My back was hardly pressed to his broad chest. I felt it when he would breathe, the rising and falling of it. His hand was wrapped around my aching cock roughly gripping it. He slowly stroked me as he nibbled on my neck. His other hand was at my hole; a long thick finger was penetrating me in rhythm with his strokes on my dick.

My body was in complete ecstasy, the feeling of his body on mine. With his hand on my cock and his finger in my ass was sending me over the edge.

His lips slowly trailed up to my ear.

"Who does your body belong to?" his voice a seductive yet harsh whisper.

I didn't-couldn't- answer. I moaned as his hand started to stroke my dick faster. The finger in my ass began to penetrate me deeper. My body arched away from his and I screamed as the sudden shockwave of pleasure surged through my body.

"Who does your body belong to?" his voice got deeper

I still didn't answer, my body was on the verge of busting open from his touch. My arms just hung limply from my sides, my hands clutching the sheet beneath me. My breathing got shallower.

"Who does your body belong to? ANSWER ME!" He nearly yelled. He stopped stroking and fingering me. He pressed his torso more against my back putting all his weight on it. I couldn't sit up so I fell forward my head landing on a pillow, my ass in the air. His body was now positioned behind me his cock teasing my hole.

His hot wet tongue was suddenly at my ass licking the entire crack before traveling up to my spine. I flinched. He licked up my spine to my neck and around my jawbone before getting to my ear.

"Who does your body belong to?" he said it so low it was almost inaudible. As he said it he plunged his finger into my ass.

I screamed out in pleasure." You! My body belongs to you!" I was so close now." Please don't stop! I'm so close!"

He pulled his finger out and climbed off the bed. My ass still in the air, I clutched the sheet tighter in my hand. He got back on the bed and placed his lips on my ear.

"I have something better to give you than my finger." And he pushed into me...



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