It happened during the summer that separated high shcool from college.

I was still a young puppy, but I thought I knew it all. I was wrong, of course, but I did know enough to get around. You bet I did.

That summer, my Uncle Fred got me a job working on the shipping docks of his company. Not the kind of job a sissy-boy would like, but Uncle Fred said it would make a man of me. Shit! I hated it.....that is, until I saw Ralph, the guy who ran the freight elevator.

One afternoon, just after I started working, I went into the mens'

room to hide from all the heavy boxes that had to be lifted, carried, sorted, labeled, etc. etc. I sat on the toilet. The door to the stall was closed and latched shut. The smell of disinfectant was strong. My jeans were wrapped around my ankles, so I had easy access to my cock.

It was erect, and I rolled my hand back and forth over the swollen bulb of it. I had no intention of jacking off, the cum was too precious to waste, but the feeling of fingers riding over the tip of it was pleasant, growing quickly to exciting. Better stop of I'll never get back to work.

Just as I pulled my jeans up and fastened the top button, I heard the door to the restroom open. Mens' voices, laughing together, spoke in quiet tones, "Shit man. It was so good. You should've been there, Ralph."


"Yeah, yeah. You know it. Shit, it went all night. Hard all the time, and kept creaming more and more, never wore out. It just kept coming. I was sailing."


Yeah. Where the hell were you anyways?"

I recognized Ralphs' voice. Good looking macho man. This guy's built!

Of course, he'd have to be with all the heavy stuff he has to lift. His shoulders and powerful arms just don't quit. Got tight abs and buns, too. You can see his huge nips through his unbuttoned shirt.

I didn't know who the other guy was. I'd just started working there a few days before, and didn't know a lot of the guys yet, but Ralph, well I got hung up on Ralph the first time I saw him. Shit man!

He's got one beautiful body, and I was hot for him from day one.

I sat back on the toilet and peeked through the little hole someone had dug in the wall. I could see Ralphs' hand as he fumbled at the buttons of his fly. I heard the stream of the other guy as he pissed into the urinal. Ralph got all the buttons open, but his pants were tight, and he had to pull them down his hips. Oh Wow! Look at that fucking horse meat. Had to be ten inches of solid muscle. Hard and throbbing. He pushed it down, aimed it at the toilet, slipped the thick and loose foreskin back, and let the piss stream out. I almost creamed just looking at it.

"Shit Ralphie, you got a hard-on."


"Want me to ease it up for you, Ralphie? Let me suck it, huh? Shit!

You got me fuckin' horny now."

"Yeah, Fred! You better do it, or I'll come in my pants when that driver from Bedford Freight gets here. God, he's a turn-on man."

I recognized Fred when he got on his knees. He's the hunk on the next floor up. Glassware. A real honcho guy that sends lightning down your back. Lots of chest hair growing out of his half-buttoned shirt. Smiling, he opened his mouth and swallowed Ralphs, cock into it. Ralph hadn't even finished pissing.

"Yeah, baby. Suck it." I heard Ralph whisper. "That's it, Fred.

Oh Jesus man, that's so good, ooooooH....."

Shit! A sudden rush of cum spurted out of my cock, into my jeans.

I could feel it as it trailed down my leg.

There was silence now, for a long time, until with a final sigh, Ralph surrendered to the shattering forces of a climax.

"Thanks Fred," Ralph said as he buttoned his fly.

"My pleasure, Ralphie. I needed it as much as you did." There was a quiet moment as both men got control.

"You know that new guy on the docks, Fred?"

"You mean the nelly queen in shipping?"

"Yeah. Kind of sissy-sweet."

"Shit! You got me Ralphie. You don't need no sissy guy. You stay away from him, you hear?"

"I don't know, Fred, I like to fuck a nelly queen like him. All that creamy white skin. I keep thinking of him naked and me pissing all over him and then licking and kissing it off. Then when I got him real hot, I'd shove my cock up his ass. Shit! I'm all hard again, Fred. Just thinking about him gets me hard."

Shit almighty! They were talking about me!

"Sounds good, Ralphie. The way you talk got me hard, too. Maybe we could three-way it. I'll bet he'd just love to suck on my cock while you fuck him. Ummm, nice!"

I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise. I looked through the hole. They were back by the door and I could see both of them full view. Fred had his arm around Ralph, his head leaning against his chest. Shit! Ralphs' shirt was hanging open and he was sucking on Ralphs' nipple. These guys get me hot! My cock was soaring again.

"We better get back to work before they think we're doin' stuff in here." I heard Ralph laugh. "Thanks for the blow."

"Like I said, anytime. I'm always ready for you Ralph. and if it's pissing that turns you on, you know I'm your toilet." I could hear every word Fred said even though he was whispering. An then he shouted, "An' don't you do nothing' with that sissy boy without me."

And the door slammed shut.

