For several weeks, I had been observing the routine in our army barracks, and had found the chance I was looking for to be alone with a fellow soldier I was friendly with. His name was Tim. He didn't suspect I was gay, but I had that excited feeling when I was with him that my advances might not be unwelcome. I had to find out, so I made a plan.

I had discovered that our barracks, the two-story open-bay type with sleeping cubicles, was dark and deserted every Friday night from about eight o'clock to midnight, when those who had not taken off for home for the weekend started drifting back from town after drinking and hoping to get their rocks off.

Tim and I had sometimes gone into town together on Friday evenings. This time, however, I told him that since we never had enough money, and since the night life didn't pick up until around 11 o'clock, we should play it smart, take a nap until 10 o'clock, shower, dress and then go into town. Tim agreed.

At 9:30 PM, well rested and ready to put my plan to work, I came down from my second-floor bunk, naked with a towel slung over my shoulder, carrying my shaving kit. It was difficult to keep from getting an erection. I was excited with my plan, but couldn't let Tim sense what I had in mind. I had to appear casual, make everything seem normal.

He was still sleeping, a light sheet covering his naked body to mid-chest. His swimmer's body was lithe and trim, tanned and firm. He was lying on his back and I saw the sharp outlines of a hard-on under the sheet. It looked huge. My mouth went dry. But I kept my wits, leaned over him, placed a hand on his chest and shook him gently.

"Tim," I said softly, "its time to get going. Come on." I smiled down into his handsome face.

"Oh, Jack, its you." he said, stretching. "I was just having a nice dream." He yawned and smiled up at me, pushing the sheet downward slightly but not far enough to uncover the erection.

"Yeah, I hope you have been," I grinned. "Come on. I'll meet you in the shower room," I said as I turned and headed out of the cubicle, not wanting him to notice that my cock was beginning to show signs of independent life. I slipped my towel around my waist and walked down to the latrine at the end of the hallway. I went over to one of the sinks lining one wall and simply waited till Tim got there. For my plan to work, I had to get him to enter the narrow shower room ahead of me.

The squeaky door swung open noisily and Tim came in rubbing an eye with a lazy motion of his fist. He smiled at me. He had knotted a towel loosely at his waist and it drooped like a limp flag revealing the dark line of hair from his navel downward on his flat abdomen, spreading wide until hidden by the towel which tented outward at the crotch from the fullness of his not yet limp cock.

We both brushed our teeth, but I took more time than he did and finally he said, "I'm going to take a shower now, Jack."

"OK, I'll join you in a moment," I said through a mouthful of toothpaste. My plan was working.

Tim untied his towel and flipped it onto a hook beside the doorway of the shower room. His back was to me and I watched as he moved gracefully into the small, narrow shower room. He had wide shoulders, with a tapering back and narrow waist above a firm, full ass and straight, muscular legs. He selected the fourth of eight shower-heads aligned on one of the long walls of the narrow room and stood to one side to adjust the spray and temperature of the shower. Then he ducked his head into the water and began showering.

Quickly, I snatched off my towel, hung it next to his and leapt into the room before he could get the water off of his face, open his eyes and see my developing erection. With my back to him I took the second shower head, close to the doorway, and adjusted the spray, getting wet at the same time. Then I faced Tim, moving so that my back was to the doorway and my left leg was in the water spray but my feet were wide apart so that my body was out of the spray and blocking the lane to the door. Tim didn't realize it, but he would have to push me aside if he suddenly decided to leave the shower.

I began soaping up my body, creating lots of lather, moving slowly. Tim began watching, as I knew he would. He seemed to like watching me. I smiled, and began a slow circling motion on my right breast, pinching the nipple.

Unconsciously, Tim began lathering his own chest, stepping out of the spray and facing me as he did so. I lathered one armpit, so did he. Then the other; he followed suit. With both hands fully lathered, I slid them down my chest and rubbed my stomach and abdomen, careful not to touch my crotch. It was taking real concentration to keep from becoming fully erected, but my cock was in that sexy, puffed-up stage, hanging long, looking big but not threatening. Tim's hands were following every one of my movements as if I were controlling them. His eyes followed my every gesture, but were lingering now and then on my growing cock. His cock was beginning to redden and expand, too, and once it looked like he might grab his cock with a soapy hand, but he caught himself and continued to follow my lead.

