It was Saturday night about seven PM when I arrived home with Tyler.  My wife, Barbara, had called me earlier in the day saying that she’d bought a special outfit that she knew I’d like. She’d said, “I’ll have dinner going and will be wearing the outfit for you when you get home.”   

After I hung up, I realized that she didn’t remember that Tyler was coming home with me. I’d told her earlier in the week that Tyler and I were going fishing Sunday morning and that he would be staying the night with us on Saturday.  That way we could get an early start, about four in the morning. It didn’t really matter though if she remembered or not. Tyler had seen Barbara in just about all of her lingerie at one time or another anyway.

I parked the car in the drive way and then Tyler and I walked in and up the hall to the living room. When Barbara heard me open the front door she ran from the kitchen to greet me. There she was, in her new white sheer see-through top. And it left nothing to the imagination.  I remember having told Barbara that I really liked her new top and how nice she looked. Tyler on the other hand just about had his eyes pop out. When he finally got his voice back, Tyler told Barbara how nice it looked on her as well. 

Barbara’s cheeks turned a little rosy and she seemed a little embarrassed as she tried to cover up her breasts as she greeted the two of us. “There’s no need to cover up,” I told her. “Tyler’s seen you before in all your other lingerie.” She knew I was right, so she let her arms fall to her sides and stopped trying to cover herself. 

Barbara embarrassedly told Tyler and me, “I’d forgotten about Tyler spending the night and it caught me by surprise when I walked in the living room.” She told us though, “I don’t mind Tyler seeing me in the outfit. I just didn’t remember that he was coming over.”   

After dinner Barbara whispered to me that she really had remembered Tyler was going to spend the night. She’d just wanted to see his reaction when she came in the room with her new see through top on. She said, “I like to tease him a little every once in a while just to see his reaction.” 

“Other than a little playing around with us,” I told Barbara, “I didn’t think Tyler’s been with a woman since his divorce. So, it probably wasn’t very nice to tease him like that.” 

After we cleaned off the and did the dishes, Barbara asked, “Do either of you want to play any games?” Since it was still really early, we decided to play a board game called ‘You Choose.’ The idea was to cross the finish line first. But if someone landed on a ‘You Choose’ space, a ‘You Choose’ card had to be drawn. The ‘you choose’ cards were blank when we first got the game. But Barbara and I took turns filling them out, so the cards were now full of sexual themes and ideas. 

Before we started the game, Barbara wanted to change into her pajamas. While she was gone, Tyler and I set up the game on the living room floor and gathered up some throw pillows off the couch and easy chairs. 

In a moment Barbara was back with her pink silk pajamas on, obviously teasing Tyler once again. She deliberately failed to button the top button and left the tie on top undone as well. When Barbara lay down on the floor ready to play, her breasts were now almost hanging out. I looked over at Tyler and shrugged. “I had no idea what she was up to tonight. But I’d warned her earlier that it wasn’t nice to tease you.” 

When I warned her again, Barbara sat up and said, “No one needs to worry. Everything will be OK in the end. Besides,” she added, “I like to see the bulge in Tyler’s pants when he looks at me.”  

So we started the game and I went first. It must have been my bad luck because I immediately landed on a ‘you Choose’ square. I picked a card and read it aloud. It said to pick an outfit for the woman on your right and have her put it on right away. I asked Tyler to come with me and give me a hand. We chose a real fish net outfit and brought it back to the living room. With a smile I handed it to Barbara, and said, “Here it is, put it on.” 

Barbara slipped out of the room for a couple of minutes, and when she returned she’d changed into the fishnet top and a pair of black thong panties. Then with a straight face, she asked Tyler and me, “Is this the outfit that you had in mind?” The outfit was perfect. Barbara looked hot as could be. 

I glanced over at Tyler and asked him, “What do you think?” He said, “I had to shift my cock around in my pants before it broke off.” 

