Spring cleaning turned up a stack of old letters I'd tossed in the bottom of a box of books which I failed to put back into bookcases when I moved a few years ago. I had known the letters were around, somewhere, but their sudden reappearance on a gloomy day was welcome. Ted, a handsome Army buddy from whom I'd been separated when I was transferred to a different unit, had written them.

When I saw them lying there, a wave of carnal euphoria rushed through me as I recalled how often I had read and re-read them while jacking off. I opened one and began reading, curious once more to see if their impact on me would be as forceful as before. After only a line or two, I eagerly stripped of my clothes, stretched out on a couch, and readied myself for the lusty, gut-wrenching, cum-spewing, explosive orgasm these letters unfailingly helped produce as Ted graphically described his sexual adventures.

I wish I had made copies of the letters I had sent to him. They were equally explicit. This exchange of letters had been my first purposeful sharing of my erotic writings. He was better at writing it than I was, but I keep trying. So, with hard-on in hand, I started reading some of Ted's letters:

Dear Jack, September

I thought I would come on the spot when your letter was handed to me at mail-call yesterday, such intense longing swirled through my groin. How I miss you! How glad I was just to touch your envelope, knowing you had licked the stamp. Thinking of your tongue as you licked the flaps. Remembering how it had licked the head of my dick the night before you shipped out, just two weeks ago today as you knelt, naked, looking up into my eyes. Remembering how you had licked my balls and then sucked my cock until my feelings so overpowered me that I flooded your mouth with my cum. Remembering how I had sucked your hard cock until you exploded so much cum into me I thought I might drown. God, I wish you were here right now! Right now, while I'm hard, throbbing. Longing for the touch of your lips. Hard! Throbbing! Pumping my cock for you.

At first, I wanted to tear open your letter and read it immediately. Then, I realized I was hoping your words would be as seductive as your behavior, so I pocketed the letter, wondering where I could find the best privacy to read it. All day long, each time I thought of the letter so near my crotch, I kept getting hard. Finally, I remembered how, several times, we had winked at each other when we had heard those tell-tale sounds of guys beating their meat in the toilet stalls at the swimming pool, so I went over there when I was free. I put my clothes in a locker and, naked, took my swimsuit, your letter, and a towel into the last stall, figuring it would be the most private.

I ripped open the letter and, when I read the first line, I really got hard. You wrote, "Dear Ted, I want to suck your cock." Not poetic, but damn, that really revved up my engines. My fist encircled my cock and I started to beat my meat, reading avidly. You sure write a hot letter, Jack. It felt so good to jack off while reading your words that it was almost like being with you.

For a moment it felt like we were back together, again, jacking off like we used to, at first, before we broadened our experience.

As I read, pumping my cock excitedly, some movement beside me caught my eye. Jack, there's a glory hole in the wall of that stall! The movement was someone's finger hooked over the bottom rim of the hole. It was sliding back and forth in a beckoning manner. I was dumbstruck. I leaned over and saw an eye behind the hole watching me. The guy moved back and I saw his smiling mouth. Then he licked his thick lips lasciviously, still moving his finger back and forth in the hole. I thought it was you, Jack. By then, I was so aroused that without really thinking about it, I stood, let the guy get a good look at my equipment, and then turned and eased my aching, stiff rod through the hole.

The guy was good. His tongue, lips and mouth were all over the knob of my cock even before it was fully through the hole. He sucked, swirled his tongue, and pulled the rest of my cock through the hole until I was pressed flat against the partition. Oh, it felt great! What a cocksucker! Damn near as good as you, Jack. With my naked feet beneath the partition, my hands holding the beam above my head, and my naked ass pounding cock through the hole into his face, it was only moments before I shot out the best load of cum I've shot since you left. He took it all without a sound, drinking down all of my juice.

I sat back down on the commode and reached down to pick up your letter from where it had dropped to the floor. From that position I could look through the glory hole. The guy was standing, naked, pumping a big one for me to watch, balls bouncing. I was fascinated. I couldn't look away. All I could see was his hairy crotch, large ballsac, and stiff cock reaching to his navel, and his pumping fist. My hand moved to the hole and I put a finger through it, more to support my bent over frame, you understand, than to beckon, but he took the movement for its classic meaning and shoved the head of his dick against my finger as he poked the stiff erection through the hole. It felt HOT!

The cock stood there tall and rigid. I stared at it. It was not quite as large as yours, Jack, but it was very impressive. It was so stretched to complete engorgement there was not a bit of loose skin on the entire shaft. The corona was fatter than the shaft and deeply flanged, magnificently hued. It looked great. My mind was in turmoil, longing for you, frazzled from the expert blowjob I'd just received, worried about being caught fucking around in this dangerous military latrine, but enticed by the beauty of the pulsating cock standing there patiently, throbbing with desire. I realized I wanted to suck cock.

