Never take a shortcut you aren't' familiar with was what I was taught as a young kid. 'Don't go down dark alleys.' 'Always walk where other people are, in a crowd or something'

Well this time I didn't listen to that warning, and cut across some train tracks to save some time going home in Brooklyn, NY one night. No one was around, late afternoon, so I thought, why the hell not. I was walking down an empty street lined with trailers left behind by trucking companies that closed for the day. When this man seemed to come out of nowhere, and asked me for a cigarette. I said "I don't smoke sorry", and He said, "Ok thanks man." and he walked down that same street in the other direction, I turned up my ipod and kept going down the street oblivious to my own surroundings. I felt a little uneasy about the encounter I turned to look back at him but he was gone, or so I thought.

Before I knew it that same man showed up again around the corner I just turned. He was maybe in his late

20's or mid 30's, good shape, maybe a few pounds on him but a good lookin'

man. This time he grabbed a hold of my arm and insisted that I walk with

him to this store front. I pulled back instinctively, I said I can't I have to get home I'm late, let go! He

firmly said, "Fuck that! you're coming with me!" and pulled me along I struggled but he was strong and pulled me along effortlessly, my ear-buds falling from my ears and dangling by my legs. I could barely get a word out I was so stunned at what was happening! He shuffled me into this store front, it was in a newly built building, the smell of paint in the air filled my lungs, no furniture of any kind or visible items that made it look like a business you'd recognize, maybe it was a new condo or something. There were tiles and paint cans all over the place...he hurried me into a large room with a chair and a desk, that was all that was in there. I almost didn't

realized that he zip tied my hands behind my back and sat me down in the chair, everything moved so fast! 'I'm not gonna hurt you as long as you do as I say." he said firmly. I

agreed immediately by nodding my head in stunned disbelief at what was happening, my heart was racing. He started to unbutton my shirt, pulled down my sweat pants and let them fall down at my feet. I started to protest, to resist slightly, telling him he can have my money and iPod if he just let me go. He looked at me incredulously. "I'm not a thief man! now shut the fuck up and do as I say!' "ok, ok man shit! I said nervously.

"Just co operate and you'll be fine." he insisted. He continued to undress me, standing me up for a moment taking off my shirt, pulling it down to the back of the chair by my tied hands. He took off my shoes and pulled off my sweats and sneakers and even my socks. He just left my tank top and boxers on, then pushed me down in the chair. He looked me in the eyes for a moment and grabbed my balls I jumped back in my seat startled. "Damn boy..." he said. "Those boys are big!" Squeezing my balls firmly enough to make me wince. "I love a guy in full cut boxers by the way, they're just so manly, so hot! like lettin the boys hang loose huh.." He asked, in a non-threatening subdued complimentary tone. "Yea...I like to hang loose." I replied sheepishly. It eased my mind a bit but was still nervous as hell. He positioned me in the chair and spread my legs as wide as he could. I was sweating I was so nervous. I grunted a bit, and he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me in closer to him repositioning me in the chair.

'What's this whackjob gonna do to me?' I thought. 'I knew I shouldn't have takin' that fuckin' shortcut!!' I thought to myself. He proceeded to tie both of my feet to the legs of the wooden chair he sat me down in. My hands were still zip-tied and my arms were hanging off the back of the chair, with my shirt hanging over them. "Look man...I won't tell anyone! just let me go c'mon man, this is soooo fucked up!" He calmly kneeled in front of me and said non-nonchalantly "Oh relax man, you'll enjoy this shit." He pushed my legs apart some more. "What..enjoy what?" I asked. "Just wait a minute." he said as he rubbed my nipples through my tank top, they got hard immediately, "Fuck!" I thought, "I love my nipples played with did he have to do that, I can't resist that shit!!" I pulled away but he keep rubbing my left one then my right and they got so hard, his fingers were cold, cold as ice! He then reached down and grabbed my crotch, squeezing my balls and rubbing my dick, I squirmed a bit but tried to remain calm. He kissed my neck, licked my ear lobes, my dick responded immediately awakening in my boxers, straining against them in an effort to bust through! I couldn't help but get hard! I mean I get hard when the wind blows or when the train vibrates rumbling down the tracks! But now too? My balls tightened up as my dick swelled getting so hard it hurt! 'That's what you get for being stupid! sooooo stupid!' I thought to myself taking that short-cut. I must admit, it felt sooooo good though. Scary but there was a 'rush' to it. I even spread my legs a bit wider, as much as possible in my chair for him to gain more access to my balls he was massaging and squeezing. He reached further cupping my balls more as his fingers explored my crotch just short of my butt hole. He squeezed my balls really hard, and pulled my head back to kiss me long deep and hard, his tongue traced my lips, and went deep in my mouth. At first I just didn't respond but then I kissed him back, swirling my tongue with his. It was gentle almost 'butterfly' light, the way he kissed. But sooo passionate! I wanted to kiss him!! 'what!!' I said to myself. 'You wannt kiss this stranger!' But I couldn't help it! His mouth was soft, minty as if he just finished a tic-tac or something. His mouth felt a bit prickly with his goatee, it made my balls tingle! Never had that 'tingle' sensation kissing my

