I played football and basketball at my school and I recently joined the wrestling team. I had a girl on each arm that I could get down on her knees in a second...if I wanted them to. See, I recently discovered I'm gay. All my life, tits and pussy's were the thing I worshipped, but after I fucked one of the cheerleaders last year I learned that tits and pussy's weren't that great. I guess I always assumed that I would be straight; it kind of seals the whole jock stereotype. After I dumped that cheerleader, I started to look at guys differently. In class, I would find myself staring at the crotch of some guy's pants, trying to estimate the size of his dick. Of course, this was hard to do, I mean, have you ever looked at some guys crotch and thought you saw his bulge pulse? Or was it just a trick of the light, or what you wanted to see? Luckily for me though, like I've said, I play sports. I change with my team and can take

Glimpses at their tight bubble butts and long swaying cock. No one knew I was gay yet, and I wasn't going to push anything too hard until I found the guy that I wanted to have sex with.

Anyway, that's a small over view of my life, so now starts the story. It was the last football game of the season and our team was amazing.

Nothing got by us. We won the game easily and once we won, we ran into the locker room, hooting and hollering. We stripped our clothes off while we patted each other's backs, complementing each other and replaying the special parts of the game. Our whole team jammed into the shower room.

There were only about 8 showerheads, but we didn't care. We've never felt as close to each other as we did now. Nor did it stink as much. A ton of guys, that had been sweating and playing football and all of them were stuck in one shower room. The stench aroused me. The musk of my fellow teammates made my cock twitch. I backed away from the showerheads, so I was in the middle of the shower room. I wanted to stay and watch these hot studs as long as I could and once everyone was gone, I could jerk off. But as I was backing up, my ass bumped into someone's else's ass. I twisted my head around to see that it was the quarterback that I bumped into. My cock gave another twitch. His name was Tyson Cooper. He was 18 years old and I had known him for a couple years. He played all the sports I did so we had known each other for a while. I had been fantasizing about him for a while and if he was gay, I'd want him to pop my cherry. He was perfection. About 6'4, athletic body, a bit of stubble on his chin and a fun personality. And his manhood wasn't a bad size either, I would love to see it hard though.

'Hey man, sorry bout that,' I said.

'It's fine, there are so many guys in here, it was bound to happen,' he said with a grin.

'Why aren't you under a showerhead, I'm sure you could muscle your way in!' I said.

'Man, if I got stuck between these guys to get under a shower spray, I think I would just get dirtier,' replied Tyson.

'Yeah, so you just going to wait till everyone's gone?' I asked, a little disappointed since I wouldn't be able to jerk off.

'That's the plan, same with you?' asked Tyson.

'Yeah, I was planning to jerk off, too,' I said. The words had barely left my mouth and I already felt shocked. Why did I say that?! That's going to creep him out!

I felt Tyson push his ass against mine, 'Maybe there's a little more pleasurable way for both of us to get off,' Tyson said in a sexy whisper.

I couldn't believe my ears! Tyson was gay! I swear, in that one second, my limp cock hardened all the way and the big mushroom head was pointing directly toward the ceiling. My heart beats sped up as the fantasies of having sex with Tyson flooded my mind. All I wanted at that moment was for every team member (except for Tyson!) to be gone so that Tyson and I could have some fun.

I had to endure ten minutes of standing there before the team members were gone. I turned around and was pushed against the wall by Tyson. I felt my back press against the cold tile wall and Tyson's mouth covered mine in a passionate kiss. I felt his tongue push into my mouth and felt him lick the roof of my mouth. I moaned into his mouth as I felt his stubble rub against my chin. Tyson broke the kiss and he started to kiss down my chest. He found one of my nipples and started to suck on it. I moaned loudly, putting a hand on the back of his head, pushing his head down on my nipple. After he thought that nipple had enough, he started to bite my other nipple. I yelped as a particularly strong bite hurt my nipple. I heard Tyson chuckle as he moved further south and tongued my belly button. He only spent a moment there before he followed my treasure trail down to my cock.

'Wow, Kyle, you're pretty hung. How big are you?' asked Tyson as he jacked my cock.

'About 9 inches, how bout you?' I asked.

'11 inches,' he said with a grin.

I groaned low in my throat, 'Ty, I need that in my ass, now!' I said.

Tyson chuckled again, 'Turn around, I'll lube up your hole.'

I turned around and placed my hands on the wall. I felt Tyson pull my buns apart and then felt his amazing tongue lapping at my hole. I groaned, as his tongue lubed my love chute. His tongue licked my puckered hole over and over again and it was driving me crazy.

'Ughhh! I need your huge cock in me!' I whimpered.

Tyson got up and I felt Tyson's big cock head pressing against my hole.

He slowly started to push in. Wow, was he big! I bit my lip, trying not to cry out as Tyson's huge cock filled up my hole.

'Shit babe, your so tight!' said Tyson as he pushed all of his cock in.

Tyson started to pump in and out of my ass. It felt so good! I started up a constant stream of moaning and dirty talk. Tyson picked up the pace and soon enough, he was giving my rough fucking. Then his cock hit a place inside of my that made me see stars!

'Oh God! Tyson, your making me feel so good!' I yelled.

'C'mon, Kyle, cum for me!' screamed Tyson as he grabbed my cock and started furiously jacking it.

I felt my balls pulling up into my body.

'UGHHHHH! FUCK, I'M CUMMING TYSON, I'M CUMMING!' I yelled as cum started spurting out of my cock.

Most of my cum flew all over the place but some little drops were in Tyson's hand he started to lick it.

My ass tightened around his dick.

'SHIT, KYLE, HERE COMES MY LOAD, FILLING FOR ASS!' screamed Tyson as my hole filled up with his huge load.

We were both panting as he pulled his cock out of me. I felt his still warm load dripping down my leg and I turned around and locked him in a

Passionate kiss...





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