Hey there, the name is Dex.

I am five foot ten inches in height, about 195 pounds. I'm in good shape, as I exercise every day and eat healthy nourishing meals. I try to look after myself. On a scale of one to ten I think I am about a seven or maybe an eight. Usually I wear my form fitting "501" denim blue jeans with the button fly, the ones that hug the butt and show it off quite well, also boxer shorts so that my manhood hangs down the leg of my jeans and shows a nice package. I was graced with rather large balls so I show a nice basket. I wish my dick was bigger but I guess 7 ½ inches is not too bad a size. I like to wear a Black Tank top that enhances my firm chest and pecs. Can't wear white as five minutes after putting it on I always get a stain on it. And usually I wear my open toed sandals. Most of the time I wear my old battered straw hat to shade my eyes from the harsh sun.

It had not been a good day so far, I was finally beginning to relax and slowly get over my recent breakup. but I will explain later.

I headed down to the local beach with the sailboat strapped to the back of my Tacoma Half Ton Truck. I pulled into the main parking lot and found a parking spot closest to the dock at the beach. I parked the car and proceeded to take the sailboat out of the back of my Tacoma.

Dragged it down to the water and placed it in. Then I climbed into the boat and pulled on my Waist lifejacket, I hated the ones that went over the shoulders; they were so uncomfortable and awkward. Then using an oar, which I placed in the water to the side of the boat, I launched out into the crystal clear water. Raising the sail, I set off.

There was a fresh slight breeze. Just enough to catch the sail and send me on my way. As I got further out the wind picked up and I was fairly sailing along over the shallow waves that lapped against the bow of my craft.

I always felt exhilarated when I was sailing. It was a true pleasure. I could be in my own little world with nothing to bother me. I went further out into the depths of the water, soon land was far behind me and there was nothing but the openness of the sea and a slight mist hitting me in the face. I was in my glory. I even started to hum as I traveled along. I was out cruising for about two or three hours, when suddenly on the horizon I saw some dark clouds rolling in. I was a bit surprised; the weather forecast had said it was going to be a clear sunny day. But they were known to be wrong before. It was too far for me to get back to land so I prepared myself for the worst, just in case it was a storm. I battened down the hatches so to speak and secured my large storage container of basic foods and supplies for travel.

The waves were starting to get choppy, but I knew my craft was seaworthy and was not too concerned. When I had gotten my boat I had done some additions to it. I had secured to the floor a number of foam floatation slabs and then built a subfloor over top. I knew I would not sink not matter what. About 10 minutes later the storm hit. There was lightning and thunder and a torrent of rainfall. I was soaked in seconds. I use a bucket to slosh out any water that got into the boat. I was distracted as I did this and didn't notice that the sail had become untied. A gust of wind caught it and it swung around and cracked me in the back of the skull. I was out like a light.

When I came to, the storm was over. I sat up and touched the back of my head, holy shit, there was a lump the size of a small melon on it. And I was feeling a bit dizzy. I looked around and didn't know where I was, but to my aft there was a beach of what looked like a small Island. It was about 40 miles wide and I couldn't tell how deep it was. There was no view of civilization at all. I think I was stranded on an uncharted Island. Still rubbing my aching head I looked around the boat. My sail was torn beyond use and the oars had somehow washed out of the boat. I really was stranded.

I reached over the side with my hand and paddled toward the shore of the Island. With each movement I felt a stab of pain in the bump of my head. But I persevered and with a lot of effort reached the beach. I unsteadily climbed out of the boat and dragged it up as far as I could onto the beach, so I wouldn't lose it with the tide. I stood up and saw stars I started to swoon and then I collapsed onto the ground unconscious.

When I woke up I was lying on a straw mat on a cot made of Bamboo. I felt dampness on my forehead and I reached up to feel. There was a strip of moist seaweed on me, I guess to help keep my fever down which I noticed that I had. I glanced around and there was a Bamboo roof with foliage all around me, for the walls, I seemed to be in a room. Where was I? Then I realized I couldn't remember where I was, why I was here and also who I was. I still seemed to have my sanities about me but I just couldn't remember things. I had heard of amnesia before and I thought to myself, that is what I have. I tried to sit up but my head ached, I felt the back of my head and there was a large lump there. I lay back down quickly and the pain and dizziness subsided. I must have had an accident and knocked myself out. That was why I couldn't remember, but why and how did I get hear?

I heard a noise coming from behind me and slowly and painfully turned my head to see what it was.

Coming up through what seemed to be a trap door was a fine figure of a man. He had long dirty blonde hair, Wore nothing but a Tarzan like loin cloth and his body was extremely muscular. His skin was smooth and he was so handsome.

He had a big smile on his face.