Barbara laughed and picked up the dice to take her first turn. She too landed on a ‘You Choose’ square. Her card said to pick a partner and make out for five minutes, nothing bare. I knew she would pick Tyler. She told him that he had to remove his pants before they started, which naturally he did. That of course would make it easier for Barbara to play with his cock while he played and sucked on her breasts. Before they started, Barbara told me, “You’ve got to leave the room until we’re done,” so I went to the kitchen and made us some more drinks. I needed one at that point. 

When Barbara’s five minutes were up, I picked up the drinks and brought them into the living room. Before I could set them down, Barbara was taking off the fish net outfit. When I raised an eyebrow in question, Barbara laughed and said, “Tyler cummed all over the side so I need to change into something else.” 

Turning towards Tyler, she said, “Go to my bedroom and find something else for me to wear.”  He came back in a few minutes with sheer black baby doll pajamas with matching panties and two red bows. I could feel my cock starting to get hard just thinking about what she was going to look like. And I was right, Barbara was a knockout in the new outfit, and I hadn’t even so much as been able to stroke myself yet. 

We all took a sip of our drink and then Tyler took his turn. He rolled a seven. That was a safe roll, so he passed the dice to me. Again I landed on a ‘You Choose’ square. I drew a card and read it aloud. It said to pick one female and one lucky male. The male was to receive a hand job from the female while she wore only her panties. There was only one female and one male beside myself, so it was Barbara and Tyler again. 

Barbara removed the black top she’d just put on and Tyler took off his underwear and his shirt. They started out by kissing but once their lips touched, Tyler couldn’t seem to get enough. He looked like he wanted to devour her as his lips raced crazily over her face, down her throat where his teeth scraped lightly over her soft skin. The scent of honeysuckle spun in his head. She arched back, her low whimpers of pleasure pounding in his blood, as he caressed Barbara’s breasts. When they broke their kiss, Tyler’s erection was standing straight up, pulsing rigidly with every beat of his heart. They quickly turned and faced each other and then with a giggle, Barbara wrapped her fingers around it and started to jack him off. I could see his cock growing harder with every stroke. 

As Barbara’s closed hand moved up and down his shaft, she reached down and cupped his balls. She was making Tyler feel so good that he couldn’t control himself, he was quickly squirming and arching his hips to push his balls tighter against her palm. Poor Tyler was boiling with lust as Barbara’s fingers tightened around his cock and she started to jack him in earnest. In no time at all, he cummed all over her breasts.  

When they were done, Tyler stretched out on the floor and when Barbara went upstairs to clean Tyler’s cum off her breasts I followed her. I didn’t want Tyler to see me, but when we got upstairs out of sight I cleaned her breasts with my tongue. When we came back, she’d changed into another outfit. 

This time she put on another white see through job. It had a short top and thong panties. And Barbara looked so hot.  We decided to stop playing the game for a while and just sit on the couch and finish our drinks. Barbara sat in the middle with Tyler and myself on either side. I put a porno flick in the VCR and turned it on. When I sat back down, Tyler had his mouth on one of Barbara’s breasts and his hand on the nipple of the other. 

Barbara’s hand was searching for Tyler’s cock, which was again pointing straight up. She found it and started to gently stroke it. I went and got my camcorder and turned it on and started taping what they were doing. My cock was straining to get out, so I removed my pants, but kept on filming. 

It wasn’t long before Barbara was down on her knees licking and caressing Tyler’s cock before she put it in her mouth and started sucking it. Caught up in lust, Tyler’s hands were quickly gripping Barbara’s hair and shoving her mouth so far down his shaft that she almost choked.  

As I looked through the view finder of my camcorder, I couldn’t believe the way my frigging wife was sucking my best friend's cock. There she was, happily gobbling his big cock. She was moaning softly and making wet slurping sounds as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock. Her hands danced sensuously up his legs until her hands cradled his balls. Barbara wasn't just sucking his cock, she was making a serious production of it.  She was making these sexy little murmurs, like a kid does when eating ice cream. As she stared up at his face, she chewed the head of his cock with her lips. Hotdamn. I’d only seen blowjobs like this in really good porno.

