My name is James Johnson, but everyone calls me Jamie. I'm 18 and a senior in high school. School really isnt for me. The only thing keeping me from dropping out is the full-ride scholarship I got from California State University for soccer. I play soccer on my schools team and have been voted MVP for three years running. This year might be different though. This year theres a new kid. You get him on the soccer field and hes awesome. Plus he looks awesome too.

I should probably tell you that I'm gay. I like dick and I always will. unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to actually be with another guy. its just been me and my hand.

But anyways, the new kids name is Nick. He has medium black hair and its really curly. He has a strong face and a body to go with it. He is built. he has a six pack, huge pecs, and arms the size of my head.

So after practice one day, I had to talk to our coach, and I saw Nick running laps for mouthing of to the coach. I talked to coach for about 15 minutes, and then coach gave me the keys to the locker room and told me to lock up when I was done.

I walked over to the locker room door and as soon as I opened it, Nick came running up next to me.

'Hey' he said.

'hey, coach gave me the keys to the locker room and told me to lock up, so you can take your time if you want.' I said, holding the door open for him to go in front of me, just so I could watch his cute bubble butt jiggle as he walked down the stairs to the locker room.

We went inside and I went to my locker and started to undress. I got completely naked and then bent down to get my towel and then I felt someones hands on my ass. I turned and looked and it was Nick.

'what the-' was all I hahd time to say before his outh pressed against mine. His tongue pressed against my lips, wanting entry. I opened my lips and let his tongue and mine search eachothers mouths. His hands reached around to my ass and gently squeezed, pulling me closer to him. By this time, my dick was swollen to its full length of 8 1/2 inches. My dick pressed against his body and I could feel his hard dick, still in his pants.

Within seconds, his clothes were off and he was on top of me on one of the benches. He slowly began kissing down my body, taking extra time on my nipples. each time he sucked and bit on them, a wave of plesure crashed over me. he worked his way down to my crotch and started licking on my heavy balls. he sucked on each one. he then worked his way up to my dick. It was leaking precum all over. he licked up all the precum, then took the head of my dick into his mouth. I moaned loudly and he started his decent on my dick, working it in a steady rhythm, taking more and more of it each time, ntil he swallowed the whole thing down to my pubes. I moaned even louder as his tongue began dancing all around my dick. He sucked my dick for aobut ten minutes.

'why don't we take this into the shower?' he said, kissing me full on the lips.

I just nodded an agreement andslowly got up from the bench. we walked over to the shower, and turned on the water. He kissed me again and his hands began to explore my body again, finding my ass hole. he began to work one of his fingers into my ass. I moaned with pleasure as his finger began a steady pace in and out of my ass. He added another finger, then another until he had four fingers up my poop chute.

' FUCK ME, NICK!! fuck me!!' I howled to him.

He turned me around and started to rub some lube on my ass crack and the rubbed some more on his dick. he pressed his head against my crack and began pushing, until it popped into my love hole. It hurt really bad at first, but then the pain turned into intense pleasure. he slowly began to work his dick into my ass. I didn't think it would ever end, but the I felt his pubes brush up against my ass cheeks. I mean he had to have been at least 10 inches long!

Once he got his entire dick in my ass, he began to work himself into a nice rhythm, with me pushing back onto his dick every time he would shove his dick in my ass. He pounded my ass until it was almost raw and the he started moaning really loud.

'OHHH...Uhnnnn... I'm gonna cum...Oh yeah!!' he screamed.

As he screamed, I felt his dick spasm inside my ass, and then I felt his cum shoot deep inside my intestines. I began feeling the same feeling, too. and I shot my load all over my chest and the floor.

We both washed each other off and left the locker room after a long passionate kiss.

We usually get togather about twice or 3 times a week to fuck and get off. And I sure hope that it continues.



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