Long ago, as time prevailed, there was always the battle of acceptance of the 'Talented and Gifted.' That was until the moral Sahra and the gifted Japher met. They fell madly jn love changing the rules for mankind. They were blessed with a son, but the two species didn't allow the outside world to destroy their family, so they sent him off to live with Japhers' uncle. The two cultures found out and obliterated the mortal and gifted and ended all search of there child.

Eighteen years later, Jasphre stares at the huge sign reading: Sliphers School For The Talented And Gifted. He walked into the courtyard peering upon children amongst children, gossiping, chatting, and occasionally showing off.

"Attention children. Welcome to Sliphers School For The Talented And Gifted, SSFT&G for short. We here at SSFT&G train you up to adapt to todays modern society, and use your abilities to the fullest. We here, do not tolerate, murder, treason, invasion, or domination. Any act upon those will lead to immediate expolstion. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to introduce your head staff. Jay Welk, 109th generation Ninji. Head of Combat. Yosemite Apple. 45th generation Spellcaster and Wizard. Head of Academics. Eric Wittocur. 56th generation Elementist. Head of Special Affaris and Student Organizations. These there people will be most kind and helpful to yourself. Now the rest of the staff, you will be introduced to throughout the year as your teachers, advisors, and such. Now for my grand entrance, I am Slipher. The Slipher himself. I am 1000th gen Vampire/Demon Heir. Head of SSFT&G. Now then children go to class." Slipher disappears in a thick cloud of black smoke followed by Jay in thin lines of shadows. Then Yosemite in a white dust cloud and sparkles, then Eric with ambers from a fire left behind. I walked to my advisory which just so happen to be Jay, head ninji. Everybody seemed to know one another except for one kid. I had gone to high school with him. Then he mysterly disappeared. His name was Jared. He was six foot even, with strawberry blonde hair and brown freckles. He had a swimmers body from swimming and running cross country. He had piercing green eyes, with the fullest of full lips. He glares at me giving me a look that could have been taken any way possible.

"You're Jaspher right?" Jared asked motioning me over towards his desk.

"Yes, pronounced Jasphire. I'm surprised you remembered after your strange disappearance" I say to Jares taking the empty stone cold desk nex to him.

"Haha. Very funny. We ran together, if you remember that" he said jokingly. As if I'd forgot. Theres no way I would forget an ass like his. So round, so plums, so firm. It was literaly perfection. "Let me be the first, welcome to hell my friend."

"Since you all have been placed in the advisory class where you have a head master teaching, it means you have been hand selected and choosen to be in here. We expect nothing but your best work. We want nothing but your best, anything less will get you killed." He stated walking around the room between the desk. "Now, rows two and four, look towards your left. Thoses are your new partners. End of discussion, now attend your classes, any questions, don't ask. Ha. Good luck." He disappeares into a flash of light.

"Well I'll see ya Jared." I patted him on the shoulder walking out to my next class. Combat saftey, and defense with Mr. Welk.I enter the class with Jared right behind. I could tell he was watching me walk. I am five foot ten with your typical brown hair with eyes as blue as the ocean with a track runners body for I did track, soccer, and tennis wich gave me the most perfect ass and amazing cock. We enter the room and find a seat in the middle. We start class of with accessing everybody and their abilities. Turns out, Jared had the ability to control the elements. None in specific, but he liked to control water and fire. I showed off my skills as a ninja, and my psychic abilities. We were then paires with our partners and sent through what Mr.Welk called 'The Make Or Breaker.'

Finally it was our turn. As we waited we were asked to design a suit of combat for ourselves. Jared made his suit into pants. Just pants. Form fitting, skin tight pants that show off everything in all the right places. He was a gorgeous man. Abs and all. His ass was absolutely perfect, so round and plump. And his cock, huge, like seven inches placid, and ten inches erect. Admire his body distracted me from the test and started to turn me on. I could feel myself sparking a bone soon. Thank the gods for the way I designed my suit. I made loose fitting pants that sort of looked like a dancera pants but with more pockets to hold my ninja tools, and a tight fitting shirt, conforming to my bodies every move. Dazed by the way he moves to his own rythem I was tossed in the air by a gust of wind.

