Chapter 1 – Prologue

The crowd of onlookers huddle together for protection against the bitingly cold wind while patiently watching the drama playing out before them. Oblivious to their stares and the winter weather the two ambulance medics and lone police officer try to get a response from the unconscious figure lying curled within a hollow on the pebble beach. Squatting down the officer gently taps the shoulder of the scruffy looking male, almost reluctant to touch him for fear of disturbing any lodgers that might be lurking beneath the man's dirty clothing. Getting no reaction the officer takes hold of his shoulder and gives it a rough shake.

This at last rouses the object of their attention who, turns his head in their direction and half opens one bloodshot eye and briefly studies them in turn. Satisfied that he's not being attacked or robbed he closes his eye and covers his face with a grimy sleeve. Barely concealing the disgust he feels the officer stands up and announces that he has better things to do than mollycoddle tramps. With a guarded look between the two medics they shake their heads almost imperceptibly before kneeling down either side of the now snoring man. With quick efficiency the senior medic pulls back the sleeve of the coat and feels for a pulse.

The tramp groans protesting at the disturbance. Taking it in his stride the other medic asks the man what his name is and does he know where he is. The tramp looks at him vacantly for a moment or so before he shakes his head. With concerned expressions they tell him that he's sitting on Brighton beach in the middle of October. Blankly he shrugs his shoulders before reaching into his coat and retrieves a half empty bottle of Vodka. He struggles with the screw cap before greedily swigging back the colourless fluid. The officer frowns at him before announcing that the alcohol is what has got him into this state in the first place.

"Fuck off!" the tramp suddenly yells out catching everyone by surprise "What the fuck is it to do with you? You know nothing about me. Just fuck off and leave me alone!"

Hastily retreating to a safe distance the medics agree with the officer that he seems well enough and as he's un-cooperative they're closing the shout. Relief all round they scramble up the beach back to their respective vehicles to write up their reports. Disappointed that there's no more drama to be had the onlookers melt away, avoiding each others' eyes in slight embarrassment. The tramp, now alone again, gazes out to sea with his bottle of drink clutched tightly to his chest.

Chapter 2 – Twelve Months Ago

I was standing in our living room listening to the radio while ploughing through a mountainous pile of ironing when the phone rang, more precisely my mobile phone. Putting the iron back on its stand I strode over to the coffee table and smiled to myself for it was Morten calling me yet again. I wondered what he wanted this time? Surely he must have run out of excuses to speak to me. He'd only been gone three hours and had called me as many times.

"Hello this is the Chad and Morten residence, how may I help you?" I said in my best husky voice.

"What are you wearing?" said the equally husky voice of my lover.

"The ironing maid's uniform, why?"

"Oh no reason, well yes there is actually. Can you come over to the pub for lunch time I've got someone I would like you and the others to meet?"

"Anyone important?" I asked intrigued by his vagueness.

"You could say that. So make yourself decent and put the ironing board away."

"Yes sir!" I said with a grin for ironing was not my favourite of jobs.

An hour later I was sitting in the Polished Ring, the pub come restaurant and club where I worked with Morten and Dean the pub owners, along with Alex (boyfriend of Dean) and Stevie (my not so secret shag buddy). It made a change to be dressed in smart casual clothes rather than the customary half-naked state that Stevie and Alex was in right now i.e. just the knee length brown leather effect small apron. Not that I mind wearing so little, after all it was pretty much my idea in the first place, well more like Morten's but whose going to split hairs over a minor detail like that? Being naked waiters in the pub and restaurant has proved very popular with our customers and turned the fortunes around for the pub. I think it's safe to say that we are close to being the venue of choice for regular and visiting customers.

Alex and I made small talk while we watched Stevie serve and flirt behind the bar, he was a natural and I'm glad I suggested that he come and work as a barman. He's popular and it has meant that our shifts are now shorter as we have more cover behind the bar. Just as well because the restaurant and lounge bar have also proved to be a success and we're thinking of extending the opening days and hours for both. Who knows we might have to take on more staff, I wondered if this was what the meeting would be about. It would be so like Morten to have organised everything and only tell us once it was all set to go.

