I pulled up to the gym at about 9.30 at night, it was pretty late but I was excited to go for my first time; my dad had left my mom before I was even born and my mom struggled to make end meets. I turned eighteen yesterday and my mom had bought a gym membership, something I had never had before, it was exactly what I wanted and I couldn't wait to go.

I had to wait until quite late go, I worked at a construction job all weekend to help pay my way a little and make things a little easier for my mom. My lack of gym membership had not stopped me from developing a great body, I worked hard in my construction job and went running every day. I was 160lb of muscle, totally lean and defined muscles, especially my abs, shoulders and butt. I was also the star quarterback of the high school team and was headed off to state in the fall on a football scholarship, something I was proud of considering I had never been to a gym before in my life.

This all meant I was the most desired guy in school, I was dating the head cheerleader but she didn't put out very often so I often played around. Getting pussy was easy being the quarterback and being the built the way I was resulted in most of the girls wanting me to fuck them and I gladly did.

The gym looked awesome as I walked in, my mom had joined the best gym in town, none of my friends belonged here. They went to the cheaper ones downtown, but my mom wanted me to have the best on my eighteenth birthday and I loved her for it. The guy on the front desk was really friendly and showed me around, there was a cardio area, weights room, pool, shower, jacuzzi and a sauna.

I headed to the locker room and got ready for, my workout, there were a couple of guys in there getting changed, and one guy looked up and smiled at me as I walked in. All the other guys there were all really built, making me feel a little inferior as my body was not as gym sculpted as theirs. They headed out to workout as I put on my jockstrap, shorts and a tanktop and went straight to the weights room.

There were about 3 guys in there, including the one who smiled at me in the locker room who were all lifting pretty heavy weights. I began my workout, amazed at all the equipment, it was so much better than the small one at school and I could already imagine how my body would develop, knowing I could get even more girls, especially when I went to college.

'Hey man, i've not seen you around, you new here?' asked the guy who had smiled at me in the locker room.

'Yeah, I just joined, this is my first time' I replied.

'Well you look great already man, i'm Mike by the way' He said and gave me his hand to shake.

'Thanks, but not as good as you and i'm Cody' I told him, as I shook his hand.

'So, how old you buddy?'

'Just turned eighteen, i'm going to college in the fall'

'Damn, I wasn't as built as you at that age. Well if you ever need any advice, just ask, see ya around buddy' He continued and winked at me as he walked back to the locker room.

I was pretty puzzled by this, why was this big muscle guy winking at me? I guess some guys are more friendly than others and continued to lift. Soon I was the only one left and by about 10.30 I finished up my workout and hit the showers. Everyone else must of gone home because the showers and the locker room were empty, to relax after my workout I decided to try the sauna, something I had never been in before.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and headed to the sauna and pushed the door open. I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw what was going on in front of me.

There was a guy on all fours on the floor, ass in the air, getting fucked by another dude, and they were surrounded by at least 10 other guys. Some of them were just jerking off, some were sucking and there were a few others who were also getting their asses fucked.

Blood shot straight to my dick at the sight of these muscled guys having sex with each other and it caused my towel to drop, revealing my 7.5 inch hard dick.

'Come join us man, have a go at this ass, it's so fucking good' Said the guy who was fucking the ass on the floor and pulled out. The guy getting fucked turned his head around and I realised it was Mike.

'Yeah give me your teen dick buddy' Mike said and called me over.

I didn't say anything as I walked over to the muscle ass in front of me, his hole was clenching which turned me on, I couldn't understand why these dudes were making me horny but I knew I wanted to find out. I stood right behind him, my stiff cock dripping precum as I lined it up with his hole.

'I don't really know what i'm doing, i've never fucked a dude before' I quietly said, suddenly worried about what would happen if I fucked someone in their ass.

'Just push really hard and push in all the way, I can take it' Mike replied.

I pushed my cockhead hard at his hole and it popped through as I pushed in all the way, until my balls slapped against his ass.

'Awww fuck yeah man, fuck me hard' Mike moaned as I began thrusting hard in and out of him.

I had never felt anything as good as this, no pussy was as tight and no mouth could take me like this, the next girl I was with was gonna get it up her ass. Mike moaned loudly as I fucked his bubble butt a guy from the crowd came over and stuck his dick straight in Mike's mouth, and he hungrily accepted, stiffling his moans.

