During lunch hour Facetime, Joe suggests I meet him for lunch. With an hour to spare, I think it's a great idea, and we agree to meet at A1 Sushi. I get a california roll, and quickly finish, while Joe tells me about his day, and an exciting new development. I can't stop looking at him. He's wearing a white french cuffed shirt with green pinstripe, slim fit gray trousers, with steel cufflinks and Bally lace up dress boots. He fills out every seam, and it's making me horny.

I look at my phone and realize it's been 40 minutes. Joe pays the bill, and says he had to use the restroom, so I follow him to the back. We walk through the door and he heads to the urinal. I lean against the wall, and tell him I can't wait to get home, although it's been a good day. I check him out briefly, and notice he's sporting a semi-hardon. He catches my eyes, and opens his mouth to say something, but instead he flushes and pulls me to a stall.

We don't exchange words, as Joe unbuckles my belt, letting my Burberry khakis slip to the floor. He pushes down my briefs, and lifts me up, sliding me up the wall roughly. I kick off my velvet Toms, and let my pants fall off my feet, and wrap my legs around his waist. He spits on his hand and feels my ass, til I'm lubed lightly. He quickly penetrates me, and I cringe at the first pinch. "Sorry babe," I shake my head and smile, pressing my lips against his. He rams me up against the wall with a few thrusts, and quickly cums in me...I feel him twitch and pulse in me, as a long exhale escaps his mouth. I feel his hot breath on my neck, as he groans in my ear. "I couldn't wait babe." He's still throbbing as he pulls out. I immediately feel his cum dribbling out of my ass, and I squat on the toilet next to us, pushing his cum out. "I love cumming in you." "I love you cumming in me, but I can't keep you in me while I'm working." He leans over and kisses my cheek. I wipe what's left with toiletpaper, and flush as I get my clothes and shoes back on. Joe's still rock hard through his trousers, and I giggle, poking at it. "You can't do that and expect me to calm down." I walk out of the stall, and wash my hands. Joe washes his hands and kisses me passionately, but quickly. We leave the restaurant, and he drops me off at the office. I end up being a few minutes late, but my director walks by and says "It better have been good." I act shocked, "oh honey, your face is flushed, your pants are wrinkled, and your hair is flat in the back." I quickly run my hands through it, and walk to my desk.

My afternoon flew by, and I took a taxi home, since Joe had a long meeting. I order takeout, and have the table ready when he comes in. He sets his case and keys on the table, and takes me in his arms. I feel the heat coming from his underarms, and he brushes my face with his stubble, as we part. "Something smells good, whatcha cookin good lookin?" I slap at his arm, "I slaved all 5 minutes on the phone with this order." He sits down at the table, as I serve him Lobster tail over steamed vegetables and brown rice. I sit down across from him, and watch as he enjoys his dinner. He catches my eyes a few times, smiling at me. The food was delicious, and hardly any words were spoken during the meal. After dinner, I put in 300, Joe's favorite movie. We cuddle on the sectional, his arm over my shoulder, and hand on my stomach. Joe adjusts himself, and moves his arm, sliding his legs up on the sofa, and lays his head in my lap. I play with his hair, and stubble. He kisses on my hand, and runs his lips over each finger tip. During Gerard Butler's speech about honor, I feel a finger get sucked into Joe's mouth. I feel the softness and wetness of his tongue, and the pressure of him sucking it in, toward his throat. He takes his time with each finger, sometimes biting softly at the knuckle. He turns on his back, and looks up at me, "I wanna make love." I lightly slap his face and scootch his head off my lap. "I thought you'd never ask." I walk toward the bed, as he looks over the back of the sectional. I'm down to my low riding 2(xist) pouch briefs with the high rise ass, that shows just enough fold of my ass cheeks. "Okay stop right there," Joe says as he's walking over to me. "You always rush to take it all off, and I never get to enjoy that ass in those briefs of yours." I stick my ass out a little, and I feel his hands run smoothly down my lower back and over each cheek, resting just underneath. I feel his lips on my spine, as they work their way down, tugging at the waistband. He softly bites each cheek, and then nibbles on my fold under the hemline. I feel myself getting aroused from the inside out.

