Snowstorm Sex

by Lance Abrams

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Jesse and Shane lounged in their cramped dorm room, the biting chill of winter utterly absent within the confines of their overheated dorm. The thermostat was cranked so high it felt like the middle of summer, prompting the boys to strip down to their shorts as they mindlessly flicked through TV channels.

Finally, Shane’s patience snapped. “Dude, this is pointless. There’s nothing on TV except for the news going on about that blizzard supposed to hit tonight.”

Jesse nodded in agreement, and glanced out the window at the still-green quad, devoid of any snowflakes. “They’ve been hyping it all week, but I don’t see any damn snow,” he groaned. The school had issued numerous warnings about the imminent mega-blizzard, urging students to stay indoors. Yet, neither one of them had seen any signs that it was happening. “We need to do something fun. I heard they’re throwing a party over in Drake Hall, but there’s no way the RA at the desk will let us out.”

Seeking distraction, Shane shifted the conversation. “Got any plans when you get back home for winter break?”

“Hell yeah,” Jesse said, his eyes lighting up. “Gonna hook up with as many girls from high school as I can remember. My bed’s gonna be a war zone by January.” They both burst out laughing. “What about you?”

“I don’t know, man. There’s this girl from high school I might try to reconnect with,” Shane mused. “But before we clear out of here in two weeks, I want another go with Jane Butler,” he added with a sly grin.

“Woah, you fucked Jane Butler too?” Jesse said, eyebrows raised.

“Yeah, dude. Just before midterms. She invited me over to her dorm when her roommate was gone. We went at it like crazy, I thought she was gonna break my fucking dick right off!” Shane laughed.

“I hooked up with her back in September under the bleachers. I was so worried a coach was gonna catch us, but it was a huge turn-on. She was so kinky I almost shot my load in a second,” Jesse replied, shaking his head in disbelief. Jane had quite the reputation on campus, and her escapades were almost legendary. Rumor had it, she could give any guy the best fuck they’d ever had. They speculated she’d probably been with at least half the baseball team by now.

“Hey, why don’t we text her, see if she’s up for a threeway?” Shane suggested, eyes glinting with mischief.

“Hell yeah, dude. I bet she’d do it, too. Some guys told me about a few threeways she had already.”


Shane quickly pulled out his phone and typed a message to Jane. “Hey Jane! Wanna come over and hang with me and Jesse?” He added a winky face emoji and two eggplants, making their intentions clear. Three dots quickly appeared beneath the message.

Jane responded: “Hey guys! I wish I could, but the RAs have us on lockdown for the storm, and I really don’t want to get caught up in the blizzard.” Another set of dots appeared. “My roommate and I are just hanging out, but our dorm room is so hot!” She included a picture.

“Dude, check this out!” Shane showed Jesse the picture. Jane had sent an image of herself and her roommate, Gwen Carney, lounging in skimpy pajamas, their attire leaving little to the imagination and getting the guys hard as rocks.

“Holy shit! That’s so hot! Should we send something back?” Jesse asked, excitement evident in his voice.

“Let’s do it,” Shane agreed. He held up his phone, and snapped a pic of both of them, sending the photo to Jane. Moments later, a new message popped up.

“I see we got you boys excited!” Jane’s reply included a winking face emoji, leaving the boys grinning in anticipation.

Shane typed furiously, "You might've gotten our hopes up… You two look smoking hot in those panties!"

A reply came almost immediately. “Me too,” she wrote. “I'd love to take care of you guys if I could. I bet you two would like that, wouldn’t you?” Her last sentence sent chills down Shane's spine. Shane showed the text to Jesse, and Jane sent another picture: This time, Jane and Gwen had their bras off, with Jane sitting behind Gwen, and covering Gwen's voluminous breasts with her hands, while Gwen took the picture. Their tight bodies were glowing in the fluorescent light of the dorm room.

"God, it's so hot…" Jesse moaned, lust dripping from his voice, adjusting the straining bulge in his shorts.

“Dude, we gotta send something back,” Shane declared. “We can’t just leave them hanging!”

