DISCLAIMER: The below story contains explicit gay sex scenes. The writer retains all rights to this story, meaning NO posting on other free or paysite websites/online groups without the writer's permission. If you really like this story, please write to me at [email protected] Diego lay motionlessly in the heap of snow. Extreme coldness surrounded his body. Even the thick warm winter clothes he wore could not protect him from the cold. That Hispanic man could hardly feel his hands and legs. They had gone numb. All Diego could feel was only coldness. Slowly, he sank into the darkness as his vision started to get blurry. Teeth chattering, Diego almost fainted. But as he was about to faint, someone came and lifted him up. Everything was like a dream. Diego could not distinguish between the real things and the imaginary ones. A man's voice vibrated through his ears, telling him to stay alive. And at then, Diego finally passed out. He was not aware as his body was being moved into a jeep. Driving at high speed, Jeff, the forest ranger, rushed to his cabin. He knew that time was very precious at that time. Losing a second could mean losing a human's life. To make the story short, Jeff finally arrived. Hurriedly, he lifted Diego's cold body and took him in. Panting, Jeff exerted all his strength to do that for Diego's body was quite heavy with muscles. But finally Jeff managed it. Laying Diego on the wooden floor, Jeff quickly prepared the fireplace. As soon as the fire started burning, warmth began to permeate the atmosphere. Rubbing his palms together, Jeff was trying to bring heat to them. At times, he would blow his breath into the palms, hoping to increase the heat. 'What a handsome Latino,' he whispered to himself as he looked down at the motionless Diego. 'I think he's in late 20s. His face is still somewhat younger than mine. Oh, I can cream my briefs just by looking at his handsome face.' Without being able to control, Jeff's dick gradually hardened to full erection. That 7 incher was throbbing hard inside Jeff's trousers, confined by tight white briefs. That Caucasian man could only gasp as he fondled the tent in the trousers. Being a park ranger in that snowy forest was a tough job because Jeff hardly met any guys. Thus, he was far from the crazy wild sex of the gay world. In his late 30s, Jeff was still a good looking man. Although body fat seeped under the skin of his body, Jeff had not lost the sexy athletic shape. Stubble grew on the chin, giving him the daddy-like looks. Soft body hair also grew on his torso, arms, and legs. A jungle of brown pubic hair crowned Jeff's crotch. Gasping, Jeff squeezed his cock harder through the trousers. Jeff was very aware of the procedure to save people's life from freezing, which involved nakedness. Just thinking of warming that hot Hispanic man with his body excited Jeff very much. Squatting down, Jeff unsnapped Diego's trousers. As the button was undone, Jeff quickly unzip the zipper. White tight briefs came into the view. A lump of meat rested inside them. Lustfully, Jeff reached out to touch it. 'Nice pack of dick. Not bad for a Latino,' he thought. Jeff later rolled Diego's body and made him lie on the stomach. Grabbing Diego's trousers, he was feeling up that hot ass. 'Shit! This guy has a marvelous ass. I'd be more than happy to fuck him,' he said to himself, squeezing the buns. Taking hold of the waistband, with one hard jerk, that white man pulled the trousers off. 'That's better. He looks sexier this way.' Rolling the body back, Jeff worked on the shirt buttons. One by one, the buttons were undone, revealing two mounds of full fleshy chest. 'Oh shit! This guy is very sexy. I'd love to wrap his body with my arms and make love to him,' he thought as he pulled the shirt off. 'Maybe he's a construction worker or something. His body looks strong.' Actually, underwear was not obligatory to be pulled off during saving a freezing man. But in that case, Jeff was more than happy to shuck the briefs as well. Lying naked on the wooden floor, Diego was very vulnerable to any sexual assault. His limp uncut dick rested on the thighs. Diego's body was rather muscular, for he often used physical strength to conduct his job. But like Jeff's, Diego's body kept little amount of body fat. yet, the fat only made him sexier for his body looked more fleshy. Being a Hispanic, his skin was rather brownish. Diego's body was pretty smooth, except for the arms and legs. As he breathed, his chest was heaving up and down. Both of his nipples were erect, owing to the coldness. Gradually, that naked body warmed up as the fireplace gave away its heat. Standing, Jeff hurriedly undressed himself. The brown uniform he wore left his body, leaving him stark naked. Panting with growing desire, Jeff knelt by Diego's body. 'Oh, this man is very handsome and sexy. I won't let this golden opportunity go.' Slowly, Jeff ran his index finger on Diego's torso. The tip of that finger roamed the naked skin, feeling up the hard muscles underneath. 'Yeah, I like his torso so much. He must have done much physical hard work.' Jeff placed the other hand on one of the chest mounds. The chest was rather cold. Squeezing it, he enjoyed how hard the muscles were. 