"Ah, I see that you are finally awake my friend. How do you feel?" He drawled out in a hot sexy masculine voice.

I struggled to sit up and felt the dizziness again. He athletically sprang to my side and placed his muscular arms around me and steadied me.

"Don't strain yourself too much. You have had a bad accident and you need heeling. Take it easy." He said in a concerned voice.

He helped me to sit upright and my head was still spinning. Slowly it subsided and I could focus again.

I looked into his face with curiosity.

"What do you remember, anything? Can you speak?" he inquired of me.

Slowly I opened my mouth, it was dry and my throat was a bit sore but I managed to mutter out in a quite subdued voice, "I don't know! I don't know where I am, who I am, how I got here or even what I am doing here. I am so confused!"

He still had his arm on me, comforting me. Surprisingly I felt quite safe. I didn't feel any danger. Again he spoke to me. "I found you on the beach beside a sailboat that looked like it had been in a wreck. You must have been hit by that storm a few days ago and landed on the shore of this Island. I carried you too my tree house and have been caring for you as you heeled."

Did he say tree house? Wow was I dreaming, was this Tarzan? I laughed a bit.

He looked at me quizzically and asked me why I laughed. I explained to him.

``No I am not Tarzan, I am Marcus, and I got marooned on this island a few years ago. We are surrounded by Coral reefs and it is almost impossible to get over them to get back to civilization. I am afraid that we are stuck here for the duration. `` He told me in his beautiful voice.

``How long have I been unconscious, `` I enquired of him.


`It has been almost a week now. `` He answered me. ``I was a bit concerned. I didn`t know if you would wake up! But you seem to be in good spirits and aside from the fact that you had a bad bump on your head, you seem to be OK except for your memory loss. But hopefully that will return in time. ``

I thought a moment and then spoke out, ``Thank you for caring for me, I appreciate it. I must have been a handful to look after! ``

He Laughed and said, ``Don`t worry, it was no problem and besides it is nice to finally see another human being again. I have been so alone on this Island. Try hard to remember your name. ``

I scrunched up my forehead and tried to think deeply, even though it hurt to do so. Deep down inside my mind there was a notion. I concentrated and willed it to surface. Slowly a thought surfaced. Dex, my name was Dex.

"My name is Dex, or at least I think that it is!" I blurted out.

"Good, Good." Marcus said to me. "You at least have some memory. Maybe the rest will come back in time. But for now relax, don't strain yourself. You are still not one hundred percent. Lie back and relax you need more heeling."

Yes I did, my head was still spinning. Slowly he helped me to lie down again and I closed my eyes. I guess I feel asleep because when I woke up again, it was dark. There was some light made by the candles that were burning. I sat up and my head wasn't as dizzy as it had been. Good I was getting better.

I rubbed my eyes and looked around the tree house. Marcus was in the corner of the room by a small fire cooking something in a crude pot. I made a noise with my throat and he turned around to look at me.

With a big smile on his face he said, "Oh good, you are awake. I have made a good hearty broth. Would you like to try and eat some?"

My tummy was rumbling. Yes I was hungry. I tried to stand up, but I was unsteady on my feet. Marcus ran to me quickly and grabbed me in his arms before I could fall.

"Easy there Dex, I don't think that you are ready to get up totally yet. Please sit down again."

He helped me back onto the cot. I got my equilibrium back again. Marcus smiled and went back to the pot. He reached for a bowl and using a scoop filled it with broth. Then he came over to me and handed it to me.

I took it from his hands and cradled it in mine. Slowly I raised a spoonful to my mouth and took a careful sip. It was good. Very, very tasty. I must have made a contented mmm sound.

Marcus laughed out loud, "So you like it. Am I a good cook? I am afraid it isn't much. It is just some roots and vegetables and herbs. Not much else on this Island. There are also a number of tropical fruit trees. But at least it is palatable and nutritious.' He said.

I swallowed and then answered him, "It is great, the best that I have had in a long time. Thank you for your care."

I was actually a healthy eater and appreciated natural sources of protein and foods.

I finished the bowl of broth and Marcus took it away from me.

Marcus placed the bowl on the table and then he sat down beside me on the cot, placing his masculine arm around my shoulder and gave me a hug.

"I am so glad you are getting well." he stated. "I was very worried for a while. But you seem to have sprung back quite well."

He hugged me again. It felt really good. I felt so at ease.

"Perhaps if you are feeling better tomorrow I will show you around the Island. But for now I think you should sleep again." He exclaimed.

I was actually quite exhausted. That little bit of what I had done had drained me. I nodded affirmation to him and he helped me to lie back down. He laid a hand on my forehead and tenderly stroked it.

"Good, your fever has broken. You should get better faster now. "He said.