“Here, I’ve got an idea. Two—err, four—can play at this game,” Jesse responded, pulling his eyes away from the intoxicating image on the screen. He pulled off his shorts, stripping down to just his underwear, and gestured for Shane to do the same. “We’ll send them pics of our bulges.” Jesse sat back on the couch with Shane, and grabbed his bulge from the outside so that his big erection formed a clear outline through the fabric, leaving little to the imagination. Shane mirrored his actions, and snapped the picture with his free hand.

 “That should put them back on the defensive,” Shane remarked. He sent it to Jane anxiously, and the familiar three dots appeared.

“Oh my God!” That’s so fucking sexy! I can just imagine how those things would spring up and bounce around when I pull those briefs down…"  Jane sent them. The boys were proud of themselves, and were all the more eager to keep playing this game. And when Jane and Gwen sent their next picture, it was clear they were just as eager, too. Gwen was kissing Jane on the cheek, with a hand on the outside of Jane’s panties, right on her crotch. Their tits were now blatantly exposed. They were escalating things.

Both guys howled at the picture. Shane texted back. “Damn, ladies! Are you sure you can’t come over? With the storm coming, we’d make sure you’re treated real nice during your stay here.”

Jane sent back: “Mmmm I’m sure you boys would treat us real nice…it’s a tempting offer, I’ll give you that.”

“What’re we gonna send back?” Jesse’s voice trembled with excitement.

Shane's mind raced, a cascade of possibilities flooding his thoughts before settling on a daring suggestion. "Let's mirror their last shot," he suggested, a devilish grin spreading across his face.

“Are you sure?” Jesse asked, his voice containing a hint of apprehension. The guys had been sexting with Jane and Gwen for a little while now, but neither one of them had actually touched each other, yet.

“Come on, man. If we do it, I’m sure the ladies will reward us!” Shane said optimistically.

“Okay, what the hell,” Jesse conceded. Shane leaned back, and Jesse went up next to him, giving Shane an extended peck on the cheek. He grabbed Shane’s bulge, his first time coming in contact with another man’s crotch, even if it was just through the fabric. He wrapped his fingers around Shane’s big erection, the veins bulging even through the thin cloth. It felt wet, the fabric having absorbed Shane’s precum for the last several minutes. 

Shane's response was immediate, a guttural moan escaping his lips as Jesse's grip tightened around him."Oh, fuck!" Shane's voice cracked at the unfamiliar touch, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he fought to steady himself. The sensation sent a jolt of pleasure coursing through Shane's body, his hips instinctively thrusting upwards in response. With trembling hands, he hastily snapped the picture, capturing the raw intensity of the moment before them, and quickly took the picture. As soon as he did, Jesse pulled away from him.

“The girls are gonna love this,” Jesse remarked upon seeing the photo. Shane sent it to Jane, and the three dots appeared again.

Jane's response quickly appeared, her words dripping with desire. "Oh, fuck, boys! It's so hot to see you two play with each other," she exclaimed, punctuating her message with a winking face emoji that sent shivers down their spines.

Another picture from the girls appeared, even more provocative than the last. Gwen was now sucking on Jane’s nipple, her hand inside Jane’s panties. Jane was holding the camera out in front of them, capturing the moment with a seductive bite of her lip.

"Oh man, fuck…" Shane's voice was a husky groan, his eyes fixed on the screen as his cock twitched rapidly his underwear.

“Goddammit, they’re torturing us,” Jesse said, stroking himself through his precum-soaked briefs. The boys felt like Jane and Gwen were daring them, challenging them to go even further in pursuit of increasingly erotic rewards. 

They were nonetheless determined to go toe-to-toe with the girls. Once again, they decided to mirror the girls’ behavior, but with the camera angled down at Jesse’s face. He slipped his hand into Shane’s briefs, enclosing his hand around the thick, bare cock as he took Shane’s nipple into his mouth, making him moan again. Jesse had never felt a cock other than his own, and surprisingly, he wasn’t completely repulsed by it. Shane took the picture, showcasing his ripped abs, his big pecs with Jesse’s mouth around his left nipple, and his hand down Shane’s underpants. The way it was angled, you could see part of Shane’s big cock protruding from Jesse’s hand, a string of precum underneath it. Jesse removed himself from Shane’s body, but not before giving his cock one more squeeze, and Shane sent the picture off to Jane.