'I'm gonna enjoy this,' he thought. The hand slid down to brush Diego's abdomen. The stomach had more body fat then muscles, yet Jeff still enjoyed it. 'Oh, I haven't had sex for months. I wanna fuck his ass.' Pulsating, Jeff's dick was dripping precum. A string of precum stretched down from the cock tip and landed on Jeff's thigh. But as that man moved his legs, the gossamer-like string was snapped off. 'Shit! I'm dripping,' he thought, grabbing his own hard dick. The sight of Diego's naked body continuously excited the white man. Leaning forward, Jeff brought his face closer to Diego. Sniffing it, he could smell the faint smell of Diego's manly body scent. At close distance, Jeff still admired how handsome the Latino was. Not being able to control himself, Jeff stuck out his tongue and licked Diego's lips. The cold lips were dry and chaffing. Little amount of saliva helped soothed the chaffing skin and brought back the moisture. But Jeff wanted more than that. Lustfully, the ranger gave a passionate kiss to the unconscious Hispanic man. With great relish, he parted Diego's lips open using his tongue. Slurping the cold lips, Jeff was kissing him lustfully. As he pressed his lips against Diego's, he ran his hand up and down Diego's fleshy torso. The kiss was rather sloppy. Jeff's saliva flooded Diego's oral orifice. Some of that liquid even flowed out from the corners of Diego's mouth. 'Oh, I want him. I want his body,' Jeff sighed in his mind. Slobbering, the ranger wetted Diego's mouth with saliva. Wanting more, Jeff swept his tongue across Diego's cold body. Licking the chin, he moved down to the neck. There, Diego's masculine scent was stronger. The level of Jeff's horniness increased as soon as that smell penetrated his nostrils. It worked like a strong aphrodisiac. Hungrily, that ranger was slobbering on Diego's neck, trying to lick the remains of Diego's scent. Jeff's hand on Diego's torso gave it a hard squeeze. The erect nipple brushed against Jeff's coarse palm. 'I want more,' he thought. 'This Latino really makes me so horny.' The shoulders emanated the same masculine smell. Jeff ran his tongue on them as well. That white man enjoyed licking Diego's body. To him, it was like licking cold mocca ice cream. But the more he bathed Diego's body with saliva, the hornier Jeff became. At first, he could spend minutes only to lick the same spot over and over. But later, he just wanted to finish the licking as soon as he could. Haphazardly, the tongue was swept across Diego's broad torso. Thin layer of saliva coated the whole chest. That horny ranger paid a special attention to both of Diego's dark brown nipples. The erect heads were gently chewed one by one. Jeff tried hard not to wound them. Taken over by lust, Jeff's whole body tingled with excessive desire. His own dick had oozed out more precum. The slippery liquid had formed a rivulet down his thigh. For minutes, Jeff enjoyed the chest mounds, bathing them thoroughly. Male chest was his most favorite part of body that he thought very sexy. The warm tongue could not do much to get rid of the freezing temperature in Diego's body. Focusing on the nipples, Jeff took turns in sucking them. Loud slurping noise occurred as the saliva was sucked in as well. Skillfully, Jeff used his lips to massage the fleshy mounds. There was nothing more pleasurable to him than relishing a macho man's full chest. Jeff realized that there was some nipple hair growing around the areola. The soft hair was tickling his tongue. If Diego had been awaken, not matter what his sexuality was, he would have enjoyed Jeff's licking. Being aroused, Jeff used his hand to stimulate himself by groping his own slightly hairy torso. Producing muffled moans, Jeff kept squeezing and pinching the hairy chest. The fingers had to run through a soft mat of brownish chest hair. Being tired of groping himself, Jeff moved the hand to his own throbbing dick. As the hand touched that eager meat, the cock pulsated harder. Drooling, its slit smeared Jeff's hand with a rich amount of precum. Using that slippery liquid as natural lube, Jeff stroked himself. Sliding up and down the glistening head, his fingers massaged the meat. More precum exuded out. 'Oh, I'm so horny,' Jeff moaned as he stopped licking Diego's chest. With satisfied look, he watched the saliva-coated torso and admitted his own work. Tracing down the naked body, Jeff's eyes moved down to Diego's crotch. A thick bush of black pubic hair grew around the crotch, hiding the base of the dick. 