He stroked my forehead one more time and smiled down at me.

I felt contented. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

In the morning, I awoke. I glanced to my side and there was another cot beside mine. Marcus lay on it in slumber. I examined his face. He was so handsome lying there. His masculine chest rose up and down with is deep breathing. Suddenly I had the urge to touch him. I reached gingerly across to him and placed my hand on his chest. I moved it slowly up to his head and touched his chin. His eyes opened and he smiled at me.

"You are awake. How do you feel?" He asked.

"I feel much better thanks to you. I am in your gratitude. I feel much stronger. "I answered him in a steady voice.

"Good, Good. Do you feel like some breakfast?" He asked as he sat up.

I couldn't help but to look at his fine body. He was a stallion. Then I thought, why was I having these thoughts? He was a guy and I was a guy. Guys don't think about each other that way. Do they? But deep down inside it just felt right that I should do so. Maybe I was gay. I hoped that I didn't offend him with my thoughts and actions.

"Yes please, Marcus. I am very hungry." I answered him.

My tummy made a gurgle then to emphasize my hunger. We both laughed.

Marcus went over to his makeshift parlor and got a couple of bowls and filled them with assorted fruits. He brought them over to me and sat down on his cot in front of me. He handed me one and then took a few bites out of his. I imitated him. The fruit was so succulent and fresh. It was like ambrosia. We gobbled down our repast and we both made a satisfying sigh. Marcus took the empty bowls and placed them back on the table.

While he did this I attempted to stand up. I was a lot steadier than before; I could actually stand and not wobble.

"Wow you bounce back quickly" Marcus stated. "Do you feel up to a short walk?"

I nodded yes. I was surprised when Marcus took a hold of my hand and led me to the hole and ladder that descended to the ground from the tree house.

He said, "Let me go first and you follow me closely. That way I can support you as you descend the ladder."

He went through the hole in the floor first and then stopped a few rungs down on the ladder. I stepped down onto it too and he put his arms around my waist and helped me go down. We reached the ground and he let me stand on my own.

I wobbled a little bit at first, after all this was only the second time I had been on my feet since my injury. The first time for only a few minutes. Marcus reached out a grabbed a hold of me again to steady me.

With Concern in his eyes he inquired, "Are you all right Dex? Do you need to lie down again? You have to take it easy."

I muttered out in a slow but steady voice, "Don't worry, I will be fine. I just need to get my sea legs so to speak. But maybe you could put your arm around me just until I get my mobility about me."

Marcus gently put his arm around me and then we slowly started to walk along the trail in front of us. After a few steps I was getting my equilibrium back again. As my head cleared and I gained focus I began to walk with a steady rhythm. Marcus kept his arm around me just in case. And I didn't mind at all. It felt quite good to have this hot guy holding me. I didn't know why. I couldn't really remember anything about my life. Did I have affection for guys? Did I like and crave having a guy close to me and touching me. Somehow it just felt right.

I paused a moment and looked around the area around the Tree house. I looked up and saw a series of Bamboo poles connected together, leading from a small ten foot high waterfall. It seemed to carry water to the tree house. How ingenious. There was also an open space of about eighty feet by eighty feet, with a few crude benches and tables made out of Bamboo. Around the circumference, were a number of tropical fruit trees? Coconut, Papaya, Mango, and a few others I didn't know the names of. It was quite a larder. Marcus was certainly supplied with a lot of food for consumption. There were also several neat paths leading out into the forest in different directions.

Marcus still with his arm around me urged me along one of the lush tropical pathways; we could smell the heavenly scents of the surrounding flora. We could hear the bird's ad small animals around us. The small waterfall and stream gurgled in the background. It was very peaceful and tranquil. Subconsciously I slipped my arm around Marcuss waist. I didn't realize that I had done it and Marcus just accepted it. I never felt more comfortable and at ease at this time then I ever had. At least from what I could remember. Marcus led me down the path and we reached the beach near the Ocean.

Marcus turned to me and asked me, "Do you remember being here? This is where I found you. Look over there that is what is left of your Sailboat."

I turned to look where he had indicated. There was my boat, pulled up on the beach. I concentrated and searched deep down inside of my mind to try and remember. There were faint images, waves crashing against my boat, the rain pouring down in torrents. Then the mast swinging loose and hitting me in the head. It was slowly coming back to me.

I turned excitingly to Marcus and blurted out in an excited voice, "Oh Marcus, I do remember, not everything but bits and pieces. It is coming back."

I turned into him and hugged him before I realized what I was doing. Quickly I detangled myself from him and stood back with an embarrassed look on my face. But Marcus was laughing.

"Don't be embarrassed my Friend Dex! I understand you are excited. And besides it actually felt quite good, great as a matter of fact." He had a strange twinkle in his eyes.

