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I looked Eugene dead in the eyes, our lips touching as I poised on top of him, his erection pressing against my abdomen, throbbing and as excited as I'd ever seen his six inch cock in five years of marriage. 

I eased my tongue just past his lips and let him suck the taste from the tip of my tongue. We sought to look deep into each other’s eyes and see what was going on inside the others mind. 

My eyes gave away my pleasure so Gene knew the instant Devin's cock pressed against my overly wet shaved pussy. 

He stared deep into my eyes as another man pushed my body forward slightly, indicating that I'd taken all of the man's cock fully into my tight pussy.

 He knew the wetness another man was now feeling.  Knew how Devin's cock must feel having my snug pussy gripping its thickness. Knew his larger cock was encased and gripped by my lust soaked insides. 

I'd only been with two men before now, Calvin a college boyfriend and Gene, my husband of five faithful years. 

Now I was straddled across my husband as another man fucked me dog-style, and it was beautiful. Gene softly kissed my bottom lip.  The slight bump of Devin fucking me transferred to my husband’s quivering lip.

I suck Gene's tongue deep into my mouth and ground my shaved mound into my his stiff cock, letting it feel my body rocking to and fro, sharing a touch of what another man was doing to me. 

It felt wicked, dirty and wonderful. Making love to my husband while another cock fucked me with a solid thump from behind. Thicker, longer than Gene's and wet with my spit and pussy fluids, his dick was my bodies limit.

Gene and Devin had met about a month ago at Hooters while sitting at the bar watching football and drinking beer. They hit it off and a friendship had formed. Now I was sandwiched between my husband and his friend, a strange cock buried deep inside me. 

This event started a few hours ago while watching football and drinking beer. I wore a deep V necked team jersey and short Daisy-Duke cutoff jeans that showed off my long slim legs and what Gene calls an ass to die for. 

I was fully aware that they were both watching me as I served drinks and snacks during the game. Taking peeks down my jersey as I bent to fill a glass or bowl. But they are healthy viral males that like women, so I expect to be looked at and the attention is never unappreciated. 

I try to stay fit and looking nice. 

I sat next to Gene on my left, his arm draped over my shoulder, with Devin sitting close on my right. 

Gene's hand would take an occasional sneaky rub across my breast, his fingers lightly running along the V cut between my thirty six C cups. 

Devin was not oblivious to Gene's sneaky tit attacks. I noticed from my peripheral Devin's attention to any movement Gene made. 

I normally would never intentionally act sexy around other men, but after an hour and half of light touching, all the while knowing Gene was aware of his friend watching silently between football plays, I decided to linger a second longer when pouring the boys a fresh drink, making sure Gene had a good full view of the breast he'd been teasing during the game. 

When I sat back down next to Gene his hand immediately went over my shoulder and he took a full handful of my right breast, gave it a solid squeeze then left it resting on my chest. 

And Devin didn’t miss a thing. 

As the game neared the end, Gene's fingers started to lightly drift back and forth across my now stiffened nipple. I knew it peaked the jersey and clearly showed off its hardness to Devin. 

Gene's thumb sank into my jersey's v neck and he made a slight tug, showing off just a tad of my upper breast and cleavage. I offered no resistance to his playing about. He got bolder and was now lightly running his hand in a slow motion exploration of my breast, all the while Devin now ignoring the game and watching my being felt up. 

I'd never been touched in front of anyone before, and found it titillating. I figured Gene was just playing around and I just let him have some sneaky fun. 

I thought since Gene was enjoying himself I'd assist, so finished my beer and sat it on the coffee table, but when I leaned back, I turned slightly more towards Devin, and sure enough as I settle back against my husband his hand found my breast. He ran it across both boy toys slowly and deliberate, hooked his thumb back into the v and tugged my shirt down enough to show a lot of cleavage. 

Devin watched intently but I avoided his eyes and acted as if nothing was going on. 

Knowing two men were having some sort of sexual thoughts about me made my juices begin to flow. 

I laid my left hand on Gene's thigh near his groin and shifted my right arm to make sure he was aware that I knew what he was doing by allowing him more freedom to move his wondering arm. 

His next move was bold. I felt his hand move fully into my jersey, cupping my entire left breast into his warm pasty hand. I could feel his nervousness, perhaps wondering if I would bolt or shoo him off. 

Instead I slid my hand into Gene's lap, only to find his cock hard as marble stone. 