'Wow, an uncut cock, just for me,' he said to himself. Uncut cock was one of Jeff's fetishes as it was hard to find. To him, uncircumcised dick was anatomically sexier. Letting go of his own manhood, Jeff used his hand to grope Diego's cock. At then, the uncut dick was still flaccid, resting. Gingerly, the ranger took hold of it and slowly wanked it. During the masturbation, Jeff kept his eyes fixed on that uncircumcised dick. He was awed at how the foreskin concealed and exposed the head. The precum lube on his hand was smeared to the limp dick head. Increasing the speed of the masturbatory movement, he was trying hard to elongate that sleeping dick. Using his other hand, Jeff did not forget to fondle Diego's balls. They looked big and heavy, pulling up themselves to the base of the cock owing to the cold. The Hispanic beauty of Diego's male genitalia almost made Jeff drool. Gradually, Diego's dick started to gain erection. Slowly but surely, that meat was elongated. Blood started to fill its veins, hardening the shaft. His eyes widening, Jeff watched it all with awe. Like magic, that meat grew larger in his stroking hand. The prepuce repeatedly covered and uncovered the dick head. Finally, the man rammer had reached its full size. Loud sloppy noises occurred as the precum was rubbed along the throbbing shaft. No precum came out of Diego's dick at that moment. But Jeff knew that it would happen. Taking a few minutes admiring the beauty of uncut Hispanic dick, Jeff continued to milk it. At the same time, that ranger also manipulated his own pecker. Panting, Jeff lost control over his mind. All he wanted was having sex with that hot Latino. But before that, there was something that he needed to do. Crawling towards Diego's crotch, the lusty Caucasian man bent his body over. Licking his lips, Jeff prepared himself to taste a Hispanic dick. The stroking had stopped, but Jeff still used his hand to hold that cock. Bringing his face closer, he sniffed Diego's dick head. The mixed smell of dried cum and piss was so strong. Just one deep breath was enough to send Jeff's head reeling with increased desire. That was the smell of a macho man's dick. Squeezing the base of that cock, that ranger made sure that the cock stayed hard. Snaking out his tongue, Jeff licked the knob. Ever so gently, he washed the tip thoroughly. Lapping it up, Jeff dampened the cock. The faint taste of Diego's dried cum was ingrained into Jeff's taste buds. Licking furiously, Jeff was trying to get more of that. His tongue wiped the head clean. The dried remains of Diego's previous ejaculation was cleaned. 'Oh, this guy's dick tastes good,' Jeff thought, slobbering the dick. 'I want more. I have to make him cum. And later, I'm gonna fuck his ass and dump my loads there.' Kneeling by Diego's thighs, Jeff parted his mouth and took Diego's dick in. There was no disgust as Jeff was a cock lover. As soon as the dick had entered his hot yet wet oral orifice, he quickly clamped down the lips. Producing muffled moans, Jeff could not believe how lucky he was at then. At first, Diego's cock was like an ice cream, emanating cold. But Jeff's mouth managed to warm it up a bit. 'I'm gonna suck his dick until it spurts cum into my hungry mouth,' he thought again, relishing that throbbing meat. The skin texture of Diego's cock head was very exquisite. Jeff tried hard not to scrape it with his teeth. Ever so carefully, he wrapped the knob with his tongue, of course not literally. Gently, he licked the narrow piss slit. Being an expert in cock sucking, Jeff practiced his expertise. Relaxing the throat, that ranger slowly brought the dick further in. Giving way, the tongue brushed itself against the shaft. The engorged dick kept sliding in until it hit the back of Jeff's throat. The whole length resided in that hot mouth! Using his lips, Jeff sealed the base of that man rammer. Both of Jeff's cheeks bulged lewdly. At that point, it was rather hard to tongue Diego's dick because there was hardly any room left. 'Oh, this dick is quite yummy. I wish I could make him ooze out some precum for me,' the ranger thought, exerting his strength to suck in the throbbing dick. Although there was hardly any taste on that cock, like any other gay men, Jeff really enjoyed it. Diego's pubic hair was tickling Jeff's nostrils as that man took in all the length of that dick. 'Shit! He has a strong masculine scent. I love how his crotch smells. It's the smell of a real man. I can feel so much masculinity in it. Oh, this Latino is so hot.' Inhaling, he breathed in the musky scent of that Hispanic crotch. That manly smell caused Jeff's dick pulsate harder. At then, the real show began. Still maintaining the suction of his lips, Jeff withdrew from the cock. Bt when the mushroom head almost popped out of the sucking mouth, Jeff would gulp it down again. One of his hands was used to hold the base of the cock, keeping the foreskin out of the way. He repeated that rhythm and built it faster. Being unconscious, Diego did not show any response. That Latino guy only lay there motionlessly while Jeff was slurping on his penis. The brownish chest slowly heaved up and down, yet its movement was hardly noticeable. Although he had not come to, his body responded to Jeff's sensual treatment. Diego's dick maintained its erection. A globule of precum was on its way to the slit. Pressure was building itself, coming from the balls. Each time, when Jeff sucked that cock or when he massaged the shaft using his lips, the precum was pushed up closer to the slit entrance. Persistently, Jeff sucked the dick head. Pursing, his lips did their best to milk some precum out. And after all the hard work, finally a pearly drop of precum exuded out from the piss slit. 