At school I had excelled in gymnastics and now that I was launched into the world at large it was my ambition to make it my career, at least while I was still young.

Now I was in this gym at a Mediterranean resort looking after a villa owned by an aunty of a school friend. This place had excellent facilities and I was making full use of them. I had taken to going in the middle of the day as it was cooler indoors. It was a popular place with many young men in their twenties doing Keep-fit workouts. There were things like rings and ropes where I could practice acrobatics.

I took it for granted when other guys stood round watching because I was used to that at school. It did make me a bit self-conscious about getting all the movements right but I just thought it was all my clever tricks which was the reason for their interest.

There was a rule that everyone had to wear sports gear including shorts in the gym. Mine were tighter than any I had worn before and I liked the feeling of being seen to be as fit as I was.

I should explain here that at school I got teased about my effeminate body, especially my bum so I was often nicknamed 'Chic' or 'chic-ass'.

They weren't nasty to me and secretly I rather liked it but never let it show in case I was branded 'Gay'. That was something any boy in my school was afraid of.

Anyway I suppose these shorts did give me a sort of sexy feel. While the rest of my body was slender and athletic, my ass was full and well rounded. The elastic clung so faithfully to my curves that the material often dived into my crack as I walked. I hadn't realised then that this sight of my buttocks moving as I walked was driving some of the other guys mad.

One afternoon I was a bit later than usual and there were only about a dozen other guys in the place. They were watching me and then there was this Brazilian Heavyweight boxer called Fernandez who always kept on sparing with the bunch-bags. He too would sometimes glance in my direction then lay into the bags with increased vigour with huge punches delivered from his powerful arms and big fists.

This day he suddenly came over to me very deliberately and, after waiting for me to finish my routine, grabbed me with his big hand around my arm and said I should come over and massage his leg because he had just pulled a muscle.

This half Afro-Caribbean and half Latin guy was so forthright I could hardly refuse. So he lay face down on a low vaulting horse displaying his broad shoulders and big smooth shining back. He had beautiful dark brown skin, thick strong legs and massive biceps. He told me to get to work on his thighs. I had never touched such a fantastic body before in my life. As I ran my hands over the backs of his legs and worked my fingers into his powerful thigh muscles I realised that my audience was still watching. I glanced round and one of them said:

'Will you do us next!?'

'Lucky bastard!' I thought I heard another guy remark.

'Which leg was it?' I asked suddenly realising that in the excitement I had forgotten only one leg was supposed to be in need of attention.

'Oh just carry on as you are, I love it!'

'Hey how come you're on your own? I never see you with anyone. Do you leave your boyfriend at home? You do have boyfriends??'

'Er well actually I thought of coming over with a school friend then it wasn't convenient and this woman asked me to come and look after her luxury Villa for 3 weeks.'

'Where's that?' he asked, and when I explained he surprised me by saying he knew the place well.

'That Dame she.. well you see she likes a bit of company now and again if you see what I mean' He stopped talking and I was silent. He looked over his shoulder at me with a smile; 'She says she asks me over because 'I've got money and you've got muscles!', she pays me well but aughh! I wish I could feel like this when I'm with her! Believe me it's a hell of a job to get going with some of these Old Dears! Don't worry I never wear less than three rubbers! Who'd want to?'

'Hey I hope this conversation doesn't shock you! You know things are fairly free and easy out here. Perhaps you're not used to that' There was a pause.

'You had better turn over on your back so I can do the other side' I said after a few minutes.

Fernandez hesitated for an instant as he looked round to see if the others were still watching, then he turned on his back. The bulge in the front of his boxers shorts was simply enormous!

'You have a marvellous body' I told him.

'And you are fucking sexy! You know from now on I only need think about your body and I won't need worry about getting a stiff on!'

'So where's your boyfriend? Or should I say who fucks you normally?' I felt my face burning red. I didn't know what to say. He had spoken quite loudly so the other could easily hear.

'I um well don't have a boy friend'

'Come on don't give me that crap! You'll be telling me you're a virgin next!! and expect me to believe that! Go on 'I'm a virgin'' he mocked me labouring his words, then in desperation; 'Oh no I don't believe this!' he said covering his face in a gesture.

'Actually I have never had a girl friend' I said

'Not a girl friend silly! A man up your ass!! What's your name. Karl?? Look!' he said suddenly sitting up and grabbing me roughly with his huge hands 'Do you tell me? Come on get real!'

'I certainly haven't had sex with a guy. If I'd had I'd tell you. Why! I wish I had sometimes'

'Like now?' I found myself unable to stop gazing at the bulge in his shorts. Somehow, without actually meaning to, I let my hand glide gently over it. Fernandez let out a groan of delight as I felt his swelling organ in his pants. Then suddenly and furtively he pulled them down at the front. Out jumped this superb cock such as I had never seen in my life. It was huge thick and had a lovely meaty brown look.