girlfriend! He went around kneeled in front of me, pulled out my now throbbing dick from my boxers and started to suck it, I could hardly catch my breath it felt soooo good! Gay or not that man new how to suck dick! He was firm, took control of my cock and went to town on it!"Fuck that's a big cock love to show it off I see." He proceeded to jack me off in between sucking, in a back and forth pleasure-fest I thought lasted forever, didn't even know what time it was, I didn't care! "This is what you wanted, all this attention right? Now you're getting it, and more to come." He said, now swirling his tongue around my swollen cock head. I leaned back squirming in my chair every possible way, groaning and gasping for breath! It felt so good my eyes couldn't roll back in my head any further! I didn't know what he meant at the time, that was something I'd realized later. He swirled his tongue around my throbbing cock-head and back down my shaft, and around my balls through my boxers. He came up and wrapped his lips around my head again and deeply sucked my dick half way down and came quickly back up taking extra time on my oh so sensitive swollen cock head. I moaned with pleasure, gasping for breath over and over. It made me feel guilty though, I shouldn't like this, much less love this! But it was impossible to resist, impossible not to LOVE it! I couldn't help it. Fuck it felt so good!! Then he stopped abruptly and said, "I'll be right back man, don't go anywhere now." he said with a laugh and sinister smirk. He left the room, I could here the door close behind him. He left me there with my throbbing cock hard as granite, pointing straight up, his saliva mixing with the precum I could feel leaking out...until I looked...Shit!! No! Wait, no it couldn't be but yea, I was cumming! A delayed reaction to that guy sucking me off, but damn, it felt awesome! My cock was pulsing but not violently spasming or anything like that, a slight twitch, then the white cum started pouring out of my head and down my shaft! "Oh shiiiiiit. Fuck no!.." I said quietly under my breath, grunting. I squirmed in my chair as if to try and stop what was happening, as I felt the thick warm cum running down my shaft over my boxers and down between my legs. Fuck that felt amazing!! I was trying to breathe normally, controlling it as best as I could, "oh fuuuuuck!" I whispered, as more of the thick semen continued to pour out, my dick twitched a little again as the semen ran down my shaft. I strained against my zip-tied hands. 'Man where is that fucker he should be jackin me off at least right now, drain me, finish me off right!' I thought, as the cum poured like lava down my cock. I moaned with pleasure, the warm cum oozing down my dick felt incredible!! I inhaled deeply, it was paint-laden air but I needed to inhale and exhale to stabilize my breathing and compose myself. A mild breeze blew in through the window next to me, it mixed in with the paint thinner and building materials that were scattered all over the room. My dick twitched a bit more, was still granite hard, but getting a little softer, some residual cum was still leaking down my cock as it was sticking through the fly my boxers. I was feeling a little nervous, wha't this dude gonna do next! The room was cold and my nipples were hard as well I could feel them! A few minutes passed, then the door opened, the man came in with another man, a young dude, 22 or 23 maybe, they both came over to me. The man noticed I ejaculated and said. "Whoa! What happened here! Did I do that?! Made you cum man? When did that happen!" he exclaimed looking at the cum leaking down my dick and cum soaked boxers. "Just as you left I started to feel like I was gonna cum so...I did, couldn't help it...your fault man!" I said. The man laughed and said, "Got the magic touch don't I man! Anyway this is the deal, this is the way I didn't catch your name?" While the young man next to him fixated on my cock. "I'm Johnny." I replied nervously. "Hector, this is Johnny, Johnny this is Hector and you two boys are gonna put on a show for me." Hector stood there, in his boxers and nothing else, not even socks. The man reached behind Hector and cut the zip-ties off of him. I didn't even realized it but Hector was tied up like I was. Hector leaned close to me and said, "We gotta do this man, trust me don't fight it, just give into it. it'll be ok."

