Skiing in Austria

by Graham Nancledra

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Skiing is one of the joys of my life, and let’s be honest, if you were to ask any Swiss, they will tell you they love skiing. We are lucky to have some wonderful skiing slopes in our country and we have amazing alpine skiing but also, less well-known Nordic skiing in the plateau and higher plains which is also great exercise.

Not only at home in Switzerland but also close at home in France, Germany, Italy and Austria and if you want to go a little further Slovenia has some great and cheap skiing.

One of my favourite places to ski is at Ischgl, just inside the Austrian border. So close is it to the frontier that some runs actually flow across the border back into Switzerland. Great skiing and it’s a great party place as well. All fun for the apres-ski.

For me it’s a four-hour drive from Lugano and I like the run as I get to pass through Liechtenstein. Always a joy.

I had read in a Swiss German Gay magazine that there was an interesting gay life there too and I thought about it and decided to pack my skiing gear and book a couple of weeks there.

The little and pretty town of Ischgl is the sort of place we Swiss like as it’s similar to our own small town skiing resorts. They even speak German in the same way that we do. I’d settled into a very comfortable and warm hotel with a great view from the balcony and a large bed that I could sink into at night and still be comfortable and warm even if there was a blizzard.

I’d got my ski pass for the various lifts and a good map of the runs, and back at the hotel, I sat in the bar and studied the details of the runs I’d like to try during my stay over a glass of local wine.

I was so absorbed in the document that I didn’t notice a couple of men sitting close to me speaking German in a tone I couldn’t help but overhear. I only noticed them when one of them said to the other to go and ask him as he has some details with him and might know.

The next thing I knew a very tall guy was standing above me asking me if I spoke German. I did and he then asked if he could trouble me for some local information. I said that I’d try but that I wasn’t a local citizen.

He gave me the name of a bar in the town and wondered if I knew where it was situated. Something in the back of my mind reminded me of the name and it took me a few moments to recall it was in the gay magazines listing of gay places in the town.

I found that I had the gay guide magazine with me and looked it up and confirmed that it was the place he mentioned and I told him the address. I was thanked and he went back to his partner. This was the first time I noticed them both. They were of almost identical build and close in looks. Fair haired, tall, slim build and reasonably good looking and if I had to choose, I’d take the one who came over to question me.

It was getting late and so I finished my wine and went up to my room, aware that both the guys were watching me. I dressed for the cold night air, Ischgl is fourteen hundred metres above sea level, and walked around until I came across a café where I could get a decent bite to eat.

When I was paying the bill, I asked where the road was with the gay bar, and I was told it was the street behind the café. I just wanted to see the place but not to go inside.

It was easy enough to find and I noticed a small sticker in the window with the rainbow flag and a small pink heart next to it. Its credentials were good. Satisfied, I made my way back to the hotel and fell asleep.

By nine the next morning, I had breakfasted and had collected my skiing gear and happily found my ski’s had been properly waxed, and I walked up the hill to one of the many ski lifts in the town. It was not my first ski run of the season, I’d done plenty in the Swiss alps during the winter, but I was not used to the conditions locally and so I chose an easy run for the day. There is a few really good piste runs in an area called Samnaun. Short but easy and not tiring. One of the first rules of skiing is when you say to yourself ‘one more run’, you don’t. It’s then time to rest.

As in any Alpine resort there are plenty of café’s around to rest and have a drink and a bite to eat before you take in a few more runs before the sun hides behind the mountains. I had a good time looking at the other skiers enjoying themselves and wondering what some of the more good-looking males would be like either under me or in front of me.

By three thirty, I was tired enough to ski down to my car and drive back to the hotel, where I stored my gear.

At about nine in the evening, I went back to the café I was in the previous night and served by the same waiter from the previous night, pleased that I had returned. After, I walked around to the gay bar and this time I went inside. It was nothing special. Cosy with plenty of tables, with a few joined together for larger parties. The music was low and didn’t disturb conversations. I found myself a table and scanned the room looking out for any talent I’d like to get to know more intimately.

There were a few guys that I wouldn’t throw out of bed in a hurry but they were all engaged with others. I seemed to be the only single guy in the bar.

The door opened and in came the tall couple from the hotel. They took off their padded jackets and again they were wearing the same clothing. They ordered their drinks and took them to a table a couple of places away from me.