I was in pure pleasure as the ass around my cock clenched and milked me and I hardly felt the cock that was rubbing up and down my asshole until it tried to penetrate my hole.

'Oh dude, i'm not into that, I can't take it' I told him but I couldn't deny I was sort of curious, Mike was obviously loving it.

'I know you want it buddy' he replied as he pushed his cock straight into my ass. I shouted in pain and shifted forward to try and get off the cock, but didn't get very far as I just ended up deep in Mike's ass. I lay over his back as the cock entered me and I shouted as it went all the way to the balls. We all lay still for a moment for me to adjust and I could feel the cock throbbing inside of me and the pain was slowly turning to pleasure.

'You want me to pull out?' asked the guy buried inside of me.

'No man, keep it there' I replied as I moved backwards, fucking myself on the big cock. I began to thrust forwards and backwards, fucking myself whilst fucking Mike's ass. The pleasure was intense, I never knew my ass could make me feel so good as I felt the guy inside of me cum.

'Fuck, I couldn't hold it very long, that teen muscle ass is just too good' Moaned the guy as he pulled out my ass.

It wasn't empty for long as I felt another cock push its way into me and I pushed back onto it, desperate for someone to fill me up again. He fucked me hard and I knew the double stimulation of the cock in me and my cock in Mike was gonna make me blow soon. The guy fucking me came first and exploded inside of me, I could feel the cum begin to run out my ass as he pulled out, but I then felt something wet on my hole. I realised someone was eating me out and sucking up all the used cum from my hole, the feeling of the tongue lapping at my insides lead me to blow a huge load deep inside Mike's gut.

'AWWW FUCK' I shouted as I filled him up and pulled out. Mike surprised me by quickly turning around and sucking my dick straight out of his ass. He cleaned off all the cum and sucked me good for about 5 minutes, making sure I stayed completely hard.

'So man, you liked that?' Mike asked me, smiling.

'Fuck yeah man, I never knew sex with a man would be that good' I panted, still out of breath from my orgasm.

'Well I hope you want more because I want that high school ass now' He told me.

'Fuck yeah' I replied as I lay on my back on the bench, revealing my now looser hole.

Mike wasted no time in plunging deep inside of me, he fucked me hard straight away, and I loved it, my stiff dick bounced up and down as he plowed into me. Most of the other guys had left but one bodybuilder who had just been getting fucked stood up and walked over to me, offering his rock hard cock to me.

'Wanna suck it man? I need to cum so bad' The guy asked me.

I didn't need asking twice as I eagerly took him into my mouth, it took me a moment to adjust to his big cock but I soon got into a rhythm and managed to take him all the way. I was enjoying my double stuffing with dick in both holes, I could never imagine that sucking a dick would be this hot and I hungrily played with his stiff pole.

'Damn buddy, you're a fucking natural, now suck on my balls' He ordered me as he moved round, sort of sitting on my face. I alternated between his balls taking one in my mouth one at a time and greedily licking them, god they tasted good, my tongue slipped back behind his balls and ran across his ass hole. I shoved my tongue between his crack, eating his hole, it was fucking nice and I felt cum run out of it, I hungrily ate it all up, I couldn't get enough.

'Yeah you fucking pig, eat my hole, oh shit i'm gonna cum' he moaned as he pushed his cock back into my mouth as I felt a splat of cum hit the back of my throat, followed by another and another. I took his whole load in my mouth until he pulled out and bent down to kiss me, and we shared his cummy load.

'Damn, you're one sexy mother fucker' he told me as he stood up and left.

It was just me and Mike left as he pounded my ass, I could tell he was close when he started shouting loader and thrust deep into me. I felt my insides fill up as he unloaded deep inside of me and fuck, it was a big load. His orgasm caused by cock to erupt all over my abs, filling the pools between each muscle with a big creamy load.

Mike gently pulled out of me and ate up the load I had just blown all over myself, making sure I was completely clean until he lifted off of me. His face came close to mine and he opened his mouth, revealing a reservoir of cum and I eagerly kissed him, tasting my load before swallowing.

'Fucking stud, same time, same place, next week man' Mike shouted at me as he left and winked.

I lay there breathless, going to gym at the gay hook up time had been the best mistake I had ever made as I felt my stretched ass clench. I was definitely coming back next week.


Chris Miller

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