I was sitting on the patio at a cafĂ© on Main Street. I just place my order and then I sat back in my chair and lowered my sunglasses back down to cover my eyes. It was a bright sunny day and not a cloud in the sky. My table didn't have an umbrella and without any breeze I was starting to get hot but it wasn't unpleasant. I had just come from the gym and was all nice and showered and clean. It dawned on me that I have not had a waxing in over a month and that I was probably due. Yes, I am not Ashamed to admit that I get waxed. I love the way my skin feels so smooth and it does make it a lot more comfortable on hot days like today. It all depends on what I need but I do wax my arms, chest and legs. Thankfully, I do not need it on my back. Usually, I when I wax my legs I also get a manzilian wax. A Brazilian wax for men.

Sitting in the heat of the sun I thought I would call the salon to see if I could pop over after lunch for session. I was in luck! They had an appointment available but the only caveat was that Celeste, their regular wax technician, was out today. They let me know the person filling for her was a man, just in case I wanted to reschedule for a time when Celeste would be back in the salon. I was comfortable with having a man do the waxing so I booked the session for right after lunch.

I paid the check, slung my gym over my shoulder and headed off to the salon. It was about a 10 minute walk and I went along the river path which provide a slight Temperature decrease even without any breeze. I arrived at Rio Wax Studio and immediately felt the rush of cold air from the salon's air conditioning when I walked through the door. I checked in at the desk and then was lead to the men's changing room. I placed my clothes in the locker, put on the robe and slippers and then met the host, again, outside the changing room. She introduced me to Emilio, who would be my waxing technician today, and he led me to a private room.

Emilio was similar in height to me, about 5'9" or 5'10", but maybe slightly taller. Probably because I was in slippers and not shoes like him. He had wavy dark Brown hair that was cut short and these hazel brown eyes. Although, he was not overly muscular he was in good shape and he seemed like a ballroom dancer in his black t-shirt and black pants. To put simply, Emilio was a good looking guy. 

Once inside the room Emilio began preparing the wax and I removed my robe and Slippers. It was casual and there was nothing awkward about the moment, except for the fact, that I was completely naked in a room with a good looking guy who was about to be touching me in some pretty compromising spots. I am hetero-ish. I have a girlfriend and prefer women to men in relationships. However, I have had more than a few experiences with other men in college and definitely after college. This sounds like it would have been the beginning to something hot that was about to happen but Emilio displayed no interest in anything other than providing a professional experience. No problem. The only thing awkward about the situation was the one sided fantasy playing in my head. I was not there for anything but hair removal and I was not about to create an uncomfortable situation for either of us.

The wax was ready and Emilio turned around to motion for me to get on the table. He gave me a hand towel to cover my groin area until it was time to work in that region. Again, just another sign this was a professional service. As Emilio began to spread the wax on my lower left leg he said he noticed on the paperwork that I am a regular customer and asked what made me start waxing. I explained that I am a gym rat and really love working out. About two years ago there were a couple of trainers who were trying to get me into bodybuilding competition. I toyed with the idea for a few weeks to see what it was like and part of it was I waxed my body. Eventually, I realized the commitment to it was more than I was willing to make and I didn't enjoy the new workouts as much as my normal ones. I gave up on going down the bodybuilding route, however, in the meantime, I started dating my current girlfriend. She really enjoyed touching my hairless body and encouraged to continue with the waxing. Her slogan was, 'wax what you want me kiss!' I don't really see how I had any choice after that and eventually needed to start including a manzilian wax.

I think Emilio liked my story because he cracked his first real smile since of the day. By now he had worked his way up left leg and was working on my inner thigh. This is the point where in order for him to do his job he needed to start touching in some delicate areas. As he is manipulating my leg into different positions to apply the wax the hand towel shifted. I readjusted it but there was really no sense in trying, it was not going to remain in place from all the movement. A pretty normal occurrence. However, what was going underneath the hand towel...well, that starts to lead to an awkward moment. It shouldn't, this is a professional environment and I am receiving a legit service. It just happens to be a situation that requires me to be Exposed but it should not be awkward.

