Once Upon A Time,

In a land far far away there lived a handsome king and a beautiful queen. The couple ruled over a kingdom, the kingdom of Adlerlanden that was so far north that even in the height of summer snow covered the very tallest mountains of their realm.

Our story begins in the midst of spring, the beautiful queen sat sewing an elaborate tapestry seated at the window of the royal castle, watching the snow fall delicately to the ground. The queen was waiting for her husband to return from hunting. Now the Queen was a master at weaving, but she had so focused on watching the snowflakes fall effortlessly to the ground that she accidently pricked her finger with her needle.

Three drops of red blood fell from her finger landing on the freshly fallen snow that had settled on the open windowsill. The Queen looking down at her blood on the snow uttered the fatal words “Oh how wish that I could give my husband the king, a son. A son who’s skin was as fair as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as night.

Meanwhile the King who was out hunting with his attendants came upon a deer who had been cornered by the royal party. The deer possessed magical powers as well as the power of foresight. The king aimed his bow at the animal. The animal looked directly at him and spoke.

 The deer actually spoke to him “O, King spare me, for if thou does kill me, you will surely not live a year more. The King thought he had only heard his mind playing tricks on him so he aimed and shot the animal three times.

As the deer lay dying it prophesied to him, telling him “Go tell your wife that her wish has been granted, for she will indeed conceive a son, but I warn thee for thou shall not live to see the child grown for you will soon join me in the land of the dead as punishment for killing me”

“Beware for just as you have shot me three time, someone will threaten thy child three times, the child may escape but if he does not he will however, surely join we two in the land of the dead!” the magical beast said with his dying breath. The King rubbed his eyes in disbelief but before he had time to react his attendants had come trampling through the forest thicket.

One of the king’s attendants slung the now dead animal over his horse, while another helped the king to his feet, helping him mount his trusty stead. After the whole hunting party was ready the King and his attendants made haste and rode back to the castle in the dead of night.

The King told his wife only that he had been told that they would have a son. The king not wanting to worry his Queen left out the warnings and the prophecy of his death. The handsome King made passionate love to his lovely Queen while snow continued to fall gracefully to the ground. After the wild sex the King slept and dreamt, but only of the magical beast’s warning and prophecy.

Now, nine months later once more the kingdom in the dead of winter it came to pass just as the magical beast had foretold the Queen gave birth to a son. The baby’s skin was as fair as snow, his hair was as black as snow, and his lips were as red as blood. The overjoyed King and Queen named their child Prince Fair Skin. The King’s happiness was short lived, having to always live with the fear that he was living on borrowed time.

However soon after the Queen had given birth to the handsome baby boy, the King fell ill and within a fortnight he lay dying. It was all just has the magical beast had predicted, the king died. With his dying breath he tried to warn his Queen about the prophecy only making out the words “He will be….”

A few years passed, Prince Fair Skin’s mother the Queen having refused to remarry. When the young prince was little more than five years old, the kingdom of Adlerlanden was at the brink of war with its greatest rival, the neighboring kingdom of Dalgång.

The nobles, priests, generals and all of the kingdom came begging to the Queen. They cried out to her ”Give us a king so that we will have some one to defend us!” The Queen under pressure from the leading nobles of the land, and the army generals decided to take a husband.

The man the Queen choose as a second husband was the handsomest man in the entire kingdom and he was an excellent general. The Queen’s new husband, now King of Adlerlanden was has wicked and vain as he was handsome.

The new King, Prince Fair Skin’s wicked stepfather possessed in his possession a magical mirror that he hung up in his prive apartments in the castle. Every day the handsome yet vain King stood before the mirror and asking it the same question.

”Mirror mirror on the wall who is the handsomest of them all?”

The mirror only being able to tell the truth always replied with the very same answer ”My King thou are more handsome then any man my eyes does see. Thy muscles are well formed, thy abs hard like rock, and thy ass is round and thy cock is the envy of the world for thee are most certainly the handsomest of them all”

This response always pleased the vain King, who was has handsome as he was wicked and vain. Years passed and Prince Fair Skin grew more handsome with each passing day. Soon Prince Fair Skin was not only more handsome then the vain King his heart was pure making him all the more handsome.

One fatefull day when Prince Fair Skin reached manhood, the King came before the mirror, asking it ”Mirror mirror on the wll who is the handsomest of them all?”

The mirror answered, but this time it’s words were new and not the same as before ”O, handsome King thee are the handsomest man that stands before me, but thy stepson Prince Fair Skin is a thousands times more handsome then thee. His face is young and fresh like thy use to be, his abs are tighter then yours still, his muscles do not fail like yours do now, his ass is thicker and rounder then thy and his cock more gorgeous too.”

The King shreiked with anger in shock ”NOOOOOO!” The king who had always viewd his stepson with nutrallity not liking him and not hating him. When the King heard the words his heart turned against Prince Fair Skin and he grew green with jealosuly. With each passing day the hate the King had in his heart for the handsome Prince Fair Skin grew more and more. The hate grew like weeds through the vain King’s heart until he resolved that he would have no peace, untile he had rid the world of Prince Fair Skin.

The King devised a plan to ruin the beauty of Prince Fair Skin. In the dark of night the vain King summoned a huntsmen to his bedchamber. ”You will take the young prince deep into the forest, and where no light shines you will kill him, before thou does that thee must penetrate him and end his purity and he will be ugly before he dies!” he cried

”My king I can not do such a wicked thing to someone as young and handsome as Prince Fair Skin”

”You will do it, or I will surely do it to thee” the King snapped angrily

”I accept O’ King” the burly huntsmen said relectantly turning to leave the King’s inner chambers

”One more thing huntsmen” the King called

”Yes Your Majesty!”

