Im a 6'2 foot tall basketball player, i have toned tanned abs and big biceps. I have blonde scruffy hair that comes just above my eyes.I have always been a big hit with the ladies but secretly love boys more than girls.

I was at the gym one day on the running machine when the only other person at the gym came over and started running on the machine next to me. We started talking just about random things then he asked me if he could take his red top off because there was no air con. I said sure and he took it off showing a perfect six pack nicely tanned and glistening with small amounts of sweat.

After we had finished in the gym we decided to go to the pool to cool off. We started swimming around for about 10 mins then decided to go on the diving board. sky went up the ladders first and i could see his muscular ass because he was wearing small speedos. I instantly got hard showing my 7" cock poke out. He dived off and he landed but his trunks came off, I dived and when i landed he saw my cock and he became hard also. I could see his 12" cock because he had lost his small speedos when he landed. I asked if i could take off my shorts as a joke but to my surprise he said yes i took them off he looked at me winked and said your so cute i wanna fuck you right now. I swam over to him jumped on him and we kissed under the water.

We got out after about 10 mins of kissing and touching eacher and headed for the showers. We both went in one cubical just because we were so horny. sky bent down to get the soap when i shoved my cock up his tinny ass hole and fucked him. I let out alot of pre cum in his ass and he let it all out and it dribbled along his legs. We fucked for about 10 mins then started rimming each other and cum swapping.

We got out of the shower and he put his jock strap on to keep his 9" soft cock in place. I put on my tight white briefs but because my cock was still dripping cum it started to become see through.We headed back to his place so we could get changed and go have a night out.

We got dressed and headed to a local gay bar. We went in ordered drinks and went onto the dance floor. We started to get horny again because we saw lots of people giving blowjobs and giving anal. We decided to take off all of our clothes and went over to the seating area. I lay him down on the table and shoved my tongue and 3 of my fingers in his butt. We kept swapping which position we were doing and what we were doing.

Then 2 men came over and started jacking off to use masturbating each other so we asked them if they wanted to join in and they agreed so we had the best foursome anyone had ever seen.



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