But even so my first thought was to see more. I just wanted to see his balls so I pulled his pants down a little further. I could see their massive profile in his long dangling scrotum. But he quickly pulled my face towards him and, taking the hint, I took his shiny pink knob in my mouth. But he was more sensitive than I expected and recoiled a bit. I think he was trying to compose himself. I got determined and made sure I took his whole stiff length well in my mouth the second time.

I can't describe just how excited I felt at this point. All I could see was that part of hairy stomach just above his pubic hairs and a warmth radiating from his massive thighs and his whole powerful body. And his cock was swelling like hell!!

At first he was still fairly soft although really thick but now his it was really huge and firm as steel! It felt so hot and I was starting to get the taste of his precum in my mouth. I wanted him like hell! I was about to pull my pants down as I hadn't noticed the others were watching.

Suddenly a loud gong sounded and some incoherent announcement over the public address system.

'We gotta get out. It's quarter to four and there is a private booking at four. You'd better go to the shower room. I'll see you later' he said.

The other guys who had been watching came over to escort me. The protuberance at the front of my shorts had not gone unnoticed as we walked over.

'You've just got to be gay with a body like that' one guy remarked.

'Fernandez is hot as hell you know!'.

I was in the part of the wash rooms where everyone gets undressed. I knew all eyes were on me. There seemed more guys than before. I just pulled my pants down in front of them all. I loved the feeling I got as their eyes feasted on my genitals. I turned round to show them my ass then we all went into the communal shower.

I don't know how many men there were but it was very cramped as our naked bodies pressed together. Everyone wanted to be in contact with me and there was fierce competition to apply shower gel all over my body, especially my rigid penis and my buttocks. Their nude firm muscles glistened with soap as I felt all their hot bodies slithering against my naked flesh and my cock tip. Hands were exploring my crack, fingers then cocks stated probing my ass-hole. I was frantically excited and very close to orgasm.

Suddenly they pulled back a little as if to give way. Then I felt those huge dark brown arms clasp across my stomach. I recognised the strong hairy forearms of Fernandez immediately. He said nothing I just felt his hot body against me from behind. His pubic hairs were tickling my buttocks.

He pulled me back against him then I felt something so hard and rigid in my crack I couldn't believe at fist it was his cock. He was breathing heavily in my ear. 'This is it!' he whispered and simultaneously I felt a huge pressure against my sphincter. He literally forced my ass-hole open in a fraction of a second and I felt his huge long dick plunging into my bottom.

It almost took my breath away. He was so incredibly powerful and I could do nothing to resist him. I loved the way he rammed his cock right up my rectum and pumped me like a piston up my bum.

'Hey don't just stand there!' he shouted to the others who were crowded round watching the action. 'Hold him out so I can do him properly from on top. He's got to get it where it matters. Come on hold him up on his back and pull his legs up. That's it!' I was being grabbed and manhandled all over by countless strong masculine arms as they held me out on my back about waist height and with my legs wide open and up above me.

'Now Karl my boy for the real thing!' Fernandez's dick had popped out of my hole just while they got me so he could do me from the front.

I could now see the real Heavyweight who was about to fuck me. Every sinew of his soapy muscles glistened as he plunged his thick penis deep into my anal canal and began shafting me with real Latin vigour. His blood was up now and his thick dick was thrilling me as he probed my prostate sending shivers of excitement all over my body. All around me was this lovely soapy male flesh as I was held in the arms of six big strong guys, their stiff cocks touched my soapy body as I was forced to and fro by the power of Ferdy's thrusts. I could see others looking on displaying huge erections under which hung their heavy balls full of virility.

Fernandez was pumping and probing me like he would spar with an opponent.

Then all of a sudden he stopped and I saw his face contort as a huge orgasm overtook his whole body as he pumped oceans of hot virile cum-fluid forcing it right up into every recess of my rectum. I felt every flick of his spasming dick as he spurted his spunk up me.

The others were shooting cum everywhere. I was getting it all over my body.

One guy took my cock in his mouth just at the right time and sucked me off as I released everything in a huge orgasm which had me trembling in ecstasy for several minutes.

Ferdy stayed up me all the while as his cock subsided and the last drips of his semen oozed into me. Then I saw his lovely dark brown hose emerge from my bottom all shiny will wisps of stickiness along it's length.

We had to leave the shower room quickly after this as it was four o'clock already. Time goes quickly when you are being fucked! Fernandez invited us all over to his place which was some distance away. It took about half an hour to get there through the traffic.

His residence was a very large villa in spacious grounds with a big swimming pool. We had all piled into various cars and were hot and ready for a swim when we arrived.

Around the pool we were all together naked again. I had dived into the pool and was soon surrounded by guys some of whom had missed out on the action as it was too crowded in the shower. Now they were literally fighting over me in the water as each tried to position himself behind me to dick my bum. A couple stuffed their cocks up me. It was really nice getting it in the pool but the chlorine in the water was burning me a bit inside and I asked if they'd let me come out and take the rest on the sun-bed. One guy called Neil caught me as I was going up the steps out of the water and did me right there with everyone watching. The water was slapping around our legs as he worked his length in and out of my cleft. He was more slightly built than the others. He had not been strong enough to get to me against the others in the pool. I remember seeing his ass after he had pumped me full and thinking I wouldn't mind giving him a good fuck up his hole if I got the chance.

