On a very hot summer Saturday afternoon a month ago, Bud was on his skateboard cruising a main boulevard in downtown Seattle dressed only in a pair of ragged shorts and old worn tennis shoes. He had a plan to entice an older man driving by who also was looking at hooking up for wild sex.

Bud had successfully seduced older wealthy men with this approach in the past. In addition to steamy hot sex, these men had showered Bud with such luxuries as lavish dinners, drinks and nights at expensive hotels. Bud's attire as a poor twink in need of money had drawn men like bees to flowers.

At around 3 PM that Saturday, this really attractive older man drove up next to the curb in his red convertible next to Bud and said: "Hey, man, you look like you could use a good meal and night at a nice hotel. Am I correct? Your skateboard looks worn out and a poor source of transportation."

"Yes, sir, it has been a couple of days since I had a good meal. I would do almost anything for a great meal and night in a hotel."

"Hey, son, almost anything? You look so hot and I am as horny as hell. I could use your hot body to take care of my horny condition. I am in desperate need of man sex. Are you up to a night of real hot fucking?"

Bud used his experienced technique and said: "Sir, you are propositioning me for sex? What is in it for me?"

"Oh, you will be very happy with me not only for a night of sex with a professional fucker but enjoy the gifts I have for you."

"Well, sir, I guess I can trust you. You look like a man who is successful and knows what he wants."

Bud put his skateboard in the back seat and got in the front seat.

"Hey, man, my name is Bud and I am a 19-year-old skater who loves man sex. Although I am only 5' 6" tall and weighs only 140 pounds, I have a big cock that can satisfy you. And who are you?"

"Hi Bud, my name is Doug. I am 40 years old and a successful businessman. I am much bigger than you at six feet and weigh in at 170 pounds. I too can satisfy you with my big cock and I love man pussy."

Bud pulled his ragged shorts up high on his thighs revealing his big balls, portions of his blond pubic hair and the outline of his super thick 9-inch cock.

Doug almost drove off the road catching a look at this horny twink's crotch. Soon his own 8-inch cock was swollen to its maximum trying to escape his pants.

As Doug drove to the outskirts of the city, he had Bud move over close to him and he said: "Bud, pull out that big cock of yours and let me feel it and see how hot it is."

Bud took one of Doug's hands from the steering wheel and brought it over to his now rock hard leaking cock and placed it around the super big shaft.

"Doug, has does my hot cock feel on your sweaty hand? Do you like my sweaty and slick 9-inch cock in your hand? Jack me off."

"Oh, shit Bud, your cock is so beautiful, hot, slick and smells so good."

Doug was not only wild with lust holding this twink's cock in his hand but also turned on by all the manly smells of this young stud's sweaty body and the odors from the tennis shoes of this cute teenager. He had to have him now.

Doug found a secluded place to park at the edge of a tree-lined entrance to a forest. Doug pulled his own pants and boxers down around his knees while still in the car. He took one of Bud's hands and placed it on his own pulsating cock. For the next 10 minutes, they engaged in a wild jacking off of each other as their hands became soaked in the precum. The smell of the warm cum and especially Bud's sweaty body and feet were totally intoxicating.

Doug grabbed Bud by the back of the neck and pulled his mouth down on his crotch.

"Bud, you little bitch, suck my balls and cock. Show me how good you are at giving a real man a blowjob. Hell, yea that is it. Oh, take all my cock down that young hot wet throat. Play with my balls as you suck my dick. Yea, oh my God, oh fuck, oh fuck, that is it. Suck harder, yea, it feels so good. Suck me, suck me, that is it. Fuck yea."

The young cute twink went wild bobbing up and down on Doug's big pulsating cock for several minutes. He would change from slow sucking to fast sucking while producing gobs of spit on the hard cock. Bud devoured all Doug's leaking precum as he continued to give him a super blowjob. He continued to suck the gorgeous cock until Doug finally pulled him off as he was about to come. Doug was determined to fuck this cutie's ass.

"Doug, it is your turn to suck my aching cock. I first want you to eat my ass, suck my raunchy balls and suck my sweaty toes."

They finished undressing. Bud stood up in the passenger's seat, turned his face toward the back seat, leaned his hot chest against the headrest and pushed his ass toward Doug who was now in front of the twink's ass and said: "Hey, man, here is my ass, balls and cock for your meal. But first reach down and suck my smelly toes.

Doug managed to pull Bud's feet up enough to suck each toe while smelling the aroma coming off the sweaty feet. It was so erotic that Doug's cock was jerking and pulsating like never before. Doug produced gobs of salvia to help wash the dirty feet.

Next Doug began rimming the twink's beautiful pink asshole. He thrust his tongue as deep into the asshole as possible. He later went down on the young stud's balls and one by one he sucked them into his mouth while enjoying the juicy sweat pouring into his mouth and running down his chin from the sweaty balls. At the same time, he used two fingers to probe the hot asshole making Bud crazy for his cock. Finally, he took Bud's huge cock down his throat and sucked him wildly for at least 5 minutes while savoring the precum running down his throat.

With no warning, Bud turned around and grabbed Doug's face and began to jack-off his cock in front of Doug's face until he exploded with huge blasts of white thick sticky cream all over Doug's face and then thrust his cock between Doug's lips filling Doug's mouth with more cum. They engaged in deep kissing so they both could enjoy Bud's cum.

Doug was now wild to with lust to fuck this young man's pussy. They got out of the car and went to the hood of the car. Bud leaned over the hood facing the car and spread his legs far apart anticipating the oncoming big cock in his ass.

Doug moved up to the ass, got on his knees and and once again gave a hot rimming of Bud's ass. He licked up and down the ass crack and plunged his tongue as deep as possible into the ass entrance while fondling Bud's big sweaty balls.

"Oh, hell, eat my ass. Do not stop. Eat me raw. Yea, man, it feels so good. That is it. Lick me clean."

After about five minutes of rimming this hot ass, Doug could not wait any longer. He had to have his throbbing cock in the pulsating ass. He stood up, placed his throbbing blood filled cock next to Bud's asshole and rubbed the big cock up and down the ass crack getting ready to penetrate this man pussy. Bud was now crazy for the cock.

"Oh my God, please fuck my ass. Give it to me. I want your cock deep into me. Please fuck me."

This dirty talk and invitation was too much. Without any further delay, Doug slid his cock inch by inch into the experienced wide-open asshole that had many other cocks in the past. He began thrusting in and out with all his manpower using his hips and legs to thrust deeper each time. He fucked Bud wildly as Bud screamed and grunted with pleasure for at least ten minutes.

"Yea, oh fuck, oh fuck, that is it. Yea, it feels so good. Fuck me harder, faster, drill my ass. Yea, fuck, oh yea, om my God, your cock is so big. Give it to me."

When he could not hold back any longer, Doug pulled out and shot huge loads of his cum on to Bud's asshole. When he was drained, he rubbed his cock in the cum on Bud's ass and then he drove his cum covered cock back into the wet ass. He used the cum to lube Bud's ass for another few thrusts before pulling out once again. He turned Bud around, had him get down on his knees and take his cock in his mouth to eat the cum residue. It was so sexy and tasty.

"Bud, baby, you have earned a great dinner and night with me at an expensive hotel. I will let you fuck me later tonight. I too love a cock deep in my ass."

"Doug, I can hardly wait to drill that bubble ass of yours."

They drive to a hotel and reserve a room for a night of more wild sex.


On a very hot summer day


Naughty Eric


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