”After the deed is done, as proof of your work you will sever Prince Fair Skin’s oh so gorgeous cock and thee shall bring it to me.”

The following day, the huntsman took Prince Fair Skin offfered to show Prince Fair Skin the best hunting spots in the kingdom. The naive young prince accepted the offer and soon he was following the huntsmen deep into the darket parts of the forest where barely any sunlight shone.

”Hunstman are we getting close?” he asked innocently

”We will soon be there my Prince” the huntsman said, thinking the whole time that in a few short minutes he would have to kill this handsome young man.

Finally in the deepest parts of the forest several miles from the nearest village, the huntsman turned to the Prince calling him over. The Prince came when he was called. However when the Prince came over to his side the Huntsman grabbed him roughly by his wrist as he pulled out a knife.

The handsome Prince Fair Skin pulled away trying to escape the grasp of the burly huntsman. ”No don’t kill me huntsman!” he begged

”Please spare me, I will run into the forest and I will never come back. Please let me live for I have never known the pleasures of sex.” he pleaded

”At least allow me that befoe I die, if you are determined to kill me” the young princed begged, crying softly.

The huntsman loosed his grip on the Prince’s arm ”Oh handsome Prince I will indeed show you the pleasures of sex, and I willl let you live too” the huntsman being unable to bring himself to kill such an handsome youth.

”It is not I, that wishes you dead but thy evil and vain stepfather” the huntsman said as he raised the handsome prince up on to him so that the Prince was straddling him as he kissed the young prince roughly on the lips.

”Huntsman I have waited for this day for many years”

”Oh sweet Prince I have watched you grow into a handsome man, I’m glad this will be as enjoyable for you as it will be for me” he smiled kissing the prince once more.

The huntsman unfasted his own trousers letting them fall down his thick muscular thighs. The handsome young Prince Fair Skin fell to his knees getting between my legs. Prince Fair Skin grabbed hold of my throbbing dick with one hand sqeezing it hard has he leaned in kissing it gently with his sweet pink lips.

He pulled away to admire the huntsman’s cock, it was about eight inches of long thick meat stick The Prince just sat there on his knees in a daze mesmorized by the thick cock before him.

”My Prince you better start sucking,” the huntsman said ”Because before we are through I’m going to part those royal cheeks of yours and slide my dick inside so you better get that thing wet.” the huntsman chuckled.

Prince Fair Skin leaned in again and started covering the huntsman’s dick with soft kisses, moving all around covering the shaft up and down with sweet wet kisses. ”Mmmmm, mmm” the prince hummed as he kissed the huntsman’s throbbing dick.

”Your cock is gorgeous” the Prince moaned between kisses. ”My cock!” the Huntsman groaned ”Look at that huge thing between your legs!” the huntsman said pointing down to the throbbing ten inches of perfect white meat nestled beween the prince’s legs.

The Prince blushed before returning to his work. The prince parted his smooth red lips, and the Huntsman slid five inches deep into his mouth, grasping at his hair as he began to fuck his face. Despite being a complete newbie at pleasing a man, the Prince began doing wonderful things to the Huntsman’s dick with his mouth and his tongue.

 The Prince licked the head of the huntsman’s cock before he sucked and licked up a storm as he took the huntsmans dick deep into his mouth. The huntsman groaned and moaned for all the forest to hear as Prince Fair Sking bobbed his head up and down in and out of his crotch.

The huntsman despite being mostly interested into women liked nothing more then to watch a gorgeous angelic face bobbing in and out of his cock no matter the gender. The Prince fit all the criteria, young, handsome, and a warm mouth. The huntsman watched as his cock slid in and out of prince’s pretty boy face.

After a few minutes of Prince Fair Skin sucking on the huntsmans dick, the huntsman spoke ”My Prince I’m going to fuck you soon, so you better get my cock nice and wet.”

The Prince devoured the huntsmans cock, slobbering up and down the thick shaft, before he pulled it out of his mouth. ”Ok huntsman I’m ready to take that dick” he gasped

The huntsman laid on the grass pulling the Prince on top of him. We kissed passionaltly moaning into each others mouths as our tongues swirled around each other. The huntsman placed his hands on Prince Fair Skins ass, grabbing two rough handfuls of the prince’s ample ass.

The huntsman’s cock fit so nicely between the prince’s ass cock. The Prince’s ten inch meat stick pressed hard against the huntsman’s stomach.

The huntsman squeezed Prince Fair Skin’s big round cheeks with both both hands as he humped the prince’s ass, sliding his throbbing wet cock between the prince’s ass crack, letting it graze the prince’s puckering pink hole.

The Huntsmans put his hands behind his head as the young prince straddled his muscular body. Prince Fair Skin reached around taking the huntsman’s throbbing cock in his soft hands he aimed it at his tight puckering pink hole. The Prince gradually sat down, allowing the cock to sink deep inside him.

”Ughhhhhhhh” the prince groaned as he felt the huntsman cock stretch his insides.

”So tight my prince” the huntsman moaned as Prince Fair Skin’s ass muscles tightened and squeezed around the huntsman’s throbbing cock as it explored the royal inner sanctum.

”Oh yeah!” the prince groaned as he pushed his down on the huntsmans cock, forcing the thick cock deeper into his ass as he fucked himself on the huntsman’s dick.

The Huntsman sat up, grasping hold of the prince’s waist lifting him up until only the tip of the huntsmans cock was still inside the prince, before dropping him back down, allowing him to slide back down on the thick pole.

Soon the Prince was bouncing up and down on the huntsman’s thick cock that was impaled inside him. The huntsman and the Prince gazed into each others eyes, the huntsman looking at the contortions on the prince’s beautiful face.

