Reggie and I have been partners for over six years. There isn't a thing we wouldn't do for the other in order to make sure the other person is happy. I mean he's the best thing that has ever happened in my life. But I gotta admit he can be a nag at times. He's always complaining about this or about that, things that really doesn't matter to me or anyone else if they heard it. In many way we're the complete opposite. In looks, in age and in attitude. He's pretty explosive and I'm more calm and layback. But it's the spark that keeps things alive between us and the truth is we wouldn't want it any other way.

It's just that Reggie has this ability to discover problems that simply isn't there or make them bigger then they actually are. Mostly I'm able to ignore it. At times even laugh about it. It's apart of his charm and at times it's rather endearing. I mean I'm not the easiest person to live with myself. I have my own unique hang-ups and I'm sure they get underneath Reggie's skin. But when you love someone you accept their shortcomings. After all there's no such thing as a perfect person. But this night I simply couldn't take it anymore. He was pushing me closer to the edge then I've ever been pushed before.

There's all types of sex. Make-up sex, romantic sex, angry sex, frustrated sex, fun and amusing sex and on occasion just plain old nasty and kinky sex. Well tonight I knew if Reggie continued with his incessant ranting, I was going to give him what he really needed. Namely 'shut the fuck up' sex!

Tonight we're throwing a little get together party. Just a few close friends to share beer and a simple meal as we watch the NBA basketball finals on television. No problem. They've been over to our apartment a thousand times. Reggie however had decided it had to be this grand production mainly because his favorite team was favored to win and Reggie is pretty obsess when it comes to basketball. I'm more of a baseball lover with the same type of obsession so it pretty much pans out. Of course Reggie's obsessions always takes him to a higher level.

He had me running around all day buying beer for the fridge, getting some snacks and having me clean up the place a little. I didn't mind. No problem. But what I did mind was him constantly complaining about how I was doing everything wrong. I had gotten the wrong beer; I didn't get the right snacks; I didn't get enough snacks and apparently throwing the dirty laundry underneath the bed temporarily just wasn't good enough. They had to be washed, folded and place in the closet as if our friends would notice or care.

He seemed to have forgotten that we're just a bunch of slobs and the guys we invited over are even worst when it comes to their own apartments. That's why we got a housekeeper who comes in twice a week. But of course this was her week off. Lucky me!

Reggie even complained about what I was wearing. Apparently a simple jean and T-shirt combo wasn't good enough. I mean shit, we're gonna be watching basketball on TV in own home with close friends, for God sake. We not heading off to the fucking White House!

So there I was dressed up in a form fitting long sleeve black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows and wearing my dress leather pants. While I felt over dress in my own house to watch a game - I can only imagine what the guys are going to think - I must admit I always enjoy wearing my tight and fit leather. Not tight enough to be obscene but certainly enough to show off my body in a sexy light.

I can't lie.

I'm pretty impressive when wearing them. The way the smooth fabric caress my long powerful legs and buttocks and you have no idea how my package look conceded within the material. It pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination. I never wear briefs. Being that free always added to my inward sense of bad-boy mentality. It gives me a sense of constantly being ready; all I have to do is zip down the fly, whip it out, and there I am prime for action at any given moment.

And it was clear that moment was arriving with each second of Reggie's ranting.

I had just returned from the market - for the third frustrating time - with groceries he insisted that we needed and from the moment I sat them on the kitchen table, Reggie went into his rounds of complaints. He was standing at the kitchen sink washing a few dishes.

'Why do I have to be the one to wash the dishes?' he bellowed. I tried to explain to him - through calm, clenched teeth - I was doing them when he decided I needed to get some more unnecessary items from the store. But of course he didn't want to hear that. We only had thirty minutes before our friends were set to arrive and as always Reggie was running late and naturally that was my fault, not his, but then again whenever he's in this type of mood nothing is ever his fault. It's moments like these I truly understood what a punching bag must've felt like.

He was standing draped in nothing but a wet towel around his waist. He had clearly just gotta out of the shower. Water was leaking off his body like the running faucet from the sink. His dark hair was plastered to his face. I had to admit despite my frustration, Reggie was looking pretty damn tasty. In a word Reggie is breathtaking!