'This is what I've been waiting for. This guy finally produced precum. Oh, I've gotta lick it,' he thought cheerfully. The tongue started its duty, lapping up the knob. Hungrily, it picked up every last droplets that might be left there. As the tasty precum entered his mouth, Jeff's body shuddered with great excitement. 'Oh, this is very delicious. This guy's precum deserves to get an A. Oh, I want more.' But the precum had been licked clean; there was no more. And the only way to get more was to keep sucking. Thus, Jeff got back to his sucking business. Still using the same technique, he wanted to get more of that manly liquid. The slurping noises he made were quite loud, resounding around that room. While servicing the Hispanic uncut dick, Jeff continued to masturbate. That eager cock pointed slightly upward as its slit leaked. Moaning through a big dick in his mouth, Jeff expressed his lust and desire. At then, he did feel that orgasm was approaching in. Not having sex in months drove him crazy with pent-up lust. Jeff's hand was sliding up and down his own cock shaft. Drools of precum had lubed up his palm. It was hard to get a good grip on his own dick. Thus, the hand only brushed the slimy cock head up and down. Again, muffled groan vibrated through Diego's pecker. The vibrating stimulation shook Diego's cock until it reached down to the balls. Throbbing, that brown dick exuded another limpid globule. Panting, Jeff eagerly licked the liquid up. 'Yeah, I'm almost there. I can feel cum is pushing out. I know I'm almost there, ah,' Jeff panted, increasing the intensity of his suction. Heaving, Jeff's broad chest was expanding as it took in air. The soft brown chest hair was dampened by beads of sweat. Even though the temperature was quite low outside, Jeff was burnt by his perverted desire. Moreover, the heat from the fireplace also contributed in the increase of Jeff's body temperature. Inside his dick, another drop of precum forced its way out, lubing up the urethra. Deep inside the balls, the white creamy man juice was churning, ready to erupt at anytime. 'Oh fuck! I think I'm gonna cum now. Ah! Yeah!' Both of his eyes were widened as if they would pop out of their sockets. Jeff's chest was heaving more erratically. And suddenly, Jeff's dick head spewed out its heavy loads onto the floor. 'Ah! Shit!' Jeff yelled, withdrawing from Diego's still pulsating fuck tool. Diego's slimy precum was hanging from the corners of Jeff's mouth. But his other hand still held onto that Latino dick, jacking it off. Groaning louder, Jeff was undergoing one of the best orgasmic experiences ever in his entire life. 'Yeah! I'm fucking cumming! Oh! Fuck yes! Oh yes!' The first cum shot flew out of the narrow cock slit and hit Diego's crotch. The second one followed, but it did not shoot far. The rest of the shots dribbled down as Jeff milked his ejaculating penis. 'I'm cumming! Oh! Ah!' he panted, squirming. Leaning over, Jeff aimed the dribbles at Diego's leg. Milky gobs of cum then dripped down onto it. 'Yes! Oh! Fuck yes! Ah!' Jeff's whole body was shuddering, muscles contracting. Thin film of sweat enveloped his nude body. Again and again, that Caucasian man dumped his loads. The intensity of his orgasm sent his head reeling. Although it felt like forever, in the reality the orgasm only lasted for a few seconds. 'Fuck yeah!' he breathed when no more cum dribbled out. Breathing hard, Jeff's damp hairy chest was heaving. Both of his erect nipples were still hardened. 'Fuck! You're one hot guy,' he whispered to Diego. Looking down, he saw some cum puddles on Diego's leg. Jeff reached down and ran his fingers on those puddles, scooping some of his cum. As he lifted the fingers up, cum was dangling down. Quickly, he brought those fingers to Diego's mouth. 'Yeah, eat my hot cum. Try it,' he whispered as if Diego could hear it. Wiping the cum on Diego's dried lips, he spread the liquid evenly. 'Oh man, you make me horny again. I wanna kiss you and share my cum with you.' With that, Jeff passionately sealed Diego's lips with his. Jeff's tongue was swirling around Diego's lips, picking up the cum remains. But Jeff also made sure that some of his seminal liquid flowed into Diego's mouth. Penetrating through Diego's lips, Jeff pried them open. Some of the cum did flow in and drip onto Diego's tongue. 'Yeah, isn't my cum tasty?' Jeff asked rhetorically when the kiss broke off. 'Yeah, have some more,' he said, scooping up more cum from Diego's leg. 'Taste a real man's cum,' he added, shoving the cummy fingers into Diego's mouth. Glancing down, he noticed that Diego had not cummed at all. Tightening the grip around Diego's hardening dick, Jeff forced more precum out. 'Yeah, your cock looks good, Latino,' he said, leaning over. Sensually, Jeff's tongue was dancing on the sensitive dick head. At times, it would tease the slimy slit. Diego's foreskin slid up and down the shaft, moved by Jeff's stroking hand. Precum oozed out frequently. That slimy liquid pole dup around the foreskin. But when the skin was retracted, the liquid would be spilled. 