Slutty Bottom Jock at the Gym

by J Grace

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The locker room was full of even more jocks as Connor and I walked in. Bros bustling about, walking around the tiled floors, completely nude, fat half-boners flopping as they jovially chatted to one another. I noticed some of the fit jock bros would even teasingly grab each other’s cocks as they bragged to one another about their recent female conquests. Some bros had towels wrapped around their necks, or they were using them to whip each other’s fit, firm asses. Nobody was using them as intended. My slutty jock ass wasn’t complaining.

It was a horny, testosterone-filled locker room. The scent of soap and masculine musk filled my nostrils immediately. I was getting high on jock bro fumes. I still had a tender but firm grip on Connor’s cock, which I noticed was starting to go soft. Obviously, it was still massive and throbbing like a hungry twitching monster eager to penetrate the next slutty, juicy, pink hole it can find. But it wasn’t at the same hard, leaking, pornstar status that it was when it was pounding my cute little throat. 

As we got into the center of the locker room, Connor was greeted by some of the bros he knew. My big brother, Eric, was one of the loudest to greet him as he bounded over, fat juicy cock flopping towards us. I didn’t even realize he was at the gym today, but of course what the hell else does a dumb jock have to do besides eat, sleep, lift, and fuck?

“Con, bro! How’s it hangin’?” asked Eric as he practically smashed into me to give Connor a high-five. He and Connor clasped hands above me and hugged each other with the other pair. I was caught directly in the middle, feeling Eric’s juicy, meaty, flaccid, yet somehow throbbing, donkey dick press up against my tight gym shirt. Eric’s arm pit fell directly into my face, and I got a nice, big whiff of his freshly clean musk. 

I nearly shot my hungry slut bottom load right in between these two sexy bros embracing each other. One perfectly coated in sweat and alpha jock musk, the other freshly showered but still exuding all the pheromones a slut jock twink-bitch like me needed to go absolutely feral and take a juicy dick and massive warm load right then and there. But I’ve had Eric split my ass before, many times in fact. And I could have him any time I wanted. Connor was my current conquest.  Perhaps Eric heard me as I slipped out a moan, finally succumbing to the overwhelming sensation I was experiencing, because he looked down in shock to see me there. 

“Wha–oh, hey, Sammy! Little bro! I didn’t see ya’ there!” Eric picked me up like a little kid. He was so strong. He spun me around in the air once and planted a fat wet kiss on my lips. Our tongues wrestled for a brief moment and I even managed to lovingly spit into his mouth when our lips parted. He swallowed it graciously and smiled. A while ago, I “informed” Eric that this was how loving brothers greeted each other, and it was totally normal to do. He of course loved his little jock bro very much and didn’t question any of it. Now this was how we said Hi every day. Connor didn’t even bat an eye as he stupidly watched the greeting unfold. 

“Hey big bro,” I said, still a little woozy from the transition of inhaling jock pit to briefly making out with my brother, surrounded by a room full of leaking, jock cocks. “I was just heading to the showers with Connor to take his fat di—er, I mean I was working out when I ran into Connor. We’re gonna hit the showers I think.”

“Oh, yeah totally dude. Love to see my little bro get a good pump in. Getting big for me, Sammy?” He squeezed my left pec playfully and made it bounce. I was a fairly fit jock, I have to admit. I wasn’t a 6’5 god with perfectly ripped muscles like Eric and Connor, but I was definitely in the upper-tier of men when it came to fitness. 6 foot, 165 pounds of sheer muscle. Thick thighs, a bubbly muscle ass, and a 7 inch cock to boot? I was a prime specimen and one of the best athletes in my school. But the jocks around me were just so, so much bigger, and though I may outrun them on the court, or manuever around them with ease, these big fuckers could grab me and do whatever the fuck they wanted to me. If they were a little less dumb to realize their sheer strength, that is. My big bro kept feeling my muscles, massaging deep, and was quietly grunting for some reason. Maybe he got lost in the sensation of it. He squeezed my chest again, and I couldn’t keep a moan from slipping out.

“Eh? What did you say, bro?” Eric seemed to snap out of whatever haze he got himself into.

I laughed sheepishly. “Heh, nothing big bro. I was just saying that we’re gonna hit the showers. Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“Oh shit!” Eric shouted as he looked at his watch. “You’re right. I’m supposed to meet dad at home for our weekly massage! Fuck, he’s gonna be so pissed. Nice seeing you guys!” Eric once again hugged Connor, pressing me into both of them. This time I was ready and grabbed a handful of my brother's fat dick, which seemed to have started leaking, and massaged it during the embrace. When he let go, a strand of juicy pre-cum nectar ran from my fingers to his cock head. I quickly twirled the strand around my fingers and stuck them into my mouth, closing my eyes and sucking on them lovingly. My brother tasted so fucking sweet. 

