[This is a sequel to 'The Examination Room']

'Come on quick get some clothes on, for fucks sake! they're coming up the stairs!'

Cyril was desperate that his mates shouldn't see what he had just done. But I was left in a daze after being fucked so deep up my asshole I couldn't think of anything.

'Hey come on! cover yourself up!!' Cyril was almost frantic trying to throw my pants over my bare bum but he missed and they slipped on the floor.

'Cover what up? Oh Yea! Oooh Yes!! Now we see! Well no hiding what's happened here. Wow! And that' some pansy bum I'd say. And someone, ....... I wonder who, has given him a fucking good seeing to by the looks of things!!' Barry was triumphant.

'He's oozing fuck out his ass! Look Don, Cyril must have given him one hell of a stuffing!' Jeff had his fingers in my crack and I just lay there on my side with the three of them staring at my slimy ass crack. I had made no attempt to cover up; I just felt so sexy; I only wanted them all to fuck me and I couldn't care less about Cyril's embarrassment.

In seconds the three of them were ripping their clothes off and flinging their pants off. Oh man! They were all so fucking big. Their cocks! I mean they were huge hard and horizontal everyone of them and without thinking I threw my arms around all their asses and tried sucking each in turn then I got all three in my mouth at once. I was fucking mad for it and as I began to taste lots of precum I rolled on my back, pulled my knees up and invited into my gaping asshole.

'Form an orderly queue now' said Jeff laughing as he drove his huge hard-on straight up my bottom. It took my breath away; it was so sudden. I had never been intimate with Jeff before and now here was his raging hard cock filling my bottom. It felt so fucking marvellous!! It felt like every bit of him, his lovely muscles and hairs arms were way up inside me!

'Go for it man! Pump his pansy sissy ass till it fucking comes out of his ears!' Barry was holding the base of his cock and waving it at me as he spoke. It was long enough to flex just enough to see how firm it was.

Jeff was working his cock up me like a piston, then he in seconds he was jacking off; I felt his jizz coming in hot spurts deep inside my bum, then Barry, who was getting impatient almost pushed him over in his excitement. As soon as Jeff withdrew his long slimy dick from my hole Barry rammed his straight up me. His felt even bigger and stretched my hole like hell. I wanted more and more of him inside me, it was painful but oh hell, HE WAS HUGE!!!

I was lying on my side now but Barry pumping was me really roughly and Don had thrust his rigid pink meat right in my mouth and halfway down my throat. I hardly knew who was who and I sucked Don like I was willing Barry on to fuck me. Suddenly Don started spurting loads of creamy spunk over my tongue and filled my mouth while Barry spewed a great flood of his hot fuck fluid up my bum hole. It was like great hot flushes filling up my rectum.

Cyril had already given up being embarrassed and was determined to demonstrate his abilities. Immediately Barry had finished doing me and while I was still swallowing mouthfuls of Dons rich and sticky semen, Cyril was making a show of how he would drill my ass. In the end the others had to pull him off me as they were afraid I would be hurt as got so rough. Cyril had that extra staying power which happens when you have just got hard again.

I just lay naked on the bed with my ass crack in a very slimy state while Cyril told the story about my visit to the Examination room. But I find it very hard to keep my anus tight when I know there are manly guys nearby and soon I could feel this sticky dripple which felt like it was oozing from between my buttocks.

'I've seen that sergeant guy as couple of times and he's always asking after you. Hawkins is his name I think his first name's Dan but I' not sure. Last week he asked if I could arrange for you to meet him. And yea, I can understand why!' Barry said while observing my ass slit.

'Why would he want to meet me?' I asked, half knowing the answer.

'Ah but it wouldn't be for him would it? I mean from what I've heard he provides for his squaddies when they're getting a bit randy'

'Oh come on Barry what the hell are you talking about? Do you mean he'd just let the all those squaddies fuck the hell out of him! I mean, bloody hell!! How many are we talking about' Cyril was outraged but I had got so excited at the prospect that Jeff had to put a tissue in my crack to stop me dribbling cum on the carpet. He made some remark about me being on heat and needing a tampon.