I didn't have long to wait, arriving almost on time Morten entered the pub followed by two men, one I recognised as being Simon Fothersham, the owner of Hardcore Productions UK Ltd. Who the other guy was I didn't have a clue but seeing Simon my heart skipped a beat as I suspected what the meeting might be about. As the trio approached my table I stood up and shook hands with Simon and his companion. Morten indicated that we were to go upstairs to the lounge bar, which was closed at lunchtimes, so that we could have a private meeting. Now I was really getting excited for we had heard nothing from Simon since the audition filming took place over a month ago. Well I hadn't but clearly Morten must have been in communication with him for this meeting to have been arranged.

We made ourselves comfortable in the arm chairs and chatted in general about the business's progress while Alex served us coffee and biscuits. Only after Alex had left with a wriggle of his petit derriere did Simon explain the purpose of the meeting. First he introduced me to Duncan, his brother-in-law and legal advisor for his production company. As we shook hands I could not help but think that his wife was a lucky bitch, for while he was not the best looking guy I'd ever seen he was definitely an alpha male in his attitude and body language. Similar to Morten in fact, perhaps that was why I found him attractive, more so than Simon.

Introductions over Duncan retrieved from his briefcase a portfolio with my name on in it. Opening the folder I saw a head and shoulders photo of me and perhaps half a dozen sheets of paper which suspiciously looked like a contract to me. I glanced up at Simon who nodded and then with a big smile confirmed that I had passed the audition and was about to be offered a contract with Hardcore Productions. Like an excited kid I clapped my hands and cried out "yay!" drawing a frown from Morten in response. Simon just laughed at my enthusiasm and asked Duncan to go through the contract with me.

For the next half an hour the two of us went through the whole contract from beginning to end until I signed on the dotted line at the bottom of the last page. In brief I would be paid £1,000 per appearance in a DVD produced plus 5% commission on sales of the films and associated products. I was also expected to appear at live venues as part of publicity promotions for which I would earn £100 per show. It was obvious even to me that I would never get rich working as a porn star but as Simon pointed out it would be a welcome boost to my income and I would get to have great sex with some of the hottest guys around. I couldn't argue with his logic.

The only person not happy with the outcome was Morten but it was only because he felt left out (or rather wanted a bit of what I was going to get) as he explained a little awkwardly.

"I've appeared in each of the auditions why haven't I been offered a contract?"

Simon looked at him thoughtfully for a moment before responding "Fair enough question, the answer is twofold. Firstly it was only Chad being auditioned and secondly we need guys who are just as happy to be bottoms. Before we can offer you a contract we need to see you not only acting as top but also as a bottom."

Morten looked around the table and hesitated before replying "Will me taking it up the arse have to be filmed or will you take my word for it?"

"Oh no" Simon chuckled "filming is mandatory. It will be good practise for you if you are to appear in our commercial films."

I was enjoying Morten's discomfort for I could see that he desperately wanted in on the action but just didn't want to lose his top-only status.

"Ok. I guess that's what I'm going to have to do."

Simon was all smiles now "How about you and Chad here do a little scene, just the two of you, intimate like and I will do the filming? How does that sound?"


"No time like the present." Simon said as he looked around the table at us "Duncan can you draw up a contract for Morten on the same basis as Chad's while I sort out this audition? I'll meet you back at the office later."

With that the meeting closed. Duncan returned to London while the three of us stayed for one more drink in the pub during which Morten informed Dean that hopefully we'd be starting our evening shift as normal but if there were any delays he'd call. Dean simply nodded and told him to have fun, whatever we were getting up to. Swilling the last of his drink down Morten announced that it was time to get the show on the road and so we headed off back to our home in Simon's car as he needed to bring his filming equipment with him.

