Rick Moss was feeling good night. He danced naked in front of the wall-to-wall mirror in his bathroom.  He ran his thick fingers over his beefy body, every now and then pulling playfully on his firm nipples. He ran his hand along the beard over his square jaw and round cheek, making sure they were well groomed. He flashed his toothy smile as he traced his short mustache with a fingertip. He clipped a few errant pieces of hair with a pair of small scissors. He winked at his reflection, a twinkle in his blue eyes.

He swung his hips as he danced. He loved the way his low-hanging testicles bounced against each other and against his thighs. He teased his cock, pulling the heavy layer of skin back with his fingers, exposing the tender pink head. He hefted it with one hand and tapped it against the palm of his other hand, enjoying the size and weight of it. He threw his arms up into air and shook his ass, dancing in circles, watching his reflection. He was well covered with fine, brown hair from head to toe. He ran a hand down along the curve of a buttock, his fingertips swimming in the soft fur. He spanked his ass playfully and laughed as it jiggled like jello.

'We're gonna have fun tonight,' he sang as he danced to his bedroom. He hopped from foot to foot as he pulled out a white jockstrap from a dresser. The fabric of the pouch was worn, almost translucent. He bopped over to a tall mirror, shook his genitals, spun around, and bent over. He spread his thick legs apart so he could see himself in the mirror. He spread his cheeks apart to expose his rosebud, still slightly puckered from the anal stretching with a plug last night. Rick pulled the jockstrap on and stood up, appreciating how it accentuated his curvature, both front and back.

He snapped on a leather armband over each bicep. He smiled, noticing that the armbands fit a little tighter than when he bought them a month ago. All those arm curls were paying off. He put on a pair of faded blue jeans. It was tight across his ass and thighs but fit well otherwise. He turned sideways to the mirror, nodding at the prominent bulge. He buckled on a black leather belt on which he clipped on a leather pouch with a snap-on lid. He stashed some condoms, a blindfold, and a small bottle of lube into the pouch. He debated on what to wear for a top. It was going to be a cool night; he'll need something warm when not indoors. He decided on a sweatshirt which could be easily put on and taken off.


Rick walked up to the counter, paid for the entrance, and received a laminated wrist strap. He handed his sweatshirt to the clerk at the coat check. Walking past the young, muscular bouncer, Rick winked and got a firm slap on his rump in return. The dance club was filling up fast that night. Men of all ages, shapes, and race danced in various degrees of dress or undress. Already there was some action going on. He waded through the mass of undulating male bodies to the back, where a smaller dance floor was separated from the main by a half-wall. Here was where the serious action took place. Rick took up his position in the corner of the dance floor, blindfolded himself, and let his body be taken captive by the pulsing beat.

The exhilaration was immediate. He felt absolutely free, without inhibitions. Within minutes, he felt pudgy fingers feel up his pecs, pinching his nipples. He continued dancing, arms raised high, hips grinding. The fingers moved to his back, tickling his armpits on the way. Hairy arms embraced him. Thick, moist lips kissed his neck, coarse hair scratching his exposed skin. Rick continued dancing, not bothering to embrace the man back. He felt the sweaty folds of the man's breasts and belly. The man groped Rick's ass and pressed his bulge against Rick's. 'I wanna fuck you. Let's go to the johns,' the man rasped in Rick's ear. Rick continued dancing, spinning within the man's embrace till his back was to the man. Humping Rick's ass, the man said, 'Com' on! Let's go!'

Wordlessly, Rick undid his jeans and peeled them down to expose his buttocks. His thick thighs prevented the jeans from slipping down. He reached behind and unzipped the man's fly. He pulled out the man's penis. Rick could grip the whole thing in his palm. He picked out a condom from his pouch, deftly ripped the packaging and sheathed the man's less than thralling penis. He didn't bother with lube. The man was in a frenzy by then. He poked Rick's anus a few times and grunted. Rick barely felt anything. The man stumbled away and Rick continued dancing, his jiggling, furry ass an open invitation.

