The lights in the shower room were off. That was unusual. Neither doorway at the opposite ends of the thirty-foot long front wall of the shower room had doors, yet through those open doorways such faint light was falling that it hardly penetrated the darkness in which I heard, but could not see, a man showering. After I entered the warm, humid room, and started one of the showerheads lining the back wall, I noticed him in silhouette against the dim light from the far doorway. And what a silhouette! That shadowy profile seemed to embody the perfect, well-muscled physique. Seizing my attention, though, was the slab of dangling meat that jutted from his crotch. He'd had time to stop playing with it, but not enough time for the erection to completely subside. The dark shape of it set my heart to pounding.

I was stationed overseas at a small, God-forsaken army outpost miles from any civilization. I was coming off a late shift and wanted to shower and jack off thinking I'd be alone. Actually, I needed to jack off, and the sound of a running shower had both surprised me and pissed me off. The sole reward for being stuck with the damned late shift was a private shower before bed, one way to avoid squeaky springs that might awaken fellow soldiers in the open bay where we all slept.

I didn't recognize the silhouetted man. I was sure he wasn't from our side of the H-shaped barracks. The two sides were connected by the latrine and shower room and our outfit occupied one side while the other was held mainly for "transients," temporary visitors to the outpost. I could have waited in the latrine for him to finish showering, but I didn't relish having to explain why I was waiting to anyone who might need to come in for a predawn piss. And I thought that maybe he'd leave when I entered.

He didn't leave. In silhouette, his back was to the shower spray. He rocked his body in and out of the water, his head towards me. I couldn't see his face in the darkness. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I, too, could only be seen in silhouette - he couldn't see my face, either. He was watching a nude shadow dance in a distant water spray. The thought made me feel protected, anonymous, like a camouflaged warrior. I lathered myself up and rinsed off. He seemed to be waiting. I noticed that his partial erection, which had earlier commanded my attention, neither inflated nor deflated, but remained swollen and obvious, suspended there like a giant pendant.

The stranger's left hands slid across his firm belly and worked its way to his pecs. He toyed with his nipples and inhaled deeply, stretching. My right hand followed suit. His right hand cupped his balls, drawing them upward and pushing his cock straight out. My left hand cupped my balls, drew them upward and pushed my hardening cock straight out. The caressing pressure on my balls caused an upward surge in my cock and it rose to full hardness quickly. I watched with increasing delight as his cock grew bigger right along with mine, finally standing fully upright, pointed at the ceiling, throbbing in front of his flat stomach, while mine throbbed with equal vigor.

His right hand slid over his balls and grabbed the base of his pulsating erection. He paused. I dropped my right hand from my chest to my erection and grasped it firmly. I began to stroke my meat. Up, then down. Immediately, he matched my stroke on his cock. We joined in a rhythmic beat, slowly masturbating in unison, fists at exactly the same position on cock, now at the tip, now at the base, up and down, up and down. I could hear my heavy breathing above the sound of the water.

Neither of us shifted position. If we turned toward one another, the voyeuristic pleasure we were both taking from the mutual masturbation would be lost in the shadows. We didn't move nearer one another, either, as the real danger of being caught too close together was clear. In the unlikelihood of someone showing up so late at night, we could spin around and mask our actions convincingly in the dark. So we posed and stretched, postured and preened for each other. Each taking his part in a devilishly illicit, wonderfully exciting, sexual pantomime.

He'd rub a breast, and I'd rub mine. I'd grab my balls, and he'd do the same. One led, the other followed. Neither took command. The beat was steady but unforced. We both wanted to prolong this magical, theatrical moment. But simmering juices begin to boil when meat is pounded, and I knew I couldn't hold back much longer. My partner seemed to sense my earnestness. His hand slowed noticeably, and then it stopped at the base of his cock, his fingers encircling his balls, his thumb around the cockbase. His thumb wagged his cock enticingly. My mimicking hand did the same with my cock. Although, slow as I am, I didn't exactly realize what he was up to. He nodded his head. I nodded mind, cock still wagging, following his lead.