I did what every red-blooded American male should do under these conditions: I sucked his cock like a good soldier and worked hard to improve my technique as I did it. He fucked my mouth through that hole and thudded so loudly against the partition I thought it might crack, but we worked together well and in no time he was spurting creamy globs of hot tasty cum deep into me.

Oh, God! I'm sitting here with my hard cock out, playing with it while writing this and I've got to stop for a moment. I'm about to come. I can't write and beat off at the same time.

OH! Well. The spots will be dry by the time you read this. Write again, soon.

Love, Ted

Dear Jack, October

I almost shit when the cum-filled rubber dropped out of your letter! It made it through the mails without bursting. What a sexy gift! Damn, I miss you. But, in the same breath, I've got to tell you something. You remember the guy I told you about. The guy who gave me a blowjob in the toilet stall. Well, I'd been going back there every day and I got to know him, personally. His name is Phil. He's the same age we are and he's a good swimmer. He's taken me under his charge and is showing me the ropes of bodybuilding. He's great company. You'd like him, I'm positive.

Phil knows a place off post where we can go to be alone. It's a small apartment a few guys rent together. They've worked out a schedule so each can be alone with whomever he brings. It's only used for sex. But they keep it clean and it has an aura of intense masculinity and sexual adventure about it. Phil brought me there, first, about a week after we started encountering one another through that glory hole. Every day we had gotten together in those last two stalls for great sex, but he told me he wanted it to be more intimate.

Within ten minutes of our arrival at that apartment, I was engaged in the first sixty-nine of my life! Jack, it was terrific! He started off on top, but we rolled over, side by side and sucked. Then, I was on top. Then, he was on top. We fit perfectly, together. We both deep-throat down to the balls just like you taught me to. We have great energy and athletic ability in bed together. He's very playful and affectionate and is exposing me to the wonders and variety of male sex.

The third time we went to the apartment, just a few days ago, I could hardly wait to "69" with him, but after we were both pretty excited he rolled me over onto my stomach and began to lick every part of my back. It felt wonderful as he went lower and even lower. He had been straddling me, but as he moved lower, he moved to kneel between my legs. He slowly spread my legs apart as he moved lower still. Jack, I was in heaven. I couldn't believe that a tongue gave such delight, but I couldn't imagine he'd go much further than bathing my buttocks. But he did! After sliding from buttocks to thigh, down to the back of my knee and back up again, he spread, while massaging, my asscheeks and licked, poked and probed me till I was wet from balls to asshole.

He focused his efforts on my puckered hole. He licked and sucked, pushed his tongue into me, and, in general, gave me an experience that took my breath away. I could feel his big cock rubbing against my calf as he started to fuck his tongue into my rectum, poking it strongly in and out of me. I was completely amazed at how good it felt. Before long, it felt like the entire length of his tongue was inside of me. I was lifting my hips from the bed and trying to help him ram more tongue into me. I had never thought I'd ever want anyone fucking around with my behind. But, wow, Jack, it felt so good I wanted more! Much more! Much more than just a tongue!

My cock was stiff and leaking under me. My hips were pushing upwards and back at his hotness. My legs were as wide as I could get them, and I was ready. I knew it and he knew it. Both his hands had been caressing my flesh, but then he reached into the nightstand. A moment later, I felt him sliding his fist up and down his rigid cockshaft. It dawned on me that he was applying some kind of lubricant to his penis, and that he was preparing to mount me. He intended to fuck me with that big cock of his!

In that instant, I knew I was going to get fucked! I did not panic because I also knew I wanted to get fucked. I felt it in my groin, in my ass. Fleetingly, I thought of you, Jack. I wanted it to be you, here, fucking my virgin ass. If we'd only had more time together, I know it would have been your cock readying to take my cherry. But, he was superb in his approach, nuzzling my neck; sliding his smooth, hot skin against my body as he positioned his cock between my cheeks; gently maneuvering his hips to rotate the fat cockhead against my anus; slowly applying pressures to probe the resistance of the entryway. It was wonderful!

The pressures increased. His nuzzling became more excited but he made an effort to comfort me verbally and instruct me to relax. His technique, his lustfulness, and his ability all brought me to the summit of aroused lust. He didn't force himself into me as much as I worked myself backwards onto his fiery, hard weapon. I impaled myself upon it. I worked and wiggled, pushed and parried, stretched back and sucked his big cock into me. It hurt. Don't kid yourself, it hurt. But I was beyond pain into lust. He wanted to fuck me and had raised me to that divine state past wanting to be fucked to NEEDING to be fucked. As we worked together to slide that big thing into me, we both seemed to sense the significance of my first true surrender to another man.