'Er I think there are twenty five in a platoon is that right? Three sections of eight and the platoon commander, usually a sergeant' Barry was very cool and matter of fact about it and knew very well I would not be able to refuse the prospect. ' Come on Cyril what's the matter? You've not fallen in love with him or something! Can't you see he just needs a bloody good fucking. Perhaps if he gets a really good load of guys up him it'll put some hairs on his chest! So what do you say to it Carl? Shall I say you're up to taking a bunch of soldier dicks up your bum hole? '

It was a bit of rough type of snack bar where Barry had arranged for us to meet. I sipped coffee alone at a plastic table trying to appear self assured but feeling quite nervous about meeting up with Sergeant Hawkins. He had previously been very dismissive about me as he saw me as an effeminate wimp and not a proper a man. But then it hadn't stopped him dosing my bare body with cum from his jizz pumping prick!

'Hey Sheila make that another coffee!' The firm voice right next to me was familiar. Then sitting down next to me said 'What's you name? Carla or something wasn't it?'

'It's just Carl actually' I corrected him.

'Oh yes of course it is! Well good you came along! I er well for this sort of thing just call me Dan, right? I um dunno what that Barry guy told you I mean we just, you know, it's a sort of a social visit kind of thing really I suppose.' I was amused to see this forthright guy struggling for words and felt like asking him how many squaddies he had lined up to fuck me but I thought I had better not in case he got annoyed.

'Yea I didn't quite know what you had in mind but it's good to see you. Do you come here often?' I said deliberately choosing words like if I'd asked him for a dance!

'If I tell you our company, that's all eight platoons, have just returned from three weeks manoeuvres in the hills and are a bit well ... not having had so much like er.. social contact. OK!' he said leaning forward and lowering his voice; 'They haven't had a women for a hell of a time and if you'd like to come along....You see, you being such a dandy, it's not like you're a real guy; you know what I mean don't you?'

I thought of how shocked Cyril would be at me offering my body, or to be more precise my bottom, to an indefinite number of sex starved soldiers, and surrendering any manhood I might have had. But Dan knew me well enough to know it was an offer I couldn't refuse.

He explained he would have to arrange for me to get a blood test as 'all the guys are in the clear, .. you know what I mean and you can never rely on all these rubbers can you!'

It was a few miles from where I lived so, a few days later after they had done the tests, I took a bus to the camp gates. We had arranged that I report to a certain guy who would pick me up in a jeep. I suppose I might have guessed they would be the two MOs who took me to the Examination Room.

'Don't worry we'll make sure you're OK; cos the guys can get a bit rough when they're kind of desperate. Any way we'll start at 3 Platoon, that's Hawkins' lot.'

'We've got a couple of things we need to do to you first... er ...just to sort of get you ready really' we drew up near a faceless looking building and I was shown into a sort of sluice room with showers and some shiny stainless steel gadgets hanging up on hose pipes. 'Right better get your pants off cos we gotta clear your bum out before we take you to the lads.' He didn't wait for me but just grabbed my belt buckles undid them and drew my pants very deliberately down to my ankles. 'Cor yea! I'd forgotten just how bloody sexy you were with your pants down. Come on get your shoes and socks off then come over here and bend your pretty bottom over next to that douche.' I was beginning to enjoy this; it was like a bit extra before the real action started. It got me feeling more in the mood especially when I felt something cool and big being pushed between my buttocks. It was one of these gadgets with a long hose attached which he was going to thrust up my ass hole.

There was something really fucking sexy about it all. I felt like I was in for a servicing as I felt this lovely smooth shiny plunger being pushed up my bottom. They were trying to be methodical but I could sense they were loosing their cool. Roy reached for a lever and I saw his muscles flex as he pulled it and I a great flush of warm fluids came flooding into my rectum. 'Lovely smooth buttocks on the outside and a beautiful clean bum right inside; that's what we want isn't it Pansy Boy' Nick commented as they kept flushing me out with soapy solutions. Each I had to rush to the toilet to expel before I had the whole forced up me again. And they seemed to be putting further up me each time too. 'Ok that's all for now, oh yea! Tell you what, I brought along a stick of my wife's lipstick. Thought I'd put some around his cherry eh? What do you think!' Nick asked Roy as he spread some neatly around my anus. 'Got some nice smelling powder too, there you are! I wouldn't be surprised if someone smooches that juicy cunt hole of yours., before they get going'

It wasn't very far after we got back in the vehicle and we were soon outside this long hut. It was nearly dark by now but I could just make out it had a sort of rounded roof.