The Prince was tight and his ass was exquiste just like the magic mirror had said. The Prince’s grinding around the huntsmans dick sent shockwaves through the huntsmans dick and up to his brain.

As Prince Fair Skin began to bounce harder and faster up on the thick dick, the huntsman started moving his hips roughly, meeting each downward thrust with powerful thrusts of his own

“Fuck me huntsman!”

“Yes fill my ass with your warm seed!”

The huntsman grabbed hold of Prince Fair Skin’s waist and really started to slam his throbbing dick into the prince’s stretched asshole. The huntsman fucked with such ferocity that he actually threw the prince up into the air.

As the prince bounced up and down on the huntsman’s cock he was slammed up into the air on the rebound.

"Yes, yes, yes”

“Oh fuck yes!" Prince Fair Skin screamed as his cock fired round after round of stick creamy goodness all over his and the huntsman’s, his cum hitting the huntsman’s face as it sprayed all over both their abs.

"OHHHHHHHH, FUCCCCCCCCCCCK, OH SHIT!!!!" the Huntsman screamed, as he slammed Prince Fair Skin down exploding into his ass.

The huntsman gazed up into the prince’s twinkling eyes so that he could watch the Prince’s handsome face. The look of pleasure told the huntsman everything he needed to know. Prince Fair Skin’s face was one of excruciating pleasure.

"Yeeeeessssss" Prince Fair Skin screamed once more as the huntsman hammered into him one final time all while the prince’s cock spewed cum all over their naked bodies. After a few seconds the huntsman just laid their as his cock continued to rocket into the prince’s royal ass.

After a few more minutes of them panting and grunting, the Prince pulled himself up allowing for the huntsman’s still wet cock to pop out the prince’s ass. The huntsman and the prince got dressed and went their separate ways. The huntsman headed back to civilization and the King. The huntsman was convinced the young prince would die in the forest from starvation or wind up in the belly of some wild beast.

Prince Fair Skin went deeper into the forest having escaped the first of three attempts on his life, unaware that he would face death two more times. His ass was a little sore, but at least he was alive.

While on his way through the village, the huntsman happened upon a merchant selling oddities. The merchant approached him in the street holding his wares

“Young man I have strange oddities from all over the world for you to see.” The merchant said

“Merchant I don’t have time for you have to see the King” the huntsman yelled

“Wait, just look at my wares” the merchant said “I insist”

Looking down at the Merchant’s wares, the Huntsman’s eyes lit up when he saw hanging down from one side of the table a severed phallus.

“Is that a penis?” the huntsman asked pointing down

“Why yes it is”

“Do you want it good sir?” the merchant asked picking the phallus up off the table so that the huntsman could get a better look.

“How fresh is it?” the huntsman asked seriously “And where did you get it from?”

“Well I assure you it is fresh, it’s actually freshly picked” the merchant chuckled “And as for where I got it from, don’t worry your pretty little head about that”

“How do you make it feel so real, it feels like it’s still attached?”

“Well alchemists have this technique for preserving parts, a technique they learned from them Ancient Egyptians.” The Merchant replied

“I’ll take it” the Huntsman interjected grasping for the severed phallus as he tossed the merchant a bag full of coins, which the Merchant reached for greedily.

The huntsman returned to the palace, walking through the halls and corridors before he reached the king’s private apartments. Entering the richly furnished apartments of the king, stepping through the opened threshold. The huntsman found the king seated at his desk writing on a piece of parchment.

“Your Majesty” the door Guard called “The Huntsman is here!”

“You are all dismissed” the king called as his attendants began to file out of the room one after the other. All those that had been in the king’s private apartments left, all them except for the single guard.

“You two Hans, close the door” the King called

Once the door was shut tight, the king spoke. “He never leaves my side after I fucked him three ago” the king chuckled to himself.

“You interrupted me” the vain King continued “I was just in the middle of writing the proclamation informing the people of the unfortunate death of Prince Fair Skin” he said feigning sadness.

“My poor Queen will be beside herself when I tell her that her son vanished into the forest.” He laughed

Looking up from his writing the King remembered what he had asked the Huntsman to bring to him. “Huntsman did you bring me what I asked?”

“Yes Your Majesty” the Huntsman said, kneeling down as he prostrated himself before the king. The huntsman reached into his bag and pulled out the severed phallus.

“My cock is still leaking from fucking such as sweet ass.” The Huntsman replied. That part was in fact true.

“Oh my” the King moaned “Who knew Prince Fair Skin’s cock was so….. So fair”

“This will be a rather nice meal” the vain King laughed wickedly

After wandering through the forest for man hours, Prince Fair Skin came upon a tiny little cottage. The cottage was quaint and very homey. The utensils were all tiny, much too small for the prince’s large hands, the seven neat little beds were much too small too, because the Prince’s legs stuck out from the end of the bed.

The bed furthest away from the door of the upstairs bedroom was also the largest so the Prince soon laid down on the bed. Soon he was sleeping as if he was back in his own bed at the castle

Now the house was inhabited by Seven Dwarfs, all of them extremely sexually frustrated and hardworking miners who had a thing for plaid clothes, having spent a few winters in Scotland. The Seven Dwarfs as they were called were named, Horny, Spanky, Drooley, Jerky, Lusty, Sloppy, and Easy.

The Seven Dwarfs despite being only about the size of little people were incredibly muscular, their bodies were covered with rippling muscles. They were truly burly men. Horny was the leader and he was the horniest of them all; Spanky loved slapping asses, big ones, perky ones, round ones, fat ones; while Drooley loved drooling over everything from asses to cocks, to faces and everything between; Jerky was the one who jerked his cock daily; Lusty was the dwarf who lusted after everything and everyone; Sloppy was known for giving the best and sloppiest blowjobs imaginable; and finally Easy was the smallest of them all and he was also the most easiest, he would turn his ass for any hard cock.