By this time, Barbara’s panties were off and Tyler’s hand was between her legs playing with her pussy. Barbara started to moan, “Uuuugh,” around his big cock and really enjoy herself. As she swallowed his cum, Tyler leaned over and growled in her ear, “I want to fuck you.”   Tyler wasn't going to pass up a chance to fuck a former beauty queen, so even though Barbara was so horny that she was all for it, Tyler pulled her up by the hair and threw her on the floor. As much as it hurt when Tyler started roughly kissing her breasts and biting her nipples, Barbara couldn’t believe how good it felt. Then he moved forward so that his cock hovered between her parted thighs and was all over her 

As I continued to tape the action, Tyler spread her legs wider. She was helpless as he grabbed her hips and forced his hard cock into her wet pussy. Barbara cried out as he entered her. Her high-pitched squeal caused me to smile. Barbara was proud of her tight pussy. Oh god, once it was in, Tyler’s cock felt so fucking-good that before her long legs were soon up over his shoulders and she was moaning, “Oh mama, mama, mama,” and gasping in time with his steady powerful thrusts. 

Barbara’s fingers dug into the cheeks of Tyler’s ass, urging him on, as if trying to pull him in deeper each time he plunged into her. Tyler was pumping her methodically, pushing all the way in, and I was getting every stroke on tape as he slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out and then almost brutally ramming it back in so hard and deep that their flesh made slapping noises as their bodies connected.

As I taped my wife Barbara fucking my good friend Tyler, she started to work her hips, ramming her pussy up, meeting his thrusts halfway. In seconds, amid her garbled moaning, I heard Barbara choke out the words, “I’m cumming, Ohmigod I’m cumming.” 

Tyler could barely hold himself back any longer and finally gave in to the moment. Gripping her hips tightly, he bucked into Barbara’s pussy uncontrollably as he cummed long and hard. Barbara’s gorgeous ass bounced wildly on his cock, her clutching pussy sucking the cum out of him as if it were a mouth. By the time he finished, Tyler had made Barbara cum at least four times.

The two of them collapsed in a heap on the carpet, still caressing each other. Once they caught their breath, the three of us retired to our bedroom and our king-size bed for the night. 

I woke up sometime during the night to Tyler’s stiff cock pointing at the ceiling. Curious I reached out and touched it. When he didn’t awaken, I carefully closed my fingers around it and started carefully stroking it. The next thing I know I’m up on my knees leaning over him and taking his hard cock in my mouth. I don’t know where this came from because I’d never even touched a guy’s cock much less sucked it.

Whatever the cause I was soon sucking it with complete abandonment. My head was bobbing up and down while my fingers lightly caressing his balls. Pausing, I licked the underside of the head and shaft right where men are the most sensitive, the Frenulum, that little piece of skin on the underside of his cock that connects the head to the shaft. Taking it back in my mouth, I realized that I wanted to suck him to completion. I’d licked his cum off Barbara’s breasts but now I wanted Tyler to cum in my mouth so I could taste it first hand and feel it running down my throat. 

I almost panicked when I felt Tyler hand on my head and his fingers running through my hair. But when he mumbled Barbara’s name I realized he was still asleep. As I sucked, without even waking up Tyler moved his hips and moaned Barbara’s name over and over as he moved his stiff cock in and out of my mouth. Even after cumming in my mouth he just purred and mumbled Barbara’s name again as he settled back to sleep. 

Licking my lips I rolled over and joined him in slumber land.

The next morning while I was in the bathroom taking a pee I heard Tyler telling Barbara about the fantastic dream he’d had. Tyler and I never did go fishing the next morning. Instead we picked up the game where we’d left off the night before. Needless to say, Tyler and Barbara went at it again and again all day Sunday. And like before I was in charge of the camcorder and videotaping all the action which was ok by me. 

The end…



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