Hello my name is Daniel I am 21 years old and for most of my younger life I was straight...until that hot summer night. I was 18 and volunteered at the local church to be a youth councilor for the summer church camp. Our story begins on a Tuesday it was about 7:45 when the alarm on my phone woke me up pressing the snooze button yet again I rolled over. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ. 'MAN!!! Daniel cut that alarm off or get up!' shouted Adam. 'Ok OK I'm up dude chill out.' I replied. I stood up out of my bunk wearing only my boxers, nothing unusual for a 18 year old guy from Arkansas in a room full of guys...Well it was not really a roomful of guys there were four of us that where to be bunking together. And another guy was supposed to be here today. I started walking to the shower room and got undressed. Shit the water was cold the other guys had to get up and take showers too apparently. So that left me with taking a cold shower, which I was fine with since it was morning and I had a major problem developing in the lower section of my boxers. I finished my shower rather quickly dressed and headed to the chow hall. Yuck! I exclaimed loudly when I noticed that we were having eggs yet again. I grabbed my plate and made my way through the crowd to the councilor's table and sat by Adam. 'Sorry bro didn't mean to bother you this morning.' I whispered to Adam. 'Its ok.' he replied. The rest of the meal was quiet. After we ate we headed to our departments to help with the little ones. I walked into Cabin 214 and there was a hush that flew through the cabin as I entered the door. I said my hellos to the children and then the door squeaked again. Turning there was this blonde god that stood at the door asking me if this was cabin 214...I said yes and he introduced himself as Bret Homely. We shook hands and said our introductions. This one had a grip on him. I found out in that 5 minutes that he was a councilor and he was 18 years old. Later that night after we spent the whole day getting to know each other we were to have a camp out. Sitting around the fire while the kids are back at the cabin asleep Bret and I start talking about all sorts of things and then the subject of girls comes up. He asks if I am a virgin of course like all guys say I said no. Then he asked this off the wall question 'Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be with a guy?' I asked 'Are you serious Bret? I mean no I havent thought about it..well until now.' I looked over at him and his eyes looked so intoxicating in the light from the fire. I moved closer to him and placed my hand on his. Smiling I leaned over and planted a nice kiss on his lips, his lips where so soft and warm I just couldnt resist any longer I attacked his mouth with my tounge like I was searching out some unknown object in his mouth.

Sorry guys but this is still a work in progress I would love to hear what you guys think.



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