It was just an ordinary summer day. I woke up got dressed and went downstairs. As soon as I got downstairs my mom already had breakfast done like usual. I grabbed a plate and filled it. I sat down at the table and began to eat when my mom started talking about going out of town. It had been so long since her and dad have gone on a vacation alone, so that's what they were wanting to do. My mom told me they were going and asked me if it would be ok if I could stay at a friends house. I said 'sure, why not.' I went upstairs to call my good friend Drew. Drew was a wrestling stud. He had huge biceps and a muscular body that I could just melt on. I dialed his number and it wasn't to long before I heard a 'hello?' 'Drew?' I said. 'Ya?'. 'Man can I come stay at ur house for a while, my parents are going out of town?' 'Sure, why not' he answered. 'Sweet, I'll be over in a couple hours.' 'Cool' he said as I heard a click. As we hung up I just couldn't stop thinking of how gorgeous he is.

I went downstairs to tell my parents where I was going and I packed my bag and headed out.

I got to Drews house and as usual his mom answered the door. ' Wow, Austin u've grown so much. You guys just keep getting bigger' she said. 'Thanks Mrs.Martin, not lookin bad urself' I complimented.

'Drews up in his room, go on up there' she said.

As I made my way up the stairs I just kept thinking about all the fantasies I kept having about Drew. It would be a wish come true if one actually happened.

I went in Drew's room and saw no one so I was guessing he was taking a shower, so I just made myself at home. Eventually I heard Drew walking down the hallway and he entered his room naked.

My mouth almost dropped when I saw his large cock dangling between his legs. 'Holy shit dude! I didn't think u were here yet' he said.

'Its ok man, I didn't see much' I told him, but I saw a lot.

He quickley got dressed and we played xbox till it was midnight. We shut the game off and started to sit down and talk. We talked about girls and fucking them, like usual, but something different happened. He asked me if I ever thought about doing a guy. This shocked me and I immidietly answered ' why? Have you?'. He started to laugh and said ' you'd think its dumb if I told u. I laughed and said 'Just tell me.' 'Well I've always had this fantasy of doing a guy, just to see what its like. Is that weird?' He asked

'I have something to confess.' I told him

'What?' He asked curiously

'I have always fantasised about experimenting with you.' I said

He had a surprised look on his face and then all of a sudden he took his shirt and shorts off leaving nothing but his briefs. Seeing him do this I started to do the same.

When we were both down to our briefs he grabbed the back of my head forcefully and put his lips to mine. Before I knew it I was already hard and I could feel him getting hard too.

I then flipped him over so his back was on the bed and began licking down his body. Before I knew it I was down to his briefs and licking the outline of his now fully hard shaft.

I pulled his briefs off along with mine and then began to lick around his large cock. He let out a moan of pleasure and I moved my way to the top of his cock. I circled his head with my tongue in a teasing motion. Then I took it all in my mouth. He let out a loud moan and grabed the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth. 'I'm about to come' he said. He shot a huge load in my mouth and I swallowed each and every bit. He then got up and flipped me over on my back and started sucking my cock. While he was sucking my cock he was playing with my balls with his left hand and pinching my nipple with his right. This made me crazy 'oh yea, suck me, suck me' I moaned

'I'm coming!' I yelled, but he just kept sucking. I then blew my load in his mouth, and just like me he swallowed every bit of it.

He rose up and said 'Can I fuck you?' I told him yes and he flipped me over on all fours and started to fuck me doggy style. 'Ohhhh' 'Ohhh' I moaned loudly. He said 'I'm coming, do u want me to come inside you?' But before I could answer he blew his load inside of me. We both collapsed with him still inside me.

'That was great' he said while getting up. 'Maybe we should do it again sometime' he said. Thank god I'm here for the rest of the week.



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