He squeezed my breast and I responded by moving my hand up and down his hard shaft. I could feel his cock pulse in my grasp. It was doubtless that we'd wind up fucking as soon as his friend left the house. 

It was clear by his movements, Gene was not only feeling up my breast, but his motions showed an ongoing trend to display more and more of my firm chest in the presence of his friend. Each time he successfully inched a little more of my flesh into view his cock would pulse in my hand. 

Clearly his intent was showing me off a little to his friend. 

Devin said, “I have to make room for more beer,” and got up to go to the bathroom. He said, “I hope I don't miss anything.”

I noticed when he stood he was sprouting a sizable bulge in his pants. Our antics had been appreciated by our guest. 

“You having fun?” I asked my husband as Devin disappeared down the hall. 

“Crazy, huh,” he said. “Who'd thought?” he added, his dick pulsing in my hand. 

“Thought what?” I asked my hand gripping his erection tighter. 

“This,” he said, nodding towards his solid erection. “That showing off my wife would every make my dick hard,” he exclaimed. 

“You haven't showed me off…yet,” I added. 

“Shit, look my cock,” he moaned. 

“I don't question why you get hard, I just like my man desiring me,” I said. 

“I was afraid you'd bolt,” he told me. 

“You’re just playing with me, but I'd never bolt,” I added. 

“Ho, if you only knew the new shit going through your mind, you'd bolt,” he said confidently. 

“Such as?” I teased while gripping his cock. 

“That don't help,” he chuckled.

“Tell me,” I said. 

“It hadn't started out like that, but touching you with Devin here, I got so hard thinking of him seeing your breast,” Gene confided. 

“He’s watching, and he has an erection too,” I informed my husband. 

“Really?” Gene asked, his cock jumped in my hand. 

“You know what that means?” I said with an evil tone and laugh. 

“Ya, he wants to fuck my wife,” Gene said mater of factually. His dick stiffened. 

“I'm not bolting,” I said, then turned back to be facing Devin when he returned. 

Devin came back asking as he crossed the room, “Did I miss anything?”

We both chimed in saying, “No, the game was not that exciting.”

“You look excited,” I said smiling at the tent he'd pitched in front of his pants. 

“Well, ya, but it wasn't the game,” he laughed. 

Gene's hand drifted across my breast and with a twist of the wrist my breast was fully exposed to another man. 

“Fuck guys, your killing me here. Damn she is so hot,” Devin gasped. 

“He likes my breast,” I said to Gene, his cock steeling up further. 

“Me too,” Gene said let and his hand run to my neck, my breast in full view to Devin, then eased it back over my naked tit. 

“Well, why am I wearing this?” I boldly asked and just like that lifted my jersey over my head, tossing it to Devin. 

“Holy shit,” Devin said as he brought the jersey up to his nose and smelled my scent in the fabric. 

“Exactly,” Gene laughed. 

Gene's cock was stone hard in my hand. 

“What next?” I asked my husband. 

“Everything,” he softly said. 

I turned around and kissed Gene lustfully, but kept my grasp on his cock. 

“Everything?” I whispered into his ear, sticking my tongue into it and probing gently. 

“Everything,” he replied. 

“You want him to fuck me? To stick his cock inside me? And cum inside me?” I asked as I nibbled his ear lobe. 

“Please,” he moaned at my boldness. 

“Then…just for you,” I sealed the deal. 

I turned to see Devin looking at my ass and glanced at his crotch. 

“You can join if you like,” I told him. 

Devin was on me like a lightning bolt, taking my breast in his hands. I felt Gene stiffen even further. I leaned back into my husband and he raised up my right breast, offering it up to Devin to suck and nibble at will. 

Gene was very excited and clearly turned on by my being naughty. While laying back against my husband his friend sucked and played with my breast a few minutes and then I sat up a bit and grasp Devin's shorts and pulled them down in one smooth motion. 

“Fuck,” I gasped then looked at Gene, then back to the gargantuan eight inch, very thick fuck monster sticking up like a stone spike. 

I felt Gene's dick pulse yet again. 

“Wow, Devin, damn look at that thing,” Gene gasped out. 

Standing, I dropped my Daisy-Dukes down around my ankles. Stepping out of them, I reached out and took it in my small hand, my fingers would not touch together around this thick beast. I slow stroked his cock a few seconds then after one quick look at Gene to check his demeanor and finding him smiling and staring at the massive cock in my hand, I turned and wrapped my mouth around his meaty cock and slow sucked him with some added hand work on his low hanging ball sack. 