Avoiding my crotch, my hands lathered my thighs and, rather than lifting my legs one at a time to soap them up, I leaned way forward toward Tim, covering the intent of the movement with lathering motions on my shins and calves. While bent over, my head a few feet from Tim's stomach, I stared boldly right at his hardening cock without any pretense.

"You've got a big one," I said, twisting my face up to his, grinning at him with a boyish smirk, knowing the effect of my smile, then returning to my lewd study of his cock. He moved his hands downward as if to cover himself but then boldly lathered his thighs instead.

Then he, too, bent forward, lathering his legs. I straightened up, letting him get a good look at my now almost fully erect cock, before I grabbed it lightly and covered it with lots of lather, making it appear less naked and insistent, not hidden but safe.

"Gee," he said, straightening up, "you've got a hard-on, too. I can't keep mine down, Jack. Guess I shoulda beat off earlier." He looked flustered but was displaying a perfectly straight standing, very thick, cut cock, now bright red against the white soapy lather covering the rest of the front of his hard body. The glans of his penis was not yet fully engorged with blood, but I could see his pulse-beat in the rhythm of the straining cock.

"I know how you feel," I said, glad now that I had put my plan into action early, before Tim had had a wet dream or awoke to jack off. I turned sideways, letting the shower spray rinse the soap off, giving Tim a full view of my now throbbing, hard cock with its big balls up tight against the large cockbase, the cock hair plastered down by the water spray. "I jack off all the time, and I'm horny as a rabbit right now," I said. "Do you beat your meat much?" I asked, a broad, innocent smile on my lips.

"Christ, Jack, I've been jacking off three time a day since I was 12," he said, grinning back at me, "Since I've been in the army, it's been hell trying to find the privacy to do it. Half the time I'm so horny I don't know what I'm doing. Looks like you're in the same boat."

While he was talking I had taken hold of my cock firmly, turned to face him, again standing out of the water spray, feet wide apart. "You're right, Tim, and I've jacked off at least as often, if not more, since I was 12," I said quietly, beginning a slow movement of my hand up the shaft of my cock as he watched, "and right now I don't give I damn, I'm going to jerk off here." I let my hand move slowly down the rigid shaft, careful not to go too fast, letting him take it all in. "Want to join me?" I whispered with a grin.

He rinsed the lather off his body without taking his eyes off of my cock and my slowly jerking tight grip. He saw the deep red mushroom head loom above my fist, completely engorged, ready for action. He faced me, stepping halfway towards me, planting his feet like mine, wide apart, his cock hardly waving from the motion, it had grown so stiff. With some hesitation, his hand slowly wrapped its long fingers knowingly around the heat of his beautiful meat.

"I don't know, Jack," he said. "If someone comes back..." his voice trailed off, but his hand started moving slowly up the length of his shaft and the cockhead had engorged to become even larger than my own. A sparkling, large drop of pre-cum glistened in the indentation of the slit on the large, well-contoured cockhead. His knees bent slightly, his pelvis tilted forward, the cock in his hand moving upward, pointed toward my face. He was aiming it at me. He was ready.

"Tim," I whispered, as I continued the slow, even rate of my own jack off, leading the pace for him in the mutual  masturbation we now both wanted, "don't worry at all. I've checked, and double checked, and there's no one in the barracks tonight except you and me, so we won't get interrupted." I grinned and picked up the tempo, thrusting my crotch towards him and aiming the cockhead at his face as he watched with narrowing eyes, caught up in the seduction. "Besides," I breathed huskily, "I'm so close to shooting a load from watching you stroke that heavy meat of yours, that I'll come before you know it."

"Yeah," he breathed out slowly, "I know what you mean. I don't know if I've ever been so hot. I've never seen another hard-on besides my own before now, but here I am watching a man pump a beauty with me. Showing off mine to you. Beating to the rhythm of your jack-off." He was matching my faster pace now. "Wow," he sighed, "this is great." The droplet of pre-cum had grown much larger and now started rolling forward off of the glans. The thick syrup dribbled slowly from his cockhead toward the floor. The upbeat movement of his hand caught the stringy bead in mid-air, coating part of his fist. He dribbled more and more. I watched, fascinated, then glanced down at my own cock to enjoy the pleasure I was giving myself and saw that my fist too was glistening with the heavy flow of pre-cum from my fully expanded, shining red cockhead.