I was starting to wobble again so he quickly put his arm around me and said to me in his warm voice, "Dex, I think you have had enough for this excursion. Maybe we should head back to the tree house and let you rest some more.'

We then turned back and made our way towards the tree house.

He helped me up the ladder by putting his strong arms around my waist and nudging me up into the loft. Marcus led me to the bed and gently helped me to sit down.

He sat beside me and stroked my head and looking into my eyes with concern and said. "Well you look a little bit pale but not too bad. I think you will be all right."

I was staring into his handsome face and examining his features. He was so handsome from his long blond flowing hair, to his deep Blue eyes and the wonderful dimples on his cheeks. His face was just so kind and loving and beautiful. I got a sudden urge to lean forward and kiss him. My lips met his and I rubbed my warm lips against his and put my arm around his shoulders and just kissed him. He didn't pull back or seem to be upset. He just returned the kiss. After a minute or so, I pulled away. He had a big smile on his face. Not at all concerned.

He leaned his head back and laughed and then said, "I was wondering when you would do that. I must confess, you talked a lot while you were unconscious. Things like how he hurt you. But you loved him. Why did it have to end? I am a good guy, what is wrong with me? Things of that nature. I figured that you were gay and just had a breakup."

He rubbed his hand through my hair again all the while looking deeply into my eyes with acceptance.

"I...I...think I am remembering. " I stammered out in a low thoughtful voice, "We had had a big argument; we knew it was over between us and I had left. I had run down to my sailboat and just wanted to get away from it all. The ocean always had a calming effect on me and so I just went out into it and kept going, I had no intentions of going back. I was done with our relationship. I had had enough. It was time for an end. I didn't know where I was going or what I was going to do. But I was determined to go wherever fate took me. Then the storm hit, the next thing I remembered is waking up here with you caring for me."

Marcus was still looking in my eyes. He hadn't shrugged away at what I told him.

Then in a very companionate voice he told me, "I too am gay. I think the Gods have sent you to me because I need someone. Let me tell you a bit how I got here onto this deserted Island. I was working on a fishing schooner as one of the crew of about eight guys. We were far out at sea about a week into our journey. I had joined the vessel since I was unhappy with my life and was seeking adventure. One day I found I was attracted to a shipmate. When no one else was watching I came out to him. He was shocked and called me an f..ing faggot. He then pushed me then grabbing hold of me he put a lifesaver in my hand and was about to push me overboard. But luckily the captain of the schooner showed up and asked what was going on. The ship hand told him. The Captain considered and agreed with putting me overboard but not without provisions and a small rowboat. He said that it would not be right to push me into the sea to die. I was given staples and put adrift. The ship hand that I had come onto called out, There you faggot, fend for yourself you don't belong on his boat. He turned away and left me to the Oceans will.

For almost a day I drifted around in total despair. Was I going to die? Just when I was giving up hope I heard the noise of a seabird squawking. I looked around and there in the distance was this island. I summoned up what strength I had left and headed as fast as I could to land. I dragged the rowboat up onto the beach and just collapsed in a mournful swoon. When I awoke I discovered that I was on a deserted Island of about forty miles square. But all was not at a loss. There were ample fruit trees on it and fish galore in the waters. I would and could survive. It was then that I started my lonely life for the next four years on this island.

Often I prayed to the Gods that I would be rescued or at least find some company. But that was not to happen, until now. And now you are here. And you are a handsome man at that. You are a God send, not only as a companion but you are also Gay. The Gods must be looking out for me. And you too, because if what you said in your sleep was true, then you were in an unhappy situation as well. And the Gods sent you to me."

I took in what Marcus said and had a very thoughtful look on my face. He gave me time to digest what he had told me. I sifted through the thoughts I was having, I was unhappy or had been, I did want someone who was worthwhile, perhaps Marcus was the one. Had the Gods really planned this for me, for us?

I came to a decision. "Marcus, "I said as I reached out with my hand and cradled his beautiful face. "I don't know what has happened or why. But one thing I do know is that even though I haven't known you for a long time, I think that you are a great person. You have cared for me and shown such great compassion. Even if I tried I could do no better finding a man worthwhile of me. I know we are stuck here on this Island but like you said, maybe the Gods destined us for one another. I am willing to give it a try."

Marcus leaned forward wrapping his arms around me in embrace, then he met my lips with his and we kissed. It was beautiful. There was so much joy flowing into each other. Our bodies were quivering. We stayed that way for what seemed an eternity. Then we broke away. We were both smiling ecstatically. I felt in my teens again. It felt like first Love.

My head started spinning a bit again and I was wobbling a bit.