'Oh, I'll make you cum. I want to see hot Latino spunk shoot out of your Latino's cock. Come on, baby. Shoot it!' As the hand loyally milked that sexy dick, Jeff brought his mouth down. Encasing the dick head inside it, Jeff stimulated that cock with his tongue. 'Yeah, shoot your cum for me. Let me have it,' he thought, eagerly sucking on the meat. After some minutes, Jeff could sense that Diego's dick throb harder than usual. The volume of discharged precum had also increased. Obviously, Diego was on the verge of ejaculation. Knowing that, Jeff used all his efforts to make it happen. 'Yeah, cum for me, man. You have to cum. Oh, I wish you were awake as you shoot your hot jizz into my mouth. Yeah, I want to drink your cum. let me have it. Oh yeah, shoot your man juice for me. Yes! Fucking shoot it!' Diego's dick head throbbed in Jeff's sucking mouth. The throbbing rhythm was harder as if it wanted to break Jeff's mouth. But constant sucking finally managed to force Diego's spunk to spurt out. Precum in large amount oozed out to prepare the path for the impending cum eruption. Slightly, the piss slit parted. Out of the blue, Diego's dick spurted a series of thick cummy gobs. At the same time, his dick head expanded slightly. The piss slit widened as Diego's Hispanic cock juice flew out. Jeff had prepared his mouth to receive those loads. Thick creamy cum rushed into Jeff's mouth and splattered its inside. Excitedly, the horny ranger gulped the gooey liquid down his throat. Repeatedly, that dick fired out its loads furiously. Each cum load was quite gooey and jelly-like. The taste of Hispanic cum was actually pretty much the same like any other men's cum. But since Jeff was very much interested in Hispanic men, he thought that Diego's cum was tastier. Slurping the dick, he did not leave any cum left on Diego's dick. Although the owner of that dick was still unconscious, the muscles around that dick contracted. Several involuntary bucking happened. Flexing, Diego's stomach shook. With one hand, Jeff pushed down Diego's torso, steadying it. The orgasm took place for several seconds, and then it died down. Letting go of that spent dick, the ranger pulled it out. Its head was glistening, covered by a thin layer of saliva. Diego still lay there without moving at all. Slowly, his dick deflated, losing its erection. Sensually, Jeff ran his hands on Diego's bare torso. Those hands were busily squeezing the flesh, spreading warmth. Holding onto Diego's motionless body, the ranger positioned himself on the floor. Lying next to that Hispanic guy, Jeff wrapped his strong arms around Diego's body. Jeff's body warmth was quickly absorbed by Diego's cold body. Exerting his strength, Jeff pulled Diego and rolled that Hispanic man on top of him. Hugging a hot guy like Diego, again, stirred Jeff's perverted lust. Uncontrollably, Jeff's cock was elongated, poking against Diego's cummy limp dick. Growing longer, Jeff's dick slipped in between Diego's thighs. 'Oh, nice thighs,' Jeff commented, wrapping his strong arms around Diego's body. 'Yeah, I'm gonna melt you. Then when you come to, I'm gonna fuck your ass whether you like it or not. Oh yeah, wake up, darling,' he breathed, blowing warm breaths into Diego's face. The chest hair on Jeff's torso provided extra warmth. For some minutes, Jeff transferred his body heat to Diego. That ranger really enjoyed the soft friction between his naked body and Diego's. Whenever their nipples brushed against one another, Jeff would grunt into Diego's shoulder. Precum started to ooze out again from Jeff's insatiable pecker. 'Ah,' he gasped, 'I really want to fuck your hot tight ass. Wake up, buddy. Come on, I want to hear you scream when I plunge my dick into you. Yeah, don't make me fuck you while you're still unconscious.' Rolling over, Jeff changed position. The Latino man lay helplessly on the floor while Jeff was on top of him. Still embracing that hunky Hispanic man, Jeff continued to spread warmth. Being close, the ranger could feel Diego's weak breath. Diego's face was irresistibly handsome and Jeff could not help kissing him again. With equal desire, Jeff sealed Diego's lips again. His tongue snaked in, finding Diego's. Jeff's saliva flowed down and filled Diego's mouth. Slurping sounds occurred as Jeff was kissing that Hispanic man with great passion. It seemed that Jeff was such in heat because his body occasionally perspired. Deep in Diego's mind, he started to regain consciousness. The first sensation he felt was warmth. Gradually, it became warmer and hotter, enveloping his body. One by one, his senses were back. Someone was hugging his body; Diego knew it. And as that Hispanic man became more aware of his surroundings, he realized that he was naked. Diego felt another man was embracing his naked body as their skin was touching each other's. Then he started to hear a man's lewd groans. Diego's nose had functioned, too. It picked up musky smell of another man's body. Diego at then was still confused, not knowing what happened. But as his eyes opened and saw Jeff, he knew that he was going to get raped. Instinctively, Diego wanted to struggle for his freedom, but he was simply too weak. He could barely even talk. 