Suddenly, he and I both stopped. For a moment or two, I could feel tissues adjusting themselves, rearranging themselves, settling down. Pressures and pain evaporated. The longer we clung there, in suspended animation, his cock fully enveloped by my ass, the better it felt. The fullness caused by his organ deep inside me was immensely pleasing. The hardness of his erection, especially at my asshole, was truly enjoyable. The electric tingle caused by his balls and wiry pubic hair softly tickling me was incredible. Everything about the connection was amazingly delightful. Jack, I was made to be fucked!

And fucked I was. We started very slowly, testing the limits of my endurance, but in no time were fucking like stallions. I don't remember my cock ever getting as hard as it got during that fuck or leaking as much as it did. We struggled upward and eventually, without missing a stroke, we were in a doggie-style position. He wrapped his fist around my hardon and told me it felt like hot iron. I put my head down and watched him jacking me as I saw his piston smooth strokes as he fucked me, his body moving methodically, athletically, lifting me to a height of sexual pleasure I had not even imagined was attainable. My cum suddenly hit me in the face. My prostate, rectum, sphincter and muscles, all seemed to react energetically as I came, and he told me later that his orgasm was like sucked out of him so forcefully by my ass that he almost passed out. The moments of our mutual orgasm were unbelievable, indescribable. Unforgettable! My orgasm was like no other orgasm I'd ever had. It was like the internal pressures of his big cock unlocked the floodgates of my orgasm and I spurted cum out wildly.

I couldn't wait to tell you about this, Jack. Oh, God, I'm about to come again just from writing about this while playing with myself. Here are a few more stains of my cum for your collection.

Love, Ted

Dear Jack, November

Those sergeants and that Jack-Off Club sound like exciting fun, Jack. I'm glad you met more guys like us who enjoy getting it on together. I wish I was with you right now, but we'll have to wait till next month. Thanks for inviting me. I'm taking a two-week's leave and will join you for a few days. When I've made the arrangements, I'll phone you.

Phil got transferred a couple of days ago. I was discouraged when he left, but, what the hell, I went back to the swimming pool and into that last toilet stall to console myself. Sure enough, there's always some hot dude waiting to get a blowjob or a nice cocksucker to pleasure me, so I started hanging around in there again.

The best thing Phil did was to introduce me to some of his friends and turn over to me his rights to the shared apartment. Most of them like girls, I was surprised to learn. But none of them gives a damn what is done in the apartment so long as we never interrupt one another. That's the one rule: Be there only at your allotted time. For the first few times I went there during my scheduled time, I brought along your letters and jacked off reading them. I had no one to bring but you, Jack. Jacking off while reading them gave me great pleasure and made me feel closer to you. And the privacy felt wonderful.

Two days ago, I was naked, back in the end toilet booth, reading your latest hot letter, hard as ever, when someone came into the next booth. After a moment, I leaned down and peered at him through the glory hole. What a sight! What a young stud! He was beautiful! He was, blond, tanned, naked and muscular, with that sexy little line of white skin where his bikini usually covers him. The contrast of his tanned skin to the white flesh of his thick cock was awesome and arousing. He stood there, facing the glory hole, legs spread apart, and, I figured, reading the handwriting and looking at the drawings on the toilet wall. That particular wall is a masterpiece, Jack.

It was fascinating to watch him through the hole as he read. Very slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, his cock began to puff up and his ballsac began to tighten and crinkle up. Then he slid an open-fingered hand down his abdomen, through his patch of blond hair, over his cock and under his balls, and slowly slid it back up again. By the time his cock dropped out of his palm, it had doubled in size, still flopping down over his big balls but obviously growing rapidly, now. It had a ball-like knob that was inflating faster than the rest of the organ. It looked like a mouth-filler and surged through a progression of color changes as it erected that was impressive, until finally, it was a deep red. By then, it was pointed right at me, so straight from his body it was hard to tell exactly how long it was, but it was impressive.

He cupped his balls, again, and slid his hand onto his cock in a gesture that revealed his intention to jack off. I watched him fondle the cock for a minute, until it was fully upright and stiff in his hand, and then I put a finger to the hole and gestured to him just like Phil had first gestured to me. His fist stopped working his meat. I heard a muffled gasp, but I knew he had read the big sign that says SHOW HARD FOR BLOWJOB. And there are three large arrows pointing to the big hole. Specific military instructions!