I was close to coming. I knew he was too. I wanted to squat down and take that giant dick in my mouth, to savor the virgin cum of this robust soldier, to lap at the tight hairy balls bouncing in front of me to the rhythm of the beat, but I kept to my plan. I knew Tim would be put off by any movement that he didn't initiate or invite. He knew his body well. He knew how to bring himself off without intrusion from me. He was now finding out how much pleasure jacking off with a friend could be, and I was savoring the same enjoyment, watching and admiring him, a natural talent at cock play and at cock watching, with impressive equipment for breath-taking display.

So I shuffled forward noticeably, bringing us closer. Tim, hypnotized, did the same as if in a ritual dance, narrowing the distance between our cockheads to several inches. We were the same height. We leaned forward, our cocks almost touching, but not quite; our pumping hands lightly touching when at the top of the stroking action on the cocks. The closeness enabled us to study both cocks at the same time without missing anything. We both seemed to be trying to get the tips of our cocks to touch together without interference to the steady stroking.

I was rubbing my chest and pinching my hard nipples, as he was doing, but I reached out my free hand and firmly grasped the roundness of his hip as though for support. Bingo. His free hand grasped my hip with equal firmness, with no hesitation. Our knees touched, improving the steadiness of our stance.

In that same instant, we both looked up from watching our two cocks being pumped in unison. Our eyes met and held. "Oh, Jack, I'm coming," Tim hissed, then gasped for air as the full strength of his orgasm overtook him.

A spurt of cum from his exploding cock hit me hard under the chin. Then a second spurt hit with the same force in almost the same spot above my Adam’s apple.

"God, that did it," I managed to force out, as my breath was pressed out and sucked back in with the urgency of my own climax. My cock shot out six wild heavy spurts in quick succession almost like one long stream, covering Tim's bare chest where I was aiming.

Tim's subsequent spurting of eight more big globs of semen hit my chest with amazing force. Then he dropped his hand from his still erupting cock and his cock pushed against the back of my hand. I dropped my hand immediately from my cock and our two cocks pushed together, still spewing hot white liquid. I put the newly freed hand on his other hip and, stretching forward with my pelvis, crushed our cocks together. Both his hands stretched around me, kneading my ass muscles as I finished coming, drawing us tightly together. I slid my hands around to his ass and duplicated the kneading pressure on his round, tense,muscular ass cheeks.

We collapsed together, heads resting on each other's shoulders as we both gasped for breath, our chests beating together in a slippery contact as sperm oozed downwards. I leaned my head and neck back without breaking the rest of our body to body embrace, took a finger and wiped a huge glob of cum off of my neck. With a flourish and a big smile, I slurped the glob into my mouth, licked my finger lasciviously, and laughed, saying "Oowee, that was fantastic!" We were still linked together, our softening cocks still pressed tight upon one another.

Tim looked shocked. "Jack, that was MY cum you just swallow...," he couldn't finish the word, his look changing to amazement.

"What the fuck," I laughed, grinning like a happy cat. "What's the difference? I've tasted my own cum before, haven't you? Yours tastes almost the same. Maybe better!" I laughed hard, disarming him. "Did you ever taste yours?" I asked, backing away from him and into the shower spray, making a big show of beginning to lather up again.

He turned on the showerhead right next to mine, and hesitated before stepping into the spray, ignoring the running shower behind him he had started with. The simple act of moving closer to me excited me. I watched him scoop up some of the mixed warm juice on his washboard belly with the same finger I had used to taste his come. He looked at the glob, and then at me. I grinned and winked. He looked puzzled but curious. He wanted one decision, but slowly he reached out into the spray and washed his hands. He immediately fell into the imitation of my washing movements without thinking about it, lathering up again. He wanted to talk.

"Yeah, I tried my cum. It's okay, I mean, I like it and all, but..." he trailed off, using the water spray to cover his head and stop his talking. But his head popped out of the spray and he grinned at me, saying, "Jack, that was great! I never thought something could be that terrific. I don't think it'll ever be topped. Whew-ee!," and laughed hard, the sound echoing in the shower room.

Without smiling, I looked calmly at him and said, "Oh, I don't know. Sometime I might just surprise you. Jacking off is great, but there are other things that can be exciting, too." I was turned toward him again, still in the spray, letting the cool water reinvigorate me.

Moving out of the spray again, I placed my feet wide apart, facing him, my cock hanging heavy between my open legs. He followed suit, facing me, much closer than before, his red meat still full, almost ready, used but far from finished for the night. I started washing and lathering my balls and my cock, all around my crotch, running my hands well under my large balls, stretching backward and washing my ass and running my hands well between my hard asscheeks, cleaning my asshole. His every move followed mine, exactly.