He was fleshly scrubbed and the glisten drops from the water highlighted the rip muscles in his back which tapered down from board shoulders to a trim, narrow waist. Health freaks in the first order, Reggie and I have always been determined to maintained our solid, athletic physiques. Which wasn't all that difficult to achieve given our respective chosen professions. I'm the owner and foreman of a highly profitable construction company and he's a highly demand high price fitness model/trainer. So our bodies were basically sculptured to match our respective professions. Yeah we're an odd pair but as I said it's the spark that keeps us happily together.

The affection we both have for one another runs deep, but that doesn't stop us from wanting our outer appearances to look as sexy as possible.

At hundred and seventy-eight pounds, Reg's five-foot-eight body was beautifully ripped with fantastic streamline muscles. He had incredible symmetry and bulged hard in all the right places. With his smooth creamy complexion, thick dark hair, sapphire eyes, full kissable lips and a face that seemed to have been sent from heaven, at twenty-seven, Reggie is truly one gorgeous looking man. He had natural-born desirability written all over him.

While Reggie could be easily described as gorgeously beautiful, at forty, I'm more the ruggedly handsome type. I mean my form of ruggedness perhaps isn't the type you would see on the cover of a fashion magazine like GQ. My handsomeness is more on the side of the everyman butch variety but that doesn't mean it's a negative. I may have the looks of a man you wouldn't want to cross, but by the same token, you would love staring up at my hot looks with your legs happily wrapped around my hips or resting on my shoulders as I bang the glorious hell outta ya!

After all, how else could I've been able to capture the heart of someone as breathtaking as Reggie, if my own individual looks wasn't as desirable and attractive in their own rights? Believe me before Reg came along, there wasn't a night in which I didn't have a warm, hot body satisfying my sexual needs in my bed and those guys were all serious lookers.

With my chestnut hair, piercing green eyes and more masculine features, I clocked in at two hundred and twenty-three pounds of massive strength and stood six-three. Like Reg I was ripped and streamline but naturally carried more muscle mass thanks to my height and chiseled weight. And believe me there was no fat to be find on me. I'm pure muscle.

I possessed a bloated, hard chest which was covered in a fine dust of chestnut hair that traveled downward covering my visible steel-like shredded abs. My thick neck sat upon sturdy shoulders, which tapered down to a solid waist, giving my back that fantastic V-shape appearance. My thick thighs seemed to have been cut from tree trunks. I had huge, well-cut biceps which were covered in tastefully designed tattoos. I love them but I don't believe at going crazy with them. I'm determined not to crossover to the obscene. I have a well-shaven mustache and my beard trimmed along my square jaw line. I have the look of a dominated man brimming with testosterone and was damn proud of it.

As he kept on bitching, my eyes fell downward and glued upon the white cotton towel. Snug inside I could easily see the outline of Reggie's perfectly sculptured ass. Man, it's a thing of real beauty, I gotta tell ya. Round, plumb - not too big, not too small - just a taut, compact package of pure deliciousness. Just staring at it had my overly thick eleven inch cock slowly stirring in the confines of my leather pants. Yeah I'm hung as a horse and damn if Reggie doesn't love having it stuffed hard up his moist and tasty ass.

Naturally my hand fell upon it and began rubbing it which only made it stiffer. Even when basically doing nothing, there's something about Reggie that brings out the sex in me. There's a natural scent about him that simply drives me wild sexually. It's always been like that since the first moment I met him.

We met at a sport's bar. I was there with a few buddies, laughing, drinking, watching football on the large screen televisions scattered about the bar. Basically having a good time.

When all of a sudden I noticed this guy bending over to pick up something off the floor. He was wearing these low-riding hip hugger jeans and I nearly cracked a nut just looking at the perfection of those hot globes. I've never seen an ass so ripe, and the fact it was attached to a then twenty-one year old, made it all the hotter. I'm a serious ass-man who has a deep fetish for the young. Add to that he was clearly shorter then was a triple paradise!

Nothing much gets underneath my skin. I'm no pushover mind you. Get me angry and I'll throw a mad hook right between you're eyes. But generally I'm believer at embracing the good side of life. But when it comes to sex, I can't lie, my butch hunger comes into play. My adrenaline starts racing, my blood starts pumping a mile a second and in general I'm transformed into a prize stallion ready to stud!

When he stood up and turned my way I was even more startled by the drop-dead beauty of the owner of that ass. When he looked my way, we stared at each another with unmistakable intensity. It wasn't love at first sight. That would come later. But on that night what we were both projecting was pure animal lust.