It didn’t take long for eye contact to take place, and nods of greeting were exchanged. After a few minutes of more eye contact, I was waved over to join the guys. As I had no one to talk to I was happy to join them. Name were exchanged. The tall one was Hans-Peter and the slightly shorter guy was Dieter, and they lived in Zurich. They were surprised that I was a Tessiner. The German name for a Swiss-Italian. Like most Swiss-German’s they only spoke a few words of Italian and only a handful are fluent, but I used my linguistic skill to chat with them in Schweizerdeutsch, rather than the standard German I’d use in my work. It’s rather like German with a throat disease.

We got on well and I found a better rapport with Hans-Peter, the taller and better looking of the couple. Dieter was constantly looking around the room and contributed little to the conversation which was mostly about skiing and where they had visited and the runs they had made and the quality of the piste.

Hans-Peter offered me another drink and went to the bar to order. Dieter went with him, which I thought was a little off, leaving me alone at the table but he didn’t return with his partner.

“He’s gone to chat up another guy he fancies”. Hans-Peter explained. “We have an open relationship and play around quite happily”. I wasn’t shocked at all, and I was really pleased to have Hans-Peter to myself. He pushed up the sleeves of his sweater to reveal a lightly haired forearm, with very fair hairs scattered around. The arm was muscled very nicely, and he had very narrow wrists.

What I did like him doing was leaning back in his chair and putting his hands behind his head as he spoke to me. He was really relaxed with me. I decided to bite the bullet. Did he Hans-Peter also chat up guys he fancied? I got and very knowing grin from him with raised eyebrows that signified that he did.

“And you Mario. Are you single and play the field”?

I nodded confirming that I indeed did.

“So how about you and me together some time”?

I smiled back at him silently.


I was all for it. He was the attractive one of the couple, and I was very interested.

“Why not”. I ventured.

“Let’s go then”. He was eager.

We paid our tabs at the bar picked up our jackets and hats and as we left, he signalled to his partner who was chatting to a larger and a definitely top man.

Walking back in the very cold frosty night air, Hans-Peter asked if it was Ok to use my room. “Dieter will most probably take his guy to our room”. I was fine with the arrangement.

Back in the room, we made ourselves comfortable and Hans-Peter confessed that he fancied me from the second he saw me in the hotel lobby. He was intrigued to find out if I was gay. He had hoped that I was. Mentioning the gay bar to me was a rouse. It worked and he was all the more determined to get me.

I confirmed that there was a mutual feeling.

We were sitting at each end of a spacious three-seater sofa in my room facing each other. Again, he had pulled up the sleeves of his sweater and looked very relaxed and he rested his arm along the top of the sofa towards me and I spied a ring on his index finger. This was the chance for me to touch by asking about the ring and its significance. He grasped at my fingers holding me in place. He didn’t answer my question but pulled me towards him telling me to come closer.

Closer meant that I found myself with my head in his lap and his hand holding my arm across my chest and I was able to stroke the soft fair hair on his forearm. The room was very warm, and soon we were taking off our sweaters. He was wearing a tight plain white T shirt underneath which showed off a fine muscled body. Not large like a bodybuilders but defined, attractive and fit.

I was about to sit back on the sofa when he decided that we should be, in the unoriginal phrase, a lot more comfortable. This actually meant getting down to our underwear. I enjoyed watching him strip, He had a good body, slightly muscled and with no traces of fat at all. He had a clean hairless body except for the slightly downy hair on his forearms and a darker somewhat larger area of hair on his legs. What made me really smile were his nipples, dark and seemingly well worked on and a decently sized package inside his white underwear.

Hans-Peter, liked what he saw in me, giving me a low wolf-whistle when I was also down to my underwear. Remarking to me that I kept myself fit, we resumed our positions on the sofa, my head against his bulging crutch. He was playing with my nipple area, circling my nipple with his fingernail and just teasing the edges giving me wonderful thrills that made my cock expand in excitement. For a moment his reached down to cup my bulge, squeezing it gently and commenting that I seemed to be wired from my nipples to my cock.

I agreed and asked if he was the same.

“I love a hot mouth or two on my nipples, having them licked and nipped and pulled with teeth”. I felt his cock throb under my head as he spoke.

We were comfortable, and I wanted to be able to turn my head to suck on his cock and to see just how big he was. He continued talking about sex and what he liked.

“I like being in the middle. Sucking on one guy and another guy sucking me and the same with fucking. My being inside a guy and another inside me”.

All of this appealed to me. I asked if Dieter was into it.

“No. He prefers one on one only. It’s why we split up so many times if we go out looking for extra companionship, though he does like to talk about what action we had when we are together again”.

I was curious, what did he mean by together again!