'You're awaken, handsome guy,' Jeff said, staring back into Diego's eyes. 'Don't fight me. I saved your life. Without me, you would have been in hell by now. Oh, I love Latino guys like you. Your body is so damn sexy. You have good composition of muscles and body fat.' Jeff intentionally squeezed Diego's fleshy chest mounds to emphasize what he meant. 'I've sucked your dick. See?' Naughtily, Jeff reached down and grope Diego's limp dick. As Jeff's fingers retracted the foreskin down, Diego could feel that he indeed had cummed. 'Yeah, you're so sexy and I wanna fuck your ass,' Jeff whispered into Diego's ear. Bringing his lips closer, the lustful anger gave Diego a slobbering kiss. To Diego, the kiss was disgusting but he could not fight Jeff. Thus Jeff had no difficulty in forcing a man-to-man kiss to that straight Latino. 'Oh no! This homo is kissing me. Ah! It's disgusting!' Diego yelled, but no voice came out. Like a ragged doll, he was powerless in Jeff's arms. 'Shit! Let go of me, faggot! I'm a real man, not like you! Oh, did he suck my cock till I cummed? Man, that's gross!' His whole body tingled with great amount of disgust. As Jeff's tongue penetrated his lips, Diego had to overcome his nausea, especially when Jeff's saliva flowed in. 'Get off me, you pervert! Help! Somebody help me!' Being attacked by panic, Diego could only groan incoherent roars. But those noises were soon muffled by Jeff's lips. Rocking, that Latino realized that Jeff was fucking his thighs. The are between Diego's upper thighs, right under his balls, resembled a hole suitable for fucking. Straight men thought of it as a vagina, while gay men saw it as an ass hole. Although Diego's legs did not pressed against each other, Jeff still enjoyed fucking the area between them. Jeff's lewd action made Diego sick with disgust. 'Yeah, I know what you're thinking,' Jeff said, breaking the kiss. 'I can see it in you face. You're disgusted. Well, don't worry, soon you'll enjoy it. You'll beg for more. I can assure you.' With his strength, Jeff lifted his hips. As the cock slid out, he quickly brought his hips down. To Diego's horror, Jeff was demonstrating what he would do to Diego's ass. 'Yeah, I'm fucking your thighs. This is just a warming-up session coz soon I'm gonna plunge this cock up your Hispanic ass. Fuck! I'm gonna love it.' Releasing Diego's body, Jeff used both of his hands to support his body. 'Yeah, fuck! My cock is craving for your virgin ass. Oh!' Slimy precum smeared the area between Diego's thighs. 'Yeah, ready or not. Here I come.' Right after saying that, Jeff pulled his dick out and straddled Diego's legs. With his strong hands, that hairy ranger grabbed both of those legs and lifted them up. 'Nice ass hole,' Jeff commented as Diego's clenching fuck chute was exposed. Kneeling on the floor, Jeff positioned himself for the first anal intrusion. The heavy legs of Diego's were placed on both Jeff's broad shoulders. 'Oh man, what a beautiful ass you have there. I would love to cream in there. And I know you'll enjoy it too, in time,' Jeff said, taking a deep breath. His broad hairy chest was heaving up and down. Pulling Diego's body closer to the crotch, Jeff was ready to pry open that virgin ass. Helplessly, Diego watched it all with great terror. He was going to get fucked! 'No! Stop it! You piece of shit!' Diego screamed. But only indistinguishable groan that managed to escape his mouth. Helplessly, Diego could not fight back as his legs were spread apart and mounted on Jeff's shoulders. Lying down, he viewed Jeff from different angle. That angle made him think that Jeff was such a powerful strong man, and that there was no escape from him. 'Ah! Don't fuck my ass. I'm straight! Oh!' Involuntarily, Diego's ass lips twitched when Jeff positioned his dick head right in front of them. Soon, pressure was applied onto them. 'Get away from my ass! No! I'm not queer! Fuck no!' he yelled in his mind. At then, Diego gained little strength. The weak man swung his arms and legs. But Jeff was still far too stronger. 'I'm gonna break your ass,' Jeff said, his eyes glaring excitedly. Without mercy, he pushed his dick head in. At first, it was rather hard, but slowly Diego's ass gave in. The traces of earlier ejaculation helped ease the penetration. Jeff's cummy knob smeared the ass lips as it forced its way in. 'Oh! Damn! What a tight ass! Ah!' Jeff groaned, wincing. 'I can feel your ass hole opens up. I'm gonna make the hole bigger. Ah yeah!' Inching forward, half of the dick head had slipped in. 'Yes! I'm gonna push in some more. You're gonna be mine.' Glancing down, Jeff enjoyed seeing painful expression on Diego's handsome face. Rough sex was such a big turn on to him. The more Diego showed that he was in pain, the hornier Jeff became. 'I'm screwing your ass with my dick. Fuck! I'm gonna make you scream out. Ah!' And suddenly, Jeff's dick managed to lodge its head into that tight anal opening. 'Yes!' 