I was shaking and trembling with thrilling excitement. He noticed me!

He wanted me! Shit! I creamed again!!!

The next few days I gradually worked my way down to the side of the dock where the freight elevator was. This was an easy thing to do for most of the heavy boxes were stored at that end, and the other shipping clerk was glad to let me fight those big boxes, letting him handle the smaller ones.

The closer I got to Ralph, the more I noticed him looking at me. I kept my head down and tilted just a little so's I could watch Ralphs'

hand scratch that big bulging crotch without him knowing I was looking.

I knew that as the days went by, I was getting closer and closer to making it with him.

On Friday afternoon, real late, like five, the eighth floor called down. They had a big order, a rush shipment that had to get out that night. The Bedford truck was on the way. I heard Ralph groan as he slammed the elevator door shut and headed north. I got the shipping orders and labels ready. I didn't mind working late, I knew it would be just Ralph and me. By the time Ralph got the load on the elevator and down to the dock, it was after quitting time. Everyone had punched out and was gone.

"You here?" Ralph asked in a shout.

I looked at him, nodding yes.

"Here, I'll help you stick the goddam labels on."

I moved aside to give Ralph room. His shirt was stained with sweat.

Not just in the armpits, but on the back too. It clung to him. It was unbuttoned. Hanging open, I could see the hairs on his chest, his nipples sticking out. His smell was pungent. Ralph wasn't one to use deodorant. We worked fast. It seemed like there were a hundred boxes. Then we carried them to the edge of the dock for pick up.

"You sure as hell work good for a kid," he said, "How old are you, anyway?"

"Old enough," I said wishing I was ten years older.... Bigger too, more equal to him. He was a beautiful man. I was getting drunk just on the smell of him. It seemed like every time I looked up from glueing down a label, Ralph was looking at me. He had a grin on his face, but when my eyes caught his, he turned away, like he was bashful or something. I kept looking at him, trying to let him know I would do anything he wanted. And then he stood up, his hands on his hips, and he kinda pushed his pelvis out toward me.

"Maybe after we finish here you and me could go get a beer or some- thing....." and the phone interrupted him. Ralph reached for it.

"Shit! What the hell you guys pulling?" Where's the fucking truck?

......What?" he screamed, "You telling me it won't get here for an hour? Shit man! It's Friday night....Well, if that's the way it is...." and he slammed the phone down. It hit the cradle with a resounding crack. I looked up at him, but the expression on his face contradicted the irritation in his voice. He rubbed his hand over the sprouting stubble on his chin. He was looking at me. A smile lightened his face. It seemed that he suddenly realized that we were alone, and would be for at least an hour, a chance to come to an agreement, an understanding.

"You like working here, Jody?"

I nodded.

You're just a little guy. I mean it's hard work and everything."

I found the words, the chance to let my need and hungers known. "Its'

got to be hard to be good," I said, touching my lips. Almost as though I was blowing a kiss to him.

"Yeah." Ralph reached inside his opened shirt and picked at a nipple.

My mouth filled with saliva, warm and sweet, as I looked at Ralphs'

erection in his pants. Though I knew that he wanted me, he didn't know that I knew. I was worked up to real heat now. Knowing that I had to make the first move, I stepped closer to him, and bending forward, touched his nipple.

He stood there, not moving. I nuzzled closer, and buried my face in his sweaty chest. I kissed the erect nip that stuck out of it.

My hand gripped his crotch, squeezing the mound with just a little pressure. I could feel his erection through his work pants.

"Shit boy! If you're trying to turn me on, you succeeded. Jesus Christ!"

Turning toward him, I looked at his handsome face. He smiled, rolling his tongue over thick lips. "I guess you like me pretty good?"

I nodded. There was the rumble of a chuckle, 'way down inside him,

"Get over there, boy," he said, "Git behind those boxes. Yeah, there

......Oh what a sweet little nelly thing you are." He paused a moment, his hand slipped into his pants, shifting position. "Over there, behind that pile of shit going out. Yeah baby, that's it, that's where I want you." He slipped his arms from the open shirt and let it fall to the floor. He was bare-chested now. Both of his hands were back on his nipples.

"Now show me. Show me what you look like," he muttered, "Yeah, take off yur clothes, baby. Show Daddy.....Oh Christ boy, Daddy's getting hot." His fingers were tugging and twisting, making the nipples angry red and so much bigger. He was getting turned on, that's for sure.

He stared at me as I slipped out of my shoes amd unbuttoned my shirt. It fell to the floor. I pushed my jeans and shorts down at the same time, He didn't move, just stared and smiled. When I was naked, his eyes roved up and down my body sending me his vibrations of lust.

Shivers of pleasure scattered in all directions.

"Jeez, what a sweet little boy you are."

He stepped toward me. His smell of sweat combined now with the harsher smell of sex. "Kneel down." He opened his fly. "Yeah, that's it. Look at me. Look what I have for you."