When the seven dwarfs, Horny, Spanky, Drooley, Jerky, Lusty, Sloppy, and Easy returned back to the cottage. The seven dwarfs upon entering their home, immediately realized something was not quite right about their house.

“Something’s not right here” Horny said “I think someone broke in”

“Are you sure?” Sloppy asked “Maybe we left all these dishes out, and forgot about it”

“Maybe” Jerky added “But we definitely didn’t eat all the porridge in the cupboards before we left”

“Yeah you’re probably right” Sloppy replied

“Wait I think I hear something upstairs” Horny said

“Yeah me too” added Easy

Horny slowly crept up the stairs to the bedroom. All the other Dwarfs followed their brother upstairs to the bedroom. When they opened the door they were surprised to see a person sleeping on their bed.

“OH MY” they all gasped in unison

“There’s a man sleeping in our bed” Horny added

“Wow he’s so handsome” Drooley cooed as they all gazed down at the sleeping youth. “Just look at that pretty boy face”

“His ass is firm too” Spanky said grasping two handfuls of Prince Fair Skin’s ample ass, which was poked out the side of the bed.

“His skin is so fair and he’s so damn handsome” Jerky added “Won’t need any of them drawings to beat my meat no more, now that we’ve got this handsome specimen”

“Horny can we keep him? Can we keep him please?!?!” Easy begged

“Wow his cock is HUGE!” Sloppy gasped “Can’t wait to get to work on this thing!” he said putting his hands under the coverlet reaching around his side and feeling the sleeping prince’s dick

“Sloppy don’t do that!” Horny said grabbing hold of Sloppy’s hand, but it was already too late, the Prince having opened his eyes.

The Prince explained to the Seven Burly Dwarfs what had happened and how he had been forced to flee into the forest to escape the wrath of his wicked stepfather the evil King.

“Listen here, young Prince” Horny said “We don’t care much about a clean house, but if you will provide pleasure for us every now and then, we will allow you to stay”

“I accept” the Prince said

That night the dwarfs had their way with the prince making sweet passionate love to him filing up all his holes with their cocks. Some of them double stuffing them.

The Seven Dwarfs all took turns fucking the handsome prince. Since Horny was the oldest and the unofficial leader he took charge. He slowly pulled the Prince’s clothes so that the prince was laying there completely naked. The Prince looked amazing, his body was perfect, his perfectly round pecs rising with each breath, his abs tensed and pulsed, and that backside of his was marvelous to behold.

“Damn, your highness has a great ass” Horny said as he felt around grabbing at the Prince’s ample backside. The Prince rose up onto the bed putting his ass up towards the air.

Horny grabbed hold of the prince’s royal ass, spreading the pale white cheeks apart as he buried his face between them. Horny shook his face while it was buried deep nose deep in the prince’s big round bubble butt.

The prince moaned aloud as Horny ate out his ass. Horny had tongue fucked many asses in his day so he knew just what to do to turn the prince on. He flicked his tongue across the prince’s puckering pink hole. Horny licked across the prince’s hole spiting on the entrance before he slipped his tongue all the way in.

“Ohhhhhhh” the Prince moaned as Horny licked his hole, exploring the prince’s insides with his strong tongue. Horny kept licking and the prince kept moaning. Not wanting to miss out on the fun Spanky began tenderly kissing the handsome prince so that Prince Fair Skin was moaning into the dwarf’s mouth.

Within the next few minutes Horny had sank his fat cock deep inside the prince’s ass. Horny started out slow, but soon he found a rhythm as he started to pound the prince’s ass. Finding a good pace Horny began thrusting in and out of the thick ass before him. He loved looking at that big royal as it jiggled with each thrust. Horny fucked the prince like they were dogs in heat.

All the other dwarfs stroked their cocks as they watched the hot scene unfold.

Horny switched places, pulling his cock from the prince’s wet ass. Soon Jerky was laid out on the bed, his dick twitching upwards inviting Prince to sit down. Prince Fair Skin lowered himself aiming his pink hole at the throbbing dwarf dick.

Sitting down on the dwarf’s dick, Prince Fair Skin let out a groan. Within no time the prince was bouncing up and down on Jerky’s hard throbbing as the dwarf thrusted upwards into him. While Horny lay off to the side, utterly exhausted having fucked the tightest hole imaginable. Lusty not wanting to be left out, began to fuck the prince’s face. Lusty slid his cock between the prince’s parted lips and went to town, thrusting roughly into the prince’s mouth, both of them moaning so sweetly, just like music.

Drooley, Sloppy, and Easy all sat at the prince’s feet between his knees admiring and kissing his thick cock as it pulsed and throbbed as the prince’s ass was worked out over and over. Drooley, Sloppy, and Easy each took turns licking and slobbering all over the prince’s leaking dick before passing it off to the next brother who would do the same thing while the other two kissed on the shaft and washed the prince’s big heavy sweaty balls with their mouths coating it with a thick layer of saliva and their warm mouth juices.

Easy climbed on top of the prince grabbed hold of their royal guest’s prick and shoved it inside his hairy hole. Easy began fucking himself on the prince’s dick bouncing up and down. Jerky never stopped pounding away at the prince’s ass, so that every time Jerky thrusted into the prince’s ass, the handsome Prince Fair Skin would bounce up, causing his cock to plunge deeper into Easy’s oh so sweet ass that wrapped and squeezed around the prince’s cock. Prince Fair Skin could not believe his eyes nor could he believe what was happening to him even as felt the two cocks thrusting into his mouth and his ass, and even as he looked down as he looked down as the three burly men worshipped his cock, bobbing their heads up and down the shaft.