The invitation was accepted by another man. This time Rick felt a long, hot shaft slap against his haunches. It bounced against his ass as he gyrated his hips. It wasn't a thick shaft, but long enough to penetrate deep. The man did not press his body against Rick's, communicating that his only interest was in Rick's ass. Rick easily rolled a condom on to the man's penis. He dabbed a bit of lube on the almost blunt head of the penis. Rick planted his feet wide and pushed out his ass, holding still just long enough for the man to push his pole in. Once in, Rick bumped his ass in time with the beat of the music. The man stood still, allowing Rick's dancing to do all the work.

It wasn't long before Rick felt the presence of another man in front of him. He felt strong fingers dig into his thighs and then a hot breath on his crotch. Lips massaged his cock through the jockstrap, coercing it to grow. Rick's dancing pelvis rode the cock of the man behind him and humped the mouth of the man between his legs. The fingers grabbed hold of the front waistband and yanked it down below Rick's balls, pushing them up against his cock, which bounced and hardened. The man gobbled up Rick's meaty cock, gagging on it repeatedly. Rick could feel warm saliva on his genitals as the man drooled around his cock.

Rick was enjoying the attention from this tag team, moaning softly as he danced, when he felt boots against his. Two large hands took his face gently between them, palms caressing his round cheeks, thick fingertips stroking his beard. The thumbs teased his lips, from the corners to the center and back again. Rick parted his lips and the thumbs entered. He rolled his tongue around and between the thumbs. The thumbs pulled out and were immediately replaced by a massive tongue and luscious lips. The man's tongue dove into his mouth, dominating his own tongue. Those wide, luscious lips covered his own lips. The man's tongue and lips danced about confidently, subduing Rick, who could only moan as he felt his every breath sucked out of him. Rick breathed in the man's exhalations, heady with alcohol. The man's mustache and beard mingled with his, tickling him.

Rick was feeling lightheaded and overwhelmed. The man kissed him incessantly. The long, thin prick fucking his ass and the wet mouth sucking his cock became insubstantial. Only the hands on his cheeks, the lips brushing his lips, and the tongue fucking his mouth were real. They aroused him like nothing had ever done before. Rick teetered on his tiptoes, feeling as though he would swoon. He gripped the man's forearms desperately, seeking support. Rick could feel the firm bands of muscle beneath the hair and skin. Rick moaned as he struggled to breathe. He felt his legs tremble and buckle. The man swooped his arms down and bear hugged him, keeping him upright. The man's burly chest and brawny arms crushed him, though not painfully. A mat of hair, curly and slightly coarse, penetrated through Rick's breastplate of fine fur. The additional tactile stimulation was too much for Rick. He threw his arms around the man's neck, and, moaning breathlessly into the man's devouring maw, bucked his hips madly as his cock hosed the man kneeling between his legs with a flood of vibrant semen. The kneeling man, overcome by the deluge, backed away and accepted the load on his face. The prick in Rick's anus throbbed briefly and then withdrew.

Rick's legs were useless, as though they were made of only flesh and tendons, the bones missing. The hands roamed down his back and cradled his buttocks, pulling him in until his wet cock pressed into the man's leather bulge. Rick could feel leather chaps against his bare hips. The man toned down his kisses, his lips soft and yielding, his tongue a gentle masseur to Rick's battered tongue. Able to breathe now, Rick returned the man's kisses eagerly. Rick explored the man's face with his fingers. It was remarkably like his own, square jawed, round cheeks, a strong chin, hair thick and a bit coarser. The skin was more weathered, more wrinkled. He was an older man, Rick reasoned. He ran his fingers through the man's crown and encountered a forest of soft hair. He dropped his hands to the shoulders and felt a firm mass of flesh. The man moved his crotch against Rick's exposed loins. The man's crotch felt dense, barely contained.