You cannot expect anyone to lie on a table naked, exposing himself, and being touched all over and expect for there not to be any movement. Whether, it's a romantic situation or not there is going to be some movement and it should not be awkward. Yet, there I was beginning to get a slight erection. It was not a raging hard-on with a 'take no prisoners' type attitude. That came later. This was a different erection. It was more like when you awake in the morning and as you rise out of bed you stretch your arms above your head as you take in your first conscious deep breath of the day. You're ready to begin your day.

Well, that was me. Lying on the table starting to get this awakening erection that was saying, 'good morning. I am up.' It just needed to be noticed. That's exactly what Emilio did. He took a slight pause and saw the erection that was growing underneath the hand towel that was barely covering my groin. After a moment he looked at me and softly said, "don't worry, this happens from time to time and often goes away pretty quickly.'

A moment that should not be awkward became awkward only because of the thoughts I was entertaining in my head and my immediate response I blurted out without any consideration to how it would effect this situation. After Emilio tried to reassure my how normal this was to happen and how soon it will go away I replied, "I tends to stay up when there's sexy people around." His hazel eyes popped open wide and then he immediately averted his gaze away from me. I saw a smile on his face as he began to slightly blush. His reaction surprised me and became the first inclination that Emilio might be finding this a little arousing, too. Even if he didn't I decided I was going to have some fun no matter how hard Emilio tried to maintain his professionalism. The moment was already awkward and there was nothing that could take it back. The situation might remain PG but a little flirting would make it a bit spicier.

When Emilio looked away after my comment I noticed a small scar just above his right eye so I asked him about it. He was starting to wax my right leg when He told me a story that as a teenager he and his friends would crash a local country club during summer nights to swim in their pool. One night they nearly got caught as security chased them and they scattered on to the golf course. He said his wet feet caused him to slip when he was hopping the fence and he got cut. "Were you skinny dipping when you almost got caught?", I asked. Emilio, again, looked at me with those hazel eyes that widened with surprise. Returning his eyes to his work at hand and replied with a 'no'. His response was seemed like it was a bit bashful but only because that seemed like the proper response. However, his slight Chuckle after his response indicated that he recognized this was the beginning of a Flirtatious sequence and that he just might play along.

First he had a surprised reaction to my sexy comment. Then he seem to have a Welcoming acceptance to my skinny dipping comment. I was intrigued, could this Turn into an erotic encounter? Is Emilio open to spontaneous sexual interaction at his place of work? The contrast of being naked and touched all over to action of being waxed and the stinging sensation of hair being ripped from my body made the situation seem like it was not ideal to find out. But I think it was that exact odd mix that made me continue to press on. The funny thing is as I did the situation seem to become less awkward which just gave me further encouragement.

So now that I know he was not skinny dipping and was wearing a bathing suit when he was being chased I replied back to him, "Well, that's good. You don't Want anything else getting cut on the fence." Now when he looked at me those Hazel eyes had a rye look in them and he told me that everything was still intact. As he reposition to my leg to get my thigh the hand towel moved, again. This time I didn't not attempt to cover myself. I was lying on the table with my legs spread, The towel resting only on my hip and my erect penis lying towards my upper right Thigh. Emilio looked at it and said, "That's OK, I'm ready for it now." This time I was the one whose eyes widened.

As Emilio began to wax my cock he asked if I ever had another guy touch it before. To which I replied, "No, this is the first time" and then after a pause I continued with "while being waxed." Emilio did not look me. He just kept doing his work but gave a nodding smirk like it was game on. He finished waxing my cock and balls and the only thing left was to wax the ass cheeks and in between the cheeks. That's usually when your legs get pushed back towards your head but Emilio had something else in mind for me and asked for me to stand up. I must have had a confused looked because he said don't worry this way gets a much better result. He said lying on your back works well for women but for men he has found having them stand is much better. Hmmmmm, what could he be up to?