“See ya, Eric! Let’s lift sometime, yeah?” Connor shouted after Eric as he sprinted back to his locker to get dressed. Eric gave him a Totally, dude! thumbs up in response.

“Come on, stud,” I said to Connor, resuming my grip on his fat horse cock and stroking it a few times. Blood immediately started to flood back into the meaty monster as I pulled him along to the back of the locker room where the showers were. “ Let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Okay!” Connor said happily.

The showers were in the back of the locker room, running along a wall, across from which were a row of lockers that I set my gym bag down and started to undress. It was just secluded enough that if anyone wanted, they could get up to naughty fun. A heavy layer of steam was accumulating from the various showers running on hot. Connor wiped some of the condensation forming on his forehead. 

“Alright Sam, well it was nice lifting with ya’!” said Connor as he started to unpeel his tight gym gym shirt and stepping into a shower stall. “I’m gonna hit the shower. My girlfriend is waiting for me; we’re having dinner with her parents later! I’m so excited to meet them.”

“Oh my gosh, no way Connor!” I said in mock concern, rushing to push Connor fully into the shower and turning on the hot water.. “I have to wash your body for you!”

“Uh, really bro? Why?”

“Because silly, your muscles are so tired! You don’t want to strain them trying to reach tough places on your thick, studly body, right bro?”

“Oh, hmph, yeah I guess not. That would be super shitty if I couldn’t play in Friday’s game because I strained my shoulder trying to wash my balls! Ha ha!” Connor chuckled to himself in his cute, dumb way.

“Exaaactly, bro,” I said as I already started to apply soap to his shoulders and upper back. I pressed my wet, naked body into his, looking up into those puppy dog eyes. He looked down at me and smiled. Our cocks gently rubbed up against each other, Connor’s fatter superior dick overpowering mine into submission. My jock pussy flexed in anticipation. “Now why don’t you just relax and let me do all the work?”

“Okay, Sammy. You’re really smart and know a ton about jock bodies. So I trust you completely!”

I smiled to myself. Bless this idiot jock’s heart, I thought. I started to work the soap and thus my expertly strong and gentle fingers all over Connor’s body. Very quickly I washed his arms, back, and chest, making sure to flick and pinch his nipples as I did so. Connor chatted with me, excited about seeing his girlfriend and grateful for having such a thoughtful friend like me.

“Thanks so much for washing me bro.” Connor said as I began working on his firm ass and legs. “You know, it’s so nice having a jock bro–ngh–that can take care of me. I feel like everyday there’s just so much–fuck, ugh–shit to think about.”

Connor was grunting in between his sentences, and for good reason. While I was massaging and washing his feet, then calves, and then thick muscular thighs, I also began working his heavy, cum-filled balls and base of his cock. As I got closer to his upper thighs, my other hand was stroking more and more of Connor’s fat, juicy bro meat until it was at full size throbbing and bouncing at my touch. 

“It’s like,” continued Connor, “everything I do is so damn difficult. Fuck, ngh, yeah.” Connor was talking mostly to himself now, lost in his own venting session. He didn’t seem to notice that he was practically fucking my soapy fist with his fat pulsing dick and grunting like a horny caveman in heat. 

“It’s this stupid, dumb, horse cock!” Connor exclaimed suddenly and looked down at it with emphasis. 

Connor groaned, but this time not out of hungry lust. “Fuck, see what I mean? My fat dong is even stuck in your hand! First it was your slobbery, tight, warm throat. Now this! I can’t tell you how many times my cock has gotten stuck in another bro’s butt or mouth! It seems like every damn day this stupid, fat, meaty thing finds its way into a hole and won’t cum out until I fuck it hard and deep and blow my load! It’s just so…frustrating.” Connor lowered his head in defeat.

“Hey, buddy,” I said, kind of feeling bad for the dumb fucker. He thinks it’s a “problem” that his dick falls into random jock holes instead of a goddam blessing for the lucky receiver. But all the same, I needed him eager and willing, not sad and depressed. “Your fat dong isn’t stuck! I’m just washing you is all. See?”

I released my hand from Connor’s thick juicy cock like a magician showing off a new trick, and he gasped in amazement.

“Wha–really, bro? I didn’t accidently jam my cock into your tight slippery fist?”

“Of course not bro! I was just making sure that perfect fuck stick was nice and clean. After all, you might want to use it on Ashley tonight after your date, right?”

