The shrill sound of the alarm rang through the air and echoed off the walls. Under the sheet, Andy, with a tall, lean, muscular body rolled from his back onto his side to gaze at the clock. 4:30. He ran his fingers through his thick, curly red hair and returned to his back , staring into the darkness at the ceiling.

He was nude, as he always was in bed. His left hand swept over his right nipple, massaging the well defined pec beneath it. A brief pause allowed his thumb and index finger to tweak the hard nodule protruding from his chest before moving down to his tight, muscular abs. Andy's normally hairy torso was shaved smooth; a ritual he had begun at age 16 when he began to devote his time and energy to becoming a competitive swimmer.

Moving below the navel, Andy's hand made first contact with his rigid cock. At a solid seven inches, it wasn't huge in length, but its girth was far above average. The skin was smooth with the exception of a thick blue vein that ran the length of the shaft, ending at the base of an engorged, purple mushroom head.

Andy lifted his erection from his groin, grasping it firmly and pushing it downward toward his thighs. His grip released and the thick boner landed on his belly with a thud. He repeated this a couple of times, focusing on how good it felt in his hand and then releasing it to smack against his groin.

On a normal day, Andy would lay there a bit longer and stroke it. Today was anything, but normal. It was his senior year of college and this was the last day of tryouts for the varsity swim team. It was a small, Midwestern school with a meager athletics budget trying remain competitive during a difficult economy. Swimming was not an income generating sport and, therefore, had been targeted for a reduction in the number of scholarships offered and the amounts awarded. A full scholarship only made a dent in the cost of tuition and books, but every little bit helped.

Knowing he needed that scholarship, Andy tossed the sheet aside and made his way to the bathroom. Standing before the toilet, he struggled to get a stream of piss flowing from his rock-hard dick. Like most mornings, it was a long piss which ended in his cock going limp. He debated showering in his own dorm room or in the locker room at the aquatics center. But one quick check of his body in the full-length mirror revealed a thickening mass of red stubble sprouting from his groin.

Every bit of drag in the water, created by unwanted body hair, could cost him precious seconds, tenths or seconds or even one-hundredths of seconds. Andy knew that a shoulder injury over the summer had caused his performance to suffer and left him near the bottom of the roster of those trying to make the cut. He could get a much closer shave in his own shower and the few extra minutes it took would be worth it.

He turned on the shower and, as it warmed, gathered his gear: a brand new disposable, four-bladed razor and a can of shaving preparation gel made for women. He found that women's products were not as harsh to sensitive areas of skin. Andy lathered his body in soap from head to toe and rinsed. He lathered and rinsed his cock and balls a second and third time to get his erection back before applying the shave gel. It was easier to pull the skin tight and work around the ball sac and base of his cock when he was sporting a hard-on.

With a steady hand and a few smooth strokes of the razor, Andy emerged from the shower without a trace of his thick, red bush. He paused a moment to admire his handy work in the mirror and then quickly dried himself. Figuring it was still dark and nobody would be about campus at this hour to see him, he decided to go commando and pulled on a comfortable pair of basketball shorts and a plain, white tee shirt.

While most guys were now wearing the wrestling singlet style swimsuits, Andy was old school and still preferred a racing bikini. He tossed a couple of clean Speedos into his gym bag, slipped into his flip-flops and made his way out the door.

The crisp, cool air filtering through his mesh basketball shorts felt soothing to his freshly shaved cock and balls. The brief walk across campus gave Andy a chance to clear his head and focus on his strongest events. A poor showing in the 100 meter backstroke and butterfly would end all hope of making the team.

Reaching into his gym bag, Andy pulled out his student ID and swiped it through the security pad and entered the building. It was only 5:30 in the morning, but he could already hear the clanging of weights and grunts of football players training down the hall. He took a quick look, in passing, then made his way to the aquatics facility. To his surprise, he heard the sound of water, splashing against the tile walls and floor of the shower room. Who, besides Andy, would be up this early for tryouts that didn't begin for another two hours? Perhaps it was just one of the coaches coming in early to review results and standings from the past few days.

Andy walked down the center aisle which separated eight rows of lockers, dropping his gym bag on the bench in the fifth row on the left-hand side of the room. Without stopping, he made his way to the showers and peered in to see who the early bird was. He didn't immediately recognize the figure across the room, until he turned, flashed a wide smile and said, "good morning!"