He bent down and looked through the hole. I smiled. What little I could see of his face, I liked. I wiggled my finger at the hole. He whimpered, let out an "Oh!" straightened up and pushed that big thing right through the hole in a hurry! It stood there vibrating with excitement as I stared at it. It was a beauty!

I applied every skill I've learned to make love to it, and in no time he was banging against that partition as if trying to knock it down. What a horny, energetic stud he turned out to be. After he thrashed out a hefty load, he stayed hard in my mouth and I sucked for more. His second orgasm took longer to reach but was even more satisfying than the first. I loved it!

Immediately, he moved to leave the stall. I grabbed my towel, and opened my door, giving him just enough of a look to see that I was rampantly erect before closing my towel over myself. That fleeting display stopped him in his tracks. I backed into my booth, holding open the door with one hand and removing my towel with the other. He stared in fascination at my erect cock. I waggled it. He came towards it as if in a trance. I backed up and he came right into the booth with me. As the door closed, bumping his naked butt, I flipped my towel onto its hook. I stood there, feet apart, hands on hips, letting him look. He slowly leaned in, bending his knees into a partial squat, and reached out for my cock.

His hot, moist hand surrounded my meat tentatively. I loved it. He jacked it experimentally. I loved it. He aimed it at his mouth and lapped at the juices oozing from the tip. I loved it. He cleaned the head with his licking and then, sensing the inevitable, he sucked in the entire glans. Ooh, it felt exquisite! I allowed him his own pacing and watched as he got to know my cock, sucking more and more of it into his mouth. I figured he was trying to duplicate my experienced sucking because it had felt so good to him and brought him off so quickly, but he realized his limitations yet did his very best. It was wonderful to sense that this was his first cock. I held off as long as I could, but then grabbed the back of his head with both hands and blasted off into his hot mouth almost forcing him to swallow. But he swallowed my semen because he wanted to. I loved it!

We left the booth, together, naked, and went into the shower room. We were alone, just then, and showered next to one another, studying each other's bodies. With a low voice he told me his name was Hank. I told him my name and said I knew a place we could go to be alone. He was very interested and we agreed to meet at the main gate the next afternoon. We parted but I couldn't get him out of my mind.

Yesterday, I took him to the apartment. He was shy and nervous, at first, but when he felt secure, he let his hair down. Oh, man, did he let his hair down! We spent three hours there and he came five times. He's a cum-blasting sex-machine! He told me my cock made him discover what he's been missing all his life, and he's now into male-to-male sex in a big way. We did everything! It wasn't as frantic as I may make it sound. It was just three hours of non-stop sex. And it was terrific! I came three times, myself. The guy's is a sex-athlete. A natural!

When I suggested he fuck my ass, it created a sensation. He'd apparently never heard of it before but the idea got him so hot we both thought he'd unload on the spot. He controlled himself long enough to give me a quick, but very satisfying butt-fuck. After he had cooled off, I suggested to him that he might find taking a cock up his ass pleasurable. He agreed almost immediately.

We went about our task methodically. I remembered Phil's love making, and how good his tongue had felt bathing my back to me, so I did the same to Hank. Right away, I could see that he was putty in my hands, surrendering to my demands without a whimper. You know my cock is big, Jack, so you know he struggled to adjust to its intrusion. But he didn't back down or tell me to stop. We worked together carefully. He stayed relaxed and helpful, and finally accepted the entire cock into his body.

Once he adjusted to the pressure and discomfort, telling me how good it was starting to feel, he went wild! He humped and fucked and nearly sucked me up his hot ass. He loved it! He made me change positions and vary the pace. He wanted me to fuck him face-to-face and when I shoved back into him, after he turned over, that big cock of his exploded in an impressive eruption, sending sperm all over the place. But after he came, he didn't want to quit. Oh, no. He was just getting started. We must have fucked for almost an hour before we both came, again, together.

Jack, I told you I was made to be fucked. Well, Hank was made to have sex. It doesn't seem to matter to him, just so he's shooting his load. He's great to be with. He keeps me real busy, though.

See you soon. Love, Ted,

Lying there, re-reading Ted's lusty letters really got me off. The first orgasm shot all over my face, neck and chest. The second, which for me is always the stronger, spewed all over me. It was great! Almost like being with Ted again.

I stopped reading them, though. I wanted to anticipate the pleasure I'd get from reading some more of them once I was ready to jack off again. I'd only read the first three, and there's a big stack of them. Hours and hours of good cum-pumping reading. A big task, but I'll be up for it.


Jack Sofelot


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