I got up and was standing next to the table. Emilio was moving the tray of waxes Closer to him and then he positioned me how he wanted. When he was ready he Had me bend over and touch my ankles as he got behind me. This is definitely not the normal way that I am used getting waxed but I was going with it. Emilio was Explaining that this standing bent over position was optimal for stretching the skin While at the same time providing the easiest access to work. The whole time he was explain it he was using his finger show where and how the wax gets applied and why it works better. This sounds all a bit technical but let me tell you what he was really doing. As I stood bent over Emilio was actually caressing parts of my ass with his hand. He was seducing me. He was beginning to introduce foreplay into our Encounter. He stood directly behind me and placed both hands on hips. Slowly He moved them down the outside of my body then bringing them to the back of my Thighs and up my ass cheeks. The whole time he was telling me what he was Going to be doing moving his finger indicating the area he was about to work on. Emilio began to apply the wax to each area just as he instructed, removing every Last bit of hair. After he completed the waxing he began applying the sugaring to sooth the newly waxed skin. Sensing my session was about to come to end I felt I still had the need for some more action. It was time to take this to the next level, and quickly. Emilio was smoothing the powder into the skin when I felt his hand pause near my asshole. I told him I still felt a little burning sensation and asked if he Could apply some more powder. Sensing what I was really asking Emilio applied The second round of powder in a much more sensual way. This time when his Powder covered hand went down the crack of my ass he continued past my Asshole all the way under to grab my balls and give a slight squeeze. Emilio then was moving his hands ever so slowly back towards my asshole. This Is when I stood up and squeezed his hand in between my butt cheeks. Standing Up with my legs straight I arched my back. In doing so, it raised my ass higher Into the air, clearly displaing I had his hand firmly grasped with my two cheeks.

First, I turned to look back at him over my shoulder to see his eyes were fixated on My ass. Then I turned to face him. I was now sporting a raging hard on. His hand Was still grasped in between my ass and with my back still arched I leaned into him. There only a few parts of each of our bodies that were touching each other. My cock Into his hip. My legs were straddling both sides of his right thigh. His right arm was Draped around my left hip and his hand trapped in my ass. That was it. I had my Back arched so my chest was not pressed against his but I had my right cheek right next to his right cheek. Our faces were not touching but we could each Feel the heat of the breath from the other person on our own face. I bit my lower lip And lightly touched my tongue to my lip. With separated lips I hovered closer And closer around his mouth. His lips were also apart and he moved closer to my mouth. Each of us moved closer to the other but as if there was an invisible force field our lips never touched. With my right hand I pressed it against the bulge in his Pants and said, "I was wondering if you were enjoying this as much as I am" and With that I gave a squeeze of my cheeks around his right hand. 

Reaching Emilio's trigger point, he suddenly broke through the invisible force field that was separating our lips. He leaned in with force to kiss me. With just as an Immediate reaction I placed both palms on his chest. Straightening my arms I Pushed my face away from Emilio's yet I still kept my dick pressed into his hip. I Kept his face far away from mine and gave him a look like, 'how dare he try to kiss Me.' He stood there with a very confused look and then I noticed it was quickly Turning to anger. Everything that lead up to this moment was now in jeopardy. All the flirting, all the suggestive comments, all the tension that was building up And about to be released was slammed shut by me pulling away. And then, right Before he was about to speak I relaxed my arms and pulled myself back into him. This time my whole body was pressed up against his and as if there was still some Remaining force field between us I moved my face closer to his. Looking him in the eye and flashing a smile across my face I said, "It's not your tongue I want." Then I bit his lower lip and gave him a very sensual kiss.

I slowly pulled my lips away from his to see his reaction. Neither one of us spoke But we each laughed and gave a nod acknowledging how hard I just played him. Emilio then aggressively leaned in to kiss me this time making sure he got what he Was after and I willingly accepted his kiss. Emilio's left hand reached up and Grasped the back of my head as he kissed me while his right hand was still clenched in my ass. By now his fingers had begun circling around rim of my asshole while at the same time his palm was squeezing my left butt cheek. Working both end of me at the same time, Emilio's tongue was darting around the inside of my mouth while his fingers began to find their way inside of me. When his second finger entered into my asshole he used them like a hook and lifted me up. I pulled away from his mouth gasping as he was lifting me, forcing my heels to come up off the floor. As he did so, Emilio leaned back as I had now risen in height to him. My dick was still pressed against him as he elevated me and because he was leaning back I was now resting on him with just my toes on the floor. I was arching my back and Emilio was passionately running his tongue down the side of neck and chest and started kissing my nipples. His tongue was swirling around my left nipple and his fingers working in and out of my ass.

