EFF Hey I'm Kris and I am a senior at St. George's Christian SchoolI am fascinated with bubble butts. After sex with Caleb, The craving for more booty has intensified. "Who's my next victim?" I wondered. There's this football player, Jack, who has the phatest ass ever. Linebacker ,I think. Jack is a white kid with brown-reddish hair, was buff and kind of reminds me of David Pocock. Had a long nose that fit his face that added to his cute face. I was in a computer class with him freshman year and his ass was perky. Now his ass cheeks are like two swollen basketballs. Football has really done me a wish. I pass him in the hall like 3 times a school day and every time I look at his ass. Thank god he wears basketball shorts and sweatpants that accentuated those juicy globes. One day, I walked into the bathroom and I walked into the urinal section. As I was walking, I started to hear sighs of pleasure. I pressed myself to the opposing wall and peeked around the corner. It was Some other guy totally eating out Jack's ass! Whoa, his ass is bigger than I thought. The guy rimming kept squeezing Jack's ass cheeks. Jack was trying to withdraw his moans, but some of them resonated in the restroom. I started to get a boner and I took a video for like 15 seconds. Then, Jack moaned loudly and euphorically and cum spurted all over the gray walls of the restroom.

"Damn bruh, keep that ass tight for Friday's game. Imma fuck you good!" The rimmer said as he got himself together.

"Yes daddy," Jack said in orgasmic euphoria.

As the rimmer (I think his name was DeMarcus) saw me when he walked out, he said to me " If you want some of that phat ass, you got your chance now."

I walked into the bathroom to find Jack recovering with his body leaning on the wall, his pink hole quivering. I walked up and, acting as though I did not know what event has transpired, said "Are you ok?" Jack turned around and looked completely embarrassed. "Um, yeah I'm fine. What you looking at my ass for, bro?" He said, while pulling up his pants. Then, he walked out. Later, I drove to Subway at 8:30, close to its closing time. I walked in there, and lord and behold, look who was working: Jack! He was bent over getting some more meat. His ass looked so good in those pants. They look more swollen than before.

"Welcome to Subway. How can I help y-" he stopped when he realized who I was. "Look, that was an embarrassing moment. Please don't tell anyone, Kris!" He pleaded. "Dude, don't worry about it. Can I have a turkey flatbread with provolone, heated?" I asked. He replied with sure and started to make my sandwich. All of the sudden, it started pouring down and a flood warning was eminent.

"Crap, I live like 30 minutes away!" I exclaimed.

"Hey, I live close to here. You can stay over til the storm blows over." He closed the shop and took me to his house. I called my parents and told them I was at a friends house to escape the storm. They agreed that was a good decision and they will see me tomorrow. Then, Jack walked into the living room and said " My parents are gone and may be back tomorrow so don't be surprised if they don't know why you're here if they come early."

"That's fine." I said

"Ok, I'm going to take a shower. You can go to the rec room and play a game if you want." So I did. A little while later playing Call of Duty, I heard the shower going and maybe this is my time to... take advantage. I sneaked into his bathroom and his shower was a walk-in with glass doors. I stripped naked and accompanied him.

"What the...!" He exclaimed as I rubbed my dick between his surprisingly smooth, hairless ass cheeks. Then, we started making out. He started jacking me off; five minutes later, he's on his knees sucking my dick. The water soaking him below made the blowjob so much hotter. He started licking and sucking the head of my cock. Then, he proceeded with licking the shaft of my cock. "I'm in the mood for a bath... a bubble bath," he suggested. He got out of the shower and prepared the bubble bath. His tub was large enough to hold 2 people. He directed me to the tub and made me sit down. He got on top of me and continued to make out with me while grinding on my dick. I managed to free my hand and started to finger him with one, then two fingers. He was in bliss and I could tell.

"Let's quit the stalling." Jack said and took my dick and started rubbing it on his man-coon. I was sick of this foreplay and thrusted forward, entering into his asshole. He didn't have to recover; he started riding my dick. His hole was so tight, I came within 5 minutes. But we started to fuck again. I made him get into doggy style and he positioned himself on the edge of the tub. I jack hammered the cum out of Jack's asshole.

"Yes, yes. Fuck my virgin hole." He yelped.

"Oh my God, you are so flicking tight!" The walls of his anus were squeezing my dick and I felt a huge load that was about to prematurely erupt.

"Ugh... Dude, I'm about to cum!" I exclaimed. Jack lifted himself up and wrapped his arm around my neck with his back to me. As I came one. Two. Three. Four loads into that phat ass, he was simultaneously was jacking himself off to cum. After that hot event, we ended the sex with passionate kissing and groping (especially me and his ass cheeks).

Later on in the night, Jack and I were just hanging out on his king size bed, constantly flirting with each other and feeling each other's bodies.

"Can you twerk?" I questioned. He got up and positioned himself on my crotch and he started twerking. The hottest thing in the world is to see Jack's pale mounds bouncing up and down on my dick. He kept grinding his ass. And lo and behold, my boner was restored and Jack noticed this. He released my cock from its bondage and inserted my cock into his asshole with his back facing me. I didn't do any work, he rode my for 30 minutes (longer than before) and I grabbed his ass cheeks. They were so soft and jiggly. Every stroke made that phat ass jiggle. I adjusted myself to ready myself for doggy style. He furiously began to buck that ass on my dick. I held on to the handles of his booty and used his hips as handles to slam my cock into his sweet asshole. Then, it had to CUM to an end (Come on, that was funny) when we both climaxed and fell asleep, with my dick lodged in between his cheeks. I woke up to the shining sun filling the room and my morning wood filling Jack's warm mouth as he gave me a smile and said to me, with precum dripping from his lips, "Morning." He lifted himself up to kiss me. I wish I could stay in that bed with him forever.


Kris T


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