It was decided that the filming would take place in our bedroom where it would be easier for Morten to relax and lose his anal cherry. I couldn't wait, for topping Morten was something I'd been aching to do for a long time! So while Simon set up his gear in the bedroom we had a quick shower and Morten cleaned himself out using the douching tube. I'm not sure that he particularly enjoyed the experience of water flowing up into his rectum judging by his expression. I just smiled encouragingly for this process has been a regular one for me over the years and even more so recently since I had been trained to take fists. As he made a dash for the toilet to dump the water and faeces mixture down the pan his expression was almost comical. I couldn't resist telling him to 'man up' and that he'd quickly get used to this undignified process, at least he only had me watching. At first he scowled at me before breaking into a rueful smile and agreeing with me.

With just a towel wrapped around our bodies we walked into the bedroom where Simon was ready and waiting for us standing behind his video camera. Ignoring the camera we climbed onto the bed and lay down facing each other in a loving embrace. Tenderly I kissed his lips, face and neck as I gently thrust my hips into his and explored his body with my free hand. He moved to take control but I whispered into his ear that I was top this time and was to follow my lead. Sighing he relaxed and let me do the work. By now I was rock hard and it was obvious to me that he was too but I was having too much fun teasing him to rush things. Rolling him onto his back I lay on top and aggressively raped his mouth with my tongue until he began to moan with frustration and I was about to explode myself.

Pulling back from the brink I climbed off him and removed my towel while Morten did the same. Briefly I looked down at him and admired the body and cock of the man I loved more than anyone in the world. He glanced up at me and gave me an encouraging smile, needing no further prompting I told him to get on all fours and spread his legs wide. Once in position I knelt down behind him and pulled his muscular cheeks apart with my hand revealing his almost smooth crack and pink puckered anus. I heard movement behind me; presumably Simon was coming in for a close up shot. Ignoring him I leant forward and pushed my face into his crack. He smelt of soap and still a little damp from the shower and for the first time since we had been together I licked my way from his tight ball sack up to his hole.

I spent a long time licking and teasing his puckered entrance savouring his slight muskiness. Every now and then I'd test his receptiveness by pushing the tip of my tongue into the centre. Eventually I detected a hint of relaxation and judging from the moans coming from my lover he was enjoying the experience as much as I was. It was time to move on to the next stage. Climbing off the bed I retrieved from my drawer a tube of KY and while Morten watched me nervously I smeared a generous amount of the gel onto my index finger before applying some more to his hole which quivered in response to the cold gel.

I told him to relax as I knelt again on the bed and pressed my finger tip against his tightly closed anus. Patiently I massaged his ring in circular motions while all the time keeping up a gentle pressure. He responded well and within a minute or two he had relaxed sufficiently for me to fully insert my index finger before clamping hard down on it. I kept my finger still while with the other hand I reached underneath him and massaged his balls by way of a distraction. It worked. His grip on my finger eased and I was able to move my finger freely so I explored around inside his rectum until I found the walnut sized prostate gland and gently massaged it. This brought a groan from Morten and a surge of blood into his rapidly hardening cock. With my free hand I started to stroke him to full erection while at the same time I finger fucked him to relax his hole still further.

I was surprised when he started to push back against my finger; he was enjoying the experience more than I had anticipated. This realisation was further confirmed when he looked over his shoulder at me with a lust filled expression and said "fuck me".

I nodded before bending down and kissing him hard on the lips. The urge to plunge my cock straight into him was almost irresistible. It was only with the greatest effort that I managed to control myself and took my time to liberally apply the KY to my cock and more around his anus. As I did this, Simon stepped up to the bed for a close up shot of Morten losing his virginity. Being careful not to glance at the camera I guided my cockhead to the little pink target until it just pressed against the quivering ring. I waited until he had finished clenching in response to the touch before gently increasing the pressure until my cockhead slipped inside only to be trapped in a vice-like grip once again.

Morten breathed in sharply, almost a hiss before exhaling a "take it easy please". I chuckled in response enjoying the fact that the tables had been turned and it was now me in control of the situation. I remained stationery until I felt him relax sufficiently for me to slide my cock further into him until I was fully impaling his muscular backside. Again I stayed still to allow him to grow accustomed to the intrusion before withdrawing completely and sitting back on my haunches. Before he had time to wonder what was happening I told Morten to lie on his back and pull his knees up against his chest. He threw me a frown before doing as instructed.

