 'It should be I who fuck your ass, faggot!' Jao yelled out of fear. His own cock was growing. The foreskin once again was pulled down as the cock was elongated. Slimy cum still layered the head as it throbbed against the cold bathroom tiles. 'Yeah, you're loving it. Daddy's gonna fuck your ass and make you feel good.' Both of Chai's hands were rubbing Jao's back, massaging it. Every muscle was squeezed, as Chai was a muscle worshipper. 'Nice body. I'm sure all Thai faggots will race to fuck your sweet tight straight ass, boy,' the older man commented, slapping the ass hard. Jao's naked body was jolted as the hard slap landed on his smooth ass cheeks. It left a burning reddish hand mark. Enjoying the view, Chai delivered another slap. 'Yeah, you'll thank me for fucking you. You'll even beg for more,' Chai announced, running his other hand on Jao's waist. 'Man, you're so beautiful. I'm gonna love fucking your virgin ass.' Shuddering, Jao knew that his fate had been sealed. Biting his lower lip, he prepared himself for the ultimate pain. At that point, he had stopped begging for mercy for he knew that it would be useless. Disgust ran through his body as Chai's callused hand was squeezing his ass cheeks. Yet, the worse was still to come. Involuntarily, the model groaned when Chai manipulated his buns with hard massages. The blunt nails were digging into Jao's fleshy ass. Like a spider, Chai's hand crawled to Jao's ass crack. A thick finger slipped in and separated the buns. Thus, a tight clenching ass hole was exposed. Some ass hair grew around the entrance, guarding it from intruders. But nothing could stop Chai's probing finger. Relentlessly, it forced its way in, pushing against the tight opening. 'Oh!' Jao whimpered, clutching the wall tiles. Nothing had ever gone up to his ass. Chai's finger brought immense pain. That was only a finger, but that hunk could barely take it. 'It hurts, Chai. Oh!' he complained, almost wallowing in tears. The image of Jao as a macho man was shattered. He was nothing but a cowardly man who couldn't even take a finger up his fuck chute. 'Stop it, it hurts. Please,' he begged again, though he knew it would be useless. Chai's large finger managed to break the ass lips and popped itself in. The model could only moan out in pain. To him, it was weird to have something intruding his ass. It also stirred discomfort in him, giving me sensation as if he was going to defecate. His bowels struggled to expel the foreign object. 'Shit! Your ass is so tight,' Chai commented, pushing his finger in. Warmth was encasing the tip of his finger. Jao's tight ass hole gripped the finger securely. 'I'm gonna loosen you up, son. I'll make you ready for my cock.' The finger kept probing in, forcing the fuck hole to stretch wider. Not caring whether Jao was in pain or not, Chai manipulated the ass hole. Skillfully, he rotated and shoved his finger in turns. Each movement aroused Jao's nerves located along the rectum. The hole grew tighter as Jao involuntarily groaned. 'Yeah, that's it. You like it, huh?' Chai asked mockingly. His finger was sliding in and out, fucking Jao's ass rigorously. The lack of lube made the finger penetration became more painful to Jao. Yet, Chai enjoyed seeing Jao's sexual predicament. 'Yeah, groan as loudly as you want to. Let me hear how much you like it.' 'Oh shit! Ah!' Moaning was the only thing that Jao could do. Tears streaming down his face, he was fighting to endure the anal pain. Both of his legs had been shaking violently, almost not being able to sustain his body. 'Ah! Take it out! Stop it! Oh!' But of course his pleas were ignored. Yet, although Jao was taken over by pain, he found that his cock never stopped throbbing. 'Oh! No,' he cried in defeat. Against his will, the pecker pulsated and drooled out some slimy precum. The groan grew louder as Chai was ravaging that hole with his thick finger. Whimpering, Jao held onto the wall. To his surprise, Chai suddenly drew out the finger. The model was left panting. But the ordeal had not yet been over. Suddenly, new sensation of pain stabbed his loose ass hole once again. 'Ah! No!' Jao cried at the top of his lungs. The voice that came out did not resemble human's voice. It was more like the growl of a beaten monster. The pain was unbearable and Jao almost passed out. 