Moaning and in the throws of passion I slide back down Emilio's torso until our Mouths met again and with one violent move I ripped his shirt open. Every button Popped off his shirt as I opened his shirt to see Emilio's heaving chest. I didn't want To lower myself any further for I didn't want Emilio to stop fingering me. I slide Down as much as I could kissing his chest hoping to be able to kiss his nipples. I couldn't get further than the middle of his chest before the positions of our Bodies prevented and further movement. It didn't matter this was hot.

I wasn't kissing Emilio's chest long before he moved me off of it while keeping hisFingers inside of me. His hand was working so feverishly as he opened me up to Where he had three fingers inside of me. He was working me into such a state Of passion. As he removed me from his body and kept working his fingers I was Moaning and writhing along to the rhythm of his hand going in and out of me. I leaned over the table and presented my ass high in the air for him. As I was leaning Over the table I looked back over my shoulder to see he was undoing his pants. I was thinking how much I wanted to suck his cock but I didn't want him to stop what he was doing to my ass.

Things were hot and heavy and moving at a fast pace. I was bent over the waxing Table with Emilio's hand inside my asshole. Emilio was now standing behind me With his pants around his knees and with his left hand starting remove his Underwear I could see he, too, was sporting a raging hard on. It looked liked he was A good 7 or 8 inches and his dick curved up. Immediately Emilio stepped closer and I could feel him rub his cock on my ass. He placed his left hand on my hip and three Fingers on his right hand were still in my ass pumping away. Emilio now placed The head of his dick into the opened palm area of his right hand directly behind The three fingers that were inside of me. It was like his fingers were a penis Extension because I could feel the rhythm of his pumping now had a stronger force Behind it. Every time he pumped his hand inside me I could feel that it was being driven by his dick.

It did not take long for Emilio to completely removed his hand from my ass and Replace it with his cock. There were only a few in and out strokes where he used His penis and hand combo. Then in one continuous motion the hand was gone and Emilio's cock was inside of me. He kept the same perfect rhythm penetrating my Asshole. The only difference was I could feel the increased pressure around my Ass as it accepted Emilio's swollen manhood. With each stroke he drove his cock Deeper into my ass and it was not long before I felt his balls slapping against my Ass cheeks. The rhythm of his strokes quicken to match the intensity of his raging Hard on. Emilio was pumping my ass with such increasing force I could no longer maintain a sexy posture or continue to present my ass high in the air. He was already enjoying it. I was now trying to hold on as long as possible. I straightened my arms so I could press back hard into Emilio. His rhythm was so intense that my raging hard on was forcibly swinging back and forth. Every hard thrust of his cock into my ass caused my cock to swing up against my stomach and then down between my legs. The base of my dick where it meets my body was starting hurt from the force of swinging back and forth so hard. My ass was getting reamed by Emilio and my stomach was getting cock slapped by me.

Without any indication the pace of Emilio's thrusting cock slowed considerably as The pace of his breathing now picked up. Emilio pulled his cock out of my ass and Started pumping his own cock matching the pace of his breathing. Only the Intensity of his moaning increased but the volume stayed constant. His left hand Was holding my hip as his right was stroking his cock. Every time his hand reached The top of his dick I could feel the shaft against my ass. As his hand slid back down I could feel the back of his hand glide over my ass and his balls were still press Firmly against the bottom of my ass cheeks. I had now risen from being bent over To watch Emilio finish himself off. My own dick needed a moment to rest from the Extreme rocking back and forth it was just subjected to when I suddenly heard Emilio let out a long groan. Now I could feel his cock release his cum all over the Top of my ass.

Emilio finished squeezing the last drop cum from his cock and then ran the palm of His hand over his load that was my back. He spread it around some and when his Palm and fingers had enough on it he reached around to my cock and began stroking It. The bottom side of his cock was resting on top of the crack of my ass and his Left hand was still on my hip as he pumped my cock. Emilio finished me off with the Same enthusiastic strokes he used on himself and I quickly shot my load onto the Table.

I collapsed onto the table completely spent and Emilio slumped back into a chair That was against the wall. After recovering for a few minutes we both raised our sexually drained bodies to stand up and begin to get dressed again. Both of our cocks were still erect and still glistening with sex juices. I turned to him and said I was going request all my sessions be with him in the future. Emilio nodded and Then told me that from the moment he saw me walk out of the men's room in the Robe he knew he wanted to fuck me and was glad I initiated the flirting. I was, too.



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