Joe pulls my briefs all the way down, and nibbles on each cheek, slowly pulling them back to reveal my hole. He's caressing and kissing, and tongue flicking relentlessly, to the point where I have to lay down face down on the bed. He spreads my legs, and pushes them up, giving him full access to my ass and balls. He tongue fucks me for a few minutes, and then take each of my balls in his mouth, massaging them with his tongue, and softly nibbling them. He goes back to tongue fucking me, and I open up for him completely, begging for his dick.

I feel his breath on my back as he hunches over me, keeping his hands on my ass, while he positions his dick for penetration. I lift my ass up a little to meet him half way, "that's it baby, I'm comin in." He slowly enters me, and I arch my back, burying my face in the sheets, and moaning loudly. Joe is sliding in and out, rubbing my ass with his hands, and biting at my shoulders. He moves his hands up my sides, and up under my armpits, holding me from behind. His thighs and legs are wrapped at my sides, holding me in position while he fills me with his dick. Repeatedly I feel his pubes brush against my ass and lower back, making me tingle up my spine. Joe pulls out and tells me to sit in his lap. He's on the chair in the corner. I come over to him, and straddle his lap, slowly lowering myself onto his dick. This is one of my favorite positions. He puts his hand around my hips, and guides me up and down. I feel my hard dick rubbing through his ab and chest hair as I ride. He repeatedly hits my spot, and the familiar rush hits me. I bite my lip and bury my face in his neck, "Ohhhh Goddd Joe, I'm gonna cum baby..." He pushes me down harder this time, and rams straight against my prostate, sending me over the edge. I'm moaning and shooting cum in between our bodies, all through his ab hair and even up to the patch of hair between his pecs, hitting just under his chin. I keep riding him, feeling overwhelmed by the orgasm. His arms are now around me, pressing our bodies close together. I feel his breath on my neck and collar, and he whimpers a little "God Lex, I'm gonna cum in you....Yeah, Daddy's gonna cum in my boy..." He grunts a couple times, and then pushes me down, and I stop riding, feeling his dick jumping and twitching inside of me, releasing our babies all around in me. He's shaking a little, and my arms are tight around his neck. He's still throbbing in me, while I lift myself up, "No, no, baby, stay on top of me, let me stay in here..." He rubs my stomach, and I slide backdown. He starts to move forward, and I slowly lie back on the floor, feeling the softness of the sheepskin rug. He positions himself between my legs, his dick still rock hard inside, but the pulsing has subsided. He's slowly grinding in me, and moving his dick around. I feel the wetness around my ass, and all inside me. He pulls out, and the pushes back in, and I feel squishing inside. He repeats this a couple times, and I feel his breathing quicken. He starts grinding, and puts his face in my chest, as I feel his dick throb and pulse inside, releasing another orgasm inside me. He's moaning and sighing loudly as he collapses on me. He turns on his side, pulling my legs with him. He's still inside me, twitching softly, and feeling my stomach, "I love your soft skin boo." "I know you do, and I love your scruffy skin." I pull at his ab hair. He moans, with a slight laugh, and runs the back of his hand down my face. I'm contracting my ass over his dick, feeling the hardness of him against me. He makes his dick jump, and I grab my stomach and giggle. I straddle him, playing with his chest hair and nipple hair. His hands are on my waist. The cum has dried into little globs in some of his hair, and dry patches on my skin. I lean back, and start to rock my ass, "can you go another load baby?" "Can you take another load? You're pouring out over my dick." I lick my lips, "I can take all of you, all of the time Joe." He grins and starts thrusting his hips. I feel him deep inside again, and I contract my muscles while he's rocking his hips. After just a few minutes, he's cumming again, and I watch his eyes, as his brows furrow, and his jaw clenches. I'm amazed by this man.

A few minutes later, and we're showering each other. He's cleaning me with soap and a wash cloth, and I'm leaning agauinst him. I feel him pull me away for a moment, and his lips press against mine. His tongue enters my mouth, and we passionately kiss. This was an amazing day...





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