'Yeah, it’s my cock up your ass,' Chai said, panting. His face was wincing at the intense sensation that his cock received. Jao's ass lips gripped the cock tip mercilessly, not letting it go further. 'Open up, boy. Daddy's cock wants to be in your ass,' Chai said, slipping his hands under Jao's wet armpits. The hands were then wrapped around Jao's torso, securing the stud to his place. 'Yeah, I'm horny for you. I'm gonna fuck your brain out. Come on, relax your hole. If you resist, it'll be more painful coz my cock is gonna rip your hole apart.' Seductively, the older man snaked out his tongue and swept it on Jao's neck. 'Young man like you should try submitting his body to an older man like me. You'll come to like it. I'm gonna fuck you again and again till I can't cum anymore. I'm gonna drain my balls and pour out all my cum into your bowels,' Chai added, blowing air into Jao's ear. The pain that was wracking Jao's anal opening was far much worse than the previous one. Crying, Jao fought to clench shut his ass, but his effort was in vain. Chai's dick head kept advancing. More and more, the ass hole was stretched open. Pinned to the wall, Jao desperately clutched the wall tiles. As the pain grew worse, his body was squirming. Jao's jaw dropped down as incoherent groans filled up the room. Whole muscles on his body flexed hard, bulging to their maximum size. Beads of sweat, as large as corn seed, dripped down Jao's naked body. Jao was totally defeated as his ass lips were pushed inward by Chai's invading dick. Jao could feel the warmth that the meat spread. He also felt the slimy precum clinging on the cock head. 'Yeah, I'm half way in, son,' Chai breathed, satisfied to see the defeat of a hunky straight model. 'I'm gonna fuck your ass whether you like it or not,' he grunted, shoving his man rammer in as hard as he could. The meat slid in into the nattered ass. Suddenly, the ass lips clutched Chai's shaft. At then, that man knew for sure that he had managed to pry open Jao's ass. His dick was in! 'Fuck yeah! I'm in, boy. You're impaled to my throbbing dick now. Yeah, feel it pulse inside you. You're mine to fuck,' Chai whispered lustfully. The hands that were previously wrapped around Jao's chest started to loosen up. Chai used his hands to grope Jao's perfect torso, feeling up the muscles. 'Your body is so sexy. I want to squeeze your chest and tweak your nipples. Oh, you really turn me on.' Jao could hardly spoke. All he could produce was helpless groan. His ass was split open, stuffed with Chai's thick meat. The bowels started to react by expelling the intruding cock, but Chai maintained the position of his dick. Whimpering, Jao sobbed. His pride as a man was shattered with the embedment of Chai's cock inside him. His legs still shook with pain. Jao had to hold the wall to support his body. For some time, Chai did not do anything, just resting his hard cock until Jao could adapt to it. Breathing, Jao gathered his strength to prepare for the impending fuck session. The cock made him feel so full, hardly leaving any space in the ass. 'Oh, fuck! Prepare yourself, boy. I'm gonna fuck your ass now,' Chai grunted like a bull. It was hard for him to move his cock inside Jao's tight ass. Shuddering, he oozed out some precum as his cock got more exited. 'I can feel it. You want to get fucked, right? Well, allow me to start fucking your tight fuck chute.' And Chai began to plant his dick deeper. The meat crawled in into the deepest part of Jao's bowels. As the meat inched forward, it forced Jao to scream out. 'Yeah, groan as loud as you can. Let me hear it. Oh!' Chai said, enduring the overwhelming pleasure. Biting his lip, Chai exerted his strength until he managed to bury the entire dick in Jao's gripping ass. 'Ah!' he moaned when his balls slapped Jao's ass. It was all in. 'Have mercy on me,' Jao cried, sobbing like a child. He had lost his virginity and dignity as a man. Holding onto the wall, he tried to keep his body standing. The anal pain still tortured his whole body, burning his ass. As the dick had buried itself entirely in him, Jao felt as if his air was pushed out, leaving him breathless. 