Before the night was out every dwarf had either fucked the insides of the prince’s ass or fucked themselves on his dick. Horny, Spanky, and Jerky preferring to fuck the prince’s ass, while Lusty, Drooley, Sloppy and Easy preferred to fuck themselves on the prince’s dick bouncing for joy all night long. All of them, spilled their seed either inside the prince’s ass or all over his naked muscular body, drenching his pecs, chest, and tight abs in dwarf cum.

Damn, who knew dwarfs could fuck so well. They all collapsed on the beds, covered in cum, sweat and God knows what else, having fucked in their cottage like animals for hours.

Before the Seven Dwarfs went up over the mountains to go to the mines, the Dwarfs each kissed Prince Fair Skin goodbye.

When Horny said goodbye he pulled the young prince aside “When you are alone please promise me that you will let no one inside” he warned.

“I promise Horny” Fair Skin said kissing Horny on his forehead.

The prince waved at his new friends as the seven dwarfs disappeared over the mountains. Meanwhile, the King far away back at the royal castle went into his inner apartments to ask the magic mirror once more the very same question he asked every morning.

”Mirror mirror on the wall who is the handsomest of them all?”

The magic mirror spoke, but its words did not please the Vain King. ”O, handsome King it is true that thee are the handsomest man that stands before me, but far beyond the mountains thy stepson Prince Fair Skin is a thousands times more handsome then thee. His body is even now making seven little men as hard as rock. His face, his abs, his muscles oh my I cannot lie truly he is the perfect guy.”

The vain King was horrified and outraged to learn that the huntsman has betrayed him and that Prince Fair Skin still breathed. The King disguised himself as an old peddler selling wares. But before he left the castle he made sure to imprison the disobedient huntsman in the castle’s deepest darkest dungeon, only after he had unloaded his seed deep inside the unfortunate soul’s ass.

The King who possessed dark magic flew to the cottage over the mountains atop a dark cloud and managed to make it to the cottage just after the dwarfs left

Prince Fair Skin was busy cleaning the house when he noticed a peddler heading straight towards the cottage. The peddler had a wagon filled with interesting wares. Prince Fair Skin had no idea every single one of them were dripping with poison.

“Wares for sale”

“Hello handsome would you like some ware?” the old peddler called

“Yes,” Prince Fair Skin called from the open window

“Excellent” the old peddler smiled “Can I come in my sweet so that you can get a better look” the evil King said slyly while he wore the disguise of a peddler masterfully.

The naive prince accepted and invited the old peddler inside, ignoring the dwarfs warnings of not to let any strangers into the cottage.

Once inside the old peddler went to work admiring the Prince’s long curly black locks of hair.

“Oh My” the peddler swooned “You have such beautiful hair, allow me to comb it for you” the peddler pleaded

Feeling a little anxious Prince Fair Skin hesitated when the peddler offered to comb his hair.

“I really shouldn’t, we just met”

“Sweet child relax”

“I used to be young once too, and my hair used to be so curly just like yours” the old peddler lied “Allow me to comb the curls out for you, your friends will envy your straight hair”

The Prince’s fear fell away and he relented to the old peddler’s pleas. The old peddler grabbed hold of the comb, and sank the comb into the prince’s hair.

As soon as the comb met the Prince’s black curls, he dropped lifelessly to the floor. However the fall caused the comb to fall out of his curls and onto the floor, causing him to wake up.

When the evil king witnessed this he was filled with such a rage. The evil king still disguised as an old peddler managed to hide his rage from the handsome, Prince Fair Skin

“What happened?” Prince Fair Skin asked groggily as if he had just woken from a deep sleep.

“Oh handsome” the old peddler cooed “You must have passed out” the old peddler said kicking the comb out of sight underneath the table.

“Oh ok, but I think you should leave now, because the seven little men who live here will be coming home soon, and they will not like to find you here”

“Ok I’ll go, but first take this silk doublet as a gift from me to you”

“I don’t know if I should be taking gifts from strangers” the prince hesitated

“I insist, it’s completely free”

“Ok, if you insist” the prince said. No sooner had he given the green light, the old peddler had the silk doublet wrapped around Prince Fair Skin’s waist and began pulling on the strings to lace it up.

“Oh…its…..too” Prince Fair Skin unable to get a word out having passed out again, because the evil King disguised as an old innocent peddler laces the doublet so tightly that it cuts the Prince’s circulation.

The evil King laughs wickedly, before disappearing into a cloud of smoke heading back to the castle to enjoy his victory over Prince Fair Skin. The evil king left having forgotten that he had left the poisoned comb under the table.

The Dwarfs soon return home to find, Prince Fair Skin lying motionlessly on the floor. All seven of the dwarfs cry bitterly thinking the prince is dead and that they must now bury him.

“Wait a minute” Horny said “This doublet, I’ve never seen it on the prince before”

“I certainly haven’t seen it” Jerky replied

“Me either” Spanky interjected

“Well we better take it off, with the rest of his clothes if we want to clean the body” Lusty added

“You just want to look at that sexy body of his one more time” Horny chuckled

“Yeah so what” Lusty replied “We still need to wash the body before we bury it”

“He’s right” Drooley and Sloppy said in unison not once taking their eyes off the motionless prince.

“Not you too” Horny laughed. His laugh was followed by that of his brothers. The laughter was only for a brief second when they remembered the handsome prince who lay motionless on their floor.

They ripped the doublet from off the prince and he immediately opened his eyes. They embraced him kissing him passionately as they jumped for joy.

“Wait a minute guys” Drooley said pointing under the table “What’s that?”