Jane’s reply came delayed by a few minutes. It felt like an eternity as they waited, the tension palpable as they held their breath for Jane's response. And when it came, it was worth every agonizing moment of anticipation.

 “Great job, boys! You’ve got Gwen and I so wet from these pictures…We think you’ve earned this.” Jane's words filled them with desire as they noticed that Jane had sent them a video clip.

“Fuck!” They both said in unison, as they hit play. It was a clip of Jane getting fingered by Gwen, while Jane played with Gwen’s boobs. The phone was positioned against something, filming the clip until Jane got up to stop it. This wasn’t just fooling around anymore, Gwen and Jane were actually having sex with each other. Jane moaned in pleasure as Gwen fingered her pussy. The boys were so turned on by the one-minute clip, that they thought they’d nearly shoot their loads right then and there.

Jane ended the video with a seductive wink, and whispered, “Your turn, boys.” The challenge was clear, but they hadn’t thought about how they might respond to this.

“Dude, how are we gonna top THAT?” Shane groaned. “They were straight-up fucking. I think we’re gonna have to concede. I’m not sure there’s more we can do.”

Jesse, however, wasn’t ready to give up. He thought for a moment before a daring idea formed. “Nah man, I’ve got an idea. Just trust me.” His tone was confident, igniting a spark of curiosity in Shane. They slid off the couch onto the floor. “Take your underwear off and go lean against the couch, you’re gonna film,” he instructed. “Ready?” Jesse asked, positioning himself in front of Shane. Shane nodded, and aimed the camera down at him.

Jesse took Shane’s big cock in his hand, and started stroking it as Shane hit record. “Oh, fuck!” Shane groaned. “Fuuuuuck!” His groans were clearly audible to the girls, which would no doubt be a turn on for them. Shane leaned back and closed his eyes, careful to keep the camera on Jesse. What surprised him next, however, was the feeling of something warm and wet on his cock. 

“Oh shit!” he cursed at the sensation, as his eyes shot open to see Jesse sucking his cock. Not very deep, just down to the middle, but it was still impressive given the size. “Duuuude…” Shane moaned, starting to get lost in the pleasure. Jesse hadn’t told Shane his full idea, not sure how Shane would react to it, and Jesse wasn’t entirely sure about it himself. He wanted to give the girls something to enjoy however, and he knew watching him go down on Shane’s big cock would be a hit with them. Truthfully, he might have been starting to enjoy it, too. It wasn’t nearly as bad as he’d expected.

“Oh yeah, suck that cock,” Shane whined. He was getting close now; the video from the girls combined with the blowjob from his best friend and roommate nearly drove him over the edge when Jesse finally stopped, taking a deep breath of air when he came up. He said, “you’re gonna have to do better than that, ladies.” Shane stopped the recording, his breath ragged, and sent the video off to Jane and Gwen. “If that doesn’t get them off, I don’t know what will,” he remarked.

Jane took a while to respond, but they could tell they had succeeded. “Oh my God, boys! That was amazing! You both seemed so into it…I hope you’re still into this,” she sent with a winking face emoji. A video followed shortly after. This time, Gwen was eating Jane out, her moans loud and seductive, but clearly genuine. Gwen finished by coming up for air, and then kissing Jane deeply. Jane ended the video by saying, “I can’t wait to see what else you two have up your sleeves,” and the video stopped.

“Dude, I think we gotta one-up them now,” Shane insisted.

Jesse nodded in agreement. “I’m game if you are. What do you have in mind?”

“I know just how to take it up a notch: we suck each other off.” Both their dicks twitched at the thought now, not that they’d willingly tell the other.

Shane sent back a text to Jane: “Nothing could make us lose interest in that perfect pussy of yours.” He added a winking face emoji.

With the plan set, Shane placed the camera on the floor, propping it against the dresser for a clear view, and hit record. He and Jesse positioned themselves against the couch, the room's heat intensifying their anticipation. They began by grabbing each other’s cocks, their hands stroking each other in slow, deliberate strokes. The sensation was electric, each touch sending waves of pleasure through their bodies.

Their mutual groans filled the room, an erotic symphony that heightened their arousal. The camera captured every throbbing pulse of their massive, hard dicks, each vein standing out under the gentle, teasing pressure of their grips.