“Ugh, yeah right,” Connor rolled his eyes. “She’s barely touched my cock since we started dating, bro! She says it’s too fat and threatening. Like her holes can’t take it or something.”

“No waaaay,” I replied, pretending to be super disappointed for him. “You must be so worked up all the time, those fat balls having nowhere to unload in, huh?”

“All the time! I barely even have time to jerk off with all the lifting and practicing Coach Sal is making us do. So I hardly ever cum. Well I guess if you don’t count the holes I accidentally get fuck stick stuck in.”

“You poor thing,” I said, rubbing Connor’s chest affectionately and pinching his hard, soapy nipples. “Well, I hope you get lucky even still. Now it’s your turn to wash me!”

I immediately got down on all fours and spread my legs so that my tight, juicy, pink bottom hole winked and twitched at Connor. 

“Uhh, bro, what are you doing on the floor?” Connor asked.

“Connor, you dummy!” I said playfully, looking back at him and wiggling my twink ass at him. “Don’t you wash your ass? I have to get my pretty, juicy, jock hole clean before we finish!”

Connor’s leaking dong twitched as he cocked his head to the side. “Oh, you want me to wash your ass, bro?”

“Not just my ass, Connor,” I said. “You have to wash my hole! Now hurry up, so you can get to your date and fuck Ashley!”

Connor grunted and quickly got on all fours too and started to massage my juicy bubbly ass with his massive hands. The reminder about getting to fuck his girlfriend seemed to spring him to action. It felt so fucking good to feel his strong fingers grope my cheeks, the slippery soap making his fingers move around my sexy twink-jock butt with ease. He spread, squeezed, and gripped my cheeks with a beautiful mix of tenderness and rugged animalistic hunger. He even smacked my left cheek for some reason. I was quietly moaning and thrusting myself back into Connor’s hands, and I yelped like a silly school girl when he smacked me.. When I looked back at him, I saw how intently he was staring at my juicy pink cunt. He was even drooling from his half-opened mouth like a stupid oaf! I made sure my hole gave him a conniving wink. 

“Mmm, hey Connor,” I said in my lustiest voice. “Don’t forget my hole, bro.”

“Hmm–what? Your hole?” Connor said, snapping from his pussy-enduced stupor. 

“Yesss, my hole, babe–I mean bud. You have to shove something in there to clean it! Otherwise we won’t get the job done. How about…” I reached back and grabbed one of his strong hands and pointed his index finger straight to my hole, where it rested gently on the quivering, pink entrance. 

“Oh, I get it! Just. Like. This,” Connor said, and with each word he thrust a portion of his finger into my hole, until it reached the base of his finger. I sighed with relief, feeling the thick meaty finger of the school’s top athlete penetrate me. His finger was probably the size of the average male’s penis. Luckily, I never had the misfortune of fucking the average male, so I wouldn’t know. But any other bottom would be lucky to be finger fucked by this stud. However, my pussy was hungry and needed to be fed real meat. 

“Yeah, that’s it Connor!” I said, my voice growing lower and lustier. “Now go in and out to help spread the soap.”

“Like this?” Connor asked, immediately fucking me fast and deep with his finger. He even knew to shove two more fingers in me, making me moan and tremble until I was fucking myself on his hand.

“Ngh, fuck yes Connor, just like that. Open this jock pussy up!” 

“Yeah you like that, slut? Want that twink pussy spread open? Mmm what a good pussy you have. Looks prettier than Ashley’s. Tighter too… fuck,” Connor said. He was subconsciously stroking his massive cock with his other hand now, the water bouncing off of the throbbing, pink head. He also didn’t seem to realize he was working up a steady stream of dirty sex talk. Maybe he thought it was all in his head? Either way, this stupid horse cock idiot was ready to go if he was openly talking about my “twink pussy” being tighter and prettier than Ashley’s. He was right of course, but now it was time to show him just how right he was. 

“I think,” I said as I leaned forward from Connor’s relentless finger fucking so that they left my hole gaping and winking back at him. “That we need to go deeper.” 

“Oh, really, bro?” Connor said, still mindlessly stroking his cock and looking from his fingers to my juicy pussy to my face. “How do we do that?”

“With this, bro!” I said, grabbing Connor’s meaty, leaking donkey dick. The heat it gave off was incredible. Even though the shower was hot and full of steam, Connor’s cock was even warmer. I stroked the length of his cock a few times while we both stared at it for a moment.

“M–my cock?” Connor asked stupidly? 

“That’s right! My hole goes pretty deep, so we need that massive anaconda to get in there too and fuck–er, I mean work on me deep. This juicy, tasty, grade-A boypussy needs some serious help from you massive, manly, throbbing, leaking olympic-sized co–whoa!” 