I watched him throughout the night as he hanged out with his friends. Once in awhile he'll turn my way, giving me sultry looks from those hot blue eyes of his. There was no question he was clearly interested in the way he moved that sumptuous hard body of his. He was advertising it beautifully and it was all for me. When I witnessed him walking towards the men's room, my eyes remained completely focus on that delicious ass.

As he opened the room he turned back towards me and smiled knowingly. I knew what that meant. It didn't take me long to get in there and from the moment I entered the men's room I went after him like dog in heat.

I was on him, kissing him hard and passionately, with him returning the favor. Holding him tight in my arms was incredible. I could feel the hard muscles cascading throughout his body as my rough and large callous hands naturally reached down to grab his mighty ass. I was squeezing and stroking those globes hard. Even inside those jeans I could tell those buns were firm yet soft at the same time. Just feeling it had me popping hard steel!

Apparently Reg could feel it also. He began rubbing our crotches together and the friction had my loins raging. He was down on his knees, opening my fly, and woofing me down within seconds. My hands griped around his head and the back of his neck as his gave me one of the hottest blow-jobs I've ever received. I couldn't believe this shit! His throat was apparently a bottomless pit because at several points he was actually deep-throating my entire eleven inches down his throat. No guy has never been able to do that before! The suction power of his jaw muscles had me seeing stars as my spread, strong legs began turning into rubber. The dude seemed to have been trying to chew the thing off from it's root. His cocksucking was that volcanic.

I was on the verge of cracking a nut and I knew it. I grabbed him off the floor and pulled him into one of the large handicap stalls, ripped his jeans off, slammed him hard face first against the wall and was plowing his ass. The stimulation was sensational. He opened the walls of his chute perfectly in order for me to bury myself deep inside. I had him trapped firmly against the tile wall, his stuffed ass was arched back and his legs were spread wide. I was fucking him hard, long and beautifully as he eagerly accepting everything I gave him. He was skillfully using his ass muscles to suck and squeeze my homogonous cock deep inside him as he purred, moan and begged for more. He was the perfect bottom: submissive and aggressive all at once.

It pretty much establish the pattern of our sex life. I was the robust pitcher and him the skilled catcher. I learned over the years, Reggie was a serious lover at being intensely fucked and God knows I'm a man who loves to fuck ass. I've never bottomed in my life and never had the desire for it. I'm a proud and happy predator and I've just met my perfect prey.

Naturally a few of the customers came in to do their business. But in my hunger I failed to shut the bedroom stall. That didn't stop me. Hell if anything being watched only added to my adrenaline. By the time we erupted - me shooting my wad up his tight ass and Reggie splattering his on the wall - we were spent, exhausted and was greeted with cheers of applause from our grateful public.

'Zach are you listening to me?!'

Reggie's loud bellowing snapped me out of my reverie. He was yelling with his back still in front of me.

'I swear I have do everything around here,' he continued. 'Some times I wonder what good are you. You're the laziness person I know!'

That did it for me. He had the nerve to say I'm lazy; that I don't do anything around here? That son-of-a-horse's ass! I could feel my anger raising, but looking at that towel-covered ass and remembering those thoughts at how I first took it back at that bar six years ago still swimming my head, I was also pretty damn horny as well.

I stared at that ass of his this time with real purpose. It was there for the taking. I wanted to fuck it something fierce, but more importantly, I wanted to shut Reggie the fuck up!

'You know what you need?' I growled at him as I approached from behind. 'You need a good, hard ass banging to calm you the fuck down!'

With a yank I snatched the towel off him and pushed him up against the counter in front of the sink. With my taller height and stronger strength I was easily able to keep him immobile, unable to move from the spot, as I began unzipping my leather pants in order to release the weapon of choice to settle his bitchy attitude down once and for all.

'What the fuck?' Reggie yelled. I could tell he was startled as he struggled to remove himself from my grab. 'We got people coming over any minute! Get the hell off!'

'We got time,' I told him giving him an extremely hard slap across his ass before reaching over his wet shoulder to grab some liquid soap for lube.

'Besides you need this. It's been a long time coming and it's time for you to be put back in your proper place!'

'I said stop!' He kept on fighting but the friction of his struggle only added to my thrill at taming him. There has always been something wildly exciting about forcing myself on him sexually. Reggie is basically a sweet guy and there is something about his style of sweetness that screams out a desire at corrupting it. To put it in another way: Reggie is a human sex toy who at heart is a pure slut. I was about to make him my bitch who needed to be taught a lesson on respect and that wild thought had my adrenaline racing mainly because that is actually how Reggie loves to be treated when it comes to sex. Fuck, how could I not adore him?!