In a flash, he closed the twenty or so feet between us and knelt before me. My thumb was still moving my steel hard cock. His handsome face, seen for the first time, smiled up at me and he moved his lips to my cockhead, sucking as he made contact. I gasped. His mouth slid smoothly over my knob and down, down onto the shaft. The suction was breathtaking! The idea of being sucked off by this handsome stranger in this dangerous, dark place brought me to the pinnacle of lust. I was ready. My hips jabbed upward twice and I came! He swallowed the first spurt immediately and slid down further onto my cock as I watched it disappearing into him. Shot after wild shot exploded into his suctioning mouth. My knees weakened, my head whirled. I stifled a groan. He drained me completely, leaving me gasping for breath and shaking with excitement.

He stood up and looked inquiringly into my eyes. "Oh shit," I thought. "My turn! I did nod my head so I did agree to this," I reasoned quickly, silently, doubts flickering across my face. "But, Jeez, look at the size of this cock! Well, he won't get as good as he gave, but I'll try my best."

I touched his cock tentatively. He smiled. I sank down slowly. His solid legs, splayed apart, held him firmly as I gripped one of his hips to help lower myself. My tongue licked dryly at the dark, enormous cockhead. The contact was electrifying! I leaned in closer, licking at the cockslit and receiving a slippery gob of tasty pre-cum. It coated the surface of my tongue, ending the dryness and causing me to salivate at the thought of having his great cock in my now-eager mouth. Suddenly, wanting his hot load, I pulled on his nuts and suctioned the entire cockhead into my mouth with a slurp so loud I could hear it above the spray of the showers.

He jabbed his hips at me, pushing the huge organ into my mouth. I sucked with a skill I had come to realize that I had. I swallowed and drew the mammoth weapon more deeply into my mouth until it penetrated into my throat. I thought I might gag, but I didn't. As sexually excited as I was at this moment, I was able to maintain a remarkable calm as I sucked this incredible cock. He jabbed again and was in almost to the very root. I swallowed and pressed my nose into his cock hair. I pulled up, almost off of the cock and sucked it back in to the hilt. Up and almost off and plunged again to the hilt. When I reached the top of the third motion, I felt both of his hands grab my head roughly and he pushed down on it as I engulfed his enormous cock a final time. "Uh!" he grunted, once. Jism filled my throat. I swallowed. Cum kept spurting. He held my head down on the throbbing, pulsating, spurting organ, humping cock deeply. I swallowed some more, marveling at the bumpy roughness of my throat, which I only feel when a cock is in deeply. It contrasted erotically to the smooth steeliness of his solid flesh.

He relaxed the pressure of his hands on my head. I eased up and caught the remaining seepage of his ending orgasm in my mouth - I loved its taste. He dropped his hands to his side. I reluctantly let the heavy meat slide out of my mouth. I stood up. He grinned and gently ran his thumb along my lower lip to wipe away some oozing semen. He licked his thumb with a twinkle in his eye and a raised motion of his eyebrows, then quickly moved back to his shower, suddenly becoming the sexy silhouette once more. I rinsed and lathered as I saw him doing the same, and was startled to find that I still had a throbbing erection.

He rinsed, turned his back to the water and started that rocking motion again. Hypnotized, I did the same. He could see my rigid organ standing in front of me like a beacon. His cock was full but not erect. He grabbed it and began a massaging manipulation as he watched me grab mine. His got rock hard almost immediately. I was impressed. He started pumping on his giant tool and my fist matched his quickening pace. Our hips thrust rhythmically, helping to lengthen the strokes on our cocks, and helping to pound our bodies into our muscular fists, shaking our balls. The was serious, heavy masturbation. No frills. No stops. Going straight for the gold.

"Wow!" I thought, "I'm going to shoot another load with this sexy guy!" I sucked in air, tasting the delicious cream on my tongue, stretched up onto the balls of my feet, arched my back, thrust out my straining cock and flailing hand, grabbed my balls, and grunted. A gusher of cum ejected from my long tube. Jet after thick jet spurted up into the air in front of me, arching and then splattering onto the floor.