It turned out that although they were in a relationship they didn’t live together, in fact they lived on different sides of the city. I thought it was weird. How long had they known each other? Four years it turned out.

I’d heard enough about Deiter and wanted to get down to some action rather than talking about it. I suggested the bed. We stood up together and faced another. I was surprised that he was slightly taller than me and liked it. I took the chance to pinch both of his nips sharply and he reacted well, so I took hold of them again and twisted them hard. He definitely liked that. His pelvis pushed hard into mine and he ground his hips so that out crutches clashed. It was time to free our dicks.

I paced back slightly, reached down and pulled down his underpants, His cock sprang out of the material and uncoiled itself, his foreskin peeling down over his glans. He was definitely a big boy, bigger than me and what I liked was the slight curve downwards to his cock just below his cockhead. He was at least twenty-twenty one centimetres and he was a thick boy too.

He was slightly bigger than me. Hans-Peter looked down and my cock.

“Oh, you don’t disappoint. You have a beauty. It suits you”, and he was down on his knees sucking on my excited cock. The feeling was soft and warm, and he was taking in a fair proportion of my cock. I enjoyed the sensation and looking down to see his fair haired had bobbing back and fro over me and looking past to see him playing with his cock, wanking it excitedly.

Still on his knees he started to crawl forward pushing me backwards towards the bed as he continued sucking me and I fell back onto the comfortable soft bed and he followed me, his mouth still wrapped around my cock. He only gave up sucking when he wanted to get onto the bed with me.

He lifted my pelvis grabbing both my arse cheeks and massaging them.

“Firm arse too. Nice, I like it. Suddenly my legs were thrust into the air and his face was in my hole and he was licking away like crazy. The sensation ran all the way up my spine like the hammer and bell strike machine at the funfair, my brain being the bell and the puck hitting it and making it ring with pleasure. Hans-Peter was certainly talented when it came to giving oral sex.

I didn’t have to move. He had his face right against my hole and was shaking his head around like a terrier dog with captured vermin. Holding my legs back, he looked up at me grinning, his eyes alight with joy, “It’s a great arse and tasty too. I just wish there was a third guy to join us”. If the third guy was as sexy and as good as Hans-Peter, then I’d be really happy. I suggested that maybe the next night, if there was to be one, we could try to find a third guy to join us.

“You’d like that”? he was really excited by the prospect. I wasn’t going to tell him and told him to get back to business. He was face deep again in my hole, licking like crazy.

“Do you eat arse”? he was interested.

“Yes, I do, but I want your cock first then your backside”.

His cock was at my mouth within five seconds, presented to me by him lying opposite to me on the bed with his face still in my rear. The cock was rigid and hard and difficult to pull away from his stomach, but I held it and levered it to my mouth. There was no bad odour from his cock, and I put the thick head in my mouth. There was a slight salty taste to his precum which was slightly leaking in my mouth, and it seemed to respond to my licking of the underside of his head.

I had to hold the base of his cock with a hand to pull it away from his belly and to edge my mouth further down his shaft. He seemed to really enjoy it, coming up to me to kiss. A huge, big wet sloppy tongue twisting kiss. He lay next to me on his side, smiling and looking at me lustfully.

“Chew my tits”. He deep throated moaned at me. “Bite them hard’. He admittedly had great nips and attacked them using my teeth rubbing my jaw from side to side to grind against his hard buds. And then I gripped them hard, exposing my teeth so he could see them and pulled them away from his chest muscles, really stretching the skin before dropping them back in place. He helped me by grabbing hold of my head moving my mouth from nipple to nipple as it pleased him. Still with his grip on my head he pulled me up to his face again and kissed me deep and hard before pushing my face down to his cock.

Putting my arms under his waist and around his back I lifted him over and on top of me, still facing backwards. We were now in the perfect position to double rim. I opened my legs to give him access and spread his cheeks apart to get my first look at his hole. He had a beauty, small, pink, slightly ridged at the edges and a great looking eye. Like the rest of him there was a light dusting of hair in the area.

I thrust my face into the target but had to move him slightly to get a good connection without my chin being caught. I was receiving the same sensations from him as earlier and jabbed my tongue into the winking hole and then gave him long firm wet licks.

It had a dual effect. His hole seemed really to relax, and he stopped rimming me for a moment to praise my efforts. I made my pleasure more expressive by pushing my tongue harder and deeper and my licks wetter and warmer. He relaxed so much that I was soon able to get a couple of fingers in his hole and to push them in to the knuckle and as I twisted my hand, I was rewarded by some really satisfied moans.

