When I was younger, I organized a sleep over at my house. All my friends came. We were going to play some cards and drink some beers because my parents were gone for a few days on vacation.

My friends showed up and we started drinking and playing cards. We were all a little drunk when Lowell said 'Next one who loses has to strip' We all laughed and then concentrated very seriously on our cards. When I lost I said 'how far do I have to strip?'

Lowell said 'ALL the way'

I was embarrassed because my cock was hard.

I didnt like the idea of stripping in front of the guys, and my hard on might lead to some taunts. However, I pulled down my pants and took off my shirt. Kicked off my sneakers and pulled my under wear off, with a 'sproing' my hard cock anounced itself to the room.

I was expecting some jeers and put downs but no one said anything.

I sat down and the cards were dealt.

Lowell decided to take things up a notch and declared 'the next loser has to drink our ejaculate'.

What!!! was the answer from all the guys.

No way!!

Yes way said Lowell.

We all studied our cards and then bets were made.

My friend Andy lost the hand.

We all looked to Lowell as if asking 'ok, how do we pay off this bet.

Lowell said 'each of you take a Playboy into a room and jerk off into a glass and then we will pour all the glasses into one. Andy will then drink our cum.

Andy looked like he was going to faint.

No! he said, I cant do this.

Oh yes you will, Lowell replied.

We all took a magazine into our rooms and jerked off into the glasses as instructed.

When we came out into the living room we all looked a bit sheepish. But no one complained.

Lowell took each glass and poured them into my dads favorite brandy snifter.

There were ten glasses of cum.

As I watched each guys sperm being transfered from the glass to the snifter, I felt my cock getting hard.

I wanted to drink the entire glass. Not only that I wanted to suck my friends dicks.

I dont know why but I just couldnt help myself.

The brandy snifter was about half full of our cum.

Andy seemed scared and kept saying 'I cant, I cant'

I stepped up and said 'I will take Andy into the next room and make sure he drinks it all'

Lowell said 'No! He drinks it in front of us or if he wont then you have to drink it.

Just looking at the glass half full of my friends sperm turned me on even more.

My dick was standing at attention when I said 'Ok I'll drink it'.

Lowell handed me the brandy snifter half full of my friends cum.

I held it in my hand. It was still warm. There was a trail of cum that had spilled down the side of the glass and onto my fingers. I licked the cum off my fingers then said 'Heres to you Lowell'. I let the cum from my friends cocks slowly slide from the glass into my mouth. I didnt want to swallow it for fear I would never have a chance like this again. I have tasted my own cum many times before, I love jerking off into my own mouth, but this was different. It felt like each of my friends had just cum in my mouth, all at the same time. I held the cum in my mouth savoring the taste, the texture. There was half a brandy snifter of my friends sperm in my mouth! Some of the cum started dripping down my throat and I swallowed a little at a time. I let the rest of my friends sperm collect under my tounge and rolled it back and forth in my mouth, keeping it warm.

I looked at my friend Andy and noticed his pants were bulging out in front .

I stepped over and kissed him on the lips, with our mouths open I let some of our friends sperm leak into his mouth. He groaned and said I cant and pulled away swallowing as he backed up.

I said 'You just did'.

We looked around at our friends at this point and they had a look of astonishment and horniness on their faces.

Lowell said 'everyone strip naked'.

And they did. I was already naked and throbbing, so I started sucking Andys dick. He started to say I cant but then just moaned and thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. Andy grabbed my head and grunted, I pulled back and jerked his cock as fast as I could so the other guys could see him cum in my mouth. Andy's body froze in place as his cock began to shoot ropes of warm sperm into my mouth and on my lips. The taste of warm cum made me want to do things I had never done before.

I turned to see Lowell jerking off while watching us. I crawled over to Lowells cock and began to suck the head, swirling my toungue around and around. I had just started to see how much of his cock I could get in my throat when he made a growling sound and I felt a burst of ejaculate hit the back of my throat. I quickly pulled his cock out and aimed his spurts at my mouth. I really wanted all of my friends to see the warm drops and splatters of cum going into my mouth.

As I licked the rest of Lowells sperm from my lips and wrists I realized I needed more.

All my friends were just standing there jerking off, watching us. I said ' take turns fucking my ass while I suck your dicks'

In less than 2 seconds I had a dick in my mouth and one in my ass, pumping away to beat the band.

It didnt take long for both guys to cum almost together. I felt the warm sperm shooting up my butt and the cock in my mouth ejaculating thick shots of cum that I could slowly savor and swirl.

The other guys were jerking off while watching us and I saw that they were all ready to cum so I grabbed the brandy snifter and held it out in front of my face. Each of them stepped up and shot a beautiful load into the glass and some of their sperm missed the glass and landed on my lips and hands. I licked this extra cum off my hands and the glass. Then I put the glass on the table and proceeded to suck out the little bit of sperm leftover in their dicks. Twice I was rewarded with another few shots of ejaculate.

Some of the guys had become hard again and were taking turns thrusting their cocks in and out of my ass. Then I felt something odd but good and filling. While one guy was fucking me doggy style the other slipped underneath me and some how got his cock in my ass with the other guys cock!

I had two cocks fucking my ass at the same time and two cocks in my mouth! The guys all started to moan and groan, then I felt the cum start to spurt in my mouth just a small little spurt at first. Then a rope of cum, then a gusher of cum, it was like the guy was pissing cum in my mouth!

I felt one of the guys in my ass starting to cum and that set his buddy off. Two guys firing shot after shot of warm sperm up my ass felt soooo good with my mouth full of cum.

The guys who were hard again had started jerking off with the brandy snifter. I asked them to put the glass away and just jerk off in my mouth.

They obliged me with so many dicks full of sperm to suck. I worked each of the cocks in my mouth and my throat until they ejaculated for me.

When I woke up all the guys were gone.

I wanted more sperm. I flipped my legs over my head and started to jerk off into my own mouth and then remembered something!!

I ran to the living room and there was the brandy snifter.... three quarters full of sperm.

I sip a little cum and let it slide down my throat.





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