'Ah!' Diego screamed. But his voice was more like an animal's. Pain was wracking his body, emanating from his battered ass hole. It was like getting injected with a giant needle. Both of Diego's legs shuddered uncontrollably; the pain was too much to handle. Tears flowed down his face, yet there was no sobbing sound. Heaving, his chest looked sexy as the pectoral muscles contracted. Diego felt as if his breath was choked with the presence of Jeff's hard dick in his ass. Unwillingly to let go, Diego's ass muscles held that cock and did not permit it to go further. But when Jeff shoved his dick in, Diego's ass was powerless to stop it. No matter how hard the ass lips tried to hold it, the cock still slid in. Thus, friction occurred. 'Give it up, stupid. You can't fight me,' Jeff panted, slamming down with one hard thrust. His dick was thrust forward, entering the depths. 'Ah! Yes! My cock is in! All of it!' Indeed, the whole length of his cock rested inside Diego's hot ass. Wiggling his hips, Jeff rotated his cock. Its head touched various spots in there, hitting every thing that might lie in the way. 'Oh, your ass is so damn hot. I'm gonna make you squeal with pleasure. You'll crave for more cock. Oh, where's your fucking prostate?' Haphazardly, Jeff moved his dick around, trying to locate Diego's happy spot. 'When I fuck your prostate, you'll scream out passionately.' Holding onto Diego's legs, Jeff made sure that those legs would not fall off. 'Yeah, I think I've found your prostate, buddy,' Jeff exclaimed as his dick head hit something. 'Is this your happy spot?' Teasingly, he poked that small organ with his hardening dick. 'Oh! Fuck!' Diego finally regained his ability to talk. His whole muscles contracted when Jeff's dick hit that particular spot inside his rectum. As a straight man, that Latino had no idea what Jeff was talking about. But when the ranger brushed his dick inside, an unfamiliar pleasure shook Diego's entire body. 'Ah! What is that?' he asked weakly, looking very surprised. 'Is that my prostate?' Looking up at Jeff, he got a nod as the answer. 'But why does it feel so good? I'm being raped by a man. But how can it be so pleasurable? Oh?' Confused, that man had no clue about that. The burning pain still tortured his ass lips. But the ecstasy he received was greater. Thus the pain was somewhat drowned. 'Do that again. Ah!' he spoke without thinking. 'You like it, right? I'm surprised to see how fast you changed your mind. I'm gonna give it to you. Hold on, sexy. I'm plowing your ass,' Jeff responded, placing both of his callused palms around Diego's fleshy waist. Slowly, the cock withdrew, inching backward. As it moved backward, it scraped Diego's rectum. As the result, it left itchy sensation along that fuck canal. Moaning, Diego desperately tried to rub his insides against Jeff's dick. But the control of the fucking was in Jeff's hand. Grinning, he was very satisfied to see that Hispanic man's reaction. 'Don't worry. I'm gonna scratch that itch for you.' Just as the knob almost left the hole completely, Jeff pushed back in. When that throbbing man meat slid back, the shaft scraped the rectum walls. 'Oh yeah, I love your ass coz it's so tight. Fuck yeah. I'm gonna fuck you. Fuck you till you cum again. Yeah!' Holding onto Jeff's strong arms, Diego steadied his rocking body. 'Fuck! My ass hurts! Oh shit!' he screamed, writhing. Each time Jeff's dick plunged in, it forced Diego's ass lips to stretch wider. 'Oh! Fuck! But it hurts so good! Yes!' Intentionally, Diego's prostate was stimulated over and over. That Latino had never experienced such intense pleasure. 'Fuck my ass! Oh! Hit that spot. Yeah! Hit it again. Oh yes! Yes!' Feverishly, he growled like a cheap fuck whore. At then, he had forgotten about his heterosexuality. All Diego could think was Jeff's dick because that cock could send him flying. 'Yes, oh yes! Screw my ass. Oh! Fuck me, white man. Oh!' Blood had flowed normally in Diego's veins. Slowly, he regained his original strength. At that point, if he wanted to struggle, he might have 50-50 chance to knock Jeff down. But that Hispanic man chose to enjoy the homosexual rape performed on him. 'Fuck my ass, gringo! Oh! Fuck me!' Panting hard, the ranger gave Diego all that he had. Expertly, he maneuvered his aching dick. Sliding in and out, his fuck tool scratched the fuck canal using its shaft. 'Yeah, I'm screwing your ass, Latino!' he yelled, his head falling back. At that position, the Adam's apple of Jeff's bulged out of his neck. That organ bobbed up and down as he gulped down his saliva. Excitedly, the piss slit gaped open slightly and oozed out drops of precum repeatedly. That slippery liquid served as natural lube, making sure that the penetration went well. 