The atmosphere was charged with a mix of nervous excitement and raw lust. Jesse and Shane exchanged a glance, silently agreeing to take the next step. Their hands moved in synchrony, each stroke bringing them closer to the edge. The feeling of each others’ muscular hands around their dicks drove them wild.

The boys slowly lowered themselves to the ground; Shane on his back, and Jesse over him. Both had each other’s cocks near their faces, hard and swinging in front of them. Jesse leaned in first, his breath hot against Shane’s skin as he took Shane’s cock into his mouth once again, this time with far less hesitation. The sensation was overwhelming, a mix of warmth and wetness that sent shivers down Shane’s spine. He moaned loudly, the sound echoing in the small room. Shane, not wanting to be outdone, mirrored Jesse’s actions, his lips closing around Jesse’s throbbing length. Once he had the massive pole in his mouth, it wasn’t nearly as intimidating as he’d believed. 

Shane started sucking Jesse’s tip, driving him as crazy as Jesse was driving him. Shane could feel Jesse’s cock pulsing in his mouth, the taste and texture a strange but not entirely unwelcome sensation. He bobbed his head, matching Jesse’s rhythm, his own cock twitching in response to the pleasure he was giving.

The camera recorded every moment of their mutual exploration, capturing the raw passion and intensity of their encounter. They moved in perfect harmony, each motion synchronized, creating a rhythm that drove them both to new heights of pleasure. Their earlier apprehensions melted away, replaced by a shared desire to see this through. Jesse moaned around Shane’s cock, the vibrations sending waves throughout his body and causing him to go deeper on Jesse’s own.

As the minutes passed, their moans grew louder, their movements more urgent. The two jocks sucked hard, letting each other feel every sensation. Their playful game with the girls had turned into an intimate experience neither would soon forget. Shane’s moans grew more guttural, and Jesse could tell he was close. He felt the same way, the sensation of Shane’s mouth on him nearly driving him to the edge. Finally, they pulled back, their breaths ragged, and looked at each other with a mixture of satisfaction and curiosity about the girls' reaction. Shane went to stop the video and send it, while Jesse caught his breath.

“Fuck, man,” Shane said, still catching his breath. He glanced at Jesse, who was wiping the sweat from his forehead. “I can’t believe we just did that.”

Jesse laughed, a sound filled with a mix of exhilaration and disbelief. “Yeah, that was... intense. You think they’ll like it?”

Shane smirked, a glint of pride in his eyes. “Dude, they’re gonna love it. How could they not? We gave them a hell of a show.”

Jesse stretched, feeling the heat of the room and the adrenaline still coursing through his veins. “You ever think we’d be doing something like this?”

Shane shook his head, a wry smile playing on his lips. “Not in a million years, but damn, I’m not complaining. That was... kinda hot.”

Jesse grinned. “Yeah, it was. I never thought I’d say this, but I didn’t hate it.” He paused, then added with a mischievous glint, “Guess we’ve got something new to do when we’re bored.”

Shane returned his grin. “I’m kinda bored right now,” he said.

“Oh yeah?” Jesse stood and smirked devilishly, and pushed Shane down onto the couch.

Jesse started by stroking Shane’s cock again, his movements slow and deliberate. Shane groaned, his head falling back as he savored the sensation. “Oh, fuck, Jesse…”

Jesse leaned in, his lips brushing against Shane’s ear. “You like that?”

“Hell yeah,” Shane moaned, his hips thrusting slightly in response.

Taking things a step further, Jesse kissed his way down Shane’s chest, his tongue tracing a path of fire across his skin. He paused at Shane’s nipples, teasing them with gentle bites and licks. Shane’s moans grew louder, his body arching towards Jesse’s touch. He sucked on them hard as Shane groaned.

“Ohhhhh God…yes…” Shane groaned out. “Fuck, Jesse…that feels so good,” Shane panted, his hands gripping the couch for support.

Jesse continued his journey south, finally taking Shane’s cock into his mouth again. He moved with confidence, the earlier tension now replaced by a shared determination to drive each other wild. Shane’s hands found their way to Jesse’s head, guiding him as he thrust gently into his mouth.  Jesse moaned around Shane’s cock, the vibrations sending shivers down Shane’s spine.