Marcus grabbed a hold of me and exclaimed, "Oh Dex, I think this has been too much for you. You must rest again. Get your strength back."

I nodded in agreement and replied in a bit of an unsteady voice, "Yes, I think you are right. But could I ask a favour, would you please pull your cot closer to me and then lie down beside me and hold me in your arms while I sleep?"

Marcus Laughed and answered me, "OH Yes Dex, Yes I would love to do that for you."

He then pushed his cot against mine and then climbed in beside me; he wrapped his arms around me holding me tight. I had never felt safer or more comfortable in my life. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven and maybe I did. We both fell asleep.

In the morning I felt much better, Stronger, more alive. Marcus still had me in his arms; I looked down into his face. Boy even in sleep he was just so handsome. I got up on my elbow and just stayed that way watching him and admiring him. After a few minutes his eyes cracked open. He saw me looking down at him and smiled and then he put his head up, laughed and then licked my cheek with his tongue.

I moved a bit and then let out a small groan. My body still ached a bit. Marcus urged me to lie back down and told me he would give me a massage. He had a mixture of Coconut milk, Papaya and some herbs that he had brewed over the fire into a lotion. He smeared some on his hands and rubbed them together. Then he proceeded to rub it over my body. He tenderly moved his hand slowly over my chest and moved up and down in a swirling motion, every once in a while giving a slight squeeze. Up and down my arms and then legs. It felt wonderful, God I had never felt so good. He was bringing tingles to my whole body. When he moved his hands back to my chest and reached my nipples he gently tugged on them. My cock got very aroused and sprang to its full seven and a half inch hard length. It slapped against my chest as it did so.

Marcus laughed joyously and said in a sensual voice, "Well Dex, look at what I have done. I think I had better fix that."

His hands moved to my stiff rod and encompassed it; He slowly squeezed it and gently moved up and down in a firm caressing motion.

I let out a contented moan, then reaching up with my arms; I wrapped them around him and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. His tongue parted my lips and entered my mouth. It was wonderful. Both of our Cocks were now hard as a rock as we rubbed them against each other. The passion was building up in us.

Marcus hesitated and spoke out, "Are you sure you are ready Dex. Do you have the strength?"

He had so much concern in his eyes. I was myself feeling quite energetic, I felt so much better and besides now I was very horny. This was not going to stop no matter what. I wanted it. I needed it. I was going to have it.

Rolling over on top of him I held him down and exclaimed, "Do you think that I am going to let you pass this one by. You are mine for the taking. I am going to possess you and give myself to you."

Then holding his arms down to each side of his head I slowly started to lick him. Across and over his neck, to nibble on an ear. Then down his firm chest to a nipple, gently licking it and nibbling it. Moving over to the other one, and doing the same. Marcus was letting of low moans and groans of enjoyment. I continued on down to his chest over his six Pac abs to his belly button. Sticking my tongue into its warmth and making slurping sounds with my mouth. I let go of his arms so that I could proceed down to his rock hard cock. He was hung like a horse. It must have been 9 ½ inches long and thick too. My head reached his crotch and I inhaled his manly aroma. My head almost started spinning from the enjoyable scent. Then I licked up his shaft to the head of it. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and engulfed his rod. It was as smooth as satin. Slowly, ever so slowly I went down on him. He let out a loud cry of pleasure as I reached the base of it. His hands dropped to the back of my head and cradled my scalp in them. I pulled off of his cock and then with his help went all the way back down. I sucked his cock over and over again. I could feel it pulsating inside of my throat. His body was quivering.

Then with a loud yell of glee, he screamed out, "Oh Damn, Dex I am Cumming.' Take my gift. I give it to you."

Then he started to unload deep inside my throat. It was creamy, warm and tasted like ambrosia. I took every drop, sucking as hard as I could to drain him. More More, I wanted more. Finally his balls had emptied. He lay back with a sigh and collapsed totally on the cot. He had a heavenly look about him and his aura shone brightly. I moved up beside him and lay down next to him. I put my hand on his chest and he opened his eyes. The Love in his eyes was shining. We didn't say anything we just looked at each other.

Marcus then said to me in a romantic voice, "And now Dex, it is your turn. Lie back, let me at you."

He firmly but gently pushed me onto my back and then straddled me. His manly legs were hugging my chest. Then he lowered his upper torso down onto me. He started to kiss my forehead. He moved down over my eyes and down my cheeks to my mouth. Stopping to rub his lips over them. Then down over my neck to my nipples, He bit them not hard but enough to send a thrill of enjoyment sizzling throughout my body. Down to my bellybutton and on to my hard cock. I wasn't as big as him but was seven and a half inches. Still a good size for a cock. He didn't even hesitate he just opened his mouth and swallowed me right to the hilt. My body bucked with pleasure I almost howled out in joy. He then started to piston suck my dick. Up and down faster and faster. Tightening his mouth as he went down and loosening it when he pulled off. It only took a minute and then I was shooting my load into his stomach. He relished every ounce of it. I was having spasms of enjoyment flowing through my body. After he had drained me he pulled off and climbing up fell into my arms. I wrapped my arms around him a held him tightly. I held him like I would never let him go. He melted into me and we almost became one. I think we had fallen in Love.