All the dwarfs and the prince bent down to see a comb. The comb was no ordinary comb however

“What’s that substance coming out of it?” Horny asked concerned

“I have no idea but it’s melting the ends off of the comb” Spanky added

“It’s doing that to the floor too!” Sloppy interjected

Drooley reached under the table about to touch it. “Don’t touch that thing, its poisonous!” Jerky yelled at Drooley

The dwarfs found an old stick and slowly kicked and it at the poisoned comb until they had it hit it right out the front door of the cottage.

“Did you let someone inside?” Horny asked

“Yes” the prince said looking down at his feet

“That was probably the evil king” Lusty added “Please Fair Skin, don’t let anyone else inside”

“Ok I promise I won’t”

Prince Fair Skin and the Seven Dwarfs fall asleep. Prince Fair Skin sleeps peacefully unware that he had just survived the second of three attempts on his young life.

The following morning the King consulted the magic mirror, he was certain the mirror would tell him that he was the handsomest of all, but it did not for it could only tell the truth.

”Mirror mirror on the wall who is the handsomest of them all?”

The magic mirror spoke, but its words did not please the Vain King. ”O, handsome King it is true that thee are the handsomest man that stands before me, but far beyond the mountains thy stepson Prince Fair Skin still lives and is a thousands times more handsome then thee.”

The King is filled with fury and rage, as his heart nearly stops from so much pent up anger and frustration. The King gathers apples dipping each one of them into a couldron filled with the most powerful poisons known to mankind. The Evil King donning the disguise of a seller of apples makes haste to the cottage. The evil King hides behind a tree waiting for the dwarfs to leave for the mines.

Once the Dwarfs had disappeared over the mountains, the evil king disguised as a seller of apples knocked on the door.

Prince Fair Skin poked his head out of the window to see who it was, when he saw an old apple seller at the door he had no fear.

“Hello child” the old apple seller cried

“I’m not a child I’m a man!”

“Indeed you are, indeed you are”

“May I come inside” the old apple seller asked slyly

“No sorry” Prince Fair Skin said “I’m afraid you can’t come in, I promised the seven little men who live here that I would not let anyone inside”

“You don’t have to let me inside” the apple seller said “Just try one of my apples, they are delicious” the evil king said holding up the juiciest apple Prince Fair Skin had ever seen.

“I really shouldn’t take that” Prince Fair Skin said

“Please help me out, I have to get rid of all these apples before the day is out”

“I really shouldn’t”

The King cut the apple in half, biting into the white half, the harmless and non-poisonous part of the apple that had escaped the cauldron of poison.

“See it’s delicious” the evil king said, holding out the other half of the apple for the prince to bite. Prince Fair Skin thought to himself about how hungry he was, how delicious the apple looked, and how nice and sweet the old apple seller looked, he didn’t really know what gender the apple seller was.

Prince Fair Skin bit into the apple on the red poisoned half. Prince Fair Skin falls to the floor as if dead. The King laughs wickedly disappearing into a cloud of black smoke, content that he had now rid the world of his rival.

This time however when the dwarfs return from the mines and they find the prince laying lifelessly on the floor. They cry bitterly and try everything they can think of to revive the handsome man. All of the Seven Dwarfs are unable to revive Prince Fair Skin from his death like state, assuming that he is in fact dead they place him in a glass coffin. Inside the coffin the Prince grows more and more handsome with each passing moon.

Many seasons pass, but the Dwarfs continue to guard the glass coffin with Prince Fair Skin inside. One day however a beautiful princess is traveling through the land with her attendants. The princess is the only heir to the Kingdom of Dalgång. Her name was Princess Isabella of Dalgång. When the princess sees Fair Skin, she is enchanted with how handsome the young man is that she instantly falls in love with him without any prior interarction The Princess begs the dwarfs to allow her to have coffin with the handsome man inside. The dwarfs eventually agree, despite not wanting to part with the handsome Fair Skin.

As the Princess’ servants carry the coffin down the hill, they stumble on a rock. The Princess’s attendants nearly trip in the process, causing the remaining piece of the long ago nearly dissolved poisoned apple to fall from the prince’s mouth, awaking him instantly.

The Princess that she will have no husband but Prince Fair Skin. Prince Fair Skin reveals that he has a thing for guys, the princess laughed telling the prince that before seeing him she had been a lesbian. Prince Fair Skin and Princess Isabella accepted this fact and still decided that they should marry and soon a grand wedding was planned. There was feasting and celebration throughout the kingdom of Dalgång. The royal couple invited every King and Queen far and wide, from England to Muscovy, from China to India even as far as Abyssinia, to come to the wedding reception. The new King and Queen even invited Prince Fair Skin’s (now a King) vain stepfather, the wicked king of Adlerlanden

Before going to the wedding, the King asks his mirror the same question, still believing Fair Skin to be dead.

“”Mirror mirror on the wall who is the handsomest of them all?”

The Magic mirror spoke one last time for the king ”O King you are more handsome then most it is true, but the new king of Dalgång is a thousands times more handsome then thee.”

The magic mirror’s words shocked the King and when he received a letter of invitation to the wedding of the King and Queen of Dalgång he was filled with both fear and doubt. The King having not been to enough weddings and receptions having devoted most of his time to poisoning young men that were more handsome then him decided to get out of the drafty castle and went to the wedding.

Still unware that the new King of Dalgång his is stepson, the wicked King goes to the wedding reception at the royal palace of Dalgång. When the evil King spots his stepson realizing that he is the bridegroom he shrieks with rage as his black heart fills wit the deepest dread.

The evil King tries to flee, unaware that his black magic does not work in the Kingdom of Dalgång like it does in the kingdom of Adlerlanden. Before he can escape Prince Fair grabs hold of the evil king, punishing him for his attempted murders with the full blessing of his wife and all those in attendance at the royal wedding.