My matching silhouette grunted a split second after me. I watched him arch his body sensuously, push his crotch forward and hurl looping sprays of cum into the air. The dim light seemed to magnify the flying cum and I watched the spurting ropes sail gracefully to the wet floor and land with great splashes. His mouth was moving as if he were grunting, but I heard no sound.

We both turned and washed off. I delighted in watching his body move while he finished his shower, but as graceful as I found his movements to be, I became suddenly aware that he must have found my silhouette to be as sexually exciting as I had found his. That awareness expanded my sense of real enjoyment from the encounter. I hadn't felt this good in a long while.

He turned off his shower just as I was turning off mine. He padded towards the far doorway and waved as I stood there watching him leave. He couldn't see me wave back as I stood in the darkness, no longer silhouetted for him.

* * * *

Yawning and stretching lazily, I pushed down the light sheet on my bunk, exposing the fleshy knob of my enormous morning erection. I grinned at it, then looked around. I was alone in the large open bay because the late shift duty allowed me to sleep in. I stretched again, enjoying the solitude, and pushed the sheet down further to expose, admire, and fondle the sturdy tube. "Was that a dream last night?" I wondered, kneading the solid flesh. "Did it really happen?" I ran my tongue over my teeth and tasted my mouth. I still tasted his load! My cock throbbed in my fist at the idea.

Throwing back the sheet, I sat up, then stood up, naked. I threw a towel over my shoulder, grabbed my shaving kit, and headed for the latrine, my stiff cock jogging proudly in front of me. (A morning hard-on is nothing to be ashamed of.) The latrine was empty. I sat on a commode in an open line of commodes, relaxed, and let nature take its course. As I moved my bowels, the erection subsided and I took a long, healthy piss. I felt great!

The lights in the shower room were back on. I wondered, idly, stepping under a shower head, how one turned them off. Last night was the only time in the many months I had been stationed here that I found them off, day or night. I showered absently until, as I turned my back to the water and began shampooing my hair with my eyes closed, I realized that I was in the same position as the silhouettes the night before. I saw a naked silhouette in my mind's eye, and saw a thick cock being beaten to a spewing orgasm. My cock began to harden with the memory.

A rich, masculine voice broke into my thoughts. It gave me a real start until I recognized it as belonging to Ray, a guy who had been assigned along with me to this lonely duty. "How're ya doin', Jack?" he was asking.

"Oh, Ray! You startled me. What're you doin' here? How'd you get away from the Captain?" I tried to sound casual, but I wondered how I must look, my hands in my soapy hair, my eyes closed, and my cock at half-mast and rising.

"The old fart gave me the whole morning off for sick leave. He near fainted when I told him I wanted to go on sick call 'cause I thought my wanger was broke." He laughed and I had to laugh with him, imagining the prissy old captain's horrified reaction to hearing anything so intimate from one of his men.

I pushed my head back under the water spray to rinse off the shampoo. I still had not opened my eyes to look at him and I didn't turn around to hide my arousal from him. That would have appeared peculiar to him, calling attention to it and to my uneasiness rather than ignoring it, giving it no importance. But the uneasiness was causing a slow deflation of my tumescent organ. I wondered why he thought his was broken, so I asked, sort of nervously, hesitant to be drawn into a conversation on a sexual subject with him. "Is it really broke?"

"Fuck, no! And I can see that yours ain't either from the way it's behavin'. Shoot, if I'd waited a couple more minutes before comin' over, I'da found it in your fist." He laughed again.

I came out of the water spray and wiped my eyes. I Knew before opening them that I'd be looking at one of the handsomest men I have ever met. I had not been able to make friends with him because his rare beauty always made me feel so awkward around him. He had a natural, graceful, well-proportioned, and well-developed body, even though I never saw him touch the weights at our small gym. He was that blond, blue eyed, California surfer type who always appeared so cool and controlled, so headstrong and self-assured. I equated such assuredness with conceit and with heterosexuality. I was concerned, therefore, that the more I had to do with him, the more likely I'd be to reveal my true sexuality and end up in deep shit with the military.