'Ah! It hurts like hell! Oh, stop it! Ah, don't fuck my ass, please! Oh!' he kept crying and begging. But his sobbing was music to Chai's ears. Rocking back and forth, Jao's body was fucked mercilessly. The groans grew louder as Jao's body was split by the fierce cock. His ass lips were forced to distend as far as it could. Jao felt as if he was injected by a giant syringe at the ass. 'Oh! It hurts! Oh!' The cries he emitted were shaking as his body still rocked along with the fucking rhythm. Without any mercy, Chai fucked the tight ass in front of him. After burying his cock deep, he would pull it out until the cock head almost slipped out. Then, he would rigorously drive it back into Jao's bowels. The rhythm was building faster and faster. Panting, the older man praised how tight Jao's ass was. 'Fuck! This is the tightest ass I've ever fucked, oh! The fact that your ass muscles develops well makes the hole much tighter. Fuck yes! It's even still tight after I fingered it. Yeah, I'm riding your ass. Yes!' Inside, his cock moved in and out like a powerful piston. The amount of precum exuding from its slit was growing. The slick liquid lubed up the canal, making it easier to fuck Jao's ass. 'Yes! I love your ass! Oh fuck yeah!' 'Ah! You're defiling my ass. I'm no longer a man,' the hunky model sobbed. His brown skin was glistening with cold sweat beads. The damp hair moved around as Jao thrashed his head. 'I'm fucked. Oh, it still hurts!' Although the pain still clutched his body, Jao began to adapt to it. Slowly, he could tolerate it. And his rubber-like ass lips learnt to stretch farther. Yet, the early rough penetration managed to leave some cuts on the as slips. Those cuts radiated sore pain. Yet, Jao took the pain like a man. He did sob a lot, but he never gave up. 'Ah!' Jao groaned as his body shuddered. Something in him was touched. It resulted in a wave of pleasure washing over him. His hard cock throbbed and oozed out a globule of precum. Laughing, Chai said, 'It's your fucking prostate. All men have it. That's why gay men like to be fucked. Coz it feels good. I see that you like it, too. Well, I'm gonna hit it again and again, and make you cum without touching yourself.' Squeezing Jao's hard chest mounds and using them as support, Chai drove his dick to that spot. It hit the prostate repeatedly. 'Yes! I'm stimulating your fucking prostate. Let me hear your groan, boy.' To emphasize what he wanted, Chai took hold of Jao's erect nipples and twisted them. Chai needed to hear Jao's erotic groans because they turned him on. And Jao did groan. 'Oh! Fuck! Ah!' Confused, he was trying to fight the pleasure he received. It was not his intention to be as gay as Chai was. But on the other hand, the pleasure of being fucked was like water for a thirsty man. 'Yeah! Fuck my ass! Oh!' Jao's defense broke down as he wanted to soothe the anal pain. He wanted to embrace the ecstasy. 'Fuck it hard and deep. Oh!' The pleasure continued to radiate whenever Chai's dick head hit the spot. Inside Jao's ass, the bowels were messy with precum stains. The snot-like liquid covered the canal. As it was rubbed by Chai's dick, it turned frothy. 'Yeah, you want my cock! I'm giving it to you, fuck!' Chai yelled, pumping harder. The pace of his breath increased. His torso expanded as air was sucked in. Since Chai's chest mounds contained some fat, the mounds shook as the torso moved up and down. Pressing his body firmly against Jao's sweaty back, the older man spent all his energy to screw the ass. 'Oh yeah, I'm gonna make you feel so good. Ah! I'm gonna fill your ass with my daddy spunk. You'll be mine forever. My sperm in you will make you a faggot. Oh fuck! Thinking of your turning gay makes me so horny, yes!' Slapping noises echoed as Chai's thighs slapped Jao's ass. 'Fuck you! Oh!' the director groaned, his head falling back. The cock dripped more precum as it neared its ejaculation. Taken over by his gay lust, Jao whimpered lewdly. He wanted so much to be fucked. The pain barely existed, drowned by the anal ecstasy. The thought of being used sexually aroused Jao. 'Yeah, use my ass. Screw me well. Oh! Yeah, take my ass. Oh! Fucking fuck me!' Holding the wall, Jao balanced himself as the fucking rhythm got more intense. His naked body was rocking back and forth. Below, his own hard dick had been oozing a lot of precum. Some of the liquid ran down the wall. Whenever Chai's dick hit the prostate, Jao's dick would throbbed and exude precum. Jao could feel the building pressure inside his balls. And it was pushing out the churning cum. He was about to cum! 