As Jesse sucked his friend off, his fingers found his way underneath Shane. He moaned out loudly as he felt Jesse’s thick fingers trailing along his asscrack, occasionally brushing against Shane’s asshole, sending sparks of pleasure shooting through his body. “Fuck, Jesse,” Shane groaned, the dual sensations nearly overwhelming him. His hips bucked involuntarily, pressing deeper into Jesse’s mouth.


Jesse’s sucking sped up, his movements becoming more intense as he took Shane deeper, his tongue skillfully sliding against the massive cock that threatened to enter his throat. He took Shane deeper, the tip of Shane’s cock nudging the back of his throat, his gag reflex barely suppressed as he fought to maintain control. Jesse's lips formed a tight seal, creating a perfect suction that drew more groans from Shane. The room was filled with the lewd sounds of wet, desperate sucking and Shane’s unrestrained moans of pleasure. Jesse’s free hand gripped Shane’s thigh, steadying himself as he quickened his pace. His fingers, now more adventurous, circled Shane’s asshole with teasing precision, the light pressure sending shivers of pleasure through Shane’s spine.

“God, Jesse, that feels so fucking good,” Shane panted, his voice rough with arousal. Jesse’s fingers pressed a bit harder against Shane’s asshole, the added pressure eliciting a guttural moan from Shane.

“OH FUCKKKK!” Shane shouted, his entire body tensing as Jesse's finger suddenly penetrated his asshole for the first time. The unexpected intrusion sent a shockwave of pleasure coursing through him, amplifying the sensations already overwhelming his senses. Too lost in the pleasure to care, Shane simply bucked up repeatedly into Jesse’s mouth, driving his cock deeper and deeper, penetrating the other jock’s throat with each thrust.

The boys' activities were interrupted by the sound of a text message on Shane’s phone. They glanced over, his heart racing with a mix of anticipation and curiosity. It was the girls; they had finally replied. Shane and Jesse had almost forgotten about them in their heated moment, but now they were eager to see the new video that Jane had sent. It was nearly 12 minutes long, about the length of their suck-session.

The video started with Jane’s smiling face, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “Thanks for playing along, boys!” she said, her voice dripping with seduction. “You got us soooo hot and bothered, we think you deserve a special treat, so enjoy!” With that, she set the phone down and got into a 69 position with Gwen. Now the girls were playing catch-up, and they’d decided to match the boys’ behavior from the last video.

“Fuuuuck dude, they loved it!” Jesse high-fived Shane. “Holy shit, they’re really going for it,” he muttered, his eyes wide with excitement.

In the video, Jane positioned herself over Gwen, their bodies moving in perfect harmony as they pleasured each other. Jane’s fingers skillfully teased Gwen’s breasts, pinching and squeezing her nipples as she buried her face between Gwen’s legs. Gwen’s tongue worked feverishly, her own moans muffled by Jane’s thighs.

The boys watched, completely entranced. “Look at how into it they are,” Shane said, his voice low and filled with awe. He reached over and began stroking Jesse’s cock, his movements slow and deliberate.

Jesse moaned softly, his hand finding its way to Shane’s cock as well. “This is so fucking hot,” he moaned, not sure if he was talking about the handjobs or the video. The video continued, showing every intimate detail of the girls’ session. Their bodies writhed in pleasure, their moans growing louder and more desperate with each passing second. Jane’s fingers moved expertly over Gwen’s breasts, squeezing them with just the right amount of pressure to make Gwen arch her back in ecstasy.

As the video played on, showcasing the girls' passionate encounter, Jesse's attention began to wane. While Shane remained transfixed by the screen, Jesse's mind was elsewhere, consumed by the lingering desire that still pulsed through his veins. He had wanted to finish what they’d started. With a hunger that refused to be ignored, Jesse leaned down, his lips brushing against Shane's sensitive skin. Shane's breath hitched, his eyes flickering away from the screen to meet Jesse's gaze. There was a raw intensity burning in Jesse's eyes, a silent plea that spoke volumes.

Shane's pulse quickened, the desire reflected in Jesse's eyes igniting a fire within him. Without a word, Jesse took Shane's cock into his mouth again, the thick shaft now harder than ever. He started to finger Shane again.