Before I could think of a proper response, he continued, his voice sounding both respectful and playful: "Hey, man, you know, you got a real BIG one."

With that, my eyes popped open and I looked at him. He was grinning at me from the shower doorway near our side of the barracks, not ten feet away. He might have stepped out of an Army recruitment poster. He was fully clothed in tightly-fitted, well-pressed fatigues, a model of a well-dressed, strong, healthy soldier. His enviably narrow hips seem to embellish the fullness of his bulging crotch. I stared at it and said, "Jeez, Ray, watch what you say around here. Somebody might hear you and get the wrong idea."

"Ah, bullshit. I walked through both sides of the barracks twice, checking it out, before I came in here to talk to you. Believe me, we're alone."

I wondered what the hell he was up to. "Well, what did the doc say? You sick or something?"

"He told me my headache would go away in twenty minutes. He also told me if he caught me there again for such a feeble reason he'd tell the Captain. I hadn't the heart to tell him I didn't have a headache anyway." He laughed again, showing straight, white teeth. I smiled and felt a pang of longing for this handsome young man.

"Those weights you've been playing with have really done you some good, man. You could try out for Mr. Universe or something."

I was startled by his flattery. "What did you want to talk to me about?" I asked, curious now about his purpose.

"You woke me up when you came in last night, Buddy." It was a matter-of-fact tone.

I tried to remain calm. "Oh? I'm sorry about that," I responded softly.

"I'm not. I had to take a leak. I heard a shower running, then I watched you go into the latrine, then I heard you start a second shower." He grinned knowingly.

"Holy shit," I thought, "Here it comes! The end of my brief military career." I turned off the shower, rubbing water off my body with both hands. He was blocking my path to my towel outside the doorway, and he was watching my every move. His hand nudged the bulge in his pants.

"I took a long leak," he continued slowly. "I started to wonder why both showers kept going for such a long time. My curiosity got the best of me, so I snuck a peek."

"Fuck," I muttered angrily.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck is right! I shot off in my shorts!" he exclaimed.

"You what?!"

"Shit, man, it's the hottest scene I ever saw! At first, I could hardly see you. I thought you'd turned out the lights so you could jerk off in peace. I could dig that, and I was gonna go back to bed. But - I dunno - pumping on your dick like that, your big balls jumping, like you were showing off to me, I started to see you better, like my eyes adjusted to the dark or somethin'. Like you moved forward to just the right position to catch the light. I got to thinkin' you wanted me to see you. Funny, ain't it."

I stared at him open-mouthed.

"Then all of a sudden that other naked fucker was there on his knees. When I saw that sucker with his head in your crotch, I almost shit. When he went down on that bull cock of yours, I watched your face, and when you came I felt your orgasm, man. And then you took his monster cock all the way down your throat, staying at just the right angle so I could watch the whole thing. Man, oh, man, I wished it was my cock fuckin' your face right then."

His groping hand was blatantly massaging a full erection in his tight pants. My throat went dry. I didn't know what to do, standing there naked in front of him. My own rod was stiffening at his description of last night's escapade and at the sexy, obvious movements of his fist.

"Holy shit!" I heard myself saying.

"You are one sexy dude, Jack. I knew that from the day we met. I just never knew if you were interested or how to let you know that I was. So when I saw you sucking cock last night, I had to figure a way to talk to you alone. When you turned and started jerking off again, after sucking him off, after getting cum wiped off you lip, I jerked off right along with you and shot a wild load in my shorts just as you came. Then I slipped the hell out of there before you or that other dude could see me."

He paused, pawing the mound in his trousers lewdly. "Now, I've arranged to have sick leave all morning," he whispered seductively, grinning his little boy's grin at me. "Wanna play doctor?" He stepped into the shower room, his bulging erection seeming to precede him. I could smell his after shave as my eyes stayed riveted on the hidden, swollen flesh beneath the tight fabric.