”How dare you grab me, you filthy feind!”cried the enraged King standing in the throne hall completely defenseless

”Stepfather I’m going to fuck that tight ass of yours, and I’m going to make you feel the pain you made me feel when you tried to kill me over and over again.”

”You might enjoy it, I most certainly will” Prince Fair Skin smiled

”Are you out of your FUCKING MIND?!” the evil King yelled ”Your not fucking me!”

”I beg to differ stepfather, you are the one standing the throne hall of my kingdom. I think your only a few seconds away from getting fucked you better get used to it”

Bursting over to the side, King Fair Skin slammed his stepfather the evil King hard on to the ground.

”I think I’m gonna have to keep that mouth of yours shut for now. I’m sick and tired of hearing you whine.” Prince Fair Skin smiled.

”Mmmmmpphh” the evil king tried to speak but King’s Fair Skin’s hands were wrapped too tightly around his mouth.

”Stepfather I expected more from a big muscle bound man like you” Prince Fair Skin said ”Where is your black magic? Where did your power go? I thought you were strong” he giggled.

”Doesnt matter either way, power or no power I’m going to enjoy fucking the life out of you, as I pound you senseless” he cuckled.

King Fair Skin yanked both the doublet in the undershirt off the evil king. ”Time we show the court what you have under here”

”Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmrf” King Fair Skin moaned into his stepfather’s ears ”Damn, you have nice BIG Chest” grapping hold of the two big muscly mounds of white flesh.

”GET THE FUCK OFF!” the Evil King screamed between moans as Prince Fair Skin squeezed his nipples between his hands..

”And you got some cute nipples” King Fair Skin said squeezing his wicked stepfather’s nipples one more time.

”Oh and your abs are nice and tight too” King Fair Skin said rubbing his hand down his stepfathers chest feeling the tight ridges that tensed and pulsed with his touch. ”You have six sexy little......wait a minute you have eight abs”

”Can’t wait to put my seed in every slot” Kin Fair Skin chuckled. Everyone who was in the hall laughed and since the hall was filled with royal court the room erupted with laughter much to the embarressmant of the Evil King.

Spinning him around roughly, King Fair Skin pressed his crotch against his stepfather’s ass, letting his leaking cock slide between the crack of the nice round mounds of flesh through the fabric ”Mmmmmm and just look at this nice round bubble butt, its just dying for me to bury my seed inside it.”

The evil king tried with all his might not to get hard, but soon his huge cock was throbbing and this did not go unnoticied by any of the onlookers nor by King Fair Skin who said ”Ohhh look at that looks like the little guy wants to play”

”Stepfather if your getting hard just by feeling my dick, just wait tell it’s inside you” King Fair Skin laughed as he ripped the trousers from the evil king’s musuclar legs so that was just standing there with his cock twitching between his legs nad leaking precum all over the throne hall floor.

”Stepfather I may not posses skill in the dark arts like you, but ever since you sent that huntsman to kill me I’be become a fucking sex god, just let me show you what I’ve learned” Prince Fair Skin said yanking his stepfather’s head up as he spoke so that the evil king had no choice but to look into his eyes.

”Arghhhh, Ohhhhh” the Evil King groaned as Fair Skin rubbed his hands all over handsome older man’s body, feeling his abs, and grabbing his dick. ”see your cock want’s this it’s leaking!”

”Now get on your hands and kneees and suck my nice BIG DICK befoe I shove it your ass!” King Fair Skin laughed as he shoved his wicked stepfather down so that he was level with his crotch.

Pulling his trousers down, King Fair Skin’s cock popped out hitting the Evil King right in the face. The evil King didnt have time to react because soon his stepson’s long throbbing dick was smiling at him tryin to gain entry to his mouth

”Come on now wrap those sweet lips of yours around my cock”

”But...I...I can’t all these people are watching, they will see”

”You better get to work, they are going to see much more, Dont you know a king must live and die in the presence of the court, that includes fucking!”

”I’m not going to say it again,..... Lips on dick NOW!”

The evil king obeyed and soon he had darted his tongue letting it lick across the head of his stepson’s huge throbbing member. Slowly the evil king took the thick head of this stepson’s cock in his mouth covering it with spit.

”Yeah get that warm mouth all over MY COCK!” groaned Prince Fair Skin

The evil king grabbed hold King Fair Skin’s shaft as he bobbed up and down the gorgeous dick he had been jealous of for years. The evil king rubbed one of his hands up and down the long shaft much to the delight of King Fair Skin. The mucles in the evil kings arms bulged with every movement.

”Yeah, thats it, just like that baby.”

”Jerk my big dick while you suck it!!”

”Swallow every drop” King Fair Skin said as he grabbed his stepfather by the hair as he fucked his defensless mouth.

”Dont let a drop fall out” King Fair Skin said letting his cock pop out of the evil king’s mouth letting spit and precum drip from the defeated king’s mouth.

”Damn stepfather, you suck cock like a natural” King Fair Skin said ”Look at your cock it’s leaking precum everywhere”

”If it does that from you barely sucking on my dick, I want to seee if you can try something a little bigger like maybe all ten inches.” King Fair Skin laughed

”Come on put the whole thing in your mouth”

The Evil King licked the head of Fair Skin’s cock, soon it was buried inside his mouth as he continued his mouth’s journey to King Fair Skin’s crotch. The evil king forced himself to swallow more and more of the thick cock, King Fair Skin commanding him to swallow more He forced so much into his mouth that he was unable to breath, gasping for air and moaning at the same time.

”Oh you can’t go anymore?”