Oh yes I thought to myself, I'm going to show you who is in control here. Once he was in position and watching me through his outspread thighs I applied more lube to his anus before teasing it with my cockhead. With a little nudge I was inside once more and this time I used gravity and my body weight to do the work. I sank down into him until I could go no further and then lay between his legs, with my chest resting on his. He wrapped his arms and legs around me locking us into position. Being the active partner here I started to thrust in and out of him (slowly at first before gaining momentum and power) I lowered my mouth onto his and thrust my tongue into his.

Time seemed to stand still and I completely forgot about the presence of Simon filming our every move as our love making became more intense and animalistic. By the time I had plunged my cock into him for the final time and orgasmed with a cry, he had long since shot his own jism. It now formed a sticky film between our stomachs binding us together like glue. For a few minutes we lay there, me trying to catch my breath from the recent exertion and Morten unable to go anywhere.

It was only when I heard Simon's camera being switched off and him announcing that Morten was a natural did I remember that he was still in the room! An hour later, having showered clean and once more dressed, we joined Simon in our kitchen where he had made himself at home. The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the room soon to be joined by the smell of toast. A bit late for breakfast but add a few slices of cheese to make a toasted cheese sandwich and lunch was served!

On the surface Morten acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened but I could tell from his body language that he was keen to know if he was going to be offered a contract too. Simon seemed oblivious to this and made no comment until we had finished the impromptu meal and was heading for the door with his gear. He stopped, turned around and then with just a trace of a smile told him the contract would be in the post.

Chapter 3 - 11 Months Ago

My stomach was churning. Only half an hour from now the peace of the empty restaurant and lounge bar would be shattered by a horde of ladies hell bent on making the night one to remember. This was the first time the Polished Ring had hosted a hen night and we all hoped that it would be a lucrative success. You might remember that the idea had been born during the gay pride festival back in the summer. Two girls had approached our stall asking if we did hen parties, Dean had done the hard sell and a deposit had been laid down there and then. Now their dream was about to become a reality.

It might sound strange considering the fact that I had no qualms about getting naked and performing in front of guys but with women it was different. This was going to be a first for me and I was more than a little nervous. Dean and Morten came up the stairs dressed in their smart 007 suites; the look does it every time for me. Ever since I was a kid James Bond had been my absolute hero and I would dream that instead of a beautiful girl being rescued it was me. Shaking my head to rid me of the childhood memories I turned to Alex who was straightening up a place setting and suggested that we now get ourselves ready.

Grimacing he made the sign of the cross before joining me out back where we quickly stripped off our regular clothes and donned the customary black waiter aprons. Securely tying the apron strings behind my back I checked myself out in the full length mirror. Doing a twirl I admired my reflection. Mmm body still slim, not too hairy and no trace of that dreaded tan line that both Morten and I hated so much. During the summer the tan was easy to maintain living so close to Brighton's nudist beach but during the winter that was a different matter. My bum cheeks still looked pert despite the objects which had been inserted between them during the previous few months! Turning to face the mirror I could see the outline of my cock lying behind the black material which would mean that the girls would too.

I expressed my concern to Alex who simply scoffed and pointed out that I had showed no such reticence when talking to the girls or wandering around the festival grounds. I noticed however that he too seemed nervous as he checked himself in the mirror. I heard footsteps on the stairs and we just made it to our stations as the first of the girls appeared. Standing either side of the restaurant entrance we checked each of the girl's tickets before escorting them to their chosen seats. They were dressed casually in either jeans or mini-skirts with the obligatory pink T-shirt stating that they were Helen's Chicks.

All my nervousness had evaporated, this was my stage and I knew how to put on a show for our paying guests. I ignored the fact that they were female. I laughed, flirted and joked along with them while maintaining the professional waiter attitude that was expected of us. Some of the girls must have been shocked to find out that they were being served by virtually naked men for they blushed as we took their drinks orders. Others were less inhibited judging by the comments I heard as I walked up and down the aisles serving the starters to them.