"Good morning!", said Andy, "you're up awfully early." It was Ben, a freshman. Andy knew little about him, except that he had grown up on a farm and had taken a year off after high school to work and save money for tuition.

Ben turned in the stall and gave the front of his body one last rinse, then turned off the water. He reached for a towel to wrap around his waist. Andy took another from a stack on a nearby shelf and tossed it to Ben to run through his curly, dark brown hair.

"Thanks, man," Ben said in an unexpected deep baritone. He ran the towel over his head a few times and then wrapped it around his neck, letting the ends drape from his broad shoulders and over the muscular pecs which were covered in a light coat of short, brown fur.

Andy looked at him as he emerged from the behind the shower stall door. His first thought was that the man standing before him, in no way, fit the description of your average college swimmer. Though well proportioned and muscular, at about 5'9", he was short, by swimmer's standards. And the sight of his hairy chest and legs made it obvious that he didn't go in for the manscaping that most male swimmers do at the college level.

"So, Andy, is it?" Ben asked.

"Yeah, I'm Andy Stevens."

"Ben Jacobs, here. So, what brought you in so early? You're a senior. Should be a shoo-in for a spot on the team."

"I wish that was so," Andy replied as they made their way to the locker room area. "I had an injury to my shoulder over the summer. It's really hurt my times and it's going to be a close call. If I'm not at my best for the backstroke and butterfly in today's tryouts, I'm done."

Ben turned and walked down the third aisle on the right, between two rows of lockers. Noticing an open gym bag on the bench, "I guess that must be yours," he said.

Andy found himself caught off guard, gazing at the two perfectly rounded mounds of muscle that filled out the back side of Ben's towel. "Uh, huh? Oh, yeah. It's mine," he nervously stammered.

"So, uh, Ben...why did you say you were here so early?" Ben stopped short of the end of the row of lockers, turned to his right and began working the combination lock.

"I didn't" he replied. "I'm a farm boy. We're always up this early. Besides, I really need this scholarship. Things have been tough at home the last couple of years. I had to lay out and work for a year to raise tuition. Even with a full scholarship, I'll still be cutting it close."

"Man, I know what you're saying. I'm glad this is my last year of having to come up with tuition. Now, I just have to hope there's a job waiting for me. I have some good connections through some summer internships, but with the economy the way it is, who knows?"

Ben turned slightly toward Andy. "Well, if things don't work out, you could always do what my dad advised me." From his vantage point, the angle at which Ben stood, gave Andy a perfect view of the substantial bulge straining against the front his towel.

Andy swallowed hard. "Uh, and what is that, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Well," Ben said, as a smile spread across his face. "If you looked in the mirror, Andy, it would be rather obvious. You've got the looks and the body to make it."

"Oh, I don't know. I'd have to move to New York or Los Angeles. They'd eat me up in a big city like that. No, no way. I don't have the confidence to get up in front of people to model clothes."

"Don't be so naïve, Andy. I'm not talking about modeling. I'm talking about porn!" There's big money in it! And they're always looking for hot young guys with muscular bodies and hard cocks." Ben turned back to face the lockers and gave a grunt and thrust of his hips, as if he were in the act of fucking.

Ben's immature actions and laughter left Andy confused. "Um...wait a minute," Andy paused.

"Yeah? What is it?" Ben replied.

Again, Andy swallowed hard. "You mean to tell me your father told you to consider doing porn? Why? Why would your own parent encourage you to get into something like that?"

Andy lifted his gaze from the floor toward the end of the row of lockers, just as Ben allowed the damp towel to fall from his waist to the bench behind him. He turned back in Andy's direction, now fully facing him and asked, "What else is a guy going to do with something like this?"

Andy felt a rush of heat sweep over him, not believing what was before him. "It's so fucking huge," he thought to himself. He wanted to look away, but couldn't.

"Ten inches, hard," Ben volunteered.

"Huh?" asked Andy, his mouth still open from the shock of it.

"It's just over ten inches when I'm hard," said Ben, "That was your next question, wasn't it?" He stood there slowly stroking the shaft.

Andy looked away. He wanted to grab his gym bag and leave, but his own growing bulge was becoming obvious in his floppy shorts and kept him from getting to his feet. Andy turned back to look at Ben. He slowly raised his head to see Ben walking toward him, cock in hand. Each downward stroke allowed his glistening purple head to emerge from the ample foreskin that was now tightening around the girth of his cock.

"We shouldn't be here," Andy said in a trembling voice. "We should not be doing this, not now!"