We went into this sort of recreation area with a pools table and you could see the lines of steel framed beds through an open door. They all turned to look at me. I was wearing some very tight and brief shorts.

'On holiday or something are you?' one of them asked in a friendly sort of way. Most of them them looked a bit ill at ease but it didn't last long. Those standing near me got quite chatty asking me all sorts of questions about how I got invited. Some said I looked better than some of the chicks they'd had. But others further away wanted to get heard too 'Do you come here often?' one shouted amid a lot of laughter.

'Depends how often I get invited!' I replied immediately.

That seemed to impress them but any respect I might have gained as a man in their eyes was quickly lost as Roy and Nick came rushing over with what looked like a huge syringe. 'Er sorry we forgot, we should have done this before!' Roy, apologising profusely, took me over to the side of the room but still in full view of everyone. I had to put one leg up on a chair while he slipped this thin plastic tube up a leg of my shorts. 'Come on I've got to get it up you!' he said impatiently as if I had to guide it in somehow. Everyone was standing around watching me now as Nick put his hands down the back of my shorts and fed the tube end into my bottom. My shorts were still on so they couldn't see every thing put that just made it more exciting especially when he started pushing in the plunger. I felt very little inside me this time and I could see he was having difficulty trying to force this gel stuff through such a small tube. Then it blew off the end of the syringe so some of this gel ended up on my thigh.

'Come on get on with it you lot we can't wait all night. What the hell are you pissing about like this for get his fucking pants off and stuff it up him!' The sergeant was getting a bit impatient.

They had me nude from the waist down now and I got the whole syringe pushed up my asshole and the contents forced unceremoniously straight up my bottom in front of everyone. It made a real mess of the lipstick too smearing it all around my slit.

'Cor look like you got a fair dose of the old gel up you there mate!' whispered one of the squaddies as he made adjustments to the front of his denims to accommodate the situation inside. But at the same moment many of the other were taking their kit off so in seconds I was surrounded by the most fabulous display of male nudity. The sight of my bum being stuffed had made every single squaddy strip off utterly nude. And if all those naked muscular bodies wasn't enough, every one of them was sporting the beautiful and huge erection. I just couldn't take my eyes off their lovely pink shiny knobs. I knew I must take each and every one and suck them savour their manly juices it in my mouth.

'That's cos we gotta be aware of good hygiene haven't we! So when you jizz your spunk up his pretty bum cunt you won't get a dose of the plague right? That's wot it's all about see!' barked Dan the sergeant. He was the only one still with some clothes on although he was ssoon in the underpants with a massive bulge at the front.

'Right everyone next door at the double, where's the regulation horse?'

'It's here Serge' shouted one of the squaddies pointing at a leather vaulting horse.

'Now listen up you lot, this is what it's all about!' the sergeant began. 'This pansy boy Carla here, he's too much of a sissy to carry a battle fatigue let alone do an assault course. He's your perfect wimp with no fucking balls on him right! It's up to you guys to show your mettle and get some fucking spunk up him to show him what real men are made of'.

'Right you Private Hobbs I have selected you to get your eager cock between his bare buttocks and lube his ass slit so the rest of us can get up him. Now come on bend over the regulation horse Carla, we've gotta do things proper you know. Come on stand back you guys so we can all see the action'

I think Dan had rehearsed this in advance because, in view of what had just been done to me, it was quite unnecessary. Hobbs wasn't slow off the mark. Oh it was so good that I was at last experiencing one of their cocks for real at last! He wasn't exactly obeying orders either as he worked his cock between my buttocks he began to jizz and immediately stuffed his knob into me and buried his meat pole in my bottom. He went in really deep and I LOVED IT!! Wow he had some production! And what force I felt!!