By the time they were half way through the main course the alcohol had clearly kicked in for noise levels had risen sharply and their interactions with Alex and myself had become more lewd. So much so that at one point while we were both waiting at the bar for our drinks orders to be made up Dean checked with us that we were okay with things so far. We both nodded because to be honest it wasn't much different to any other evening working in the restaurant. Satisfied he turned his attention back to restocking the drinks cabinet.

Helen, the bride to be, was drunk by the time deserts had been eaten. Along with her sister Tanya and best mate Becky (the two girls who'd approached us at the stall that day) she stood up in front of the room, swaying slightly as she gathered her thoughts. Giggling she thanked all her friends for coming along and hoped that they'd enjoyed the meal. This brought a round of cheers and whistles from the girls. Party poppers exploded loudly and the streamers started flying between the tables. Eventually the hubbub died down as Becky put her finger to her lips in an exaggerated manner and with her spare hand gestured for Morten to join her.

This was our cue, as it always was at this stage of the evening, to stand at the bar facing the restaurant manager (Morten). We then slowly, as if on a catwalk, walked towards the front while he did a short speech to the diners about the treat in store for them. It had been prearranged by Helen that her sister and best mate were to be the ones that would have the honour of parting us from our aprons. Except that they didn't know about this until Alex and I were standing in front of them with suggestive expressions on our faces and our hands on our hips thrust slightly in their directions.

Their hands flew to their mouths and their eyes widened in surprise as they correctly interpreted the message we were sending them. It was hard to keep a straight face at their comical expressions but somehow we managed it and as they recovered their composure we stepped closer still. I looked directly into Becky's big blue eyes and smiled before turning round to face the audience presenting her with a view of my backside and the apron ties for her to undo. I felt her trembling fingers struggle with the bow before with a sharp tug the knot was undone and my apron fell to the floor, followed shortly by Alex's. The women facing us erupted into another round of cheers and wolf-whistles and I could hear Helen whispering to her sister and friend that it was such a waste that we were gay. Alex and I grinned to each other before in unison we bent down picked up our fallen aprons and handed them to Morten for safekeeping.

I did my best to retain my composure as I returned to my duties of pouring out tea and coffee to the diners, it took a lot of effort to ignore the sly groping hands of so many women. Whichever way I turned there seemed to be a hand ready to trace the curves of my backside or make a grab for my crown jewels. In the end I gave up and as I served the last of the coffees I allowed myself to be monopolised by a table of six boisterous girls ranging in ages I would guess from late twenties to early thirties. While one went off to powder her nose I sat down in the vacant seat and answered the volleys of questions they fired at me, sometimes in turn sometimes all at once. I thought I was about to be rescued by Dean when he sauntered over with hands behind his back.

But no, he simply stood there with a smile on his face and enquired if they were enjoying themselves. The girls giggled replies that they were and how much they loved my company. His smile got even wider as he invited them to move on up the lounge bar where more drinks would be served to them and that they were free to continue enjoying my company in any way they liked. Nothing was off limits apparently. I threw him a questioning look which he chose to ignore as he circulated giving the other diners much the same message.

I made to stand up and make an escape but I was foiled by one girl draping herself over my left shoulder and another placing her hand on my right thigh. Alcoholic vapours wafted over me as she whispered into my ear that I shouldn't be so keen to get upstairs, hadn't I heard my boss? I was theirs for the evening. Not quite how I viewed it but I wasn't in a position to argue the point. Perhaps they sensed my desire to escape their clutches because from that moment on I had at least one of the girls touching or holding various parts of my body. I glanced over to Alex who appeared to be in a similar predicament but he looked like he was enjoying the attention.