"Do what?" I asked. Hector looked at the man. The man said, "Hector's gonna ride

your dick till you both shoot your loads all over the place. And I'm

gonna tape it." he said with a sinister matter-of-fact tone and added smirk. My dick at

this point was semi-hard, at first I didn't know what to say, but knew it wouldn't matter, this would happen regardless, so I better accept it, and roll with it. Hector stood there in his Hanes boxers as if he's done this before, at least that's the impression I got. The man looked at me, I could tell,

looking at his eyes he wasn't kidding. He came over to me and stood behind me."Here's the deal, I'll untie you, but are you gonna behave or not?" He asked. "Shit!....Yea, I'll behave, I'm in my underwear, where am I gonna run to anyway, you've got all my stuff!" I exclaimed. The man laughed and said. "Cool, just relax in the chair, your legs are still gonna be tied up though. You boys are gonna love this." And proceeded to cut me loose from the zip-ties.I"Ok what.... so now what?" I asked rubbing my wrists where the zip-ties made an impression in my skin. "Simple." the man said. "Hector and you are gonna kiss, for starters... and make it good!

believable! Then he's gonna sit down on that huge dick of yours and take a long hard ride!" he said matter-of-factly. The man gave Hector a condom. "Hector, roll that down on Johnny's cock when your ready to take a ride." he said laughing. Hector was thin, skinny, 100lbs maybe? 5'8" tops. Smooth-bodied, lean muscle, a light beard and hairy legs. He came over to me and said confidently. "Let's do this." He grabbed my semi-erect cock and started to jack me, using the left-over cum as lubricant, it responded by getting rock hard again. He grabbed by crotch taking a firm grip on my balls and kissed me softly at first, his soft lips pressed against mine. He tasted like gum, spearmint or something like that. I hesitated for a bit letting his tongue explore my mouth while he jacked me off. I kissed him back reluctantly at first, pushing into his lips. He responded by kissing me harder, deeper entwining his tongue with mine. He pulled my tank to the side and licked my nipples, from left to right they hardened with each flick of his warm tongue...I put my hands behind my back as he sucked my nipples, arching my back with each flick of Hectors tongue, I moaned with pleasure! I can't believe that I was into this, but I was! My nipples were so sensitive, they immediately got rock hard, my dick was throbbing as Hector jacked it through my boxers' fly. He gently licked my right nipple which sent me into spasms pulling against my restraints, "fuck man!" I managed to say, making me pant it felt awesome! It felt so good, precum was leaking heavily now as Hector continued to jacked my dick. Noticing the precum he smiled and used his index finger to gently rub the tip of my dick and spread the precum around my throbbing cock head, already coated from the previous ejaculation, I squirmed and groaned in my chair twisting and turning each and every way from the shear pleasure that overwhelmed by body! Each time Hector used his finger playing with my swollen cock-head I jumped in my chair, held back by the zip-ties I could only move so far, "Oh! Please stooooooop man! Stop for a few seconds so I can catch my breath man!" I managed to say, in between gasps for breath.

"Fuck!! Damn man!! Shiiiiit!' I yelled as I gasp for breath. Hector smiled, eased up a bit, and grabbed my head and pulled me into him as he kissed me deeply. "Why are you doing this anyway man?" I asked practically out of breath. Hector continued deep kissing me. Just continued to work my dick, oblivious to the world around him it seemed. Hector continued to massage my cock head as more precum leaked out soaking my shaft each time he jacked my cock. "Yea, you like that nigga? you love that don't you papi....hell yea, you do, damn you've got a huge dick man!." I was in ecstasy, my body quivering with each kiss, each lick of a nipple, each tweak of a nipple, each yank on my cock! I put my hands back behind my head and arched my back again stretching as far as I could. "Oh man this is so fucked up! But heeeeeeeeeeelllll fuckin' yea I love it man! Oh shiiiiiiiiiit! Fuck!" I exclaimed. It was hard to say I didn't like it, when my dick was granite hard and practically purple from the blood engorging it! Hector continued to kiss me deeply, as I kissed him back, we traced each others lips with our tongues, from gentle to hard we kiss for what seemed like forever! He jacked me from my cock-head to my balls, hard! fast! firmly taking command of my cock, I was

moaning and powerless to do anything about it, but let him! I loved it!! And I hated that I loved it! All the while the man was taping the entire scene, I forgot he was even there! "Hell fuckin' yea boys!, that's what I'm

talkin' bout!!' Hector slipped out of his boxers now. I said. "Wait? How we gonna do this, I'm still dressed basically?" No problem the man said, I want Hector to ride your dick while it's stickin through your shorts. It's a