While I was rinsing off, he asked, "What do you mean, Jack? Things like what?" There was concern in his voice. "I don't want to get into trouble...." His voice trailed off again as he watched me.

And he was watching me very carefully, as I came out of the rinse and started to lather up my cock. Just my cock. Skinning it back. Using both hands to hold and lather it. Working it. Bringing it back to life. Squeezing it, forcing blood into the big head. Breathing life back into it with the pretext of lathering it up. Having fun with it. Showing it off to Tim. Letting him admire it, watch it grow, lengthen, harden and stand up proudly, looking back at him with one great eye.

"What trouble," I laughed. "I told you, no one will be around for hours, and we'll be finished with this great shower long before then." I reached over and gave him a friendly shove, causing him to fall under the water spray and rinse the lather off, rubbing my hand roughly up and down his arm before drawing it back.

But I kept lathering my now completely erect cock, playing with it openly and exclusively. He faced me and started playing with his own cock, milking it, squeezing it, feeling it up the way he knew he would get it hard again. He grinned. "We're gonna do it again, right away, aren't we?" he asked excitedly. "I can come twice in a row easily," he laughed. "Sometimes even more than twice." He was getting into it, but still following my lead. I was keeping the pace slow and sensual, caressing and loving, waiting for the tension to rebuild in him.

Like before, I turned sideways to him and let the spray wash off the soap from my cock, which looked even larger and angrier now, urgent for more action. I posed for Tim, letting him watch the spraying water hit my cock making it bounce against my hard abdomen, my squirming balls still tight against the broad base of my cock. Then, still watching my cock, he slowly turned toward the shower, showing me the profile pose of his lithe, supple body with its oversize proud-standing cock throbbing alone against the spray, untouched.

"Umm, that looks clean enough to eat," I whispered to him, leaning over, staring directly at his cock, grabbing his ass as though trying to keep my balance. I straightened up, moving closer, keeping contact with his ass, spreading my feet wide, standing with my rigid cock in my hand slowly stroking it, watching his reaction.

He looked startled, then grinned. "You sort of did eat it, Jack, remember? But don't get funny or I'll..." he stopped, not knowing if he really wanted to continue, wondering what to say, but turning to face me, spreading his thighs open wide, tilting his pelvis forward, and resuming the sensuous masturbation.

"Hey, I remember," I said with a grin, "how can I forget? But don't hold it against me," pausing, "or I WILL eat it!" Laughing, I said, "Is that funny enough for you?" He couldn't help it, he laughed with me, never missing a matching stroke on his cock. I watched the cockhead expanding to its largest, meatiest greatness, a gleaming purple-red beacon. A new drop of pre-cum glistened in the slit. I leaned down toward it, then looked up at him, leering.

"It really does look good enough to eat, man," I sighed. He didn't back away but watched me intently. For the first time his fist started moving faster than mine. He was getting very hot again.

I squatted down between his legs, letting go of my cock, both my hands massaging his outer thighs, breathing hard through my mouth in my excitement. I wanted him to feel my hot breath on his pumping hand and rigid cock, to intensify the closeness of my lips to his cock.

"Shit!" he whispered urgently, "what are you doing?" He didn't back off. His gripping hand pushed to the base of his cock, pointing the large organ at my mouth. He gasped as he watched my tongue ease out from between my pursed lips, inches from his cockhead. My pointed tongue waved tauntingly in the space between us, not moving forward. The next move had to be his.

He didn't disappoint either of us. With pre-cum oozing faster, the space between his cock and my tongue was tantalizingly narrowed as he eased his pelvis forward, shuffling his feet again in that sexy dance. He made contact! His hot cock pushed gently against my hot, firm tongue. I backed away slightly, drawing a long string of beading pre-cum through the air between tongue and cock, forcing him to have the full awareness that we had connected, that his cum was on my tongue. I pulled my tongue in and licked my lips. I glanced up at him and said, "Man!" in a hushed voice. He closed his eyes momentarily and let out a sigh.

Still holding the base of his cock, his eyes narrow slits, his other hand reached out and rested gently but firmly on my head, giving support as he raised up onto the balls of his feet to offer me the cock I had planned so long to conquer.