But the sergeant was now only concerned about an orderly queue and the MOs where keeping a close up view of all the action. I had begun like a race; one squaddy after another stepping smartly up behind me stuffing his stiff rod rudely up my asshole then almost immediately forcing his fuck fluids into my body. It was like a continuous flow of spunk being spurted up me as each guy got so excited after watching the guy in front that he was ready to shoot as soon as he felt my anus clasping his knob.

I was on the point of orgasming all the time and wildly groping and kissing their big hairy thighs as they stood watching me getting it.

'Hey be careful it's all running out!'

'I can't help it Serge he doesn't seem to close up again when you pull out'

'You've got to get a grip of ass mate. You're leeking!' The Sergeant barked at me as if I was a wayward cadet.

'I can't help it I want them so much I just can't keep it closed' I protested revelling in the feeling of helplessness.

'The anal sphincter is a muscle sir and Carla hasn't got any strong muscles that's why she ..er he is here.' The MO said in a 'spot the deliberate mistake' remark. 'I think we should lay him flat sir so it would stay in him better.'

'What do you mean, the regulation horse is not suitable? How come! the girls bend over it and don't leek all down their legs.'

'I am afraid its just that he hasn't got what it takes to hold it in sir'

'Right two volunteers you and you go round to the gym and bring up vaulting horse A3 and I shall personally designate it as the Horizontal Fucking Facility.'

'We could just lay him on a mattress sir it would be more comfortable for him' suggested one nice guy.

'He's here to get fucked not have a cosy lie down' This brought lots of laughter as the two guys brought in the other horse. 'Right this is your designated equipment for the use of' The Sergeant did like the sound of his own voice.

They got me to lie face down on this long low horse which had a much wider leather top. I took about half a dozen guys who drilled my bottom by driving their rock hard dicks straight between my damp buttocks and right down deep into my asshole. In this position I managed to take several guys hard cocks in the mouth; they couldn't wait longer and their how tightly stretched knobs were on the point of exploding as I took each in my mouth. Wow they were so fucking good I wished I could have sucked them all as well as getting them up my as hole. Finally I was on my back with Roy and Nick holding my legs up while all the remaining guys did me full frontal.

I love being fucked in this position. I could see the guys faces and expressions as they probed me and especially when they shot their load there was real passion on their faces Their muscles were flexing as they worked their super fit bodies up and down on me. Each time a sinew tensed in their biceps or their pectorals I felt this firm probing and stabbing of their cocks deep inside me. It's that feeling of having a real man up you who knows exactly what he wants and has all the firmness of resolve reflected in his rigid and uncompromising cock.

One of the bigger squaddies who had a fabulously muscular physique suddenly leapt on the horse so he was almost astride my face. Perhaps he did it to get a closer look at my asshole getting dicked but his balls dangled just in front of my face. What fabulous testicles they were! his big heavy balls hung right down and stretched the skin of his scrotum into long folds. I started licking them and when I took his balls, with my mouth already so full of spunk it was oozing from around my lips.

They were gorgeous and as I was trying to reach the base of his cock, which was a bit too far away, he suddenly leant forward to see one of the guys spunk me. Suddenly it was his bottom which was now right in front of my mouth. And I began his buttocks frantically and even licking deep into his deep hairy slit. I never thought of doing it but he was so fucking sexy! I love guy's hairy strong bums but never before had one been presented to me like this. I grabbed at his buttocks with both hands; they were so strong and hard. I was burying my face between them in his deep dark cleft. Oh how I wanted to get to him. All the time I was licking deeper and deeper and applying lots of slimy cum from my mouth. The others didn't notice what was happening and this guy, Brady was his name, he leant a bit further forward and seemed to push his bum backwards deliberately.

All of a sudden I was there! Pushing his cheeks apart with each hand and licking and kissing his tight male cherry. He must have felt my tongue going into his sphincter. I had made him very slimy all round his asshole and he seemed to be dilating as I licked him. Then pressing my lips against his anus I gave him a blow job up his ass and spat out a load of cum from my mouth which he took right up inside. But I really wanted to fuck him. I was mad about him but as I soon as I'd done this he sprung did a twirl on one hand like a gymnast and ended up facing me with his huge cock lined up with my asshole. In he came and oh what a hell of a fuck he gave me! I went into a wild orgasm as he ravaged my gland and pumped me full of hot sperm.