Devin moaned, “Ohmifuckinggod,” when I took all of his cock deep inside my mouth, his nuts laying against my chin. 

“Shit, not many women do that,” Devin gasped. 

“Hell, I didn't even know she could do that” Gene added. 

Devin was ready, and Gene was hard as a diamond. 

I spun around and removed Gene's shorts and he laid flat upon the sofa. I mounted him but did not let him enter me, his stiff cock pressed against my abdomen. I rested in doggy style upon my husband, and our eyes locked. 

“You can take it baby,” Gene whispered. 

“Feel my pussy, stick your finger in me before Devin fucks me,” I told my husband. 

He squeezed his hand down to my pussy and his finger fell in. I was soaking wet, my clit hard like steel and juiced up like I'd already been filled with Devin and Gene's hot cum. 

“Holy shit,” Gene said with a smile. 

“Fuck me Devin,” I said into my husband’s ear but loud enough for him to hear it. 

Devin took my hip in his hands and positioned himself behind me then I felt it, his cock peeking inside the wife of his friend. Reaching between my legs, I guided his huge cock into my juicy pussy. His cock felt swollen as my hungry pussy sucked him in. As he pressed the head of his cock into me, I could feel my pussy being stretch further than it had ever been before. I couldn't believe the feeling; it was different, exciting. Once he had it all the way in I just moaned and told him to, “Fuck me,” over and over. 

Several minutes past. I looked down at Gene. Our eyes locked into a stare, searching for what thoughts were behind the intense look we shared. 

His knowing a long fat cock was settling deep inside me, spreading me wide, stretching my pussy out and filling it entirely with cock. He loved it. 

Devin fucked me slow, feeding me his cock with solid determined thrust. I could feel my husband Gene’s cock pressed between us pulse and throb as Devin fucked me. 

It was not long before my orgasm snuck up on me. I was going to cum on the head of another man's cock while my husband looked into my eyes. 

“Baby, I'm going to cum…I’m going to cum on Devin's fat cock,” I murmured to Gene as we remained eye locked into each other. 

Devin's thrusting sped up as if he knew I needed it, slamming his dick into me deep and fast, his balls slapping my clit with a wet sound upon each thrust. 

I leaned forward and raised my ass slightly, Devin's hands pulling my hips back and thrusting harder, fucking me with no mercy, not that I’d asked for any. 

I whispered into Gene’s ear, “I'm going to cum. Can I cum on Devin's cock baby?” I asked my husband. 

Gene ran his hands down my sides to my ass, taking a cheek in each and pulling my cheeks high and wide,

“Fuck her Devin, fuck her hard man,” Gene told him, then shoved his tongue into my mouth. 

Somehow Gene's cock was now against my clit, slipping back and forth against my hardened button, I knew I was a goner. 

Devin slam fucked me hard for about a minute when he announced he was about to cum. “Cum in her, cum in her pussy”
Gene grabbed my butt checks and offered up my pussy once again. 

As I felt Devin's cock steel up, my orgasm finally hit me like a tidal wave. I convulsed and jerked and felt liquid pour out of my insides just as Devin pushed deep and held tight, his balls draining hot cum deep inside my pussy. I quivered and felt like I was melting from the inside out. 

The size of his cock was fucking incredible. When I finally got off his cock all stretched and sore, Devin was spent and I was in the afterglow of a powerful orgasm. 

I needed to make my husband cum.

Devin pulled out and with a slight shift of my hips, my husband Genes cock was inside me. Gene's moan made it all worthwhile. His moan of sheer pleasure. 

I've heard of sloppy seconds. How men love a lively, hot freshly fucked cum filled pussy. How it feels upon their cocks. And by my husband’s reaction, it was good. 

I could feel Devin's cum being pushed out by my husband’s excited erection.

“God you feel so good,” Gene moaned as he looked into my eyes then cummed hard, flooding my pussy with his cum after no more than a dozen strokes. I'd thought he was cheated some but he cummed violently. 

Spent, the three of us laid in a pile, catching their breath and basking in the afterglow. 

Thinking I wasn’t paying any attention, Gene was staring at Devin’s big cock. Without thinking his hand slid over and hefted Devin’s big cock as if testing its weight. He stroked it a few times then realized what he was doing and jerked his hand away.

As Devin was dressing to leave, I thought to myself, next time Devin comes over I think things are going to have a little different twist.



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