i had always seen him, working on a saturday... i think he was the only reason i shopped there. i had always known deep down that i was gay but never openly admitted it to anyone, until today.

as i said, i always saw him in the shop, behind the counter or hanging out clothes. 6 foot tall, with longish dark brown hair, a real baby face with the sexiest snake bites ever! we shared the occasional word but that was it until...

i saw him in the street one day, his low riding skinny jeans cutting just below his chisled ass cheeks and v neck t-shirt exposing a meer glimps of his smooth chest. i couldnt resist any longer, my corotch was bulging at the meer sight of him.. i had to go for him!

casualy, i walked up to him so not to appear too eager. i could see he recognised me as i walked towards him, i got within feet of him when he began smiling. was he calling me over?? i had no idea! i dove at the oppertunity and smiled back.

we shared the usual boring old chit chat but this wasnt enough i needed more!

'are you up to anything today??' i askd, my voice tembelling more and more with every word.

what if he said no? what would i do.. i hadnt thought it out this far!

he sighed 'nah nothin really.. you??'

this was it... my big moment

'nah.. it's just i've got the new CoD game... an i know like every guy you've GOT to be into that' i laughed

'sure' he said... and with that we began the short tip to my house

i couldnt beleive it, here was the guy of my dreams... just commin back to my house! i had no intentions to play CoD ;)

as we approached my house, he touched my han, me thinking it was a mistake i puled away, but the he reached for it again? holding it tight in his smooth palm. looking directly into my eyes he said 'i want you.. niw and forever'

'what' i blerted 'but.. i've seen you with those girls.. there's no wa...'

my sentence cut short my his soft lips gently pressed against mine.

'how idi you know' i said softly.. 'i didnt' he said 'but any straight guy would've hit me by now' he continued

the front door swung open, and in burst our entwined bodies... passionatly kissing, corresing, searching.

up the stairs we ran, diving into my room, leaping onto the bed, he rolled me over onto my back, stradling my hips with his warm thighs.

his eyes gazed directly into mine, as if they were reading my very soul. leaning in to kiss me he whispered 'take me'

ripping off his shirt, i began to kiss his neck, working my way down to his nipples, leaving my mark on his smooth chest.

i worked my way don lower to his fuzzy trail leading to his hidden treasure ;)

one by one i undid his butons on his jeans to reveal his tight white breifs, sodden with pre cum. bending down i began to corress his manhood through his bulging breifs.

'please' he screamed about to explode 'it's tourture!!'

i threw him down onto the bed next to me, rolling him onto his back as i did. going down, i engorged his full 7 inches riht down to his tightly cruled pubes.

his whole body shook as his tip reached the back of my throat... i began to pump onto his rock hard shaft, and it wasnt long before he began to breath heavier, and finally shot his warm load into my wanting mouth...

coming back up i kissed him passionatly, sharing what was left of his seed with him.

'now it's my turn' he said. whipping off my undone skinny's he revaled my rock solid package, throbbing, oozing precum.

'i want it soo bad' he said 'fuck me' he gasped.... i did as i was told.. knowing that i was loving this more than him..

he layed on his back, saying how when i came, he wanted to see straight into my eyes... i told him to search through my night stand, and he produced a tube of ky... immidiatly i began to lube up his ass... sticking one, tow then three fingers into his warm man cunt. hen with my tounge i penetrated his virgin ass, his hands gripping tightly onto the bed as i tickled his prostate.

i couldnt wait any longer i knew that if i did i'd explode. slowly i indtoruced my pulsing cock to his warm ass. i began to thrust.. slowly at first then harder and harder until i began to feel a riging feeling coming from what felt like the depths of my soul. al the while i worked his ass, his moans became louder and louder, his breathing more heavy. we were both in excasty as i told him i was about to unleash my seed , he pulled me in tight, our lips just touching as i shot my load into his warm shute. my body tensing as i reached the best climax ever!

i stayed there for a while, takinging him in, studying every inch of his body with my eyes.. pulling out, a long lace of cum still attached to my dick, he bent down, eating it all up, sucking me dry.

for what seemed like hours we layed there, our sweaty bodies holing one and other tight, never wanting to let go.

we never did.. still to this day we share the most passionate lovemaking ever...




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