My tightly pursed lips kissed the cockhead. "At last," I thought. I sucked on the cum-slit, drawing out a large quantity of pre-cum. My tongue flicked out and wrapped quickly around the glans, causing Tim to gasp loudly. My tongue swirled around the glans. My lips sucked forward and the entire fat glans, hard as a ripe giant plum, smacked noisily into my mouth. My tongue kept up its swirling around the sensitive cockhead.

"Oh, god, Jack. I can't believe this. It feels so good," Tim sighed. Then he gave another loud gasp as I pushed gently but relentlessly forward, slowly forcing the hard cock down my throat, inch by thick inch, taking my time, enjoying the fullness of the steely shaft in my throat, until finally my nose rested in the pubic hair at the base. My tongue flicked out and lapped at Tim's giant balls. He moaned. His cock expanded, but I knew he was not yet ready to come. He wanted this to last. So did I, and I had seen to it by getting him to shoot that first quick load with me in the mutual jack off. His pelvis started thrusting forward in short jerking motions. I loved it. I hoped it would last, but I wanted his cum in my mouth. My own cock was throbbing wildly. My hands caressed Tim's ass, urging his forward thrusts.

Then I reminded myself to follow the plan, and I pulled off. Sucking and slurping loudly, I backed slowly up and off of the magnificent shaft. I eased up, pulling myself steady by using my grip on his ass. My cock caught under his balls and straightened out between us. He had wanted to say "Don't stop" but the sudden contact of my cock and his balls left him speechless. He stopped his pleading look into my eyes and stared down at my cock in disbelief. It popped up from under his balls and slapped loudly against my belly.

My loud laugh broke his trance. He grinned at me. "Wow!" he said ardently. "This isn't real. I never..." he stopped again, this time from the sudden awareness that my cock was now in his hand. My hands were on his shoulders, resting but secure. We stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

He broke the stare by looking down at my hot cock throbbing in his tight grasp. He pulled the skin upward, partially covering the glans. Slowly he uncovered it again, pushing the skin down toward my balls. He was fascinated. My cockhead looked huge, a large pearl of pre-cum shining at the tip. His knees seemed to go weak.

Glancing up at me with a shy grin, and encouraged by my steady, calm smile, feeling free to make his own choice, he slowly lowered himself downward, putting his other hand on my ass to guide and balance his descent. Squatting, he watched as his hand slowly jacked my massive organ. I could see the awe in his expression. He knew he was being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, a cock he could play with or not, do what he wanted to do with or do nothing, to jack it or even suck it. I remained motionless waiting for his decision.

His tongue wiped quickly across his lips. I almost came. Uncontrollably, my knees shuttered and my pelvis lurched forward. The gesture was clear to him. I wanted the touch of his tongue on my cock, and I wanted it now. His hand pushed downward on my cock, causing the cockhead to point directly at his mouth, inches from it. From my view above him, I could see my straight flesh pointing at his mouth, pulsating. Below it, I could see his rock hard erection standing strongly between his squatting legs, pulsing invitingly, shiny with my spit in the lights of the warm shower room.

Slowly I felt the growing pressure of his hand on my ass as he urged me towards him. I watched the gap narrowing. Suddenly, his tongue darted out, completing the connection. I felt its heat on my cock. He could feel the heat of my cock on his tongue. The contact of his tongue on my cock increased as he moved his head forward, pushing the tongue down along the underside of the shaft as his lips came into contact with the fleshy cockhead. I watched as my pre-cum coated the disappearing tongue. His lips sucked my cockhead into his fiery hot mouth. His tongue swirled around the glans, feeling its size, its smoothness, and its heat, dipping into the large wet slit, making love to it.

My cock throbbed. It oozed. He could taste the cum, sense its approaching release into his virgin mouth. It seemed to enflame his determination. He started sucking the rigid shaft of the organ, slowly drawing more of it into his mouth, then backing away, then more again. He understood going too fast would be difficult and less pleasurable, so he persisted with great strength and vigor, drawing more and more of the cock into his suctioning hot mouth. My legs weakened and almost buckled, pulling my cock back, but Tim never lessened contact nor diminished the energetic sucking.

This was better than my wildest dreams or frequent, stroking daydreams. I watched in amazement as his head, bobbing slowly up and down, captured more and more of the thick cock. Eventually, I felt the cockhead penetrate into his rough throat. I couldn't believe it. Few had been able to take that much of my cock down into his throat. Usually, it was a hand beating my shaft while lips sucked the plump tip for its nectar. Not Tim! He was doing everything he could to give me the pleasure I had given him. He steadily pursued his goal with obvious relish and the skill that comes of loving the job.