He pulled his cock out. It was so big it would take two hands to hold it. He was uncut, and the tip pushed forward, out of its' tight sleeve, red and juicy with pre-cum. As the loose foreskin settled back, I saw the white cheese that had accumulated in the deep ridge, behind the head. Great gobs of stinking smegma, ripe and ready for cleaning. My mouth watered at the sight of it. He rubbed the glans along my nose. Oh my God! I almost came thinking of sucking that luscious filthy prick.

"Suck that cheese out, baby. Clean it baby, and I'll wash it down with hot piss. Yeah, that cock is yours sweetheart. Take it." And he pushed his hips forward.

Kneeling down between the outstretched legs, and bending forward, I buried my face in his crotch, and licked the erect cock, and tasted yesterdays' piss. Ralph stood motionless. His big rough hands encircled my head with a firm grip, and held it against his lap. I bit at his erect cock as I sucked it into my mouth, I wet it with my tongue, chewing on the meat of him. With a grunt, he let me go, and I fell back on my haunches, sitting on my heels, looking up at him.

His bare shoulders, that were so broad and muscular, seemed out of proportion to the rest of him. A great mass of hair splashed across his chest. It was black and curly, not so thick as to cover his huge nipples. Great big, fat, flushed nipples, the size and shape of walnuts, stood out, firm and erect beyond the hair.

There was no smile on his face now. Only the hint of a self-satisfied smugness was there. It was as though his dominance was established, which of course it was. He was master. No one could dispute that.

It had been set the day I first saw him, leaning against the wall of the elevator. But the realization of it sparked his superiority over me. He raised his head and looked directly into my eyes with a penetrating stare.

"Stand up, asshole," he shouted, "There. Stand there."

"Yes Sir." I scurried to the side of dock, where he pointed.

"Asshole. I want to look at your lily-white skin......" He stared at me. "Shit! What a fucking queer you are. Just a sissy girl, aren't you?"

"Yes sir."

"What's a sissy doing with a big cock like that? Stickin' out like it owns the world? Huh? Tell me, what's it for."

"It's how I pee, Sir."

"Pee? You mean piss, don't you, pretty boy?"

"yes sir."

"You like piss. You want me to piss on you, pretty boy?"

Hie eyes moved rapidly in their sockets, scanning my body as though he was memorizing it, seeking out all the pleasure points, then concentrating on my cock, he rolled his tongue over thick wet lips.

He sat down and pulled off his shoes. My heart skipped a beat for I knew what was coming next. Standing up, he slipped his work pants down to his ankles and stepped out of them. I nearly fainted at the sight of his naked body, hairy and muscular and powerful. He was grinning, strutting with macho bravado. He was king, and he knew it.

"I'm going to piss on you," he said in a hoarse whisper, "And then lick it off your silky skin. I'm hot for you, pretty boy, and I want to make you so fucking hot you'll do anything for me. Understand?"

"Yes sir."

I began a slow movement of my hips. My erection waved back and forth, teasing him. An enormous shudder trembled through my body with racking thrills that shot down my spine. I was ready to give him whatever part of me he wanted.

He was covered with sweat. The black hairs that rode across his broad chest were shining with it. The pungent smell, intoxicating. I looked with fascination at his hard cock, so huge and available. The foreskin, back over the hub of it. The tip was an angry red color.

The piss slit that slashed across it was big enough to insert a finger.

"On your knees," he cried, "Open your fuckin' mouth, pretty boy, stick out you tongue. Aaaaaaaaaah!" And the piss began to flow.

Warm silky piss poured out in a steady stream.

SHITT !!!!!

At that moment the Bedford truck pulled up to the loading dock.

A sounded horn, loud and insistant, announced that it was here, and that we were seen. Holy Shit!

Two honchos leaped from the truck. The grins that spread across their faces were full of horny lust. The tallest dude, a hairy gorilla was coming at us, his fly open and his cock sticking out, surrounded by thick pubic hair. The other guy was a dark afro with his head shaved. I watched him as he peeled off his tight t-shirt. He reached to the buttons of his pants. In moments he was naked, his slender black body rippling with taut muscles.

Ralph stopped pissing in mId-stream. Looking over his shoulders at the truck driver, he hollered, "You're just in time, Jeff, we only got started. Get naked, man, I've been waiting all my life to see you naked."

"If it's piss you want, I've got a bladder full," the man called Jeff laughed as he stripped his t-shirt over his head.

Holy Shit! His nipples had to be two inches long and covered the entire aerole. I couldn't take my eyes off those nips sitting on the crest of his muscular breast mounds. There was no hair to hide the set definition of his flat stomach. He kicked off his shoes and slipped his pants down narrow hips and off. Oh my God! He was naked too, his huge cock pointing at me.