For several minutes they swayed together like this. No one tried to intrude. Still kissing, the man took a short step back and guided Rick's hands to his bulge. The man returned to caressing Rick's face. Rick fondled the man's crotch, a mound of flesh trapped in a leather pouch. He could feel the man's naked inner thighs. He brushed his hands along the leather chaps around to the ass. He had expected to feel leather covering the man's ass but was pleasantly surprised to discover naked, hairy ass cheeks. Even here the man was similar to Rick. The buttocks were firm and round and covered with hair. Rick rubbed his hands up and down those cheeks, marveling at the hot flesh. He moved his hands toward the crevice and found a leather strap. He traced the strap from the waist and down the crevice to the perineum. Rick grew excited as he envisioned this hairy bear wearing a leather thong and chaps.

Like a child with a wrapped present, Rick yearned to discover the contents of the leather pouch. He stuck his thumbs around the waist strap and was about to push it down when the man gripped his hands. The man moved his hands to the front where Rick felt three metal studs which attached the pouch to the waist strap. Rick forcefully unsnapped each stud, letting the pouch fall. He clasped a hand around the base of the cock, free now to stand fully erect. The thick shaft curved upwards, the ridge on the underside prominent. Rick could just barely get his middle finger and thumb to meet around the shaft. He added his other hand around the shaft to measure it. It was long. The ring of index finger and thumb brushed against the wide corona of the glans. Fuck, he exclaimed to himself. With one hand he jerked the shaft and with the other he massaged the large bulb, which was unusually large compared to the shaft's girth. This wasn't a cock or penis. It was a phallus, the phallus of a god.

Rick fell to his knees and lavished kisses on the phallus. He fondled the balls with both hands. The scrotum was covered with wiry hair. The balls hung low and heavy like wrecking balls. These too belonged to a god. His lips and tongue worshiped his god's loins, slathering his desperate drool. His mounting desperation drove him to transfix himself on the phallus, forcing himself to yield his throat to the prodigious mushroom head. He didn't care that he gagged, that his face was flushed, or even that saliva and mucus spurted from his overstretched lips. Such loins were not a regular occurrence. He was determined to enjoy it to the fullest.

The man reached down and pulled Rick to his feet. It seemed to him that only seconds had passed instead of the actual minutes. He wanted to keep on sucking, but he yielded to the god. The man turned Rick around and shoved him against the wall. Rick crashed into the wall with his palms first and then with his chest and face. He whimpered as the man pressed himself into Rick's backside, the underside of the shaft wedging into his crack. The man slid his cock up and down Rick's ass, letting him feel the full size of it. Rick moaned and jiggled his ass, pleading without words to be fucked.

The man licked Rick's ear and blew his hot breath on it. 'I'm gonna fuck you, cub. No condom. I want you to feel my dick. I want you to feel the fat head scraping the lining of your ass. I want you to feel the bulging veins. And then I want you to feel it throb and feel my cum fill you. I'm gonna breed you, cub, and turn you into a real man, a real bear.' Rick could only moan louder and jiggle his ass harder. He had no concern for safety. There was only the need.

The man kissed Rick's ear and neck and caressed his ass tenderly. Rick's desperation knew no bounds. He wanted the phallus in him, but it was at the wrong angle. All he could do was moan louder and grind his anus against the hard ridge of the urethra. The man took pity on him and held the head of his cock against Rick's rosebud. Rick thrust his ass back and skewered himself. He screamed as the wide head rammed through his sphincter and rectum. His anal lining felt like a balloon filled almost to bursting. The man exclaimed, 'God damn!'

Rick didn't allow himself time to adjust to the cock inside him. He fucked himself with the man's cock as he had done many times with a dildo. But the man wasn't content to be ridden. He engulfed Rick in his arms and battered Rick with his cock, thrusting hard enough to smack his hips against Rick's ass and his balls against Rick's. Again, Rick felt overwhelmed. It was too much. His breathing became ragged through a mouth agape in a perpetual, silent scream. The man's forward thrusts would lift Rick off his feet and shove his face into the wall. At one point, the man literally impaled Rick. He had thrust his cock deep into Rick and straightened his legs, holding Rick aloft with his cock, hips, and arms. Rick supported his upper body against the wall, palms and face pressed hard against the surface, drool streaming down from his open mouth. His outstretched toes dangled an inch off the floor. The man withdrew his arms. Without the extra support, Rick's body slid down, the phallus penetrating deeper. Rick could feel the floor now with the tips of his big toes. Just when Rick felt he would pass out, the man eased him down, pulling back his cock till only the head remained embedded.