"Wake up Jaspher! We are under attack and I could use you right now." Jared yelled at me pointing at the army of combots (robot combat machines.) I landed on the ground softly on my toes throwing myself into battle. We fought working together like gears in a machine, like bonnie and clyde, like Jaspher and Jared. We finished the battle in record time with minimal damage. The bells ring and Jared and I are finished with our classes for the day, and head to our dorm. Ironically we shares the same dorm. I gather my things for a steamy shower and head the dorm shower and turn the water on. I stand there waiting for the water to warm, I sense another person in the shower. I try to attempt to read this persons mind but they are closes tighter than a vault. The door was locked and they slowly crept into the shower area. Me not paying any attention, letting my gaurd down jumps at the touch of a hand. I quickly turn and feel the embrace of his lips. Pulling back to get a look at whom I just kissed, he speaks saying "I'm sorry if I've made this awkward for you, but I couldn't stop watching you during battle today, and I think I'm in love with you." He leans back in kissing me more passionately than before, pushing his hot tongue into my mouth, wrestling with mine. I couldn't have felt anymore heavenly than this. I was glad he made the first move, I couldn't see myself doing it. "Jared, please. Take me all the way" I wisper into his ear slightly nobbling on it. "My pleasure darling" he says. Picking me up he kisses my neck and nibbles on it. He continues to kiss me until I moan uncontrollably. He kissed me down to my nipple, plucking at them and sucking on them, until he finds my belly button making out with it, untill he finds his goal. He lowers me to the floor, and begins to strokes my eight and half inch cock making me moan louder. He then teases me with the tip of his tounge, circling the head of my dick, forcing me to beg him to swallow all he can. He continues this for a few more minutes before swallowing my cock whole. He deep throated my whole cock making me sit up quickly, scratching his back and pulling his hair. With my back arched and me sitting up, his hair in my hand I, guide him up and down my shaft, thrustung my hips into his warm hot hole making him gag and gasp for air. He pushed me back down flat on the floor, throwing his hand all over my body, caressing my nipples and abs allwhile still swallowing my engorged cock. He pulled off and I begged him not to stop sucking. Butbhe had something different in mind. Instead he flipped me over on my stomach smacked my ass and ached my back, opening my ass to reveal my waiting tight hole. He rubs his fingers across it slightly sending chills up my spine. He kisses it. Then starst to tounge the inside of me sending the utter most pleasurable feeling up my ass there could be. He reached around and grabbed my dick and started stroking it. Pumping like faster and faster to the rhythm he was eat my ass to. Soon I felt a huge stur in my balls. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum Jared!" I yelled at him. He stopped stroking and picked me up and lowered me onto his thick pulsating nine inch cock, inch my inch. I screamed as I slid down his huge cock, gwaking like a virgin, throwing my head back, arching my back and digging my nails into his chest. He just let out a great moan, and started to fuck my sweet tight ass. He started slow, for I was new at it, then speed up once her realized I was use to the feeling of his huge cock within my ass. He pulled out after stroking for awhile. We got into missionary and he entered me once again. His dick slid in and he pulled it out. Sliding his dick in and out several times all I could do was moan and scratch his back. Again he moans, not missing a beat. Fucking me deeper and deeper than before. Kissing my neck and pounding away. He instantly sits up and begins fucking me faster. He could sence that I was on the verge of cumming. "Don't fucking stop fucking me. Uh...yes....Faster. Faster Jares. Fuck me faster!" I yelled at him arching my back, shooting my huge load all over my chest and in my hair. Load after load I shot, tightening my ass around Jareds' amazing cock. He just swooped down, still fucking me and licked all the cum off of my chest and swallowed it. "You tases so good babe." He tells me running his hands through my hair. I grab his hair halfway through my hair and squeeze it. "Cum inside of me babe." I tell him as he ferousily fucking me harder and harder. We begin to moan in unison as he shoots his luscious loads into my tight ass. He pumps harder and harder shooting more and more until he finally releases my hair and goes in for our most passionate kiss. We break from the kiss and stare deeply into each others eyes, getting lost in them. "We have to tell people." He says to me, as his cock softens inside of me slowly falling out.

I kiss him again sitting up, and knicks his noe with my figer "Maybe. I don't know Jared. I mean, we're the new kids here." I saw to him standing up.

"No, you're the new kidd. I'm just new to your advisory. And besides whats the worst that could happen?" He ask washing my back. "I mean think about it. It's not like we are doing the intolerables. "

"You're right babe. Breakfast tomorrow morning and then the announcement? Sounds like a deal. But until then, lets go to sleep." We walk back to the dorm hand in hand. He kisses me one last time before we slip into a deep sleep. I couldn't help but think about what tomorrow was gonna bring, but I was more worried about it. Something just didn't sitright as I lay there wraped in his arms.

To Be Continued.......


Rainbow Fortune Teller


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