”Lemme help you dear old stepfather” King Fair Skin said grabbing hold of the evil king’s head and shoving all ten inches into the kings mouth and down his warm throat.

Satisfied that he had plunged all ten inches of his cock deep inside the evil king’s throat, King Fair Skin yanked the evil king off of his dick. The evil king coughed and gasped for air while King Fair Skin’s throbbing cock sprung up slapping its master in the abs.

”Don’t worry stepfather I’m done using that hole” Fair Skin said ”You have got another hole I want to use” he winked as he roughly flipped the evil king over like he was as light as a feather when he was in reality a musclebound man.

”You better get ready, because I’m about to fuck your ass!” King Fair Skin said as he humped his crotch against the evil King’s ass, thursting his rock hard cock between the big round mounds of flesh that he had squeezed apart with both hands.

Spreading the evil king’s thick ass cheeks apart so that he could see the pink puckering hole.

”Damn your hole is so tight, I can barely fit the tip of the head in”

”There’s only one soloution” King Fair Skin said ”And that, dear stepfather is by shoving it balls deep in that ass!” he said with a grunt and a well aimed thrust

”AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!” the evil King cried letting out a great moan for the entire royal court to hear

”OHHHHHH FUUUUUUCK! Your ass feels so nice and tight, my dick loves it in there”

”Uhhhhhhhhh” was the only response the evil king could make as he was completed impaled on King Fair Skin’s dick, with his conquerors hands holding tightly to his big round thick ass cheeks.

The entire kingdom of Dalgång, the royal court; the Queen; the entire nobility all the Dukes and Duchesses, the Margraves and Margravines, the Counts and Countesses, the Barons and Baronesses, the knights watched in awe as their new King humilated the wicked king who had tormented them for years. Becuase the gentry and the common folk had also been invited to the royal wedding they too had a fron row seat to their king breeding their country’s greatest enemy

Flipping the evil king over on his back so that they were looking at each other, King Fair Skin continued to plow his wicked stepfather’s ass

”Look at your cock, its spilling precum everywhere” Fair Skin laughed

”Uugh....” the Evil king groaned

”Your big dick........it ........feels .....so....”

”So FUCKING GOOD” the evil king growled, he could not believe he ws enjoying this.

”Hell fucking yeah! I knew you would love having my huge cock stretch that tight little hole of yours” King Fair Skin laughed as he thrust roughly into the evil king’s ass


”FUCK ME!!!” the evil king groaned in pleasure

”Now your nothing but a cock hungry slut begging for my cock, I can feel your greedy ass wrapping around my dick and squeezing it.” King Fair Skin laughed to himself completely unaware that the throne hall was filed with onlookers.

”From the sounds of your desperate screams you must be getting close. Sorry but I’m not letting you off that easy after all that you have done”

”See all those dukes, and margraves, and counts, and barons” King Fair Skin said pointing to the highest ranking men in the room ”They have been watching you get fucked the whole time, and I think the should join in on the fun.”

”Here’s the plan you’re gonna suck on my nobles just like you sucked my dick.”

”Choke on it” cried the first and highest ranking Duke as he shoved his cock into the defeated king’s mouth.

The evil king jerked his cock while he greedily slobbered all over the mosterous shaft of the duke.

”Look at this jerking your own cock while you suck a person of lesser rank then you, You really are my bitch now” King Fair Skin laughed

”Don’t worry your gonna suck them all, I’ve got about thirty Dukes lined up, and near two hundred counts so you better open wide.”

King Fair Skin continued to fuck the life out of the evil king, all while Duke after Duke fucked the evil king’s mouth until they had unloaded in his mouth, passing the used mouth to the next wating peer.

”Please King Fair Skin.......Fill my ass up with your rich seed!!!!” the Evil king groaned almost on the brink of tears as he bounced up on his stepsons’ dick

”Yeah that’s music to my ears” King Fair Skin said, just as he slammed into the evil king, forcing his cock deep into his wicked stepfather’s ass as he erupted into the worn out ass.

”AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” the evil king groaned loudly

Pulling his cock from the evil king’s ass, King Fair Skin laughed as cum poured from the open entrance of his stepfather’s ass. He laid his cock on the evil king’s face saing ”You look so much better when your covered in cum and not dressed up as old peddlers” he chuckeled

Raising up to his feet, King Fair skin walked over to his new wife kissing her he looked back at his wicked stepfather covereed in cum and laying on the ground breathing hard while cum poured from his gaping ass that had been wrecked by King Fair Skin.

King Fair Skin said six words ”Lemme know if you want seconds!” winking at his old enemy.

AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER except for the the evil king who was so embarrassed that he never showed his face again. Some say he died from exhaustion, he did after all fuck like four hundred plus guys........ But as for King Fair Skin and his beautiful Queen Isabella they raised a family, seven handsome strapping young sons like their father, and seven radiantly beautiful daughters like their mother. Every now and then the King and Queen had discreet dalliances, King Fair Skin prefering to sleep with men, and Queen Isabella with women. They would however always return to their marriage bed because they truly loved one another. The Seven Dwarfs, Horny, Spanky, Drooley, Jerky, Lusty, Sloppy, and Easy were all given apartments in the palace, even though they no longer slept with the king they were important at court, being appointed royal court jewelers. The Huntsman who had saved Prince Fair Skin was appointed Master of the Horse, and it was said that he spent more time riding the King then riding an actual horse, his and the king’s screams being heard throughout the castle. The Queen never worried for she had the King’s heart. With the evil king gone the kingdoms of Adlerlanden and Dalgång were united and King Fair Skin and Queen Isabella ruled over the two kingdoms for many years bringing peace to the land, and the kingdom was inherited by King Fair Skin and Queen Isabella’s descendants, and their descendants, and their decendants to this very day.....



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