The man allowed Rick to catch his breath. He massaged Rick's shoulders and sides and then embraced him. He kissed and licked Rick's cheek, luring him to turn his face. They kissed gently at first and then more passionately. The man fucked Rick's mouth with his tongue at the same time he resumed thrusting his cock. Rick moaned vehemently, arms waiving about in front of him. His hips humped involuntarily, his cock swinging in a vertical arc. His balls tightened up. He panted uncontrollably into the man's mouth. The man quickly rolled a condom over Rick's bulb, holding it in place with his fingers. The slit opened wide and white cream shot into the condom, shaking it about. Rick's spasms titillated the man's phallus. The man rammed his cock like a jackhammer as he erupted inside Rick. Their bodies convulsed in unison. The man moaned loudly in Rick's ear. Rick felt as though he was shooting marbles, a never-ending supply of marbles. He could feel the man's phallus throbbing like a heart in his anus, hot semen filling his canal.

Rick would have collapsed to the floor if he had not been supported by the man's strong arms. Together, they leaned against the wall, waiting out the spasms. The man pulled free the condom and held it aloft. The condom was filled with an off-white cream. He tapped it against Rick's cheek. He laid it against Rick's lips. Rick took the laden condom into his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue. 'Open your mouth, cub,' the man instructed. Rick spread his lips apart. The man turned the condom upside down, pouring the contents into Rick's mouth. Rick imbibed the semen and then sucked on the condom to squeeze out what had remained. This wasn't the treasure he craved, but he would settle for it. The real treasure was the pool of godly semen dammed within his anus by the overgrown glans of the man's phallus. The semen was hot and teeming with vitality, Rick imagined. He wanted it desperately but couldn't conceive a means of accessing it without getting it dirty, without desecrating it. He had cleansed his rectum thoroughly that day so that was not a concern.

Regardless, it was all up to the man, to the god who embraced him. Rick relaxed within that embrace, yielding himself to the man's whim. For a long while, the man simple held him tenderly, laying soft kisses on his neck. Then he slowly pulled his cock out, hushing Rick's whine. The wide corona of the glans made an audible pop as it broke free. Rick felt empty after being so full for so long. He clenched his anus, determined to hold on to the man's seed if not his penis. The man pulled up the pouch of Rick's jockstrap and zipped up his jeans, leaving the waist unfastened.

'Clean my dick, cub,' the man ordered.

Rick spun 180 degrees and dropped to his knees. He worshiped the man's phallus, relishing the taste of semen on the head. Try as he might, he couldn't call it a dick, cock, or penis. These words were too ordinary, too small. It was a behemoth. It took two hands and a jaw wrenched wide open to consume the entire length and girth. Again, his worship was cut short. The man yanked Rick to his feet, but Rick refused to release his grip.

'Be a good cub and let go,' the man whispered into Rick's ear. Rick whined. 'Be a good cub and I'll take you home with me.' Rick snapped his fingers apart but kept his hands hovering around the phallus as though warming them by a campfire. The man stepped back and reattached his leather pouch.

The man came up beside Rick and laid a big hand on his ass. Rick wished that he had handed over his jeans to the clerk along with his sweatshirt. Fuck the jeans, Rick swore to himself. He wanted to feel the man's flesh against his. He grabbed the front of his jeans, intending to just rip them in half, but the man stopped him. 'Keep your jeans on, cub. It looks good on you.' Frustrated and needing to do something with his hands, Rick groped the man's pouch with one hand. The leather was too tough for him to distinguish individual shapes, but the volume and density were suggestive enough. With the other hand, he groped his own bulge.