“Oh, fuck,” Shane gasped, his fingers tangling in Jesse's hair as he surrendered to the overwhelming pleasure. The sensations sent shivers coursing through Shane's body, his every nerve ablaze with desire. He was still watching the video, but was no longer as interested in that as he was in what Jesse was doing.

Jesse's mouth moved with purpose, his tongue tracing patterns along Shane's length as he worked him towards the edge of ecstasy. But as suddenly as he started, Jesse stopped. He had a new idea now, a desire burning within him to explore new depths of pleasure with Shane. With a hungry determination, Jesse moved his mouth lower, his lips trailing down Shane's torso until he reached the curve of his ass. Without hesitation, he pressed his tongue against the sensitive skin, teasing the tight ring of muscle with slow, deliberate strokes.

“Jesse, fuck,” Shane moaned, his voice raw with desire as he surrendered to the overwhelming sensations. He buried his fingers in Jesse's hair, his grip tight with urgency as he urged Jesse on.

Encouraged by Shane's response, Jesse intensified his efforts, his tongue moving with purpose as he worked Shane towards the brink of ecstasy. He teased the sensitive skin with slow, deliberate strokes, his movements driving Shane wild with desire.

“I’ve got an idea,” Shane said, and paused the video, but not too reluctantly. Meanwhile, Jesse pushed his legs up and bent them so he could better access Shane’s asshole. Shane's anticipation surged as he opened the camera app on his phone, his fingers trembling slightly with excitement as he hit record.

With the camera capturing every moment, Jesse resumed his exploration of Shane's ass with renewed fervor. His tongue danced along the sensitive skin, tracing intricate patterns that sent sparks of pleasure shooting through Shane's body.

As Shane's pleasure reached its peak, Jesse pulled back, a satisfied grin playing on his lips as he met Shane's gaze. “You like that?” he murmured, his voice husky with arousal.

“God, yes,” Shane gasped, his chest heaving with exertion as he struggled to catch his breath. “Don't stop.”

With a wicked grin, Jesse returned to his task, his tongue picking up where it left off as he drove Shane to new heights of pleasure. Each stroke sent waves of ecstasy crashing over Shane, his every nerve ablaze with desire as he surrendered to the overwhelming sensations.

Shane’s asshole quivered at the sensation, a jolt of pleasure shooting through him as Jesse’s tongue worked its magic. The sensation was intense, sending waves of ecstasy coursing through Shane's body.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped, his voice raw with arousal. “It feels like you’re shoving a wet poker into my ass!” His words came out in a breathless rush, each syllable punctuated by the overwhelming pleasure that consumed him. “Fuck, Jesse, that feels incredible,” Shane groaned, his voice strained with pleasure as he surrendered completely to the sensations. “Please don’t stop, dude.”

Jesse grinned, his own desire burning bright as he reveled in the pleasure he was able to evoke in Shane. “You taste amazing, man!” he exclaimed, his voice filled with genuine appreciation.

As much as Jesse was enjoying himself, he needed to breathe, and the throbbing ache of his own arousal demanded attention. With a semi-reluctant sigh, he pulled his face away from Shane’s ass and stood up, the sudden loss of contact eliciting a whimper from Shane below him. It was clear that Shane was not ready for their intimate encounter to end, but Jesse had other plans in mind.

As he stood, Jesse's gaze locked with Shane's, a mischievous glint dancing in his eyes. "Don't worry, buddy," he murmured, his voice husky with desire. "I've got something else in mind for us."

Jesse’s throbbing, erect cock stood proudly before Shane, its imposing presence eliciting a mixture of anticipation and arousal that flickered across Shane's features. "Oh, fuck," he breathed, his voice thick with desire as he drank in the sight his eyes fixated on the pulsating member.

Jesse spat in his hand, and rubbed the saliva on his throbbing cock. As he continued to stroke, the reality of what they were about to do settled in, fueling their desire even further.

The room was filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing and soft moans, a testament to their growing need. As they prepared to go further, the anticipation was almost unbearable. They knew that the next move would take their erotic game to an entirely new level, pushing boundaries and exploring desires they had never acknowledged before.

Jesse didn’t say a word. With a knowing grin, he began to trail the glistening shaft along Shane’s asscrack, the slickness of the saliva wetting his asshole in the process. The sensation sent a wave of pleasure coursing through Shane's body, driving him wild.