Fernandez was getting hard again and I wanted his cock up me badly. Another guy was taking his time doing me from behind as I lay on my stomach on the sun bed. You would think my anus would have been sore after all this fucking but I was well lubed by now with all the cum up me.

I had used dildos a lot when masturbating so I had no difficulty accommodating big cocks and I suppose my sphincter must have been used to a bit of punishment. The main reason I did it was because I loved the feeling of something up my ass and it made orgasms much more exciting.

When you are having your ass rammed you don't always notice what is happening around you. As I was lying face down and longing only for Ferdy's thick shaft which I expected any moment I had not noticed three big guys smartly dressed in suits standing right next to Fernandez and watching me being fucked up my bottom.

I had looked up in consternation. Were these police or something? I had got quite used to having my nude body admired by naked guys but to be stared at by these well dressed men was almost embarrassing.

'Don't worry Ferdy assured me. Meet Andy he's an old friend mine. He's here with the rugby team on a summer training routine. It was them who had booked the gym!'

'Yea well we thought we'd come up here instead. Hope we're not disturbing you' Andy said smiling at me very pointedly.

'Er no fine welcome!' I said, not knowing quite what to say.

'Thanks!' he said looking at a gathering group of fellow players who had gathered round to admire my naked body. 'We sure would like to take you up on that!' There was laughter all round.

I felt a bit angry because I thought they were just making fun of me. I was also acutely aware that there was semen oozing out of my ass-hole and that it was probably visible in my cleft. I turned away from them and began reading a magazine.

I was trying not to take any notice of what was happening but hands were definitely on my thighs and working their way up in between my legs. The trouble was this made me so excited that my anus began to dilate and release more of the semen that filled my rectum.

Eventually I couldn't go on ignoring what was happening, I turned over to see that all these new visitors were now completely stark naked and crowding round me like bees round a honey pot.

Andy advanced towards me and took my ankles in the firm grip of his hands.

'May I have this dance?' he said, pushing my legs right back over my head and pulling his body up on top of me he positioned his cock right over my hole. He had a very thick strong neck supporting his rugged head with short cropped hair. As I looked at the other nude footballers I was mesmerised by this forest of thick hairy thighs over which sprouted various erections at all angles but all very rigid and with big heavy balls hanging down from the base of their cock shafts. These were the strong legs of guys who could power past tackles with the sheer force of their thigh muscles.

As Andy powered into my bottom his cock took complete command of my body. It was utterly uncompromising in the way it probed me inside. By every move of his body he seemed to be able to direct the position of his dick in my internal genitals. His probing was propelling me towards the gigantic orgasm that was to come as he suddenly started spurting his spunk against my gland. His huge penis was constricting my semen tubes inside me so that when I went into orgasm I couldn't ejaculate against the power of his presence and my gland just went on tightening and tightening until an almighty orgasm seemed to explode in my bottom. I went berserk as my nude body writhed in spasm as Andy, followed by all 18 team members, fucked me full to overflowing as I lay taking his gorgeous cock up my ass for this the first of many occasions to follow.

I took the rest of them in quick succession after Andy. I remember their crew- cuts and thick muscular necks as they powered their pricks up my bottom and forced their fuck fluids into my body.

After the team had finished and Ferdy had given everyone a demonstration of 'How to fuck him properly' (This just meant he got really wild up me and gave a great exhibition of exclamations as he inseminated me) then he suggested I showed off my gymnastic skills to the rugby team. I think he wanted to show them I wasn't just any old Pick-up. I was very aware of having a rather full ass. I didn't know if I would be able to retain their semen if I started one of my routines. Fernandez was not slow to guess my dilemma told me to wait while he went into the house for something. He returned with a plastic bag which he had to tear open and reveal and brand new anal plug. Amid some mirth from the others he inserted it into my ass-hole and I began one of my routines which involved a sequence of cartwheels.

I had never felt anywhere near so sexy doing a routine. The plug pressed against my gland as my whirled my legs and skipped. It was as if one of these fabulous guys was up me all the time. I didn't go on for long and after much applause we all went inside where Fernandez opened his bar to a crowd of naked and thirsty males. They all showered me with flattery about my gymnastics and my sexy body. In between there was conversation about fast cars, speed boats and other male interests.

A mattress was laid down on the floor of Ferdy's big lounge and they fucked me well into the late evening as I lay with my legs held up. There had to put a plastic sheet under me to protect the mattress as there was semen all over the place. I was now feeling very full inside. Having all this cum up my ass made me quite proud. Here I was surrounded by the most beautiful naked male bodies imaginable and having managed to obtain the combined production from all their balls and have it pumped up my bum.

After the three weeks were up I had to go home but I had a little slip of paper in my pocket with the address of a certain rugby club which I knew I would be visiting very shortly.

Oh and by the way I did get a chance to get up Neil's ass another day by that's another story!



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