Hot dry summers allowed me to keep cool at home with a swamp cooler when I lived in the California High Desert. This low cost refrigeration kept me cool even when the temp outside was too hot and the sight of studs without shirts in fit jeans made me hotter. I only needed to get new cooler pads once a year and when it was time to take a trip to the warehouse for replacements it gave me a chance to check out the equipment construction men there had to offer. These guys showed their size hanging in faded Levi's that held good sized bulges while they flexed their muscles carrying heavy loads that they were ready to get rid of as soon as they had the chance.

One summer I got more work done than I had planned on. With the temp outside well over one hundred degrees I was dressed in swim and a sun bleached tank top when I made my annual trip to the warehouse to get what I needed for my cooler. The smooth lining of my shorts rubbed me in the right places and I was constantly turned on by even passing thoughts. Like all of the summer days I had been to this warehouse before all of the built guys wore only jeans and boots with shine from their sweat highlighting the definition of their torso while they worked. While I was glancing at the swamp cooler pads lined up on a back isle for display, I saw a guy with built shoulders walk towards me out of the corner of my eye.

'Do you need help getting these top pads down,' this thirty something muscle man said as he maneuvered behind me with his left hand on my shoulder and his right hand pulling a set of pads down.

'Thank you,' I replied while I turned around to see blue eyes on a manly face with a defined chin than hadn't been shaved for days. His head was shaved, showing only dark brown stubble. As I spoke my eyes wandered downward to get a glimpse of his block shaped pecks covered with mist of chest hair and perspiration that reflected the bay door sunlight. My prick immediately jumped and started making an obvious shape under my shorts.

'Uh, could you hold these for me while I use the restroom?' I stuttered as I placed the pads in front of me.

Looking down at my crotch and smiling this stud replied, 'Sure, no problem, ' as he smiled and pulled the swamp cooler pads to the side.

I immediately turned around to the right where I knew a bathroom was located under a storage platform. I was in too much of a hurry to get off to notice that the platform was empty with parts of the floor missing due to construction. I also missed the fact that a part of the ceiling was gone as I entered the bathroom and got into the corner stall. I pulled off my swim suit as the lining clung to my erect penis until the shorts hit the floor and I sat on the toilet so I could get my needed work done. I fisted my 6 1/2 inches while sweating up a storm and pre-cum dripped down my dick. I knew I was close when I felt my juice build up in my balls and my spine shiver with excitement. When I laid back to squirt my load, I was startled to see no ceiling above me and the center of my fantasy looking down at me while he rubbed his crotch.

I jumped and pulled my hard-on that was on the verge of Cumming back into my shorts. This guy laughed then nodded his head back to where I remember offices were as he continued to rub his bulge. 'No way,' I thought, 'he wants me to meet him up there!' I stood up and tried to cover my stiff meat with my tank top as I exited the bathroom. I found a flight of stairs that ran beside the restroom and up to the storage platform. I ducked under the yellow ticket tape, hoping that I wasn't seen as I climbed up to the second floor.

'Hi, my name's Bill,' I heard as I walked up to the man who turned me on and found me with my pants down. 'Let's head over to my boss's office, ' he said, 'just be careful of where you step and follow right behind me.'

Only half of the storage platform was down, so we were able to get a bird's eye view of only the guy's restroom as we walked the floor that remained to the door of a back office. Bill turned the light on and closed the door. The room was definitely under construction with walls made of drywall seamed with spackle. When I looked at the uncovered mattress laying on the floor, Joe noticed then smiled and said, 'Yep, I found this left over mattress so I thought I could keep it here until I got a chance to take it home. It's good for taking a break during a long work day... or whatever else I want it for.'

'Cool,' I said while I eyed the thick bulge in his crotch that pulled at the buttons of his fly. He drew his hand from his ass then started rubbing my raging hard-on through the thin outside of my swim suit and the slick fabric of its liner. I moaned, feeling a pleasure rush that went from the soles of my feet, up my legs, over my primed ass, and through my dick up to the tip.

'Cool? You could say that. Hot? You're definitely that!' Bill said as he roamed one hand over my ass with the other on my aching crotch while he pressed his muscled chest to mine. I felt his breath exit his nostrils on to my face, the warmth of his skin so close to my body, and his wet lips right next to my kiss. Bill sensed my desire and fastened his mouth on top of mine to pull the sweetest, deepest kiss I had ever experienced. He sent pulses through my body from my ass where his hands grabbed me to my mouth where his tongue penetrated me. While I reeled in the sensations he caused in me, his hands slipped under the waistband of my shorts and threw them down. My 6 1/2 inches popped out, flinging a drop of pre-cum in to the air. 'Yep, you're ready!'

I definitely was ready to get at Bill's dick. I dropped to my knees with my hands on his thighs and my face at his crotch. My nose poked his belly button while I unbuttoned his fly and pushed his pants down. A wave of musky heat hit my nose and made my disk twitch in anticipation. Bill was wearing classic navy nylon briefs with a thin striped waste band and faded patches around his groin and on his ass from years of sweaty use.

to be continued...


Peter Division

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