He suddenly sat up and lay down beside me, licking my mouth and lips and we kissed.

“This is fucking cool”. He told me. “Would you sit on my face a while”? He wanted me to knead my hole in his face as he licked me out. I was delighted. He wanted me facing away from him so I could work his nips as he rimmed me. This was a good guy. I took my place and reached down to work those nubs really hard as he had told me he liked. If anything, the sensation was better than before, and he was really enjoying himself so much that he was jacking on his cock; if fact I had to tell him to calm down before he shot his load and spoiled the rest of the fun for the evening.

When he’d had enough, Hans-Peter, was breathing deeply and he asked if I wanted to fuck him. Of course I did. He hoped I had protection as his stuff was in his room where his partner would most probably be fucking with his pick-up.

It didn’t take too much time to prepare myself and we were back on the bed with me on top for a missionary fuck. Nicely lubed up I entered him, and he took me easily and I was inside him. He was tight but a good fuck and he joined in the excitement, jacking himself, working his nips and kissing me and caressing my body and being very verbal. We switched a few times, to doggie, cowboy and spooning and most exciting for me prone boning. All the time, I was penetrating him fully and he was taking me like a pro and giving me great feedback physically and verbally. Not once did he ask to fuck me, but he made comments a few times about that threesome he liked. We’d see.

When it came to coming, he didn’t want to fuck. He wanted me to sit on his face again and work his hot nips. I was happy to do it again. This time he was really well into rimming my hole. It was superb and I gave his nips some hard work, especially with my nails and he was frantically jacking his cock. I sat down harder on his face; hard and he loved it giving a deep humming sound of approval as he licked my hole. Then suddenly he really opened his mouth to take in a huge gulp of air and he shot his load, all over his belly and onto his chest and my fingers and hand at his nips. As he climaxed, he was deeply licking my hole for all he was worth. 

I raised myself up off his face and he was gabbering away almost gibberish like, breathing very heavily. It was almost like he was into auto-asphyxiation but by having someone’s rear preventing breathing. I couldn’t say that it was something I was into, but the good-looking Hans-Peter seemed to be.

When he recovered, he asked if I’d like to cum and what could he do to help me. I told him to lick my balls and arse and to work my nips for me. He lay down below me to do as I asked and reached up with his long arms to pinch my nipples as I jacked off. It wasn’t long before I was shooting my load. I can’t say it was the best or the most exciting load I’ve dumped on myself. I couldn’t get out my mind the asphyxiation idea.

Next, he asked if he could sleep with me. His boyfriend would most probably be sleeping with his fuck of the night. I had no qualms about it. The next morning, he was still with me in spite of telling me that he’d go back to his room during the night. We ended up breakfasting together and he went to his room to change to go skiing. I ended up going to ski at one of the most difficult runs at the resort, at Silvretta, the piste was wonderful, but the gradient was frightening at almost seventy-eight percent. Hans-Peter raced down the slope. I slowly slalomed down. It was the safest way for me. It was only when we had left the piste that he told me that the run was called “Harikiri”. I was glad only to find it out after we had skied it and not before, if I had known there would be no way I’d have made a single run let alone the three I slowly attempted. In fact, come to think of it, I’m certain that my ski’s had never cut into the piste so deeply, ever.

At the end of the days skiing, he came to me again and asked if he could stay the next couple of nights with me. Dieter, the boyfriend wanted to stay with the guy he’d picked up in the bar. Hans-Peter turned on the charm and excitement by saying that we could even find that hot third guy to join us or better still, if I liked, a really exciting couple.

“Go on Mario, it will be fun and exciting”. I agreed, but in the back of my mind, I was set against almost killing the guy during sex.



During the next two days that Hans-Peter and Dieter were at the resort I didn’t see them together again. In fact, I didn’t see Deiter or his new ‘friend’ at all. Hans Peter moved his stuff into my room until the guys left.

After our day on the steep slopes of Silvretta, we went back to the bar in the late evening and found a couple exciting enough for us to play with. An Austrian couple from the far east of the country beyond Vienna who were older than me.

Again, in the bedroom Hans-Peter was the leader, organising everything and making sure that he was the centre of the action.

I liked the guy and enjoyed the sex, but I was happy to see him go home and to have room for myself alone and not to have to ski the ‘Harikiri’ again and could choose a slope more to my liking. Hans-Peter was definitely one who liked to enjoy living and experiencing sex very close to the edge.

by Graham Nancledra

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