As Jesse continued to tease him with the slicked shaft, Shane's desire surged, his remaining inhibitions melting away in the heat of the moment. "Do it, man," he moaned intently, now caught up in the lust of the moment. It no longer mattered to him that it was another man’s cock grinding against his own asshole; all that mattered was the pleasure Jesse had just given him, and the pleasure Shane wanted to give to him. As friends, they wanted to make each other feel good, and that was the only thing on their minds.

Jesse nodded. With a slow, deliberate motion, he began to push himself forward, the anticipation building with each inch of progress as he began to enter Shane. As Jesse's cockhead breached the threshold of Shane's tight, virgin hole, a primal cry tore from Shane's lips, echoing through the confines of their dorm room.

‘OHHHHHH SHIIITTTTTT!!!!” Shane shouted out, as his best friend penetrated his straight, virgin hole for the first time. Jesse thought for sure others might hear through the walls of their dorm, but he pressed on, his determination unwavering as he guided himself deeper into Shane. With each thrust, Jesse delved deeper into Shane, his movements guided by the tight grip that Shane’s ass had on him.

“Arrghh, you’re so fucking tight,” Jesse growled out, nonetheless determined to conquer his friend’s muscled ass.

Shane's body tensed beneath him, the sensation of Jesse's cock pushing deeper into him, each inch of Jesse's cock eliciting shivers of pain and pleasure. "God, Jesse," he gasped, his voice tinged with disbelief. “Duuuude! You’re so big!!! Fuck!” he growled. The pain had begun to subside now, and Shane couldn’t believe what he was feeling.

Jesse's grip tightened on Shane's hips as he continued to thrust, each movement driving him further into Shane's tight hole. "Yeah? You like it?" he asked, his voice rough with arousal. "You like feeling me inside you?"

"God, yes," Shane moaned, his breaths coming in ragged gasps. "It's so much... more than I expected. Don't stop, man. Keep going."

With a final, powerful thrust, Jesse bottomed out in Shane’s ass, slamming hard into him. "AAAGGHHH! FUCK, DUDE!" Shane shouted, his cock jumping at the impact. The sensation was intense, pushing him to new heights of pleasure.

He held the phone camera out above them, capturing all the action for the girls as these two jocks began to really fuck.

"God, your hole feels incredible," Jesse muttered, his voice a husky whisper. "You take it so well."

With every thrust, Jesse's cock pressed deeper, exploring the tight confines of Shane’s ass. The sensation was new and electrifying for Shane, a blend of pleasure and a touch of pain that heightened his arousal. He could feel every movement of Jesse’s dick inside him, the way it stretched and filled him, the pressure building in a place he had never imagined could feel so good. Shane's hand gripped the cushion beneath him, his knuckles white with the intensity of his pleasure. "Fuck, Jesse," he groaned. "You're driving me crazy. I can feel every inch of you."

“Take that big fuckin’ cock, dude,” Jesse encouraged the jock. “You’re taking me like a fucking champ!”

Shane let out a low, guttural moan, his hips bucking involuntarily against Jesse's cock. “Harder,” he pleaded, his voice thick with desire. “I want more.” Jesse's heart raced at the sound of Shane's desperate plea, his own desire burning hotter with each passing second. 

“You got it,” he growled, his movements becoming more urgent as he drove deeper into Shane. "You like that?" he asked, his voice strained with the effort. "You like me fucking you harder?"

"Yes!" Shane cried out, his voice a mixture of pleasure and need. "God, yes. Fuck me harder, Jesse. I want all of you."

Shane's back arched as Jesse hit just the right spot, sending a jolt of pleasure coursing through him. "Oh God," he cried out, his voice filled with ecstasy. "Right there, Jesse. Don't stop." With a low, feral growl, Jesse redoubled his efforts, his movements becoming more urgent as he drove deeper into Shane's tight heat. Jesse's eyes darkened with desire as he increased his pace, each thrust more forceful than the last.

“Yeah! That’s it! Fuck me, man!” Shane demanded, as if encouraging a teammate in one of the many sports they liked to play. The boys were treating this like just another match, a competitive, adrenaline-fueled encounter that ultimately they would both be the victors of.