Much to my surprise we fell asleep again and woke up around noon. Marcus suggested that we go down to the beach and wash up. There was no need of clothes as we were the only ones here. So we bound out of bed, went to the ladder and climbed down. I almost had all my energy back. The two days' rest had gotten me back to my healthy self. At the bottom I grabbed Marcus's hand and we ran down to the beach not stopping at the water but plunging in to the waves. We splashed each other and ran around chasing and then knocking down each other and hugging as the waves flowed over top of us. We were in our glory. After a time we went up to the beach and shook ourselves off and let the sun dry us naturally.

Hand in hand we went back to the tree house. We prepared ourselves a breakfast of fresh fruits and seaweed.

I couldn't believe my luck. Was this really happening? Was I dreaming, still unconscious from my injury? I shook my head and looked at Marcus. I leaned over and pinched him. He let out a yell and asked what I was doing.

I told him what I had just thought and he laughed and punched me gently in the arm and said. "There does that feel real."

"Oww," I cried out in mock pain, "You hurt me." As I made fake sobbing noises.

Marcus replied in a hot baritone voice, "Oh you poor baby let me kiss it better."

Then he leaned over and placed his mouth against my arm where he had punched me and kissed it, and then he gently bit it too. Then he slapped me on the butt cheek and ran to the other side of the hut laughing. I ran after him and tackled him, not too hard though, just to throw him off balance and onto the hut floor with my arms wrapped around him. He wrapped his arms around me too and we rolled around on the floor. Laughing and just enjoying each other's company.

"Oh Dex, "Marcus Said, "I think I am falling in Love with you." Where have you been all my life?"

"I think I Love you too Marcus, you are the man of my dreams." I replied back to him in a loving voice.

We hugged each other tighter. It seemed that we just couldn't get enough of one another.

Marcus sat up and said, "Ok, there are some chores to do. That is enough of play for now. Let's get busy. "

Marcus stood up and grabbed his loin cloth and donned it.

He grabbed another one and threw it to me saying, "No need for regular clothes here. You might as well be comfortable and besides I think you will look hot in a loin cloth. Quite Sexy as a matter of fact."

I tugged it on and then gave my crotch an adjustment, smiling smugly at Marcus. He just grinned in lust.

We went down out of the tree house and Marcus led me along one of the paths into the brush. He explained that we needed to find dry wood for a fire so that we could cook dinner. There were a number of small animals and fish in the waters around and on the Island and they would supply us with food. Many of the ones that lived close to the Tree house were tame. Pets almost. But there were many wild ones on the far side of the Island. The Island was about forty miles long and forty miles wide. We collected a bunch of dry branches and brush for the fire and dumped it by a small storage hut built of Bamboo just under the Tree house. There was an abundance of Bamboo on the island that we could use for building almost anything we needed.

Then picking up a couple of make shift spears, we headed to the far side of the island to hunt game. I had never hunted before but Marcus says it was easy to learn. We struggled through an overgrown forest of trees to the other side. Then Marcus motioning me to silence, crept slowly through the brush. Suddenly he raised his hand and threw his spear; there was a low grunt and then silence. Marcus moved forward and reached down. In his hand he had a nice plump Rabbit.

He looked at me with a smile on his face and said, "Well Mate her is our dinner. Not bad for your first outing."

I was glad that I hadn't had to kill the Rabbit; I don't think I was ready for that yet, but then thinking about it, we did have to survive. I had to get over my qualms. And I would.

We went back to the hut and Marcus skinned and prepared the Rabbit. He wrapped it in dampened palm leaves and then buried it in the ground. He told me this would keep it fresh and stop it from going off before we could cook it for our next meal. Marcus said that mostly he subsided on Fruits and tubers. Meat was a delicacy for once or so a month. And fish a couple of times a month. He had also been supplied with some seeds by the Captain of the schooner, of which he had planted in a few small plots of growing vegetable and grains. There was a bit of wheat and so every once in a while bread could be made.

The next chore was to climb the local trees and harvest some fruit. It wasn't far to a grove of tropical fruit trees; as a matter of fact they surrounded the whole campsite.

"All we have to do is climb up the trees to get the fruit." Marcus Stated.

"You expect me to be able to climb that," I said in astonishment to Marcus as I indicated to the rather large high tree in front of me.

