Sneaky session in my office

Working late one evening turned into a sweaty cum filling session.

I had been working away with my team for weeks on a proposal to take on a new contract, when it all went to shit. The sales team arrived back from a meeting with the potential client when the whole design shifted in a very different direction. 6 of us had been doing 10-11hr days for last 3 weeks on the design and it felt like we had just had our legs taken out from underneath us.

All of a sudden we needed some new skills, and the following day I put an add out on SEEK looking for someone with the skills we required. I had a few resumes drop into my email over the next day with a few interviews organised not long after that.

Interviews, I hate interviews! We had 4 interviews a day for 3 days as we needed to get back underway with our design. I am amazed how many mundane, boring and uninteresting people work in this area. On the third day I was really hoping to find someone we could work with who didn’t oversell themselves and actually could easily communicate. After the 3rd interview I sent a txt message to the sales lead that indicated we only had one interview left and that things were not looking good and that we may not be able to get the design done in time, as no candidate had the ability needed.

Last interview for the day arrived, my mobile rang 10 minutes early with a very well-spoken man introducing himself as the final candidate. Stewart proceeded to inform me he had arrived at the security desk in my building. I proceeded down from my floor to the ground floor totally unaware that Stewart had a hobby that meant he had an amazing body. Turning the corner out of the lift to the security desk I noticed him in a dark grey light pinstripe suite. He was facing the desk chatting with the guard which was great as I got a really good look at what I can only say was the tightest bum I had seen in business slacks. This peaked my interest and I initially thought this couldn’t be the guy.

Stewart turned around and I put my hand out to shake his, introducing myself. Hi I’m Justin, you’re Stewart here for the interview right? He looked me straight in the eyes with his gorgeous green/grey eyes and almost excitedly said yes, that’s me I’m ready. I signed Stewart in where we kicked off some light chit chat about the position and the company, where he seemed to get a bit excited as I noticed he was bulging a little in his suite pants.

I guided Stewart into the lift and up to our floor for the interview, which went for an hour. During the interview I was becoming very comfortable with his responses to questions. He was great at communication and spoke very well about the technology he had claimed to be an expert in. Turns out he really knew his stuff. I was also a getting a little hot in my pants as he was gorgeous. A reall hottie. Stewart kept eye contact when responding and he seemed a little cheeky as well which was an indication of his confidence.

Final questions for the day is always mine, and it’s the one where I divert from work and technical and ask them about their hobbies, do they work at keeping a work life balance, and do they live to work or work to live. His answers where all excellent and all lined up with my perceived ideal of someone who has their life in order. Stewarts answer on the hobby question was very cool indeed and was a great indication to his figure as he had two hobbies that were important to him. He loved hiking and blacksmithing! Now the hiking I have heard before and do lots of myself, but blacksmithing was so odd and so cool.

At the end of the interview my workmates and I looked at each other nodded and I proceeded to offer Stewart a position in my team. I explained our scenario and hoped that he would be able to start with us as off Monday.

Stewart almost leaped up from his seat and put his hand right across the table to me to shake my hand and said, yes, I would love to work under you. Again an interesting use of words, as it almost felt like a subtle innuendo hint was dropped in my lap. I had been nursing a semi for most of the interview as I enjoyed the interaction with this hot man.

His out of left field blacksmithing hobby almost left me with a steel bar in my pants. I think my mind quickly went to a mental picture of seeing this man with big arms and shoulders in a leather apron all sweaty hammering a piece of steel into submission. HOT!

I walked Stewart to the lift and while we descended to the ground floor I caught him looking at my crotch which didn’t help my ability to control my impending boner. I had to work so hard to keep it down, it was driving me mad as I walked him to the security desk with the pants rubbing against my briefs.

I shook his hand and said to Stewart to be here 8am Monday and I will look after you. He winked at me smiled and said that he looked forward to that. With that organised I took the opportunity to go to the downstairs executive bathroom, lock the door and release my pent up sexual tension from the previous interaction. I have a wild ability to cum over and over large loads, and if I don’t regularly release it I have wet dreams and really make a mess. I had been a regular for spending 10-15 minutes in the executive bathroom and exiting looking very satisfied with myself. Today was different as I had got really worked up that I had started leaking and it had made it through my briefs to my slacks which had a wet spot of precum.

I had get some water on that and then sit it under the hand drier for a while. But before I did that I had to release a load. The executive bathroom which I was allowed to use had hand cream and was always spotlessly clean. I had worked out a way to catch my big loads without them going everywhere by using a glass from the counter. I quickly stripped down and put some water on my leaky patch on the slacks, grabbed some hand cream and started to work my big 8.5 inch cut cock. I started using some imagination of Stewart in his blacksmithing gear with him bent over his anvil with me pounding his tight buns and slapping my big balls against them. BOOM that put me over the top and I hadn’t got my glass yet. First shot fired 2 meters in a heavy volley that landed boom right on top of my slacks. I redirected the following shots down onto the floor and left one hell of a mess.

FUCK!!! My pleasure release turned to frustration as I had to clean up and then spend the next 20 minutes rinsing my slacks and drying them under the hand dryer.

As I exited the restroom, one of my team had come looking for me as I had been away for 30+ minutes since walking Stewart out. I got a cheeky grin from Sarah and she commented “he’s that good hey?” Sarah knew all about me and my trips to the restroom as one day I didn’t lock the door and she came looking for me and sprung me spanking my meat. So I had to explain the whole gay thing as she proceeded to want to drop to her knees and consume my cock. Sarah walked off giggling and saying, next week is going to be fun, have a good weekend.

