This part 2 of "Skinny Dipping" is being dedicated to Bruce Hill based on his comment posted at part 1 with his request for Part 2. Hope Bruce enjoys the story.


As Sean and I drove away from the lake still lusting for more sex as two young 18-year-old high school jocks, we waved at five of our 18-year-old high school buddies on the football team and our upcoming graduate class. The football jocks asked how the water was and we told them it was very warm and a great swim.

I looked back as we drove away and noticed they had thrown off their shorts and tank tops and were entering the water naked. I turned to Sean who was driving and said: "Hey Buddy, I just noticed that our friends are going to skinny dip. Man, they are so fucking hot. We left too soon. Fuck, my dick is stiffening again."

Sean slowed the car and suggested: "Jon, do you want me to turn the car around and go back to see what they are doing? Holly fuck, I too am getting hard again. I've seen them in the locker room many times after football practice. Man, they have such hard bodies and big dicks. I'd love to get it on with those studs. Do you think they might do more than just swim naked? I've heard that some of the football players are known to suck cock. Have you heard that rumor?"

"Shit yea Sean, one of the players on the men's tennis team told me he had been fucked by the football team's quarterback, Rudy. Did you see that he is one of the five guys in the car as they stopped at the lake? I bet they are up to hanky panky. Yea, lets go back and stop short of the lake so they cannot see us and we will spy on them---we can be hot voyeurs. And if they are going at it, I'll suck your cock. Man I'm getting hot and aroused."

We parked the car around the bend and very slowly crept up and hid behind some bushes giving us a clear view of them swimming. The guys were in a very playful mood as they swam tossing beach balls to one another. At times, one of the guys would grab a teammate and throw him head first into the water but no sex seemed to be part of the scene. The five guys included four of the our team's offensive front line along with Rudy, the hot quarter back. The four linemen all weighed over 200 pounds with hard muscled, well over 6-feet and several inches and to die for big cocks. Rudy was about 5' 11' tall and a fit 165 pounds. They were strong, well built and perfect specimens of hot football players.

After watching them for some 30 minutes playing in the water, I said to Sean: "Well, it is obvious they are not going to entertain us with sex. Lets just get back to town."

At that moment, Rudy yelled out: "Hey guys, I'm so horny. Does anyone want to get some blankets from the car and suck my cock? I might even let you guys take turns fucking my ass. You know I'm the campus jock bitch. I love getting fucked and I love fucking that hot number one single s' player on the tennis team. Man, he has a terrific man pussy. I fuck him at least twice a week. He is a male whore."

At that moment, my cock jumped and began to throb. I looked at Sean's crotch and his cock was jumping all over the place in his shorts. What a big bulge he instantly developed.

"Sean, we almost blew it. Fuck, the orgy is about to start. Man I could shoot a load right now."

"Me too Jon. Shit we are about to witness our first gay orgy. I can hardly wait to see what they do to Rudy."

The four guys grabbed Rudy, swam out of the lake with him and threw him on the beach. The big offensive center ran to the car and came back with several big beach blankets. The game was about to start and we were ready for the action to begin.

The spread the blankets out touching one another until they had made a rather large bed on the beach. They placed Rudy on his back, spread his legs far apart and two of them got down and began to lick his cock, his balls and finger his ass, as he bucked that beautiful crotch up to greet their hot tongues. At the same time, the other two studs, got into a 69 and used their tongues to lick up and down each other's cock shaft and soon they took their buddy's stone hard cock deep into their throat. Their lips were firmly stretched around the fresh meat of their teammate. In the meantime, the other two hot jocks were on each side of Rudy and had by then devoured his cock. While one buddy deep throated Rudy's cock, the other stud was swallowing Rudy's cute balls. They would from time to time switch positions and as to who was sucking his cock and swallowing his balls. The scene was so hot that I grabbed Sean's crotch and felt his growing and stiffening cock. At the same time, he grabbed my crotch and began

rubbing my aching hard cock.

Sean lowered my shorts, grabbed the base of my cock and began sliding his lips and tongue up and down my hot fat cock shaft. Then he took his lips and firmly stretched them around my cock head. Shortly I was oozing pre-cum that he sucked out of my cock and swallowed my honey juice.

Soon Sean had a sticky ring of pre-cum that soiled his shorts. We were both ready for a second climax. I'd never been more turned on. Man, what a hot experience to watch the orgy and at the same time get my cock sucked by my best friend. The lust so over took me that I forgot about getting caught as I screamed with pure pleasure feeling Sean's velvet tongue massaging my cock.

Oh shit, soon I looked up and there stood two of the big football players glaring down at us. We were caught having sex and also spying on our classmates.

The seemed somewhat unhappy with us but at the same time tempted to have us join the orgy.

The big center as he grabbed me by the neck said: "OK you fucking fags, come with me. We will show you what it cost to spy on us. You asses are in trouble. We'll show you what your punishment is going to be."

He seemed both pissed off and yet his big cock was throbbing that told us that he wanted to

fuck us. Man this was becoming very exciting. Hell, these were real fucking hot studs. We were

ready for whatever they had in mind. I felt faint from lust as they took us down to the beach to meet with their other two buddies.

They put Sean down on the blanket on his stomach, spread his legs far apart and the big football center got down between Sean's hot legs and buried his face and tongue in Sean's ass. He began to rim my buddies ass. Sean begged him to eat his ass.

The biggest guy of the four threw me down on my back, spread my legs far apart and took his huge cock and began to rub it up and down my ass crack. I began begging him to put his big cock inside me. "Please fuck me. Give me your seed. I want you to fuck me."

The third big guy was already humping Rudy preparing him for his big cock. It was near the time when those three big cocks were going to pound Sean, Rudy and my asses. After several minutes of foreplay, I heard Sean cry out as the big dude inserted his throbbing cock inch by inch deep into my buddies pussy.

Within a few seconds, I felt my ass ring spread as the big cock started driving deep into my ass. The cock was so big that I felt my ass walls pried wide as my ass was filled to the brim with that monstrous cock.

At the same moment, I could see the other dude thrust his big cock deep into Rudy's man pussy. The fuck session was on for we three bitches.

The three massive woods began to fuck their three bitches with greater and greater speed. There were loud cries of pleasure, moans and grunts from all six of us. The fifth football player just watched all the fucking as he jerked his huge cock. Soon he let out huge grunts and I felt him dump his load on my face while I continued to be fucked by his buddy.

The guys showed no mercy as they fucked our asses for a least 15 minutes. The smell of hot manly odors were in the air. One could hear sounds of pure raw sex taking place. My first orgy was heavenly. Man I was hooked on this orgy. Maybe this would become a permanent part of our athletes or buddies for the rest of the year.

The big guy fucking Rudy came first as he yelled here I come. He dumped his thick warm load up Rudy's ass. Next I felt the big dude fucking me as his cock swelled inside me and soon he flooded me with what had to be several days of built up semen deep in my pussy. Finally, the big guy fucking Sean yelled: "You bitch, take my seed up that fag pussy of yours." He filled Sean

with a huge load.

The guys pulled out, kissed us and raced us to the lake where we all cleaned the sweat off and the semen out of our asses.

I said: "Well guys, how about a repeat of this great fucking session sometime next week?"

They all agreed that was a great idea. No more virgins in this group of seven. Maybe that hot tennis player would join our group. It was obvious that he would be a hot bitch to make an even eight member team.

balls. Even at a distance, we could hear hear the moans and groans. This was a steamy hot orgy.


Naughty Eric


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