During some of our more intense lovemaking, my wife likes when I whisper certain scenarios in her ear as I pound her. Depending on the intensity of the passion and the creativeness of the scenario, she often comes while screaming. I'm certain that she closes her eyes and can actually picture the scenario occuring as she is being pounded.

After many repetitions, it was clear what events to include in these whispered scenarios as her response to certain events was undeniable; she would often buck wildly with her hips, sometimes throwing me off so that she could suck my cock.

The events on which each scenario converged centered around a three-some with another male, most notably a well-hung black male. At first, it was a simple event like being pounded doggie-style while she was sucking another man's cock. These scenarios graduated to me and this 'other' man swapping places so that she could suck her own pussy juice from whatever cock was in her mouth at the time.

This story telling graduated towards her laying on her back, legs in the air, being pounded by me while another man kneeled next to her and gagged her with his cock, pushing it in and pulling it out of her mouth in synchronization with her pussy pounding. When this scenario was whispered in her ear, I could feel her getting wetter and wetter before I deposited my load in her pussy or on her face, depending on her preference.

Soon, the story telling became more collaborative, with me starting the events and letting her finsh the story. This led to many surprises and revealed many of her innate desires that I did not know existed.

One recurring theme in each scenario included a strange man pounding her pussy while she sucked my cock; during this time, she wanted me to suck her breasts and kiss her stomach until the man pounding her was ready to blow his nut. During one session, I stopped here and asked her to finish the story. To my surprise, there was no hesitation as she shouted, 'I want him to blow his load all over your face and in your mouth!!!'. With all the hysteria, I thought less of how she finished the story and more about the fact that my cock was ready to explode and so it did, filling her pussy. It was then she asked me if I would suck her pussy clean of my cum. Not wanting to spoil the moment, I dove down and proceeded to eat my own cum, its taste intermingled with her pussy juices. I was pleased with the taste but her story ending was still resonating with me.

Later that same night, I asked if she really wanted to have another man, a three-some, and that he was to blow his load all over my face and in my mouth. She replied by saying that it was a recurring fantasy of hers when she masturbated. We discussed the implications of disease if we could not find someone who was absolutely and undeniably clean. With that obstacle, it remained a fantasy that we lived over and again in our minds. I shared with her that I was very open to satisfying her fantasy but needed absolute assurance that there would be no health implications.

One weekend we decided to break the monotony and checked into a local hotel, enjoyed some local events and then retired to our room. I went in to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get read for bed. While in the bathroom, I heard the door open, some voices and then the door closed. All was quiet again.

I finished in the bathroom and upon exiting, saw my wife on her back facing the bathroom, legs spread with a black man eating her pussy. I just about froze in my tracks when I heard a third, feminine voice assure me that everything was ok. I looked over to see an absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous african-american woman in a terry cloth robe. Stunned, I walked over to the bed where my wife's eyes met mine. She smiled and said that she was able to arrange every prerequisite. She also said that if I wanted to stop, they would leave and there would be no hard feelings.

Her eyes were full of lust and I reached down beneath my sleep pants and adjusted my cock as it had grown rock hard seeing another man munching on my wife's pussy. I turned to the feel of a hand on my bare back and saw that our other female guest was now naked. She asked if she could reciprocate the favor her husband was rendering on my wife. Before I could answer, she pushed me on the bed next to my wife and took my length in one swallow. I shuffled next to my wife and clsoing my eyes, began kissing her passionately. After some time, it was difficult to retain our lip lock and upon opening my eyes it was to discover that our new found male friend was pounding my wife with his long, thick black cock. I watched, stroked my wife's hair and enjoyed my blow job. Each time he pulled out of my wife's pussy, I wondered if this was the moment he was going to climb up on the bed and shoot his nut all over my face and in my mouth, per my wife's fantasy.

I whispered to my wife, 'Is he really going to shoot all over me?', to which she replied, 'Only if you say no soon'. At this point, my curiousity was overwhelming, I was about to blow my nut in this guy's wife's mouth and fulfilling my wife's fantasy was too much. I could not wait to taste another man's cum as my experience to date was tasting my own cum.

At that moment, he flipped my wife onto her hands and knees and started fucking her doggie style. His wife positioned me underneath my wife so that my face was directly under my wife's pussy; watching her get pounded by this guy's cock was incredible. At that time, both my wife and this guy's wife were sucking my cock. I was fearful that I would lose my desire to swallow another man's load after I came and so I was hoping he would come soon. Soon after completing that thought, he started to groan and announced, 'Here it comes ladies', pulled out of my wife, pointed his cock towards my face and began stroking himself furiously. Both his wife and my wife turned towars the action, watching him blow his nut all over my face. As I promised in so many fantasy discussions, I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and waited for another man to fill it with his cum.

Suddenly, I felt warm drops on my face and then many more in my mouth. I started jerking off and before long was shooting my own load, right into the mouths of the two women. Once they had taken all that I had to give, they shared it orally with the man that had just emptied his load on my face and in my mouth.

I learned later that my wife contacted this couple via a local on-line classified service and they gladly agreed to a battery of tests. Each of us are happily married, bi and exclusive to one another. Our joint lovemaking now includes four-somes and two-somes: woman on woman, man/man on woman, man on man, etc.



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