I contacted the sales team and let them know we would have him starting Monday and we would pull out all stops to get the design ready in a week. I packed up for the day and headed off for a fun weekend of camping and fishing.

Monday morning 755am Stewart called and I raced down to the building lobby too collect him. Like the week before he was spectacular. But as it was really a hot morning mid summer he wasn’t in a suite coat, which really allowed his big arms and shoulders to be accentuated by his business shirt. I commented about his shoulders where he explained he made a Damascus steel kitchen knife over the weekend which meant he folded steel nearly a hundred times and hand forged it all by hand hammering. Hell of a work out.

After organising his building pass and network account we got to work where we spent the next 3 days 10 hrs a day working closely together on the design. The cool thing about that was I got to admire him and get to know him well. On the Thursday Stewart asked where I went for 20 mins every day before lunch? I blushed, went quite red and said that I had a catch up with a senior manager at that time. He said ok, and we moved on.

That afternoon we received a little update from the sales team prior to finalising the design that required us to stay late and get it all done for the 9am presentation in the morning. By 7pm we had ordered some dinner in and it was just Stewart and I left for the final review and checking it was ready. We moved from the conference room after eating into my office where I closed the door as the cleaner was moving through the office with the vacuum. Stewart had his arm outside the edge of his chair and I moved past him with my crotch facing him, where I brushed his arm with my semi hard cock.

Stewart and I had worked over 12 hrs straight and he just straight out said to me, “don’t tease me like that, you have been flashing that thing around me all week.” I literally didn’t know what to say, when he just stood up and came over to me and layed his big strong hand on my cock which responded instantly. He leaned in and kissed me as well which started my pre-cum generation.

Luckily it was less than a minute before my pants and most of my clothes where off me and on the couch. Stewart straight out said wow you have a fat cock, I want it. He quickly stripped off and launched himself at my now dribbling cock.

His mouth was heavenly, he worked my cock for 15 or so minutes where I warned him I was going to blow and that he had to be careful as I have an enormous load to which he quickly popped up and asked how much? I let him know it could be up to 100ml and shoot a few meters. That seemed to make him really want it and work it harder and deeper. He had started deep throating me and my knob was passing his tonsils and down his throat. I exploded, woosh after woosh I pumped a few tablespoons of smooth cum down into his stomach. This guy was talented as he didn’t gag, or even react to so much cum pouring down his gullet.

Stewart popped up kissed me and said I needed a protein shake! Fuck he even says the hottest things. I grabbed his butt and started prodding his hole with my finger, were he moaned a little and I launched into a deep tongue kiss. He started wiggling his butt trying to get my finger inside him but it was too dry and he seemed really tight. I quickly reached out with my other hand hunting around for my backpack next to my desk which I finally found and dragged closer whilst kissing him and my other hand was still probing his ass.

I found it.. I had a small pump of lube in my bag and put it on the desk, which Stewart saw and quickly he moved away from me so he could get a blob of lube into his hand and then onto his asshole where he started to finger himself and get as much lube inside himself as possible. He pushed another few pumps of lube into his other hand and proceeded to lather my still hard cock with it, and quickly said, put it in me.

He pushed our paper work off the desk scattering weeks of work across the floor and hopped up on the table on his back presenting me with his package and ass. I moved in and gave his cock and balls a tongue bath. I moved down to his ass where he quickly lifted my head up and said in an aggressive fashion that he wanted my cock in there, not my tounge. He’s a power bottom, he likes telling guys how to work him.

I put my fat cock head against his amazingly small hole and started to push in, It took 10 minutes or longer swapping from my cock to a finger then thumb, back to my cock and then POP my cock head passed and he let out a big sigh where he relaxed at the same time and I pushed in a bit further which he wasn’t expecting. He asked me to stop and let him get used to the thickness and said it was the thickest cock he had taken and that he would be ready soon for me to go wild and use him. That was such a turn on to hear that I would be able to really go off as I love being able to fuck really hard.

A Few minutes passed and as he relaxed he pushed himself onto my cock down to about 6 inches inside him and plenty to go when he said “now fuck me like you own me”. I proceeded to follow the order and instantly bottomed out getting all 8.5 inches of fat cut cock into him where he flinched. I pulled back right to top only leaving my knob inside him and slammed back down to my balls, where he gasped and moaned where I kicked into a wild fucking machine. I had him pinned down with his back on leather top table against his naked body and holding his legs near my shoulders. I thrust into him over and over for 10-15 minutes where his groans seem to get higher and higher in tone. I noticed his balls tightening, lifting and he exploded all over his stomach and chest with a hot ropey load of cum. Seeing this and then smelling it put me over the top, where I started to cum deep inside him some 14 spurts of hot cum.

I pulled out of him and he didn’t lose a drop of cum as his ring closed off tight. I said I’d happily do that every day where Stewart said he would love that.

We quickly cleaned up and put our paper work back together and left together to my place where I proceeded to follow his instruction again and deposit another huge cum load inside him, and again in the morning after I woke to find him riding my morning glory hard on.

Arriving together at work Sarah asked me to come see her for a quick meeting where she asked what was that all about coming to work together in my car and why was his car still here? I said we have more in common and winked at her, with her reply being No, you bastard, not fair! I chuckled and walked off back to my office.

Stewart and I presented the design to the sales team and then the client that day and our coordination and handling of it was well noted by the CEO of our company, who a few weeks after winning the contract gave us an award which ended up being a holiday each where we could take our partners. We thanked the CEO and walked off next to each other were we both said the same thing at same time, so when are we off?




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