'thing' I have, love to jack a dude off in his boxers and have another dude ride his dick while he's wearing carry on boys! Keep your hands behind your head Johnny." The man instructed. "Like you did before." As if I had a choice, meanwhile my dick was so hard my balls tightened so hard they hurt! Hector kissed me again and said. "I want that cock in my ass so bad!" I watched as he positioned himself just

above my cock, damn! This is really gonna happen! His ass almost touching my cock. "oops!" he exclaimed.

"Forgot to put some latex on that monster!" the man handed him a Trojan XXL, I almost forgot about that myself, I was so wanting his ass on my cock as well! I couldn't believe I was thinking that but it was true! I wanted that little ass sliding down on my throbbing cock so bad!! Fuck it! I didn't care if it was gay, I'll hate myself later, but damn if Hectors' ass wasn't fine! Small, tight and I needed to tear into it! Hector jacked my dick hard and fast and slipped the condom on, positioned himself over my dick again. I put my hands behind my head and exclaimed, "oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! OH! Fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk!" as my cock-head eased into Hectors tight ass, I could feel the resistance as he moved down slowly on it, he impaled himself down on the tip of my cock head, slowly easing down on my shaft as I spread my legs wider, I could feel the zip ties on my legs cut the circulation off practically, in my legs! I grabbed his smooth ass as I gasped for breath as my cock-head slipped into Hector hole! It felt so incredible, he was soooo tight! My cock only hardened more, strained as it opened up his tight ass, it was soooo tight! Hectors hole shut tight around my shaft as I finally penetrated him deeper and deeper! He gasped, "OH fuck yea!!, fuck that cocks' sooooo big! shit!! man!!...damn papi!" he exclaimed, he laughed a little as said, "fuckers bigger than I thought!" He proceeded to slowly bounce on my cock as I moaned and groaned with pleasure, my cocks' gonna explode in his ass I keep thinking, like it's never exploded with any chick! Hector positioned himself so we could kiss as he rode my cock, playing with my nipples and kissing me for what seemed like an eternity. I grabbed his hard dick and jacked him while we kissed. 'Electric' feelings shot through my body as my cock opened up his ass more and it wrapped tightly around my shaft....he took my cock balls deep in his smooth tight butt! He grinded down on my cock, riding it like a pro, riding it's full length, like he's done this more than once, or twice, oh hell maybe a hundred times!! I just thought to myself, "I wasn't even trying to stop these dudes from doing this, talkin' them out of this? why not?" Because I dreamed of something like this happening, secretly, somewhere deep in my mind perhaps, these feelings existed? I don't know. To be 'taken' and forced to do this to finally realized that's what I always wanted to do! I had sexual feeling for guys, fantasies about what it would be like to fuck them,

and here I am! But they weren't real! Just fantasies, NOT REAL! The man was rubbing his cock through his sweat pants, a huge bulge strained against those sweats as I looked over to my left, he was in his own world, taping us while Hector rode me good! I closed my eyes and moaned so loud I thought the whole world could hear me!! "Oh shiiiiiit!" Hector suddenly exclaimed, thick white cum was gushing out of

his cock as I looked down, I could feel his warm cum coating my abs, didn't even touch himself when

it happened! I laughed and said, "History repeating itself! Damn! must've hit the right spot huh!" "Hell fuckin' yea papi!" "Hell yea!" Both Hector and me were laughing, but my time was coming up now, my turn