Rick did not feel inadequate compared to the man. After all the man was a god, a real man. I'm just a cub, Rick thought. I'm his boy. It was only proper that Rick should be less endowed. But he knew that in comparison to other mortal men, his loins were far larger than average. The man took a step forward, pushing Rick along. The man guided Rick to the front desk, shoving men aside, nodding at those who cheered him and glaring at those who tried to cop a feel. The man threw on his sweatshirt and sweatpants, looking even more massive. He helped Rick put on his sweatshirt as well.

Together they walked the few blocks to the subway station, Rick still groping needfully, the man guiding him with a hand on his ass. It did not occur to Rick to remove his blindfold nor to ask where he was being taken. Lust consumed him. Rick could not keep his sphincter clenched any longer. He felt the warm liquid drip from his hole and stain his jeans. Rick whimpered as he struggled to hold the dam. Keeping his pace, the man slid his hand underneath Rick's jeans, forcing the zippers apart. He spread his fingers wide to grope both buns, plugging the hole with his middle finger. Rick sighed contentedly.

The station was mostly empty this late in the night. The man helped Rick ride the escalator down to the vacant platform. A couple of minutes later the train pulled up and they entered the last car. A chubby man in a business suit sat alone in the middle of the car, legs stretched out. His eyes popped out round when he saw Rick and the man enter. The business man's round face had a smooth complexion with no signs of a five o'clock shadow. He looked young but his gray hair and receding hairline hinted at more years.

The man guided Rick to a seat across from the business man. Together they sat down. Rick moaned as the man's finger dug into his anus. Rick turned his hips slightly, leaning into the man's side. He kissed the man's hairy cheek, working his way to the lips. The man turned his head and opened his mouth to Rick. They kissed with abandon. Rick continued manhandling their loins, unaware that they were being watched. The man, however, kept his eyes locked on the business man.

The business man shifted uncomfortably in his seat, unable to look away. He had never seen anything like this before. He dabbed sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief, gulped a few times, and rubbed his thighs nervously. He stole a quick glance when the train pulled up at the next platform. It was empty. He was sweating profusely now. He removed his jacket and loosened his tie, unconsciously spreading his legs apart. A round bulge formed in his pants. It rose like the center pole of a tent. He didn't want to be aroused. He had always thought homosexuality was sick. But he couldn't help himself. His body had a mind of its own. He groped himself, following the rhythm of Rick's hands. Then he undid his fly and a nice cock rose up from the depths. It was smooth skinned like the man's face. The round head a shiny pink. He stroked his cock hesitantly. It was a sin, he had always been told. He hadn't masturbated since his teens. He noticed then that he was stroking himself with his left hand. He gasped and threw his hands to his sides. He had felt his wedding ring against his penis.

He struggled to regain control, to look away. The men's lips and tongues, the groping, the exposed white jockstrap, and the hand in the jeans were captivating. The mutual moans invited him to join the fun. Before he knew it, his left hand was pumping his cock again. He felt the ring dig into his shaft. It felt good. The whole thing felt good. I must stop, he thought to himself, but his heart wasn't in it. He wanted to feel good. He hadn't felt good in such a long time he had forgotten what it was like. He dug his other hand into his open fly and pulled out his balls. He caressed the smooth scrotum and squeezed the round testes. 'Oh, that feels good,' he moaned, staring at the big man who was staring at him.

The train stopped at a couple of more stations. Very few people took the outbound trains this late in the night. The business man would hastily stow his loins away at each stop, pulling them back out once the platform vanished from sight. The big man in sweats gestured for him to come closer. He shook his head to which the big man jabbed his index finger down to the very spot he wanted the man to stand. He yielded and stood up. He was of average height. He was chubby but didn't' appear flabby. He stood in front of the big man, his cock and balls exposed. The big man took his genitals in one big hand and fondled them. The business man moaned and leaned against a vertical support rail.

