It was a cold Monday morning. My first day as a Junior. First things first, My name is David Clevens, 5 feet 8 inches. I am slightly muscled from playing badminton and jogging. Jet black hair, tan skinned and I have ocean blue eyes. Okay, enough about me let's get back to the story.

As I enter the campus gates, the horrors of last year started to come back like pop-up advertisments on Youtube. Hades, my once bestfriend turned into my own personal bully then into my crush, with his girlfriend, Ellise. Vincent, the guy who'd do anything to make other people's life miserable. You see, Vincent enjoys the sight of other's misery specially mine. Then there's Daniel, the hottest basketball player who also happens to be the bestfriend of Vincent. He's the exact opposite of Vincent. Sweet, caring, and friendly. He talks to me but whenever Vincent's around he's... he's different.

"David! Hey David wait up!"

"Oh hey Candice! 'Sup?" She's Candice Severstein. Really hot, Pale white skin, Brown hair, a killer ass, dark brown eyes and has the sweetest smile. She's my bestfriend. We're neighbors since I was a kid.

I don't know why she's hanging out with me. I mean, she can hang out with the cool group like the group of Maria, the queen bee, that includes Jennica, her bestfriend, Catherine, the HOT bookworm, Daniel, the bully, Vincent, the hot basketball captain, John, Jennica's boyfriend, Hades, Bryce, and his twin brother Bruce. They're the top. Even if they are not announcing it to the world, everyone knows not to mess with them. Outside they might seem like harmless puppies but deep inside hides the most dangerous wolves you'll ever meet. I knew all of these because I had a friend once, Eve. Well she fell in-love with someone, Drake. Who at the same time was the target of Maria. When Maria wants something she fights for it. So when she found out that Eve has feelings for Drake. She did all she can to get rid of Eve. Of course with the help of her group and within a year later. Eve transferred to another school. But all of Maria's work was wasted when she found out that Drake followed Eve and they became a couple.

"Nothing, I haven't had any sleep." Candice told me

"Why? What happened?" I asked

"Nuthin. I just 9gagged for like 6 hours straight last night." she explained

The bell rings...

"Okay I'll see you later okay?" she ran away to her class.

I was about to go to my first class, English, then I remembered that I have no Social Studies today. So I went to my locker to place my other stuff there. Then out of nowhere this handsome guy came and asked me a question.

"Do you know where Room G-13 is? I'm kind of lost." he said in a deep sexy voice.

I was so surprised. I stared at him for like a minute. I studied his features. Maybe 6 feet 3 inches high, sandy brown hair, ripped body, large biceps, perfect lips and he has emerald eyes. I guess he noticed that I was staring cause he chuckled and then said...

"Uhh so can you help me find it? I'm new here."

"Oh yeah. Sure, that's English right? That's where I'm heading too." I replied.

So on the way he introduced himself. He said that he's Colter Anthony Wilstone. He's from New York and that he transferred here because his father got promoted and was assigned here. We discovered that we have the same classes excluding Gym and Math. He sat down beside me in English 'cause he doesn't know anyone else. We talked to each other but mostly I was the one talking he just listened to me. We barely listened to our lesson or whatever our teacher's talking about.

He joined me for lunch which is cool since Candice is late so I have no company. She's probably late because of another report or another research. So we sat down ate our lunch together and then I looked at the table where the group of Maria, I like to call them the Others, usually sat and guess what? Hades is staring into my eyes. It's like they're saying something. Like he's mad with me. So I just shrugged it off and continued my conversation with Colter.

"Hey, David. So sorry that I'm late. I had to confirm with Tina if it's okay that she's the one who'll rese-" she stopped in the middle of her sentence after she saw that I wasn't alone. So to break the awkward silence I introduced them to each other.

"Oh right, Colter Wilstone this is Candice Severstein, the most hardworking student ever. And Candice this is Colter, our new transfer student."

"Oh it's so nice to meet you." She shaked the hand of Colter.

"Yeah, you too"

"So what's up you guys?" she asked

Colter was about to say something when Candice interrupted and said...

"Hey, Hades is kind of staring at you"

"I know, just ignore him" I told her

"Who's Hades?" he turned around. "That guy? The one beside that girl who's making out with that guy over there?"

"Yeah that's him and that's Jennica and John, the ones who are making out" Candice explained

Then she turned her attention to me and asked...

"What did you do? Did you call him? Or did you text him? Damn it David!" Candice scolded me.

"I didn't do anything! I haven't spoken to him since last year!"

Then in a flash Colter stood up and went to the comfort room. I checked the table of the Others and Hades isn't there! So I stood up and followed Colter. When I got there they, Colter and Hades, are already arguing. It looks like a fight between a giant and an elf 'cause Hades is 5 feet 9 inches high.

"Dafuq are you looking at?" said Hades

"Why are you staring at David? You got a problem?" Colter asked.

They were about to fight but I intervened and stood between them.

"Guys stop!" I reached out to stop them they were moving forward to their chests landed on my palms. Hades looked at me then at Colter then at my hand which is currently laying on top of his chest. I was starting to sweat and breathe hard.

"Get your hand off me..." he said then stormed off.

I turned my attention to Colter.

"What we're you thinking!? Do you know who that person was and what he can do to you? He's one of the Others! You'll get hurt!"

"I don't care. He's making you uncomfortable so I comfronted him."

"Confroted him? Confronted? Is that what you call confronting him? You we're about to punch him in the face!"

"Can't I get atleast a thank you from you?" he looked at the floor.

"Oh yeah right. Uhh thanks Colter. Thank you"

He took his handkerchief and dried the side of my face for it was glistening with sweat.

"Can't let that jerk make my friend uncomfortable" he said

I thanked him and we returned to our table and continued to eat. The rest of the day went smoothly. Colter sat down beside me each class I got with him. Everything was so perfect until Gym class. Colter was having Math at that time so he walked me to the gym and waved goodbye. I was a bit late coming from the other building so I went to the locker room and changed. I was on my boxers and was about to put on my shorts when out of nowhere Hades appeared behind me and said...

"So, is he your boyfriend?"

I turned around but he moved forward, grabbed both of my hands and pinned me to my locker.

"Ow! Let me go Hades!"

He looked straight into my eyes and asked me again if Colter was my boyfriend and I looked into his light blue eyes and answered him no but he won't buy it. His eyes we're saying something his lips won't, jealousy.

"What do you want from me? Let me go!"


I looked at him. His face, it's not portraiting anger no more instead it's showing sadness. Then he moved forward. I closed my eyes. Then after that his lips touched mine. It's like heaven. His kiss was so soft, so tender and so passionate. Every part of my body was awoken by the spark he caused. At that moment I wished that time just stop and prevent us from parting with each other...

But then...

*sound of shattering glass

"Umm. I gotta go" he said right after the kiss like he just woke up from a spell. A spell that he regrets. A spell that will never happen again...

I was left there alone. With noone to comfort me, I sat down hugged my knees and cried. Hoping that I will somehow melt away of evaporate... but life has to go on. The world would'nt stop just because Hades broke my heart again. So after a few minutes I stood up got dressed and went to the Gym...



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