to shoot! A few more kisses, Hector slowed down his 'bounce' he started to grind down slowly, and moaned as cum continued to drip from his cock, I grabbed his dick to drain him even more as his balls emptied their remaining cum onto my stomach. "Shit!...shiiiit" that was great papi! Hell yea! Fuck yea!!...daaaaaamn you made me cum!" Hector looked at me, breathing heavily closing his eyes and moaning continuing to bounce hard on my dick again. I thrust deep and up into his ass hard, forcefully, making him gasp with each thrust. If I wasn't still tied up I'd split that boy in half I swear!! I felt Hector's body shake as he moaned and breathed deeply, my breathing increased as well, we were both sweating like we were running a fuckin' marathon!! I hated the fact I was tied up, I'd love to grab his ass and push and pull it down on my cock, jack his dick, but all I could do was hang on as my cock tore Hectors ass up with each thrust! Then I felt my cock start to pulse deep in Hectors ass! The pressure was building in my balls I could feel the time was near. Shit I'm gonna shoot! "OH SHIT!!" I exclaimed as waves and waves of pulses shot through my cock as it spasmed and I started bustin in Hectors ass!! "Fuck!! FUCK!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKK!!! I screamed as I exploded deep in that tight ass!! I reached and grabbed his butt, and I could feel jet streams of cum blasting inside Hector as my cock pulsed and my balls draining all that cum deep inside that oh so tight ass! ! I felt Iike I was hyperventilating, both of us nearly fell to the floor as the chair I was sitting in creaked and strained from our weight and motion! I felt the cum gush outta Hectors' ass all over and down my balls, the cum running out of Hectors ass down the boxers I was wearing deep between my legs and onto the chair I was sitting. "Fuck the rubber broke probably! shit!!' My cock was still hard in Hectors' ass as he hopped off of it and it fell against my belly, residual cum still leakin' from my still hard cock's head. I was amazed at all that cum I shot! My tank top was soaked with sweat, Hector and me were soaked with sweat, exhausted. My breathing started to ease a bit, my cock twitched as Hector kissed me, deeply, I kissed him back, my cock awakening again, it got semi hard, I could still feel some more cum leak down my shaft. When Hectors lips left mine, my cock remained semi-erect a little while longer relaxed and went down, spent, my balls drained dry. Meanwhile I could see my cum running down Hectors' legs from my explosion! The man came over to us and said, "Fuck boys that was sooooo incredible, now that's how men fuck....not a gay thing, sometimes a man's gotta take care of another man." I nodded, not so much in agreement as I was sooooo spent, tired and drained, my balls loosening up a bit from tightening so much before! "Ok boys, there's a shower in the next room, fully working shower in you want to clean up, I'm sure you do." he said with a chuckle. He came over and cut my restraints off. I rubbed the skin where they clamped down on me and asked the man."So why did you do this to me anyway?" He looked at me, as Hector looked on and said. "Those jeans you're wearing, that bulge on your right side of your pants?, you like showing off don't I had to teach you a lesson you wanted attention you got it...I couldn't resist I had to do something, just needed to see that thing in action in Hectors' ass is all." "I snatched him off the street about a half hour ago before I snatched you up, and I needed another dude to make this happen, then I saw you. And that cock! Man I couldn't stop staring at the bulge!" "Oh is that all. I'm not showing off, I mean I put on my pants and push my junk off to the right. " I said incredulously.

"Yea I think you know everyone can see that thing through your pants, you like to show it off." He insisted.

I just smiled and said nothing. Hector came over to me grabbed my balls I winced a bit, startled. Hector said. "Well let's take that shower man look at this mess!." Pointing to the semen still coating his legs and butt. We both went in to the bathroom, turned on the water, stepped inside. Hector grabbed me pulled me close and kissed me. As he did he grabbed my cock, and I grabbed his, we stood there kissing and lightly jackin' our dicks. "Think I could drain some more cum outta that thing?" "Fuck yea! I could make this a habit." I said. "Good thing we're in the shower, easy clean up this way!" I said. My cock reawakened again, looks like Hector's ass is gonna get opened up again! And again! We kissed in the shower as the steam built up to a fog, my cock shot back up to it's hardest state yet as Hector cupped my balls and firmly tugged on we continued to kiss, cum started to pour out of my dick, Hector's grip on my balls eased a bit and seemed to fade off....the steam started to become more fog like, very thick and then...... I woke up in that shower! All I remember was making out with this kid Hector and cumming again...then he was gone, the man, who snatched us up was gone! I raced out into the room where I was tied up, only the chair remained, my clothes were draped over it and my sneakers under it. It was like my kidnapping never happened! Impossible, and the cum soaked chair proved it! I got dressed quickly and ran outside into the street, it was morning! I must've been there overnight! Shit! No sight of them! Damn I thought, maybe it was a dream? No my boxers were soaked with cum as well, it did happen! I know it did! Hopefully I thought to myself, it'll happen again, I have to take that short-cut again!

The end



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