Jesse responded to Shane’s encouragement with equal vigor. “Oh, I’m gonna pound the fucking shit outta you!” he growled, each word dripping with determination. “Gonna make you take this cock like a fucking man!” His movements became even more forceful, the sound of their bodies colliding filling the room with a rhythmic intensity that mirrored their shared drive.

Shane’s eyes flashed with a mixture of challenge and desire, his competitive spirit igniting further. “I’m taking it, man,” he shot back, his voice strained with pleasure. “Give me everything you’ve got!”

The room was filled with the sounds of their exertion, each thrust and moan loudly. Jesse's cock plunged deeper into Shane, the slick heat of his friend’s ass driving him wild.

“Fuck, Shane, you feel so good,” Jesse groaned, his voice rough. “I’m not holding back.”

“Don’t you dare,” Shane replied, his voice breathless but resolute. “I want all of it, Jesse. Every single inch.”

With a primal growl, Jesse pushed himself to the limit, his body moving with a fierce, almost primal urgency. Shane met him thrust for thrust, their bodies moving in perfect sync.

Fuck, Shane, you’re so close, aren’t you?” Jesse growled, his voice a mix of encouragement and raw desire.

“Yeah… oh God, Jesse… I’m so close…” Shane’s voice was a breathless plea, his body arching to meet each of Jesse's thrusts.

“Jesse, I’m gonna… oh fuck, I’m gonna…” Shane’s voice was strained, the words barely escaping his lips as he felt his orgasm approaching. His body was a taut wire, every muscle coiled in anticipation of release.

Jesse could sense Shane’s impending climax, the way his hole pulsed and twitched around his dick, the desperate thrusts becoming more erratic. He let out yet another burst of hard thrusts, finding that sweet spot that sent stars exploding behind Shane's eyes.

Suddenly, Shane cried out, his body convulsing as he came, the intense waves of pleasure crashing over him. His muscles tightened and spasmed, the sensation overwhelming as he spilled himself, every nerve ending alight with ecstasy. “Oh fuck, Jesse! I’m cumming! FUCK YEAH!!! FUCK THE CUM OUTTA ME! FUUUUCK!!!” Shane shouted out, as his throbbing cock bounced in the air, shooting massive loads of milky-white jizz all over himself without being touched. His load shot all over his abs, pecs, and some of it even hit him in the face.

Jesse's eyes widened at the sight, the sheer intensity of Shane’s orgasm pushing him closer to his own edge. With one final, powerful thrust, Jesse pushed them both over the edge. His own orgasm surged through him, a torrent of pleasure that left him trembling. “Shane… fuck, I’m cumming too…SHIIITTTT!!! FUCKIN’ TAKE IT, DUDE!” Jesse groaned, his voice a deep, guttural sound as he emptied himself into Shane.

“Fuck, yes, Jesse!” Shane moaned, his voice hoarse with satisfaction. Jesse’s load flooded into him, like a blast of liquid coating his insides. The sensation of Jesse filling him, combined with the aftermath of his own intense release, left him breathless.

Jesse’s body shuddered as he continued to pulse inside Shane, each wave of his orgasm prolonging his pleasure. “God, Shane, you’re incredible,” he murmured, his voice softening as the intensity began to ebb.

As the waves of Jesse’s orgasm subsided, his thrusts slowed, then stopped, his body going limp with exhaustion and satisfaction. Jesse carefully withdrew his cock and Shane stopped the recording, sending it to the girls. Jesse sat down next to Shane, who’s ass was now leaking cum. Both of them were breathing heavily, the intensity of the moment leaving them both reeling.

“That was… fucking amazing,” Shane finally managed to say, his voice hoarse. “Holy shit, that was intense,” Jesse said, his voice still husky from the exertion.

“No kidding,” Shane replied, glancing at the screen to see if there was any immediate response. “I think we just blew their minds.”

When the girls finally texted back, they were astounded. “Oh. My. God.” Jane’s text read. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen! As soon as this snowstorm is over, Gwen and I are coming over there. That is, if you boys don’t mind sharing.” She had sent another winking face emoji.

The boys were too exhausted to respond, but Jesse took a look outside the window to see the quad was now covered in a thick layer of white powder, and little else in sight.

by Lance Abrams

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