I looked at Ralph. He still held his cock in his big hairy hands, and then the piss began again in a strong steady stream. He poured it over my head and it rolled down onto my chest and down my stomach to my throbbing bone.

Jeff nodded to his helper and the black man knelt down next to me and opened his mouth, Ralph twisted his hips and the flow went into the afros' mouth. I was wishing it was going into mine, but then Jeffs'

flow began and he aimed it at me. The stinging sensation Of his powerful stream, as it struck my tongue was wonderful. I swallowed as fast as I could, so as not to lose a drop, but it came too fast and some of it rolled out my lips and dripped down my lap. I kept my eyes open so I could see the excitement of it, of the gorgeous male animal pissing on me. I was throughly wet now, with Ralph's piss and with Jeffs'. Soon the steady stream petered down to just a dribble, and then stopped. With a shout, Ralph pounced on me, sending me to the floor, and he began licking away the accumulated piss that covered me. Jeff and his helper joined him. Kneeling beside me they began kissing, sucking and licking me, driving me absolutely crazy.

The black man sucked my cock with a touch of long experience, and Jeff sat on my face and I pushed my tongue into his asshole. Jeff whispered his pleasure, "Yeah, baby, jus' get your tongue in there.

Oh you fucking ass-licker, I love that!"

I pushed it past the sphincter, inside. The taste was bitter shit, and the smell of it was real strong. I loved it, loved the smells of the toilet, of knowing I was inside this hunky male with my tongue.

The cocksucking black man squeezed my balls as he sucked my cock.

I wished I could watch him. but my face was buried deep in Jeffs'

ass. His finger on my testicles. His mouth sucking my cock sent wonderful pleasure waves up my back.

I could hear Jeff cry out. "Lick my balls, Ralph, yeah man, that feels good," and I could feel Ralphs' hairy leg as it rubbed against my skin. I knew he was sucking on Jeffs' cock as I was sucking on his ass. The pleasure was growing out of control, and I was about to shoot my load into the afro's mouth, when he pulled away. Just in time! "I got to rest a minute," he said.

I kept sucking on Jeffs' ass loving every goddam perverted moment of it as he pulsated his tight hole on my tongue. Knowing Ralph was eating his cock sent my cock soaring. That great taste of shit was disappearing. I guess I must have washed it all away. Some one was playing with my balls, trying to get behind them with his tongue.

I thought it was the afro, but then I heard that black man moaning all kinds of love stuff to Jeff. he was kissing jeff, as I was working on Jeffs' ass, sucking his nipples, then he went down on Jeffs' cock. I guess he wanted Jeffs' cock just like I wanted Ralphs'.

Ralph must have left Jeffs' cock and was now kissing my balls, sucking them into his mouth. I pulled my legs up into the air so's he could get to the hole. He traced his tongue away from the balls and licked the ass-crack. I could hear him moaning. It was then I realized he was getting my ass wet and slippery ready for the fuck.

He's going to fuck me with that great big cock of his. Jesus Christ!

It's going to happen. He's really going to fuck me. But then He pulled away.

I could hear Jeff cry out to the black man. "Shit you fuckin' nigger!

Suck man. Oh Shit! I'm coming. Oh Gawd!!!!! I figured you were a cocksucker, man," and with a great lurch of his powerful body, his ass rose up and away from my face and he rolled off me.

I could see Ralph now, hunched over my crotch, licking my balls again.

I almost creamed at the sight of macho Ralph kissing my cock. My God, he's a cocksucker, too. he pulled away tracing his tongue over my pissy stomach to my nipples. He stopped there a moment, nipping at them, biting them 'til I had to cry out in pain. he raised his head to mine and kissed me. Wet, solid love kisses that told me this was more than just a one time encounter. His fingers played with my cock and squeezed my balls.

He bent down and whispered in my ear, "Shit sissy-baby, I don't want you to come yet. I want this cock up your ass, fuckin' that tight hole, and I want you hot when I do it."

We separated, exhausted from the intensity of the passion that burned inside us, and we rested as we watched Jeff and the nigger suck each other to a lurching climax.

We stayed naked as we loaded the truck with the pile of boxes to be shipped. There was no need for clothes anymore, for we knew all the secrets. Before they drove away, we promised to meet at Ralphs' house next Friday night for an all-out, no holds barred, orgy.

When they were gone, Ralph embraced me with an impossible tenderness, as we kissed wet kisses, his fingers sliding into my ass crack.

"We'll go home now, pretty boy," he said, "I want to fuck you, and fuck you again until you can't walk no more. We'll play all night long, and tomorrow night, and Sunday night, too. I've been waiting for a sweet boy like you to come along." And he kissed me with wet slobbering opened lips, and I sucked his tongue into my nouth. And we walked to his car, naked and proud, our arms entwined in the manner of lovers, and we were oblivious to the stares of the world.

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