Connor surprised me by lifting me and pinning me to my back. He moved so suddenly and with such strength, I barely understood what was happening to my body. He had a determined, almost possessed, look on his face. He didn’t seem to care about the fact that his cock didn’t have soap on it to “clean” my hole. Not that that mattered since that wasn’t how you cleaned out an asshole, and I always am prepared for any dicking down. He also didn’t realize his fingers weren’t covered in soap when he was fucking me earlier. Describing my pretty pussy wrapped around his leaking dong must have triggered the primal in him. Before I knew what was happening, Connor was hovering over me, lining up his cock with my hole. He had one hand holding me down by the shoulder. I smiled widely and braced for the moment I had been waiting for. My 7-inch cock was throbbing and leaking too, knowing what was going to happen. 

“That’s it, Connor. Clean this fucking hole.” 

Connor’s cock entered me, and I saw white. The pain of his massive cock head stretching my hole was unbelievable. In fact, it wasn’t even pain. The fullness I felt was like no other. Heaven, basically. And it only lasted for a second. Connor did not wait for my asshole to adjust to his size. Within a second of being inside me, he plunged the full length of his cock into me, and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. We were off.

“Ohhh, Connor!” My whimper barely escaped my lips. Connor began full on fucking me, like a dog in heat. He pounded me, in and out his cock slide. I felt the full length of his girthy, veiny, horse dick stretching me. My delicious pussy accommodated it perfectly, gripping him and pulling him in each time he pulled out. Connor responded by grunting and muttering to himself. I could make out some of the words, but I couldn’t be sure over the plap plap plapping sound our bodies made.

“Take that…gotta help my bro get clean…right in that pussy–ngh!...oh fuck you’re so tight…Ashley…that bitch….never takes it this hard…slut hole…tight jock…juicy…cock…boycunt…fuck, fuck, fuck!”

I merely moaned and encouraged him as he fucked. It was like watching Superman save the day. A mustang galloping across the plains. A legendary pornstar working over a slut. I became lost in watching every muscle flex. I could not tell the difference between the sweat from his effort and the water from the steamy shower. And I watched his beautiful eyes bore into mine. His stupid jock mouth agape, as usual. Not a single thought was occurring in his head, other than how desperately he needed to penetrate my slut hole and unload his golf ball sized nuts. Thick, sweat, ropes of prime athlete juice was going to be inside my ass in a few minutes, and it was going to be glorious.

Connor was obliterating my cute jock ass. He was fucking me so deep and fast that our bodies moved to face the shower curtain. And after I reached forward to try and pinch Connor’s meaty pecs, he responded by thrusting into me so deep I lost balance and reached back, grabbing onto anything I could to hold steady. Including the shower curtain. I ripped down the entire curtain, exposing Connor and myself to any other jocks who happened to pass by. And by now, most of the athletic bros working out were probably hitting the showers. This could be a problem. 

“Connor, wait,” I tried to say, but he did not hear me. He was still babbling to himself, and watching his own cock slam in and out of my tight slutty boypussy, gripping him as he pulled out to the tip, only to slam back in and make me gasp and moan like a whore. He seemed fascinated by the effect it had on me and watched it with stupid curiosity, like a monkey playing with an abacus. I couldn’t stop him even if I tried, and I sure as hell did not want to stop this sensation he was sending through my whole body. I can’t even remember Eric pounding my hole like this, and I always worked him up even more. Connor simply had unmatched levels of animal horniness. 

“Ngh, fucking–fuck,” Connor grunted still babbling. His thrusts were getting shorter. I could tell he was close. 

“That’s right, Connor,” I said, encouraging him. “You’re helping your bro out so good. Fuck! Using that big, meaty cock to clean out this jock bro ass. Sliding in and out. So fucking nice of you. Yeah, right there, fuck! Get deeper for me bro. I need that fat fucking load inside this pussy to finish the job!”

“Fat load…juicy pussy…helping…clean…in and out…fuck…in and out…so good…this is helping bro?” Connor asked, suddenly innocently.

“Oh yes, bro!” I moaned. “This is perfect. I’m going to feel so good after this.”

“Ngh, yeah…feel so good…slut hole…better than…ngh….fuck!...girlfriend…take this cock…swallow…fucking…yeah…sooooo good…take this cock in your boypussy, FAGGOT!”

That last word sent electricity up my spine and back down to my cock. All 7 inches of my dick throbbed and shot rope after rope of cum on my tight abs. Connor watched as I squirmed in my orgasm. My hole clenched around his cock even tighter somehow. His eyes grew wide. 