Mentally shrugging my shoulders I surrendered to the situation and went with the flow. A few minutes later the girls were ready to make a move and I was escorted upstairs to the lounge bar which was by now filled with the other hens chatting and dancing to the music playing in the background. Alex and I became the centre of attention and were shepherded on to the small dance floor. I took the hint and joined in the dancing as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be dancing totally naked in a crowd of clothed females. The dance floor rapidly filled and soon it was impossible to do anything more that sway and bump to the music.

At some point I became separated from Alex and found myself surrounded, the focus of attention of the six girls whose table I had sat down at. Like a pack of lionesses they moved in on me, a poor beast of prey. I felt their hands explore every part of my body with attention being paid to my nether regions. Despite the fact that I'm gay the situation turned me on and I rapidly sported an erection, about the same time I felt a hand clutch my balls and a finger nail tickle my anus. Then my cock was enveloped in something warm and moist. In shock I looked down to discover that Becky had joined the group and was busy feeding my cock into her mouth. I just stood there too gob smacked to do anything else.

Her mouth was softer and more gentle than I was used to but it didn't take long to reach the point of no return. So as my balls tightened and I began to shudder I grabbed hold of her head to prevent her escape just in time to send my load of jism shooting down her throat in jet after jet. Only after I had finished spasming did I release my hold on her head and wiped my still leaking cock across her lips.

"Becky! You slut!" screamed Helen.

Both I and Becky shot round in the direction of the voice. There was the bridesmaid laughing her head off with camera in hand busy tucking it back into her handbag.

"That one's definitely into the photo album" she announced smugly before heading off to the bar for yet another drink.

The rest of the evening I spent mingling and chatting with the girls playing the attentive host. Thankfully there was no reoccurrence of the dance floor event but I did get groped and fondled more times than I care to remember. I think my cock must have been hard or semi-hard most of the time. I was mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the evening and only too glad to kiss the girls goodbye as they noisily made their drunken exit. However one final surprise lay in store for me that evening.

Having got dressed again I was helping the bar staff clean up the lounge bar when Morten asked me to fetch two bottles of vodka from the stock room. I thought it strange that the public bar was empty of staff when we were still open as I made my way to the cellar and wondered where Stevie had gone. I was about to find out. As I turned the handle and opened the door I heard noises from within, in the dim light I was stunned to see Helen and Stevie locked in an embrace.

Perhaps embrace is not quite the right word. What was actually happening was Stevie giving Helen a standing fuck against the back wall. Her jeans and knickers lay strewn across a crate of lagers and her pink blouse had been unbuttoned to reveal her ample breasts crushed against Stevie's bare chest. His white buttocks seemed to glow in the darkness as he thrust his hips backwards and forwards driving her wild in her drunken lust. Amid their groans and grunts they failed to notice my entrance or exit as I quietly retrieved the vodka I had come down for and closed the door behind me.

The few customers that were in the public bar seemed not to notice the lack of bar staff and simply nodded when I informed them that Stevie wouldn't be long if they needed another drink or two. As I climbed the stairs back up to the lounge bar I thought to myself that women would never fail to amaze me. The woman who was due to get married in a couple of days time had publicly called her best a mate a slut and then gone one better. The only difference was that she hadn't done it n the middle of a dance floor! Silently I handed the two bottles to Morten before heading off to clear up the restaurant.

Much later, as we lay cuddled up in bed Morten asked "Are you okay? You've been very quiet."

"Yes I'm okay, shattered that's all. Those girls sure know how to party!"

Hugging me fiercely he kissed me on my forehead before agreeing and adding "You and Alex put on a good show tonight. I bet you we will get requests for more hen nights as a result."

I gave him a hug back before snuggling further into his shoulder. I was sure he was right for he's always right about everything. The only thing I wasn't so sure about now was Stevie. I had thought from what I had seen and experienced with him that he was a closeted gay guy keeping his sexuality hidden from his mates. But now, perhaps he was straight and only did gay for pay? For some reason my stomach lurched at this idea. Were my feelings for him stronger than I suspected or was it that my pride was hurt? Had I been fooled by him and that previously he had only shown me what I had wanted to see? I was asleep before I had resolved any of these questions.

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