"Shouldn't we?," asked an obviously more confident Ben. He took a step closer, planting one of his feet on the floor between Andy's. "There's nothing wrong with it, if it makes you feel good, Andy. I see something that tells me this makes you feel good." Ben leaned forward, slowly bending his knee and rubbing it against Andy's own thick, stiffening cock.

Using his left hand, Ben grabbed a handful of thick, red hair on the back of Andy's head, tilting it back. They were now staring eye to eye at one another as Ben gently raised his right hand to brush the massive shaft of his dick across the side of Andy's face. Andy trembled nervously as he felt the wet, swollen head of Ben's cock being dragged over his tightly sealed lips.

"Stop, stop," Andy whispered. Ben's knee pressed harder against his crotch. Andy could feel the first drops of jizz seeping from his engorged head. Ben leaned over to whisper in Andy's ear, "come on, Andy. You don't really want to stop, do you? Your mouth is saying stop, but your dick is in complete disagreement."

Andy always had girlfriends. He always fucked them just enough so they would talk. And they did talk. But he knew this day would come. He had played it out in his head a thousand times. But the scenarios he imagined never went like this. His truth had been discovered and he was at the mercy of a nineteen-year-old underclassman.

"How the fuck could you know this about me? How did you know I would be here alone at this hour?" Andy waited for a response.

"You're always the first guy to arrive. Well, the second, actually." Ben stood up, walked back to his locker and returned with a small cloth bag. "I watch you come into the building every morning. You always stop in the hall and look in on the football players in the weight room. Just like this morning, you're usually going commando and it's rather obvious the effect those big, beefy linemen have on you."

"But you're never here that early," Andy fired back.

"Oh, but I am, Andy. Across from the weight room, there's a television viewing area. There's always a guy in there with his nose buried in a book, pretending to read. I've been reading the same page for three weeks."

Ben laughed and flashed a mischievous grin, as he moved in close to Andy. In a tight bear hug, he swiftly pulled Andy to his feet, lifted the tee shirt over his head and down his arms and stripped the basketball shorts from his waist and pushed him back down on the bench.

Andy's curved, rigid member pressed into his belly, as Ben pulled a bottle of lube from the small cloth bag. Ben poured a liberal amount onto his cock and stroked it, making certain every inch of him was lubed. He straddled Andy's legs, pressed his groin to his chest and began grinding.

"You're fucking crazy, if you think I'm going to let you fuck me with that big cock of yours," Andy protested.

Still grinding his massive dick into Andy's muscular chest, Ben reached for the lube and poured it liberally into his right palm. He lowered his mouth to Andy's ear and softly whispered as he reached back to lube Andy's thick cock, tracing the blue vein that ran along the top with his index finger.

"You know what they say, Andy, it's time to sink or swim." Ben grasped the base of Andy's curved dick. "You're thinking you want to swim, but I'm thinking you'd rather sink that hard cock balls deep in my ass."

Andy gasped for breath as he felt Ben's tight hole open and closed around his cock's mushroom head. Ben leaned in and bit on the lobe of Andy's ear to muffle his groans. The massive girth of Andy's cock stretched him to his limit, but with determination, he took the full seven inches to the balls.

Andy cupped Ben's muscular ass with his hands, as the freshman bounced and bucked on his cock, like a cowboy on a bull. The friction created by Ben's throbbing, ten inch dick rubbing between their chiseled torsos sent him into spasms. Andy felt the tight ring of Ben's sphincter strengthen its grip around the base of his cock.

The pace of Ben's humping quickened. Andy's heart raced as he felt the cum churning in his balls. The look on Andy's face told Ben the inevitable was close.

"Fuck me," Ben moaned. "Breed my ass with your hot, fuckin' load!"

Andy gave a sudden, powerful thrust into Ben's ass, as the words he'd only fantasized hearing set him off with jet after jet of cum filling his young lover's ass. As the throbbing of Andy's cock subsided, he could now sense the warmth of Ben's thick, white jizz flowing onto his chest.

They both sighed heavily. As Ben lifted himself up, Andy's softening dick slipped from his cum drenched hole. Ben leaned in for one last passionate kiss. "Now, who says the guy with the biggest dick always has to be the top? Hey, you had better get cleaned up. You've got a swim team to make!"

"To hell with the swimming," Andy replied. "I'd rather be sinking my dick in your ass! Why don't we get out of here and shower at my place?"

"I'm right behind you," said Ben.

-The End-



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