I managed to turn off the water and bend him over the sink just as I aimed and shoved my huge, lubed dick in that hot tight hole I knew so well. Reggie froze up and gasped loudly at the sudden invasion. He had stopped struggling...along with his nagging.

We paused briefly savoring the sensation. Reggie's back was arched. I could see the play of his back muscles contracting and tensing up as I kept myself buried deep inside him, our nuts kissing up against one another, not moving an inch. I wanted him to feel every inch of me inside him. I had him stretch wide but he had gotten use to it long ago. In fact he loved it. That mixture of overflowing stuffness and comfort was a natural high for him.

I stroke his back, soothing him as one would do with a kitten, which turned out to be appropriate, as he let out a long mournful purr. The sound and look of him, his beautiful blue eyes rolled back in ecstasy with his long tongue licking the edges of his moist, half opened mouth, was just perfection. Reggie is a good man, a solid man, but as I said when it comes to sex, Reggie is a pure wanton slut. He really was just born to it. Even after six years, nothing gives him greater pleasure then being at the receiving end of a good, hard, nasty fuck.

Apparently I was standing still too long. Reggie had started rotating his pelvis, pushing his stuffed butt back, impaling himself even further on my cock. The lips of his ass clamped down hard around my cock. He was squeezing me in real good. Yeah, my Reg was hungry. I could feel him already relaxing. All thoughts of complaints had vanish. He needed this real bad, perhaps more then he realized.

Grabbing a fist full of his wet hair I jerked his head back forcibly and thrust my tongue down his gapping throat. I could feel him panting helplessly as I kissed him rough yet smoothly. It was a full mouth attack with globs of spit and tongue action.

God how I love kissing those perky lips of his. They're so sweet and so good. I wanted to snap his jaw muscles wide I wanted them so much. It was the type of kiss we both loved: intense, dominated and full-on. I greedily chocked and smothered him with my tongue as the palm of my hand plastered itself to his forehead keeping that gorgeous face totally immobile.

I could feel his body twisting and tightening like a live wire as I impaled myself deeper inside him from both ends. Damn if he didn't feel incredible as I felt him completely surrendering himself over to me. If there was ever a guy meant to be gloriously ravished sexually, Reggie was definitely that man!

But I also didn't want him to forget this wasn't going to be a fucking base purely on lust. This was his punishment for his constant nagging.

'I'm no good around here, huh?' I growled in his mouth sucking his tongue deeper in my throat. 'I'll show you how good I am...and teach you a lesson at appreciating it!'

I bent him back over the sink. He wisely stretch out his arms bracing himself as I grabbed hold of his strong hips awarding his steel buns with two more well-deserved hard slaps. I began rotating my hips working several thick inches of my cock in and out and round. I was fucking him steadily as he began whimpering, 'Ahhhh...yeah...urrhhh...fuck me!! FUUCCKKK MEEEE!!'

' want this punishment don'tcha?'


The harder I pounded my cock into his guts, the more he pleaded and begged. Each time my balls would collide with his exposed ass, his cock would bang hard against the sink counter, squirting out pre-come. I slammed my shirt covered torso against his watery back wrapping my killer biceps around his midsection. Reaching my hands downward I began stroking his bloated eight inch cock to the rhythm of my fucking while chewing down hard on his exposed neck.

The way his rectal muscles worked my cock, it was like his ass was sucking off my dick, had me pounding him with even greater velocity. I looked down from sucking his neck and watched as my thick, long prong disappeared and reappeared from his ass as I plowed away wholeheartedly. It was the sexiest sight in the world.

'Ah-urgh-ah...Zzz-aaa-ccc-hhh!!' Reggie was loudly screaming as his head bounced and bobbed off my wide shoulder completely giving himself over to me as I relentlessly went after him with smooth, long, penetrating strokes. His ass felt so good as I pulled myself nearly outta him only to slam back in hard at a different angle.

I had him trapped; nowhere to go as I continued mounting him. His entire body was convulsing as I yanked him from the sink and ease him onto the kitchen floor. I took a quick glance at the clock on the wall. The first of our guests would be ringing the bell any minute but I didn't give a shit. This spontaneous fucking was simply too damn good. Those dudes were just gonna have to wait.