"Oh come on, it's easy." Marcus replied in a gay voice, laughing out loud.

He then leaped to the side of the tree and scrambled up it like there was no problem. My mouth dropped open in shock. He reached the top and then plucked some coconuts and threw them down to me. Then he climbed easily back down.

He then pointed to another tree and told me it was my turn.

Not wanting to be outdone I went to the base of the tree, put my arms around it and then tried to climb. About two feet up I slipped back down. I tried again, same result.

Marcus was rolling on the ground laughing his head off.

He cried out in glee, "OH Dex that is so funny, you should see yourself."

I picked up a small branch from the ground and threw it at him.

Marcus got up and came over to me, "I'm sorry to laugh at you Dex, but it was so funny." He put his arms around me and hugged me.

"I guess I did look kind of funny>" I laughed back at him.

Then Marcus explained that when he had first come here the same thing happened to him but he slowly learned how to do it. He would teach me how.

He put his arms around me from behind and then placed my arms around the trunk of the tree. Then he told me to place my first foot flat against the stump of the tree. Now place the other one a little higher and put my weight on it, I did so. Then he told me to take the lower one off the tree trunk and place it higher than the top one. Now move one arm up and follow with the other. Keep on doing it and I would slowly get up the tree. I was a fast learner and thankfully the tree was not that high. I actually succeeded in doing it. I threw down the fruits and climbed back down. I was so proud of myself. Marcus was too. He told me I had learned a lot faster than he had. But then I was used to climbing ropes in gym class and this wasn't really much different. We carried the fruits back to the storage hut below the tree house and stored them away.

Then a thought came to me and I turned to Marcus and stated, "Marcus, we should go to the remains of my sailboat. I have some supplies that we could use to make our lives easier. Come follow me."

I grabbed his hand and we ran down to the beach and the sailboat. I climbed inside and opened the cargo hatch. Inside I had stored a number of survival tools. There was a solar powered small stove for cooking. Also a few solar powered lanterns and flashlights. A queen size blow up mattress and pillows.

A solar powered electric outlet that could run a few utensils such as an electric razor, a small kettle and a Radio. We tried the Radio but only faint sounds could be heard. We were far away from civilization. So it was useless but the other two things would be useful. There were also a few cans of various foods, which would be a treat for us. We carried the treasures back to the camp.

With the new additions our lives we would be a lot more comfortable. We stored the booty in the storage hut for use later on.

Then went outside.

"Well." Marcus Said. "That's it for the chores. What do you want to do now?"

I grabbed him around the waist and then hugging him tightly, And Exclaimed, "GUESS"

Marcus laughed and replied, "Well Dex I can think of a number of things. But top of the list is to seduce you, and maybe we can go farther this time." He had a quizzical look on his face.

I thought a minute; well I know what I wanted him to do. I wanted him to fuck me. I loved a big hard man's cock up my butt. And I especially wanted his.

"Marcus, I want to go all the way with you, "I exclaimed earnestly. "I want to give you all of me. I want you to take me, Fuck me with your huge cock, take me all the way and make me yours totally. But first let me use the facilities and get prepared for you. "

Marcus had set up a room, on the ground, made out of Bamboo with a homemade system of plumbing. He had connected more hollowed out bamboo poles to the ones that brought the water to the tree house from the waterfall. These ran from the tree house above, down into the hut. There was a makeshift sink inside and a shower as well. Since the water coming from the waterfall was warm there was no need to heat it up. It was quite ingenious. Not only was Marcus a fantastic looking stud but he was so smart and inventive as well. I went into the hut and peeled off my loin cloth. Then I went to the shower and used the hose to clean myself out. Get ready for penetration by Marcus. Then I washed my body down till it glowed. After drying off, I rubbed some of the Coconut/Papaya lotion that he had made, into my skin. My whole body was glistening and it shone with healthiness and vitality. I reached behind myself and applied some of the lotion to my now clean butt, inserting some of it inside with one of my fingers. There now I was ready for my new mate.

I didn't bother to put my loin cloth back on; I just opened the hut door and went outside. There stood Marcus anxiously awaiting me. He looked at me and moved his gaze up and down my body. His face showed such passion for me. Marcus didn't say anything he just moved closer to me and then taking me up in his arms carried me to the ladder, God he was so strong, his muscles bulged as he lifted me. I practically melted in his grasp. I don't know how he did it but he was able to climb the ladder with me in his arms. He reached the top and carried me over to the cot and lay me down gently. Then he climbed in beside me. Our bodies nestled against each other. I could feel the warm and vitality of Marcus's heavenly body. Marcus leaned into me and kissed me passionately. He sent wonderful sensuous shivers throughout my entire body. It felt so right that we were together. He ran his hand down my back caressing me as it traveled lower and lower. He paused at my butt cheeks and gently massaged them. Slowly slipping his hand between them and then gently fingering my crevasse reaching my moistened butt hole. God I wanted him so badly.