Then next I realised the MOs Roy and Nick were doing me. How could anything be as good as what I had just had done to me but they were really good and I felt I owed it to them after what they did to me in the Examination Room. They were so expert with my gland and thrilled me into all sorts of orgasms while probing me in some really sensitive places. The Sergeant did me face down as that was how he said he wanted me. '1 want to see that fucking chic ass of yours take my jizz deep between those pretty little buns' he said. He wanted to show he was on top of me and drilling down into my effeminate ineffectual frame. He was master, I was his inferior and he had me utterly conquered.

It was suddenly quiet and I noticed some other guys fully dressed who I was sure had not fucked me.

'What you're 5 Platoon aren't you? Er yes I suppose so he' taking really well so long as we keep him on his back or face down. He's not so good bending as he's not strong enough to hold it in.'

'Yea no problem we've got a mattress, it's out of store still in plastic wrappers so bit leakage won't matter. OK let's go!'

So it was that I was hustled into another hut to be done by another platoon of twenty five guys but I managed to slip a note to Brady with my mobile number. I knew he would contact me so we could meet up privately and do what needed to be done. I had gazed on his beautiful big shoulders and bulging pectorals. I just wanted to give him my prick, small as it is, and pump his great powerful body with everything I'd got.

If you assume about 5mls of semen per guy that is 125 for each platoon and if you think that half a pint is about 280 mls then with me being done by two platoons of sex starved guys probably producing above average amounts then I must have got about a half pint glass on rich male semen mostly up my ass but some down my throat.

I took the second platoon, all twenty five of them, on my back with my legs in the air experiencing so many orgasms I couldn't count. They made their bodies more accessible to me as they were waiting to fuck me and I got to suck every cock and kissed and licked every bit of their strong hairy muscular bodies I could get at. They only thing they seemed to resist was when I tried kissing between their buttocks but I think it was just because they didn't want the others to see. I got to a state where there wasn't a single asshole I didn't want to fuck although I realise it would have been physically impossible for me to do all of them!

What I liked too was the way they dominated me and especially at the moments when I felt them ejaculating into me with such force. I knew I couldn't have got away even if I wanted to. I just love that feeling of being taken by really strong men who invade my bottom and conquer and occupy my whole body. Who better to do that than a bunch of soldiers!

The MOs took me back to the gate and I soon caught a bus. My departure had been a bit hurried as I gather the MPs were around. Anyway I hadn't had much time to get dressed and sorted out so all I had on were those shorts and a T shirt. It was all a bit risky as my bum was very damp and I was concerned not to embarrass people on the bus. There was no one else until we got to the hospital entrance when three young nurses got on. The trouble with women is they always notice what you think isn't noticeable.

'Looks like you've been a visitor at the camp!' on them said eying me up with a knowing look.

'Oh yea I'm just on my way home!' I replied.

'Where's home then?' another one asked. It's surprising how forward girls can be in a group.

'It's down Alexander Road' I said

'Well you won't go there on this bus! It's only going to the depot. It wouldn't be safe for a dandy boy like you to walk alone. You'd better come with us I think'

'Oh I'll be OK' I said still not realising the situation.

'I don't think so in that state!' said the first girl .'You are going to have get things seen to now aren't you! Hey Shirley have you got a tampon because it looks like he'll need it pretty soon. Shirley took a little packet out of her handbag and gave it to Susy who quickly unwrapped this tampon and with that professionalism that you get with nurses she put her hand up my shorts and stuffed it up my asshole so quickly I don't think anyone would have noticed. She was a lot more capable than those bungling MOs!

'There you are you'll be all right till you get back to our place' she said reassuringly as if routine and without a hint of embarrassment.

'So how many guys did you take?' asked another girl called Cindy.

'We're going to give you a good looking over once we get back to our place' it sounded like the Examination Room all over again but at that stage I didn't realise just how naughty these girls and their friends were going to be!



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