I took one of his legs and swung it over in front of me on my shoulder so he was lying on his side. I grabbed the toes of his foot and began sucking on them passionately. There wasn't a part of Reggie's body I didn't enjoy tasting.

My inflamed eleven inches entered his hole at a new angle as I plowed the hell out of him. In this position I had him screeching like a cheetah as I hit that magic spot over and over. I rolled him over onto his belly, and covered his back with my body. My arms were locked underneath his arm pits and my hands were plastered on the back of his head, smashing his moaning face harder into the floor. My powerful, leather-clad thighs were resting on his spread, naked haunches. In this position I had him totally under my spell as I ripped and pound myself savagely inside his moist chute. My shirt and leather pants was getting damp but it didn't matter. I had already planned on changing back into my T-shirt and jeans after this round of hot lovin'.

Moving nothing but my hips, I plowed my meat into him at an alarming speed. The sensation of my overly bloated and thick rod shoving itself in the confines of his tiny, sweaty ass was bringing out the beast in me. I had lost all reasoning as he kept clenching and unclenching his sphincter as I humped and grinded deeper and harder inside him. He was milking me real good as he continued shouting his need for more.

The squishing and loud slapping noises as my balls smacked his ass, echoed throughout the kitchen. The more I heard the harder I pounded. The noise was sending me into an uncontrollable frenzy as it added to my excitement at taking him.

God I love the sound of that: 'Taking him; claiming him; making him my own; showing him who's the real boss around here.' There's a proud, macho sense of ownership in those thoughts that every man enjoys. We like that idea of knowing this is ours and no one else's and we can do with it as we please. It may not be right...and not everyone may believe in it...but it sure hell is honest and fuck yeah, it felt damn good!!

'Uhh Zach...urrgh..ah-ahhh,' he cried. 'Ooh yeah, oooh yeeaahh...ahhh fuucckkk!'

'Yeah you're lovin' this shit ain'tcha!' With the strands of his wet hair I yank back his head placing one hand on his forehead while the other wrapped around his thick neck as I smoldered his hungry mouth with my own once again. He was huffing, his breathing coming short as he kept himself open receiving both my tongue and cock. I had him completely pinned down on the floor with the weight of my body and the shit felt real good. He really was mines for he always is...and I was greedily taking it all.

'Who's ass this belongs to,' I barked hotly in his face as I gave him to two hard bangs in his stretch out ass.


'Y-y-yours,' he answered me breathlessly, 'All yours...ahh...unnggh.'

'Am I worthless around here,' I roared at him, choking his ass relentlessly with my cock and loving every nasty moment of it.

''re...urrgh're the bbeesssttt!!'

'You gonna start showing me the proper respect I deserve around here?'

'Ooohh...g-g-gawd!! Aww shhiitt...urrgghh...shhhiiitttt. F-F-FUCKING HUGE!!!'

Reggie's trembling voice was all haggard. His wet body was shriving under my feverish attack. His muscles were tight and energized. I could feel his helpless struggle under me as he used the walls of his pussy to suck more of me inside him. God, he's such a hungry and greedy slut!

'C'mon motherfucker,' I shouted harder in his flush face. 'Answer the fucking question!'

'Yes...yeesss sir!'

'Damn, fucking right, babe!!'

I couldn't help but smile proudly looking at his face. At that moment he was the essence of erotic submissiveness and hell if it didn't make him even more beautifully hot.

I could feel myself coming and yanked my dick from his butt and mentality held myself to ward off my pending orgasm. I pushed off him and pulled him on his hands and knees and remounted him like a stallion. Reggie squealed when I grabbed his shoulders and encased my cock back inside him. I had picked up speed and was charging after him as I threw back my head and began roaring loudly like lion.

My adrenaline was in overdrive and the feeling was incredible as I began matching his howling throaty sounds throughout the kitchen. As my balls collided with his, Reggie clamped his ass on my cock again and again as he yelled out, 'Ahhh shiiitttt...Ahhh shiiitttt...I'm cumming!!'

He fell flat on his contracted abs and I rode him down never letting up. My leather-covered thighs were resting on his spread thighs; my arms wrapped tightly around his chest. He was trapped yet again. All he could do was endure the pounding. He twisted his head back and forth; his arms was stretched out ahead of him. He was wonderfully at my mercy and the feeling was tremendous for both of us. He thrust his ass upward to meet my every plunge. He was moaning like a man delirious with pleasure as I yanked his head back and stared hungrily in his flush face. His blue, dialed eyes were blazing and cross-sided; his tongue hanging out of his throat. Reggie was completely in the throws of ecstasy.