The big man broke away from Rick's lips and tongue, but Rick stalked him, panting desperately, tongue seeking his. The big man grabbed Rick's jaw and guided it to the chubby man's cock. Rick pigged out on the man's cock, devouring it. 'Oh, God have mercy!' the chubby man exclaimed. 'He's sucking my dick. Oh, my God!' Oral sex was also a sin he had avoided religiously. He had been tempted a few times with his wife, but he had always fought the temptation. The sensations were incredible. He realized he had had no clue what feeling good really meant. And then the big man pinched his nipple and took him to a new level of pleasure. He cried out, 'God!' and spewed his seed into Rick's mouth. It was a cathartic explosion, emptying himself. His semen flowed freely like a river breaking through a dam. He gasped as Rick gobbled his now sensitive cock. He stumbled away back to his seat.

He sat bewildered for a while, watching as the two hairy men resumed kissing. He had committed a grave sin. He had to repent, confess his sin. And yet, he could not forgot the ecstasy. For the first time in many decades, he had felt wonderfully alive. How could he go back to the doldrums? His thoughts were halted when the train slowed as it approached his stop. Quickly, he zipped himself up and grabbed his briefcase. He stood by the door, his back turned to the two men. Just walk away, he told himself. Don't look back! But as the platform came into view, he whipped out his wallet and pulled out a business card. He walked up to the big man, who was still staring at him. He leaned down and laid his card on the adjacent seat. When the doors slid open, he bolted.

The big man picked up the business card and read it: Daniel C. Smith, CPA. It was early April.

The train ran on for a few more minutes and stopped at a station. The man guided Rick off the train, through the station past a few gawkers, and into a car. The ride was unbearable for Rick, forbidden to touch his god. He whined quietly to himself, semen soaking into his jeans. Finally the car stopped and the engines turned off. Rick heard the rattling of a garage door. The man pulled Rick out and helped him up the stairs. He threw his ass on to the couch and pulled Rick down on top of him. The man held Rick firmly in his arms and kissed him.

'Well, cub, welcome to your new home.'

Rick nuzzled his nose into the man's hairy cheek. He nibbled on the man's thick lips. After twelve years of sex with men, he finally found one who satisfied his needs. He's had plenty of good sex, even great sex. But he had always felt disappointed afterward. Somehow, the intensity was lacking. He had resorted to anonymous sex while blindfolded to amp up the intensity. It was hit or miss, though. Most men simply were not capable of satisfying him. This god was an exception.

'I think it's time to remove your blindfold. Keep your eyes closed till you adjust to the light and then open them slowly.' The man untied his blindfold. Light poured through Rick's translucent lids. He turned his head down and away from the lamp. Slowly he opened his eyes. A dark, blurry form gradually became more defined. He saw a broad chest with two round hills covered in a forest of brown, curly stalks. On the peaks of the hills rose short, rounded towers of dark flesh. A tanned hand, massive enough to crush his head, lifted his face till he looked upon the visage of his god.

'Mr. Gallagher!' Rick exclaimed. His blue eyes, round with shock, met the man's hazel eyes.

'Hello, Rick.'

'I can't believe this. How, I mean, when did you, I can't fucking believe this!' Rick stared at his physical ed teacher from high school, not sure if he was trapped in one of his many fantasies centered around this very same man. 'I thought you were straight, Mr. Gallagher.'

'Call me Mike,' the man said stroking the fine hair on Rick's cheek. 'I thought I was straight until you woke the gay man inside. I noticed all those times you would stare at me, how you would run to sit right in front of me when I'd call roll. I could almost feel your eyes stripping me naked. To my surprise, I was flattered. That was all I felt at the time though. You were only a kid, after all. But then your body filled out and grew hair. You were becoming a man. And I, well, I started checking you out. My feelings toward you were inchoate and then you left for college.' Mike shrugged. 'I found myself looking at other men. Then I started visiting gay porn sites on the Internet. After a couple of years, I mustered up the courage to meet up with another married man who was going through the same thing I was.'