My orgasm was near. Sucking in air, I leaned over his head and massaged his neck muscles. "Tim," I whispered hoarsely, "you'd better stop. Christ, that feels so great I can't hold back, I'm about to shoot off into you mouth."

His only reaction was to increase the speed of the bobbing head on my cock and to pull my body in closer, locking me tightly in his strong arms. I felt my cock slide the final inch or two into his throat and his nose press against my pubic bone into the scratchy hair. He exhaled loudly, blowing onto my balls with hot breath. My cock throbbed in ecstasy, my breath came in loud gasps. Tim backed off all of the way, inhaling loudly, his lips tightly suctioning.

A hand was playing with my ass, I suddenly realized, and fingers were plying their way between the cheeks seeking my asshole. Tim's middle finger found its goal and began rubbing and circling, pressing and pushing. It entered a fraction of an inch, just barely peeking into the virgin territory, but it put me over the brink.

The first tremendous shot of cum filled his mouth, as his tongue lashed my cockhead. I cried out. His tongue lashed again and another blast of cum coated it. He swallowed, took a quick breath and, using the lubricating semen as an aid, slid my cock down his throat quickly to the base and swallowed. Four jolts of cum splattered him deep in the throat. He backed up, sucking out more as he did so. He kept his mouth on the tip now, trying to capture as much of the cum as possible in his mouth. I think I counted six more spurts of cum. His sucking slowed as his mouth filled again with my hot cum. He looked up. I was now looking down at him in sheer amazement. Somehow, I was able to see a grin on his face as he kept the cockhead in his mouth and, looking me in the eye, made an obvious swallowing motion. His eyes closed in pure pleasure. His mouth opened, gasped for air and dove down the shaft to its base in a slippery smooth glide, sucking hard as it went. I shuddered and almost collapsed on top of him. The final weak spurts were drained from the cock as he drew back, sucking on the tip. He didn't swallow, but he continued to suck on the tip until I had to pull back, laughing and hooting.

"Wait. God! Enough, I can't take any more. Jeez, let up," I exclaimed, trying to keep my voice low, but wanting to yell out. My cock popped out of his mouth, still throbbing and stiff, coated with sperm and spit, sucked dry. He gazed admiringly at it.

I grabbed him under the shoulders and pulled him up to me. We stared into each other’s eyes again. This time I could see something that hadn't been there before. The word "joy" ran through my mind. He was happier than he'd ever been. He loved sucking my cock and I loved feeding it to him.

As he straightened up and we leaned together for support, him from working hard for the load, and me from giving him the best orgasm of my life, I felt our cocks bump and throb together. I pushed my hips forward and felt his hot cock pulsate. He leaned back, a look of shock in his eyes.

"Jack. I'm going to come!" he blurted out with surprise.

I zipped downward and smoothly sucked the cock into my mouth. Not considering his reaction to how expert at cocksucking I might be, I pushed downward until the length of the giant shaft was in to the hilt. Once. I backed up, and pushed all the way down again. Twice. And finally, slowly, sucking hard, a last push down to the base and a swallow and I felt the first sharp jolt of cum shooting up through the thick shaft and entering my throat.

"Jack, Jack," he whispered. I backed off, holding the shooting cockhead in my mouth catching the next five huge spurts of cum, the first so strong that it blasted into the back of my throat almost choking me. There was so much that I had to swallow most of it, but caught the next three big spurts before the orgasm subsided into a series of small jolts timed to the contractions of his pumping ass. I deep-throated the cock again and pulled Tim to me as he had done and held on until all spasms stopped and Tim had to beg to be released. I backed off, gave the head a last swipe with my tongue and let the big cock plop loudly out of my full mouth.

Grinning, I stood up. He smirked at me and I pulled him to me, his hot lips grinding into mine. His mouth opened, and I felt a trickle of my own sperm against my lips. He had saved some. I opened my mouth and a gusher of his semen mixed with mine on our lips, his eyes opening widely. His tongue lapped into my mouth, mine then pushed into his. We sucked, and kissed, and swallowed.

We looked at each other. "Wow!" we whispered in unison, and then giggled like two happy kids who hadn't got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

"I can't wait till the next shower," Tim laughed.

Licking my lips, and with a big grin, I asked, "Why wait?"


Jack Sofelot


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