'Come on, I want to see you cum. Shoot that fresh spunk out of your dick,' Chai demanded, pushing harder. His dick poked the canal deeper, leaving trails of precum. Chai's dick was near ejaculation, too. 'Oh, I almost cum. Milk my cock with your ass. Yeah, flex it. Oh yeah!' Rubbing his body against Jao's muscular back, Chai embedded his cock further in. His head falling back, Chai moaned out a long low growl. Sweat beads were on his body, too. 'I want to see you cum first. Come on. Shoot your loads for me. Ah, you fucking stud!' Chai's finger tweaked one of Jao's nipples to hasten Jao's orgasm. Roughly, Chai slammed his hips as hard as he could. It caused Jao's body to slam forward, against the wall. The sex had turned brutal and physical. 'I will make you cum, slut! Oh! Yes!' 'Ah! Oh! Ah!' Panting, Jao started to feel the room spin. His head was so heavy, not being able to perceive things around him. Great passion was burning in him, desperately seeking a way out though his dick. As his body kept slamming the wall, his dick was rubbed against the wall. Then it happened. 'Fuck! I'm cumming now! Oh!' A loud yell boomed out at the same time when Jao's body suddenly convulsed greatly. Without being touched by hand, Jao's throbbing dick suddenly fired out a big load of thick man juice. It flew out and hit the wall. Soon, other cum shots followed. Again and again, the handsome athletic Thai model spewed out his spunk. His ecstatic groan filled up the room, echoing. As the cock discharged its precious cum, Jao's body was bucking like fish out of water. Chai had to grab Jao's body and steady him while fucking Jao. But seeing that handsome man groaned because of orgasm, Chai lost control over himself. The older Thai man soon discharged his loads into Jao's bowels. 'Yes! I can feel my cum rush out to my cock slit. I'm flooding your ass with my creamy spunk. Oh yes!' Convulsing, Chai's body shook uncontrollably. Embracing Jao's squirming body, he surrendered himself to the power of orgasm. His seeds were discharged into Jao' canal, flooding the insides. Although the creamy liquid was warm, Jao could hardly feel it. 'Fuck yes! I'm cumming in you, Jao! Oh! Yes!' The rhythm of his fucking did not decrease. In fact, Chai drove his dick harder and deeper. The cumming cock ravaged the bowels, creating havoc inside. As the cum kept spurting, some of it found a way out of Jao's puffy ass. The fuck cream flowed down Jao's thighs. Both men cried out their orgasmic groans as their naked sweaty bodies convulsed. Jao never thought that he could actually cum with a cock fucking his ass. It was incredible and he really enjoyed it. Surrendering his body, Jao let the orgasm took over it. He even reached for Chai's arms and held onto it. Cum spurted to various directions. The floor and the wall had been stained with cum. The studio itself reeked of cum. Although the cold air managed to blow in, both of them did not feel any cold at all. When the orgasm subsided, Chai took Jao's handsome rugged face and turned it to him. A hot passionate kiss landed on Jao's lips while the cock still impaled Jao's ass. 'You're great, boy,' Chai said, panting. Though he hated to pull his cock out, he knew that he had to do it. A stream of cum seeped out immediately after the cock had been plugged out. To his surprise, Jao grabbed that half-limp dick and gave it a few more stroking. Chai knew that Jao had turned into a faggot fuck slut. 'Do you still want my cock?' he asked seductively, wrapping his arm around Jao's sweaty waist. And the answer was a firm nod. 'Well, let's go back to my house, and I'm gonna fuck you on my bed.' They kissed again, their hands on each other's body. As the kiss broke off, Jao looked straight into Chai's eyes and replied, 'No, I want you to fuck me here. And now!' To emphasize it, the hunky stud grabbed the director's cock and squeezed it harder. 'Fuck me. I want to feel that pleasure again,' he added, kissing Chai's neck. Chai did not say anything. He just threw on a lewd grin. They soon lay on the floor to start another hot lewd session. END




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