Mike continued caressing Rick's cheek. Rick nuzzled Mike's hand and listened quietly.

'He and I did many things together. We started meeting up sporadically and then regularly, about two sometimes three times a week. We were more into each other than our wives. After a year, we divorced our wives and moved in together. We weren't a couple exactly. We had sex with each other and with other men. I quit my job and we opened a car dealership together. A couple of years ago, I decided to get my own place. He was getting tired of just having sex. He wanted a relationship, a quiet relationship. That wasn't what I wanted. I was still exploring all the wonders of gay sex. I didn't want to settle down.

Well, about five months ago, I started going to the dance club. It was wild and the sex was great. I went every week. I was fucking a twink when I saw you dancing with a blindfold. Men came up to you and did all sorts of things to you. I got excited and tossed the twink aside. I came up to you and shoved a few guys away. And I recognized you. Suddenly, I felt like a teenager, all nervous. I don't know why, but I was so nervous I couldn't touch you. I went home that night miserable. I jerked off four times thinking of you.'

Rick leaned in to kiss Mike and then cuddled up to him. Mike held him tenderly, one hand rubbing Rick's ass in wide circles. 'Anyway, I kept going back to the club hoping to see you again, but you weren't there. I thought I had lost my chance.'

Rick kissed Mike's neck and said, 'I was traveling on business. And when I was in town, I was so busy with work I couldn't go to the club. Work finally died down this week.'

'I was so relieved to you see tonight. I had to fuck you, no matter what. I was nervous as hell but even hornier. You've turned into quite a bear of a man. Sexy.'

Rick smiled at Mike. 'Enough talk!' He stood up on his feet and pulled off his sweatshirt. He tried to peel of his tight jeans but it was too much trouble. With a roar, he ripped the jeans in half and tore off the pouch of the jockstrap. He grabbed hold of Mike's sweatpants and yanked them off, pulling Mike's ass to the edge of the couch. He snapped off Mike's leather bikini pouch with one swift pull as Mike removed his sweatshirt.

Rick turned his back to Mike and sat down, driving the meaty phallus into his moist cavity. Rick rode Mike for a minute and swiftly replaced his anus with his mouth. There was cum on the phallus. He hadn't lost all of the man's seed. Rick alternated between riding Mike and sucking him. He was driving Mike crazy and he loved it. Mike grabbed a pillow and bit into it, moaning almost painfully. His cock was so sensitive by now. He watched helplessly as his cock vanished into Rick's ass one minute and then the next minute vanish into Rick's mouth. Rick showed no signs of tiring.

Mike glanced at the timer on the TV. Over thirty minutes had passed. He moaned into the pillow, face red. Why aren't I cumming? he wondered desperately. His teeth tore into the fabric, tossing his head savagely. I can't take more of this, he admitted to himself. 'Rick, please, I, oh god, please, ahhh...'

Smiling to himself, Rick straddled Mike, facing him this time. He guided Mike's blood red phallus into his sore ass and rode him steadily. He ripped out the pillow from Mike's hands and teeth and French kissed him. This time Rick's tongue dominated. Mike was too busy moaning and gasping. Rick pinched Mike's nipple with one hand and with the other reached behind his ass to squeeze Mike's balls. Mike's scream was muzzled by Rick's mouth. Mike's body straightened out and went rigid, vibrating like a plucked string. Rick felt Mike's phallus heaving inside him, the head pulsing as it spouted a fountain of cum.

'This time I'll have my dessert too,' Rick bellowed. He drained Mike, flexing his anal muscles to coax every drop out. Only when the heaving ceased did Rick release the phallus and slide up to disgorge the semen all over Mike's belly. The cum landed in thick, stringy clumps. Rick lapped up the cum, his tongue tickling Mike, who giggled uncontrollably. Finished with his dessert, Rick gave Mike a wet kiss and eased himself into Mike's embrace.

'God, Rick. You are a sex demon!' Rick only smiled and then suckled on Mike's tit.



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