“Oh fuck, Fuck bro! Take this cum. TAKE IT!”

Connor plunged deep into my ass, deeper than anyone ever had gone and unloaded what felt like the biggest fucking load of cum any human had ever shot. He kept thrusting and pumping into me; he had no control over his body, and I felt more cum inside me. He leaned over me, panting. We stared at each other. His mouth was still gaping. Those pink juicy lips were drooling jock spit directly into my mouth. I reached up and pulled his face down into mine and kissed him. Connor kissed me back, though I doubt he had enough brain power to realize he was kissing another bro. He probably was thinking about Ashley and the feel of my soft slutty lips only cemented that for him. 

We made out for what felt like 5 mins, while the shower was still running. Connor’s cock didn’t go soft necessarily, but it did get less hard, which meant his fat jock load started to leak out of my well-used hole, making sloppy slutty sounds you only hear in perverted pornos. We rubbed out wet naked bodies until we heard what sounded like a groan/grunt from above us. 

I looked up and 4 fit, jock studs were standing above us outside of the shower. And they were naked. Not only that, they seemed to be stroking their cocks too! And all of them had that same stupid, unconscious look on their faces that every jock gets when they’re inexplicably horny. 

“Ngh, uh, you almost done with the shower bro?” said one of the jocks. His dick was the meatiest, probably around 10 inches. They must have caught me and Connor fucking and couldn’t help but start to stroke their cocks. I could imagine walking in on two sexy bros fucking would be the entertainment of a lifetime. However, they probably didn’t interpret it as fucking because Connor wasn’t gay. And neither was I to them. And two straight dudes just don’t fuck. Duh!

“Oh, yeah!” Connor said. He finally was awakening from his sex-possessed state. He put on a genuinely cheery smile. “Sorry about that! I was helping Sam get clean!” Connor tried to shift his weight to stand up but slipped on the wet tile. This caused him to thrust into me again since his porno dick never left my jock hole. Connor and I moaned in unison, and he gave me a few more strokes of his massive cock until he could gain his footing and stand up. This made the bros watching us stroke their cocks even harder. They were now leaking a steady stream of pre-cum that reached from their cockheads to the floor. I tried my hardest not to immediately get up and slurp up the strands. 

“No problem, Con!” said another of the jocks. “I’m taking this one bros!”

The other jocks groaned in disappointment. “Fuck dude! Said the jock with the 10-inch cock. Every shower is taken right now.”

“You guys could always double…or quadruple up,” I said with a slutty smile. Unfortunately, Connor was too powerful of a fuck to go for another round, but these horny dudes would probably all accidentally fuck each other if they were in such close quarters. And that image turned me on. They also hadn’t stopped stroking their big leaking cocks either, which was interesting.

“Oh, yeah, true!” said the third jock grunting a little from working his dick. 

“Well,” Connor said, stepping out of the shower and clapping one of the sexy bros on his beefy shoulder. “We’ll get out of your way. See ya!”

All four of the jocks smiled at him and thanked him for giving up the shower. Meanwhile, I was making a show out of standing up. All the jocks, including Connor, watched me as I turned from laying on my back to all fours. My fat juicy ass was gaping and I shook it at them. Turning around to get a good look at them, I saw how the four bros were still stroking their dicks, entranced by the sight of my freshly fucked cunt. One of them even licked his lips. Connor looked at me smiling, almost as if he was proud of his bro. 

“Oops, sorry boys,” I said. This time I spread my ass cheeks and tried to push some of Connor’s delicious come out of my hole. “Didn’t mean to keep you waiting.” My pretty, juicy, slut jock hole gaped and farted, shooting a fat load of Connor’s prime stud cum out coating my hairless taint and balls. All four of the jocks stroking their donkey dongs let out simultaneous groans and suddenly shot their loads at the same time. Most of the ropes they shot landed just at my feet, splashing me a little with their seed. I giggled mischievously. As if in a trance, they grunted, bucked their hips, and even caught each other’s loads and ate some of it. Connor’s cock, though well spent, even shot a rope of pre (post?) cum. Before I stood up, I shoved two of my own fingers into my hole and scooped a load out to taste. It was fucking fantastic. 

The jocks stood there in shock as I got out of the shower. As I passed the jock with the 10-inch pussy destroyer, I stood on my tippy toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek and stole a swipe of the cum still dripping from his twitching cock and sucked it off my finger, giving them all a wink. 

I walked back to my locker, happy as any slut could be, smiling and humming to myself. A bottom jock like me, surrounded by stupid jock bros, could keep himself entertained forever.