At this point I don't think he was even conscious at what was going on around him. All he knew was that he was being fucked in a way he hasn't been for a long time. It boasted my ego knowing I was the one making him that delirious. Once again I ate at his mouth roughly with my tongue. He returned the kiss with equal fever as he whaled helplessly in my mouth as he continued squeezing the walls of his chute tighter around my flaming cock.

I was pounding him with such overflowing fierceness I could actually feel his stretched out slippery, wet body sliding across the tile floor as I continued plowing at him. Yeah, you guessed it. It felt damn good. Forget figuratively, I was literally riding him across the fucking floor! Hell yeah that shit was incredible.

I kissed him even more possessively, willing myself at enjoying the dominating power I currently had over him, as I rotated my pelvis plunging myself further in him. Feeling the warmth of his tight, juicy sphincter's walls wrapping hungrily around my thick eleven inches massaging it deeper inside him was driving me buck-ass wild! God he's such a gifted bottom!

My cock felt like it grew a foot longer as he continued whimpering for more. It started to throb and jerk as my balls finally exploded. My ejaculation was so powerful, Reggie gasped loudly as it shot into him like bullets from a machine gun. I reached under him and grabbed his thick eight inches tightly jerking it off while he reached his hands around and held me in place by my leather buttocks refusing to release my still stiffen cock from his moist, always needing ass. This is what Reggie loves; this is what he needs. A good old fashion fucking to calm him down. Soon he erupted himself, smearing the kitchen floor as I continued pumping his rod as he panted and moan, his eyes still glazing over in the back of his head.

While stuffing myself back in my pants and straightening up my shirt as best I could I stood towering over him watching him convulse and wallow on the floor as the doorbell began ringing, signalizing the arrival of our first guest. His watery hard body had become more sweaty and the hard expression that was on his face moments ago was drowning in pure bliss as he purred and meowed with flowing contentment.

There's no greater sight in the world then watching Reggie basking in the afterglow after being extremely well-fucked. It fed my ego and put a cocky smirk of self-satisfaction on my face as I casually stepped over his weaken and spent body to answer the door, still fit and still full of vigor.

I kept the guys busy in the living room as Reggie discreetly cleaned up the kitchen floor and snuck off to the bedroom to rewash and dress. I never did get to change my clothes and as predicated the guys gave me a good ribbing by the time Reggie emerged relax, energetic and wearing a huge smile. He also was wearing those sexy hip huggers he was wearing when I first met him. I knew exactly what he was up to.

Reg is pretty greedy. I knew instinctively after the guys leave I would be serving my man yet again in our bedroom tonight. He needs at least two or three hard fuckings throughout the night before he's completely satisfied. Him wearing those sexy jeans was his way at giving me notice.

Throughout the entire evening our friends couldn't get over at how boisterously good natured Reggie was being even when his team lost. Reggie even began flirting with them in a very suggestive matter. Reggie knew I seriously got off on watching him parading himself sexually in front other guys. Our friends knew that as well and it wasn't long before they joined in on the amusing fun by slapping their hands hard on Reggie's ass and groping at his ever-hard crotch.

I just stood back and silently laughed as my eyes continued staring on and off at Reggie's hot and delicious butt. Reggie was just sporting those extremely tight low riding jeans. He knew those jeans drove me crazy. Add to that he was wearing a wife-beater so small and tight his midriff was seductively showing the hair line that disappeared below his jean-covered crotch. Yeah Reggie was showing off; he was making it painfully clear what he wanted.

And sure enough, the second the last of our friends left our apartment, I was on Reg like a bat outta hell. I took him right there in the foyer, shredding him outta his T-shirt, ripping his jeans off, and was fucking him hard, intense and passionately right there on the floor. I was a total, unrelenting fuck machine. Whatever savagery I gave him in the kitchen a few hours earlier had only increased ten folds at what I was going to him in that foyer and damn if my beautiful bitch wasn't begging for it! I had him screaming like a banshee in heat by the time I dumped a searing truck load of jiss deep inside his greedy little ass.

I can't say that deserved fuck Reggie got in the kitchen and later out in the hallway was the best we've had, we had lots of great ones, but on this night it was definitely the most satisfying. Not to mention it taught me a lesson. Whenever Reggie starts on one of his annoying rants, all I have to do is give him some 'shut the fuck up sex' and everything would be just fine!




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