I froze midway my sermon when he walked into my church, rather strutted in like the proud peacock he was. All eyes locked on the walking, breathing personification of lust and lasciviousness. The first four buttons of his flimsy black shirt were undone, treating all who dared to look (and almost all did, men and women) a peak at his wonderful pecs and abs. His shirt stopped just above the belt line of his jeans, if you could call then that. They were so tight; the Holy Spirit could not have got close to the boy. I didn't have to look for an underwear print; I knew first hand that he didn't wear them.

I knew this boy. His name was Alejandro Jones. I never knew for certain if he was black, Creole, or 'Rican. He was exotic, sexy and twice had made me stumble in my walk with the lord. His stride down the aisle in search of a pew told me that he was looking for me to stumble again if not all together fall.

Our two encounters only involved oral sex, the first time he did it to me, the second time I did it to him. Regardless, both transgressions were inexcusable on the part of a 38 year old minister, husband, and father of two. Alejandro was young enough to be my son, in fact, he was a year older the Miles, my sixteen -year- old son.

He took a seat right on the front pew, where he could stare directly at me with those greenish brown eyes.

"Father God, deliver me from temptation.' I silently prayed. I managed to finish my sermon, grateful that I had the large podium in front of me to camouflage the hard on that extended beneath my robe.


His mother asked me to talk to him. He had been kicked out of school again, he was staying out late at night and there were rumors that he was keeping company with older men for money.

My initial intentions were good, but we all know that the highway to hell is paved with good intentions.

He came into my office wearing a pair of ripped jeans and not a single stitch of underwear. He had on a tank top that showed off his well defined arms. The boy didn't care too much for clothes and wore as few as possible.

He sat down before mw with his legs spread wide. The entire crotch area of his jeans was cut up and provided a nice view of what was inside. I focused on the picture of Jesus on my desk in order to keep from seeing and sinning. I hadn't lusted after a another man since I was 15 and my daddy, Deacon Robert Wesley caught me and my cousin, Nathanial, naked in bed together. The ass beating he gave me that day convinced me that he'd beat me straight. In 23 years this was the first time another male drew my eye in a sexually provocative way.

"Son your mother is worried about you." I began. "Can you please tell me what is going on?"

"I'm seventeen and sexy Reverend." He smiled. "Men like to fuck me, and I like it when they fuck me."

I began to perspire in places I didn't think were possible. "Son, what about respect for your body; what about ______________"

"What about me sucking your dick Reverend?"

"Son, I think it's time that you go. I will be praying for."

"No, you'll be pulling for me." I smiled. "By that I mean pumping your dick and fantasizing about all the nasty things you want to do with me. Tell me Rev, which is the greater sin; fantasizing about me, or sitting here in lying about wanting me."

He walked around to my side of the desk. I was hard. I couldn't recall my dick getting that hard for my wife. All I could do was pray as he dropped to his knees before me and undid my pants.

Only something born of pure sin could make someone feel the way that he made me. Alejandro could suck a dick better than my wife or any woman I had been with, He could take it all the way down his throat without gagging.

"Sweet Jesus! Sweet Jesus!" I cried as my juices spurted down his gluttonous throat.

After our second encounter when I tasted his sweet nectar, I knew that I had to stay away from him or risk losing my very soul.

Physically avoiding him had been easy, but keeping him off my mind had not been. I'd found myself masturbating more than I'd ever done in my entire life. Sometimes I'd fantasize about his hot mouth and incredible tongue. Other times I'd spill my seed thinking imagining myself inside his nice tight ass, a pleasure that I had not known in real life.

I am ashamed to admit that my fantasies of him had spilled over into my sexual relationship with my wife, Marianna. On many occasions my mind turned her pussy into Alejandro's tight asshole. Those nights I'd cum the most intensely.

One night after one of our sexual escapades in which her body was used in place of him she asked me "Earnest; who the world is Alejandro and why did you call his name out."

"The lord compelled me to do that." I lied. "Alejandro is a troubled soul I am yet praying for."


I like to go to the church on Thursday nights and practice my Sunday Sermon. The empty pews gave me courage to say the things I would not get to say on Sunday;

"Sister Ethel, you are too big to be wearing a tube skirt......brother James everybody knows that you and brother Ralph got something going on.....Sister Karen, you need to stop sleeping with Sister Mavis's Husband."

I was in the middle of my mock sermon, when the doors to the church opened and in he walked in a more provocative outfit than he'd worn in church just four days ago.

He hadn't even bothered to put on a shirt this time. He wore a pair of white jeggings. His well developed legs, nice sized dick and cute, muscular, apple shaped ass were on full display.

"You-you're gonna have to leave." I stammered.

"I'm in need Reverend Earnest; can you a man of God turn away one who is in need."

"I cannot help you with your need."

"Bullshit!" he screamed right there in church. "You are the only one who can help me." He kicked off his shoes and stripped free of those leggings. Bold and naked as sin he stood there in the house of the lord. I stood frozen up there in the pulpit. Mesmerized is actually the proper word for how I felt as I watched that beautiful naked boy make his way toward me.

He pressed his hot naked body against mine in the pulpit. "Tell the truth and shame the devil." He whispered "You want to fuck me right now as bad as I want you to fuck me"

I tried to push him away, but he clung tightly to me all the while pleading "Fuck me Rev, please fuck me." My prayer to the lord not to let my body betray me fell upon deaf ears. My dick grew so hard against his nude body it ached. Alejandro damn near tore my pants getting my dick out of them. Right there in the pulpit I stretched his body across the podium from which I'd delivered many a come to Jesus sermon. The olive oil that I used to anoint heads before prayer, I now used to lubricate my dick.

If ever I believed that heaven could I exist on earth, I was convinced the minute I entered Alejandro's ass. It was so tight and so warm; better than my wife's pussy.

As I plowed into him he encouraged me to go deeper, harder by moaning over and over "Fuck me Rev, fuck me!"

Right there in that pulpit our bodies intertwined. With every thrust I tried my best to penetrate his soul and he more than willing to let me "Fuck me Rev, fuck me!"

His words became a fast paced unintelligible jumble of syllables. His eyes rolled back in his head as he began to buck wildly as he rambled.

I couldn't believe it. Right there in my pulpit with my dick buried deep up in him, this depraved heathen was speaking in tongues. I had to pray him through!

"Heavenly father!" I called out, still stabbing away at the bucking boy. "I ask you right now to enter Alejandro's heart! He is your child heavenly father and I pray that you save him! "

My pumping and praying became more fever pitched. "Father God you said ask and ye shall receive and right now I ask you to save him lord! Save him in the name of Jesus!" My language also became unintelligible as I felt myself explode inside his thrashing body. Then we both were still for several minutes.


When we were able to gather ourselves again we both felt lighter, but the greatest change had come over Alejandro. For the first time since I'd met him, he appeared ashamed of his nakedness. He willingly accepted one of the sweat suits the church sold to its members for a ridiculous fee of $75.

He cried for a long time once he'd dressed, but insisted that his tears were happy ones. I did not argue with him. I could see the light of God upon him, yet I marveled at the time and manner in which the Lord entered his life.

He attends church regularly, but he shows up in respectful clothing. He takes his faith in God seriously. Oh we still fuck every now and then, but never again in church.

Neither of us regrets that episode in the pulpit; however, it brought me closer to Alejandro and brought Alejandro closer to God. And we came happily ever after....Amen.



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