Then ever so slowly he inserted his index finger in to the warm depths. I let out a moan of sheer pleasure and I clenched my butt muscles around his finger. It was all the way in and he moved it around bringing sensations of absolute pleasure to me. All the while he was grinding his pelvis against mine. I could feel his hard cock against mine. Then he inserted a second finger doubling my pleasure. My ass accepted him readily. Then in went a third and then fourth finger. Oh God I thought I was going to pass out from the wonderful feeling of him. He spread his fingers and worked them around inside of me, stretching my hole. Pulling them out a bit then putting them back in. I was quivering in his embrace.

He took his fingers out and sat up, then looking down into my eyes with his romantic deep blue ones, he leaned forward and started to lick down my chest around my tits and then down to my throbbing cock. He licked down the shaft and then not stopping there he lifted my legs up high in the air and moved to my pulsating butt hole. He gingerly licked my eager opening and I let out another gasp of Joy. He let my legs drop to his shoulders and moved his hands to my nipples and started to play with them. Squeezing them and twisting them gently. Causing a new set of sensations to me. Then he inserted his tongue and rimmed me. After a few moments he took out his tongue and then sitting up higher he looked down into my eyes and with his deep masculine dreamy voice said, "And now Dex my love, I am going to make you mine." He placed the tip of his nine and a half inch pole against my butt entrance.

"Are you ready my Love? Do you want me?" He exclaimed in anticipation.

"Oh yes Marcus, Yes, I am ready, somehow I have always been ready. Please take what is yours," I implored him in a willing submissive voice.

Marcus did not hesitate. He slowly pushed into me without taking his eyes from mine. I let out a scream, not of pain but from the pure ecstasy and pleasure of his entry. I had never felt this way before. It felt so good, so right. He kept pushing until his heavy nutsacks slapped against my ass cheeks. He was totally in, all the way. I felt like he had joined my very sole. He stayed that way for a few moments and then slowly withdrew his entire length, paused a moment and then trust back in. His huge cum filled balls making a loud slapping noise against my cheeks. I let out a grunt of pleasure and he could see the rapture on my face. He smiled down at me and then proceeded to fuck me. Drawing all the way out and then shoving back in again slowly working up speed. He took his hands from my nipples and grabbed hold of my ankles. He continued to thrust harder and harder just like the man stallion that he was. Building up steam, he was sweating profusely as he dripped warm liquid onto my body. Each drop was pure pleasure. My body absorbed it all. My hole was opening and closing for him, hugging his shaft as he took me totally. I was becoming his, his fuck toy. He was slamming me so hard I thought he was entering my brain. Not physically but mentally. Possessing my very fibre. He built up speed, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

Then with an animalistic howl he screamed out in pure pleasure, "Oh God, Dex, I am Cumming. Take my love seed, it is yours."

With a final hard plunge he started to erupt, filling me up with his ambrosia. And without even touching my cock I also started to unload. My sperm squirted out in geysers, completely covering both our chests. I didn't know I had that much cum inside of me. And he didn't stop shooting either. His ambrosia was filling me up and running out my ass down my legs. We were but shuttering in extreme pleasure. There was never anything so good, no great. Finally we were both emptied. Marcus pulled out of me and we were both panting with deep breaths. He collapsed on top of me and we lay in each other's arms panting and gasping for breath. We were both completely drained. We had given everything to each other. Marcus fell to my side still lying snuggly against me. We lay that way taking deep breaths and then suddenly we were both sobbing. We were so happy. We looked into each other's face. There was so much joy there. We were both glowing, it was as if our auras had joined and become one. I was his, he was mine. Tears were streaming down both our faces. Tears of pure happiness and glee.

I managed to stutter out in a weak but stable voice, "Oh damn, Marcus, I LOVE YOU; I LOVE YOU;"

"Dex, Oh my Dex," He stammered back in an equally passionate voice. "I LOVE YOU TOO. I need you. You are my everything."

He leaned forward and licked the tears off of my face as I stuck out my tongue and licked his. I had never tasted anything so good. We had joined. He dropped his head to my shoulder and wrapped his arms around me and just hugged me. We fell asleep, content in each other's rapture. It was like the beginning of time. Our time, our time together.

The end. OR IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well guys this took me a while to do. And with me going to school and having to study I don't have a lot of time for fun stuff like this. But rest assured, I will continue this. This is actually one of my more enjoyable fantasy stories that I have written. I am really getting into this one. Maybe this will become a novel.



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