His hand reached out between us and touched my naked waist. I gasped. He smirked. "Wha'da ya say, Doc? My wanger's broke. Wanna give it your special treatment?" His hand slid around my wet flesh to the sensitive small of my back and his strong arm pulled me firmly, slowly to himself. My fully risen cock pressed against the material covering his dick.. We pressed together.

"You'll get your uniform all wet."

"Fuck the uniform! Kiss me!" he said boldly, looking deeply into my eyes, pressing his entire body against the wet length of mine, becoming a solid, warm bulk against which I melted.

"We shouldn't..." I said half-heartedly. His lips covered mine. He kissed me passionately, receiving a passionate kiss from me in return. My knees grew weak, my heart pounded, my head whirled, my eyes closed as we pulled each other into a strong embrace. The smell of his uniform, the taste of his clean mouth, the warmth of his firm embrace and the pressure of his throbbing member against mine was a wish fulfillment! "I love you!" I breathed softly as we broke the kiss.

"I know. I know," he replied, suddenly serious and sincere. "And I'm telling you that I've loved you since the day I first saw you, I just didn't know how to tell you sooner. Let me show you, so you can have no doubt about it." He unlocked our embrace and moved back a step. His fingers encircled my rigid cock. His other hand grabbed my hip and he squatted down, still fully clothed, as he pointed my cockhead at his handsome mouth. His rough, warm tongue licked harshly at the sensitive glans. I gasped, jutting my hips forward. He sucked the plump cockhead in with a noisy slurp. The skillfulness of his tongue and the knowing expression of his sucking mouth showed me clearly that he was adept at lovemaking, at cock-sucking.

"Oh!... I... can't hold back. I'm... going... to... COME!" His forceful suctioning brought me over the brink to an orgasm more overwhelming than any I'd had before. Cum spurted into his mouth in rapid jets as my body pumped out an amazingly full load. He sucked until there was no more, swallowing the jism with sensational pressures on my sensitive cock. I gasped for air and almost passed out.

He stood quickly, ripping open the buttons of his trousers. "Come," he whispered urgently. "Just touch it with your mouth and I'll explode." A marvelous tool appeared followed by a matching set of huge balls. He was so strained to rigidity in his excitement that his perfect cock was as motionless as a rock. I bent down and kissed the tip, drawing rich pre-cum nectar into my mouth. I sucked in the giant crown, lashing at it with my tongue. He gasped. The full cockhead and some of the shaft pushed into my mouth with a tight jab of his hips. I pulled back and then forced more of the bulky cock into my mouth, feeling the fat cockhead penetrate into my throat.

He grunted and pumped his hips again. I kept forcing my suctioning face down onto the magnificent weapon. I pulled back and felt his strong hands encircle my head. He pushed as I went down on that organ as completely as I possibly could. It hit bottom as it reached far more deeply into my throat than any other cock ever had.

"In," he whispered triumphantly, "just like last night!" Watching us had really turned him on. I swallowed. "I'm going to come... now!" he warned, and I felt the first burst of a tremendous flood of semen explode into my throat. I swallowed as I moved my head quickly up and down the pulsating, erupting cum-machine, amazed at the quantity of sperm and awed by the length of his unending orgasm. His hands left my head and caressed my back muscles. He leaned into me, hips pumping instinctively as he continued to hose cum down my eager throat.

As the contractions of his rhythmic pumping slowed, I slid the cockhead up to my lips and savored the final oozing on my tongue. He groaned, slowly pulling his cock free, and then straightened me up, slipped his arms around me and pulled me close. We kissed, deeply, and, when we finally pulled apart, we stood there for a few moments more, delighted by the new look of love in each other's eyes.

From then on, it taxed our ingenuity to find ways to be together without being caught or suspected. There were frustrating times, but there were also many beautiful moments of unequaled bliss as we discovered even more ways to please one another, moments that enhanced our sexual excitement. And there were those long, free times on leave together, times when we could enjoy ourselves - so to speak - to the hilt.


Jack Sofelot


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