'Oh yes! take my dick! You need a white man's dick to please you sexually. Yeah, I'm drilling your ass. And I love it! Ah yes!' Slamming hard, he was fucking Diego's swollen ass lips mercilessly. Despite the cold temperature outside, both of them were perspiring. Beads of sweat had dampened Jeff's torso, wetting the body hair. His head reeling with unspeakable excitement, Diego surrendered his body to his assailant. Every time Jeff's dick was pushed in, Diego would groan. And each time that dick was pulled out, he would also groan. The forceful thrusts sent his body rocking. Sweat had also dampened his naked body. Some was indeed his own sweat. But Jeff's also dripped down onto Diego's body. Moaning lustfully, Diego wished that the fucking would never end. Looking down at his own nude figure, Diego witnessed how much precum his dick had produced. Without his realizing it, his dick had erected ever since Jeff plunged in. Throbbing, Diego's cock drooled out precum almost incessantly. Thin string of precum hung on the tip of his leaking piss slit. Underneath was a pool of precum on Diego's stomach. But owing to the violent rocking, the precum was spilled, flowing down Diego's body side. Minutes had passed. Panting furiously, Jeff thought his chest was about to explode. His lungs kept pumping in fresh air. Sweat flowed like streamlet down his body, soaking it. Although he was pretty tired, Jeff did not want to stop fucking that Hispanic ass until he cummed. 'Oh! I want to see you cum. Shoot your Hispanic cum all over your sexy body. Come on, let me see you ejaculate.' Leaning over, Jeff brought his hands and placed them onto Diego's sweaty torso. Massaging the body, Jeff ran his hands and spread the sweat beads evenly. The precum was rubbed around Diego's stomach until it frothed. The musky smell of masculinity was in the air. 'Yeah, let me see you cum. I want to see your dick throb and spew out its cum loads.' Breathing hard, Diego groaned, 'Yeah, I wanna cum. I can feel I'm close. Oh!' Squirming, he finned his body like a fish. Guided by instinct, he reached out to grab Jeff's athletic hairy torso. Both of Diego's hands sought for Jeff's nipples. Once they found those brownish nipple heads, they clung onto them. 'Oh! Squeeze my chest, gringo! Yes! Make me moan. I love being touched. Yes, gringo! Oh! It feels so damn good! Fuck my ass harder! Give it all to me! AH yes!' Then familiar waves of pleasure washed over Diego's body. He knew for sure that he was about to cum. Pressure grew rapidly in his balls, pushing gooey cream out of the cock slit. 'Fuck yes! I think I'm gonna cum! Oh shit, gringo! Ah!' Approaching orgasm, Diego's muscles flexed involuntarily. His body hardened. And suddenly, it happened. 'Oh shit! I'm cumming, gringo! Oh yes!' Diego screamed as loud as he could. His orgasmic groan resounded through the room, echoing. It was the first time ever he cummed without touching his own dick. Diego watched in great awe as he witnessed cum spurting out of his dick head. 'Yes! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Ah, yes!' Shooting upward like a fountain, the first shot did not fly so high, only a few inches. The rest of the shots turned into weak dribbles instead of real strong shots. But the orgasmic experience that Diego obtained was incredible. 'Oh fuck my ass! Ah! Shit! Yes!' As the climax took place, his entire body shook violently. Jeff had to help by pinning down Diego's body using hands to steady it. Flood of cum drenched Diego's stomach. Its excess flowed down and pooled up on the damp floor. 'Fuck yeah! My turn now,' the ranger gasped, preparing himself. And then his dick shot out for the second time. 'Shit! Take my cock juice up your ass! Ah yes!' Like a fire hydrant, Jeff's erect cock hosed down Diego's rectum. The reddish fleshy rectal walls were splattered with white gooey substance. Shooting hard, the first jet of cum reached deeper to the place which Jeff's dick had not gone before. Again, another shot followed. But it was much weaker. The third and the fourth shot out. Again and again, Jeff's dick head throbbed, spewing loads of warm cum. Cursing, Jeff could not control his body. The muscles stiffened, contracting violently. Several veins in his body showed up as orgasm was taking over it. 'Fuck yes! I'm fucking you! I'm cumming in your ass! Yes!' he groaned again, thrashing his head. Jeff's dick continued to drill Diego's ass until the orgasm ended. 'It's awesome,' Diego panted, smiling at his savior. 'I never knew that gay sex was very pleasurable.' As he moved, cum seeped out of his battered ass hole. Slowly, Jeff's dick deflated. Squirming, Diego tried to clench his fuck hole but he could not do that perfectly. Apparently, Jeff's dick had stretched that hole too rigorously. Wincing, Diego wiped the sweat off Jeff's sweaty chest. He could feel how muscular Jeff's body was. For the first time in his life, that Hispanic man started to like well-built men sexually. 'I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed it very much, too,' Jeff responded, smiling warmly. Leaning over, he gave Diego a passionate kiss. 'Oh, I like Hispanic men like you: sexy, exotic, horny,' he said as the kiss broke off. Looking at the window, Jeff added, 'Well, the weather is getting worse. Snow storm is brewing outside. Going out at time like is a suicide. So, why don't you spend the night here and warm me in my bed,' Jeff offered, winking. Diego of course did not refuse a rare offer like that. Soon, lewd groans of men having sex were heard. Despite the freezing temperature, both of them felt warm in each other's arms. END




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